Late night truck stop

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About me I’m 5’9″ athletic build smooth chest with a bubble butt and big thighs. I have a 7.5″ thick cock and never thought of myself as gay or bi till my trip.

I was 19 traveling from Chicago back to Denver wired on any and every energy drink possible. I left Chicago late so I could spend the last minutes with my family before I returned to work. I was trying everything possible to stay awake when I saw the sign for a rest stop in Nebraska and decided to stop. I pulled in and saw a few cars and a lot of semi’s parked.

Getting out of the car stretching a little bit before I went inside to use the bathroom and splash water on my face to wake up. I walked into the building and it was empty. So walked to the men’s bathroom seeing that one half was blocked off by a cleaning cart and a sign stating it was closed I walked into the other one. And went into the stall.

I love to read everything written on the walls, so I sat down using the bathroom and started reading. Most of it the stupid ones that are in every bathroom or port-o-john when I see what looks like a new one. Had todays date and read “If you want a bj knock 3 times”. My heart started racing and got butterlies in my stomach. What kind of bathroom is this. That’s disgusting I thought. So kept trying to read others but I kept going back to the bj offer and started getting hornier and hornier. Nobody will know. I’m in Nebraska I don’t even know anyone in Nebraska. If I don’t like it I can stop and leave right?

My hands start shaking as I’m pondering it more and more till I knock 3 times. Nothing. I thought to myself it wqas probably earlier and I missed it. Now that I’m horny I’ve gotta get off. So I stand up and start stroking my cock imagining its getting sucked by the cleaning lady. When I hear keys jingling. I concentrate on the jingling and its repetative. My curiousity kicks in. I pull up my pants and investigate.

I go out of the stall and quietly go to the door at the back that joins the 2 mens bathrooms. I hear it a little louder. I checked the handle its locked. Damnit I say to myself. Some trucker is fucking the cleaning lady I though. And not me! So I slowly go out of the bathroom and enter the closes bathroom to watch.

I entered the bathroom and my jaw was on the floor. This skinny guy with black hair light eyes and a huge Batıkent Escort cock is fucking this trucker guy in the ass! The trucker was typical trucker in my head. Heavy set, flannel shirt jeans and a mustache. The trucker looks like he is loving it. This huge cock is going in and out of his ass. I’m mesmorized and can’t look away. I slowly move forward pulling out my cock and start beating it off like there is no tomorrow at the sight infront of me.

Unfortunetly it was short lived because I was moving closer staring at the lucky trucker when I passed an automatic hand dryer. And it went off. The loud noise made everyone freeze as they were staring at me like deer in head lights. I started to shake and stopped stroking my rock hard cock. The cleaning guy got a wicked smile on his face. “Come here.” He told me pointing at the ground infront of him. I had no idea why I listened but I did. My feet taking slow steps towards them, my mind was screaming No! WTF are you doing!

Standing infront of him I can’t take my eyes off his huge glistening cock. “Take your cloths off.” He demands. I slowly start getting undressed automatically at his commands. My brain is still screaming at me to stop and leave but I was hypnotized I couldn’t stop till I was finally naked infront of him trembling. He points down and tells me “get on your knees” I obeyed his commands.

I’m on my knees in pain from the hard tiled floor but don’t care because I’m inches away from his beautiful huge cock. Its atleast 9.5 inches and never seen one this big this close before. I feel him grab on the back of my head “open your mouth”. I follow and he pushes his glorious cock in my mouth. It tasted absolutely horrible but feeling the soft skin and the heat and just the feeling of his cock in my mouth and I didn’t care. My first time sucking cock and I’m loving every second of it.

He starts face fucking me slowly as I’m staring up at him. I hear the trucker “Suck that shit covered cock you dirty whore.” My arms at my side just letting this stranger use my mouth. I snap out of it. What the hell am I doing? Why am I cleaning off his shit covered cock and loving it? What is wrong with me? He starts getting more forcefull trying to get it down my virgin throat. Gagging on it but not stopping him from Beşevler Escort continuing to fuck my throat like it was the truckers ass.

When I finally felt I couldn’t take any more and was out of breath he stopped and pulled his freshly cleaned cock. My mouth felt empty and sad. I wanted more! He tells me to get up and bend over the sink. I obey his comand. They both start to grope my ass and body. “Wow he has a great body, look at this ass!” The trucker exclaims. The janitor agrees and spits on my ass rubbing a finger over my virgin asshole. I start to shake as he pushes it in. “You been fucked before slut?” He ask. “No” I whisper as my body trembles. “A virgin ass huh? Your lie. You suck dick too good to be a virgin slut.” I sit there in silence as he fingers my ass. My brain screaming non stop for me to run out of there, but I can’t. His finger has paralyzed me and feels to amazing to leave. The janitor tells the trucker “get on your knees and suck on this sluts dick.” He obeys. My whole body is on fire from being so horny.

Still trembling I feel him putting his huge cock against my asshole. OMG! That giant cock is gonna go in your ass! The fear hits me more as he pushes in. My body doesn’t know what to think. The trucker is sucking my dick better then any girl ever has and my ass feels eager for this giant cock? What the hell is wrong with you?

I feel the head pop in painfully and slow. It sends electricity through my whole body. He pushes in more and more as the trucker continues to work my cock till the janitor reaches under and yanks the trucker away from my cock. The awesome cock sucking is gone and I can feel every inch of this huge cock in my not so virgin ass. It hits me! He doesn’t have a condom on! I turn around. Finally being able to talk “wait! You need a condom!” He slaps me in the face and rams his cock in more. “Shut the fuck up slut. I’m clean.” As he starts pounding my ass. At first I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain. But each thrust hurt less and less and felt better and better till I was pushing back into him wanting more.

He pulls his cock out. Again feeling empty and angry because I don’t want him to stop. “Get on your back on the counter.” He demands. I do what he tells me as fast as possible to get his cock back Büyükesat Escort in me. He grabs each ankle and steps closer. “Guide my cock in slut” I glad grab on to his huge shaft and align it to enter back into my ass. Finally pushing it in I let out a moan of pleasure and happiness. “Stroke your cock” he demands as he is glaring at me pounding my ass. I start stroking furiously as I see the truck driver beating off as well watching me. I felt a little embaressed I forgot he was there and was getting fucked. But the embaressment shortly left as I enjoyed this bliss.

Finally he is ramming it in harder and faster. Knocking the air out of me feeling like his cock is smashing my insides. “I’m gonna cum!” He exclaims as he throws my legs down and yanks me off the counter. My eager mouth gladly grabs on and he starts face fucking me grunting loudly. I feel this hot blast of cum at the back of my throat. Thinking I was gonna puke I tried pulling back. But his firm grip on my head he jams his cock into my throat. Feeling his cock pulsating as I can feel his cum going down my throat. I couldn’t help but shoot my load all over the floor. He finally shivers and pulls out. My slut mouth sucks down trying to get the last of my reward.

Had my eyes closed enjoying getting off and every second of what just happened. Then my head gets yanked to the side as the trucker jams his cock I’m my mouth grunting. I wasn’t enjoying his cock as much as I was the janitors. The truckers average cock and his pubic hair was tickling my nose as his load slid down my throat. I was glaring up at him as he finally looked down and grinned. He pulled his cock out and wiped it along my face. “Thanx slut.” He exclaimed as he was pulling up his pants. I slowly got up and started getting dressed. Feeling a little cum dripping out of my ass I went for some toilet paper. “No slut. You get dressed just like that. Don’t want you to forget how much of a dirty whore you are.” As I lowered my head. “Yes sir.”

I got dressed. By that time the trucker was gone and the janitor was staring at me.

“I’m Dan by the way. Thanx for the awesome fuck. You’re amazing!” He said.

“Thanks. I had a great time too.” I replied.

“Drive safe” he said as he turned around and walked out.

I walked out to my car with my head spinning. Did that just happen? Sitting down I’m my car. Feeling the pain of my freshly fucked ass. Yup, I just got fucked by a stranger and loved it.

I stop at every truck stop and rest area. Never having an awesome night like that again still dream about it.. and that’s how I lost my anal and throat virginity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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