Lemonade Lovers

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[b]Lemonade lovers

[/b]It was a hot summer day; I had moved out with my parents a few weeks ago, I couldn’t live under my father’s dictatorship.
I lived in a nice apartment complex; unfortunately my hours had been cut back. So I put an ad out on craigslist, I was looking for someone who would be help me pay the rent. I got a few responses, but there was one that really stuck out to me he was my age and had recently been kicked out of his parents house, when he came out to them. He had been living with his boss for a few months and then on the streets for a few days after his boss, tried to have sex with him. He told me where he was and I instantly got in the car and raced to him, I stopped outside of the library. Where I saw him, for living on the street, he was so gorgeous.
I walked up to the curve where he was sitting; I leaned in toward him and asked him “are you Mason?” He looked up at me and whispered, “Yes.”
“I’m Jackson, you answered my ad on Craigslist. If you want to the apartment and get something to eat come with me.” I extended my arm out he grabbed it and pulled him up. He grabbed his trash bags full of clothes and loaded them into my back seat, I watched as he crawled into the passenger seat. I shut his door, and walked over to the driver’s side. He fell asleep almost instantly; I began to think about questions I could ask him when we got back to my apartment. I pulled into the parking Çankaya Escort lot, and gently shook him awake, “we’re here, grab your stuff and fallow me.”
I opened the door to my apartment and gave him a quick tour, he seemed to like the apartment but I wasn’t completely sure. “Why don’t you sit down and I get you something to drink?”
He gently smiled and sat down at the table. I went into the kitchen and poured two glasses of lemonade. I walked back to the table and handed him a glass.
I sat across from him and looked into his eyes. “So in your craigslist ad, it said your parents kicked you out, I really sorry to hear that.”
“Yeah, thanks. I never should have come out to them.”
“I looked into his eyes and told him its good you did, its not good to live a lie.”
“I’m not sure, he beat the hell out of me and kicked me out in the middle of the night, and my mother did nothing.” I could see the tears come to his eyes. I got up and walked closer to him, I gently wiped his tears away, and gently removed his hood. I could feel his dirty blonde hair ruffling around my fingers. His luminous aqua eyes connected with mine. “He leaned into me and put his hand against my chest, he could feel my heart beat get faster. He giggled “your heart beat in getting faster and faster.” I could feel my cock, getting ready to stand at attention.
I leaned in closer and so Cebeci Escort did he, I puckered my lips and gentle kissed his lips. He leaned back and his sweats began to pitch a tent. He took of his sweatshirt and quickly lifted his t-shirt. I could see his beautiful belly, and his chest. “Do you want to take a shower?” I managed to quietly say. “Only if you join me, dude,” he slyly said. I literally raced him to the bathroom; we strip down to our birthday suit in a flash. I turned on the shower and entered, feeling the water rushed down my body. He quickly fallowed behind me, he seductively smiled and walked up to me, I could feel his cock rubbing against my mine. I gently began to kiss him he slowly opened his mouth and he released his giant tongue into my mouth. I could feel his tongue come alive in my mouth it was so unbelievably sexy. He pulled his tongue out my mouth and began to lick my face, I let out a deep moan and ran my hands all over his body I rubbed my hand against his cock and looked down to see the biggest cock I’ve ever seen it was at least eleven inches long and thick. I turned off the water. I whispered, “fallow me,” we held hands and we walked to my room. I laid down, he spread his body all over mine. We made out more, and he rolled to the side of me, “lets 69.” I flipped around so his cock was right in my face, I felt his warm mouth and tongue suck Çukurambar Escort my cock, I wrapped my mouth around his and began to fill my mouth with his meat. I wrapped my hands around his balls I looked down at him, He unhinged his jaw and swallowed everything. I let out a huge moan and let lose and let all of my cum enter his throat. He arched his spine back and looked at me licking his lips and smiling at me. “Do you want me, to fuck you?”
He removed his cock from my mouth, and rolled me onto my hand and knees, he began to lick my hole, and rammed his tongue into me. I reached over to my nightstand and handed him some lube, I heard to top pop open, and waited with anticipation. “You ready?” I heard him ask.
“Go for it.”
I could feel his dick gently enter me, I moaned as he slowly began to pick up the pace, I coiled and let my shoulders rest on the bed. I moaned and growled louder and louder, he pulled my legs out from under me and rested on top and my kissing the back of my neck, he began to screw me harder and harder, increasing his speed. “Ohh fuck!” He moaned. “I gotta cum.”
“Cum in me!” I uttered
He fucked to pointed where I had the biggest smile on my face and after a while, I felt a huge amount of cum, inside me. He pulled out and licked up the excess cum and crawled up to me. He opened his mouth and let his cum pour down into my mouth like melted ice cream. He collapsed next me and ran his hands up and down my chest. We both fell asleep together, and practically woke up at the same time.
“I love you and nothing would make me happier if you moved in with me.” I said.
“You got a roommate and a new lover.” He answered back.
Part 2 still to come!

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