Lilo and Stitch Ride Again

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Lilo & Stitch Ride Again

It had been 11 years since Lilo and Stitch had captured all 626 evil
experiments and turned them to good. Stitch had been lost but had
since regained contact via postcards. Jumba and Plekely had returned
to Jumba’s evil lab, now a successful law firm. Nani and David got
married 2 years later. David died on the honeymoon in a surfing
accident. They never found his body. It was hard for Lilo. She went
through high school with relatively no friends, and she failed to get
into any college, and is now working as a secretary in Farmer Tom’s
Discount Plastic Surgery. It was an okay job. Decent pay, little work.
No benefits except for 1 free procedure. Lilo had grown up a pretty
girl, and was identical to Nani at that age, minus two areas: she had
long, lucious legs and huge, firm breasts. When women came in for a
boob job, they often asked to have what Lilo had. Tom, her boss, was a
nice man. Early 60’s, slightly receding brown hair. Born in
California, he had a bit of a tan, enough that tourists thought he was
a local. Tom had Lilo do a special job every Tuesday morning. In
exchange for double pay, he got a blow job, triple for vaginal sex,
and 5 times pay for anal. Although she had only worked there for a
year, these “extra jobs” allowed Nani to give up work intirely. In the
year Lilo worked there, she had never gone for the third option.
Today, that was about to change…
“Morning Lilo, and isn’t a lovely morning?” said Tom.
“Em, I suppose so.” Lilo answered. “Isn’t there anything special about
today?” “No, not that I can- oh wait, it’s Tuesday, isn’t it?” Lilo
answered sincerely. “Well yes, but… today’s your first anniversary
of working here. And seeing as it’s a Tuesday, I’m going to increase
our “special rates”. Blowjob is an extra weeks wages, normal sex is an
extra months wages, and anal is an extra years wages.” Lilo stood
shocked. She earns just over 60,000 per annum. It was too tempting to
turn down. “I’ll take the third one” she whispered. “Sorry I didn’t quite catch that.” He was trying to
humiliate her. It worked. “I’ll take the third one” “Again?” “I’LL
TAKE THE THIRD ONE!!!” she shouted, obviously frustrated. Good thing
they only did admin work on Tuesdays, and there were no patients
there. “Ah, I thought you said that. Please, join me Demetevler Escort in my office.” he
said, pointing the way. As she walked past he slapped her roughly on
the ass. “That’s foreplay done with then, straight on to the big
show.” he said with a laugh, then he shut the door behind him.
“Okay Lilo, bend over. You can trust me, I’m a docter!” he joked as
tumbleweed drifted past… She did as told, despite the joke. “Now
take off your clothes, but slowly.” She knew the drill by now. She did
a little strip tease, and was now naked. He soon joined her. He was no
slouch when it came to size. His 11 inch python neary trailed the
floor, it seemed. Lilo was quick to work, as she kneeled down and
tried to devour his entire cock. It was managable flaccid, but as soon
as it got a bit stiff she gagged. “It’s okay honey, you’ll be able to
do it eventually. Now what position do you prefer?” Lilo didn’t have a
preference, she loved them all. “Doggy-style” she finally chose.
“Excellent, my favourite too. Now before the main event I’m going to
stick it in your pussy, just for lube. Now bend over doggy!” Like an
obedient pet she followed her master’s order immediately. “You ready?”
Tom asked. She nodded. Without hesitation, he thundered into her tight
pussy. Instantly he was balls deep. He fucked her for 5 mins this way,
giving her two orgasisms. “Alright, now I’m going to switch holes,
ok?” Again, she just nodded. He pulled out and inserted a finger into
her pussy. He then worked it into her ass. Damn it was her first time.
Slowly he worked in 2, then three. He stopped, and held them there. He
entered her sweet pussy again, but this time slowly. She shuddered
immediately. 3 orgasms. He withdrew from both orifices, and brought
the purple head to her anus. Once again he eased the head in. When it passed her loosened sphincter, it made a ‘pop’ sound. He pushed slowly and gradually into her ass, stopping every once and a while. After 3 mins he was all in. “Okay, I’m all in. Now I’m going to start thrusting, is that ok?” he said. She could only muster a nod through all the pleasure. He started to slowly pull out until only the head was still inside. “Ready?” He didn’t give her a chance to answer. He drove his full length into her virgin ass-hole. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” Dikmen Escort she shouted in extreme pain. “Shut the fuck up bitch”. This shocked her, or should I say, it would’ve had she not of been in terrible agony. He thundered into her holiest of holes as hard as he could. She was shrieking in agony, so he shoved his nearby tie into her mouth. He carried on like this for 20 pain-filled minutes for Lilo. He pulled out and slammed it into her still-wet pussy. The force of this caused her gag to fall out. “Take it bitch, take it all!” “Wh-why are you do-doing this to m-me???” She could barely speak. “Because, my dear, our little arrangement is costing me too much. So I decided that I could just have it for free. After I’m done with you, you’ll be going away for a little while. Don’t worry though, my cellar is very comfertable. And soundproof, so you’re not bothered by any outside interference”. “People will see that I’m missing”, she replied, now more able to speak. “Oh it was tragic. She was so young. And her poor sister, another lost in a ‘surfing accident’. Yes, she was so distraught that she took her own life.” While he said this he had stopped pounding Lilo. “You bastard you won’t get away with this!” “Oh I will. Now we’re done conversing so shut the fuck up!” He punched her in the face, breaking her nose. He reached for the tie/gag and returned it it’s new home. He regained his previous pace, thrashing in and out of Lilo. Lilo, strangely enough, hadn’t been crying up till now, even when he broke her nose. She silently cried for a different reason: she was starting to like it. Tom could sense this. “Yeah, you like it, don’t you whore!” With this, he pinched her clit. This sent Lilo over the edge. She shouted again, but now in pleasure. 4 orgasms. “No, no, no STOP! PLEASE!” “Ah c’mon, we both know how you really feel” he said as he pinched and twisted her clit. 5 orgasms. “NO, PLEASE! STOP!” She was strong willed, a trait she inherited from her sister. “Bitch, I’m not done yet. Hey Steve!” ‘What?’ She thought. There was no one else here. While she was pre-occupied thinking about it, she didn’t notice Officer Steve approach her, naked. It being a small town, there was only a small police station, and Steve was the only cop. Well, that and Steve’s elderly father Jim, who was deaf, couldn’t really walk and just wasting time before Elvankent Escort he shuffled off this great plane. He shoved his 10 inch python into Lilo’s mouth, deep-throating her. She was too surprised to act, and he continued to mouth fuck her, not stopping for air for Lilo. She was about to pass out when he pulled out. So did Tom. ‘Finally’, she thought, ‘it’s finally over.’ Of course, she was wrong. Tom slid underneath her and entered her pussy. Steve stood where Tom stood, and entered her ass. “On the count of 3, ok? 1, 2, 3!” Lilo wondered what Steve meant. She didn’t have to wait long to find out. They slammed into her in unison, then thrusting alternately in and out of her. Again, she screamed in terrible agony, but after a while, once again, she began to feel pleasure building. “Aww shit, I’m going to cum!!!” Tom shouted. “Let’s make a beatiful half-caste whore baby together! Would you like that?” She couldn’t answer. She physically couldn’t. The stimulation she was receiving was too much. 6 orgasms. “AHHHHH TAKE MY HOT CUM!!!!!!! AHHHH!!! Tom came hard in Lilo’s teen pussy. “Ah that was so good. Enjoy your whore baby bitch! Hey Steve, hurry up, we need to get going.” “Arite man” He doubled speed, if it was possible. He lasted another 2 minutes, then he pulled out and moved to the front. He shoved his cock down her throat. Why she allowed it? She was lost in the exstacy. 7 orgasms. She could taste her ass and his precum from his cock. He pumped away for only another minute. He pulled out and unleashed his full load on Lilo’s face. Her entire face was covered, some of it got caught in her hair, and a lot of it coated her back. Tom, now dressed sporting some rubber gloves, held a tooth brush in one hand, a bowl in the other. He slowly and diligently collected all of the cum in the bowl, then got a turkey baster, filled it with the cum and shoved it hard into Lilo’s pussy. “Just to make sure this whore has a bastard kid. Alright, now let’s get out of here. You knock her out an-” Tom couldn’t finish his sentence. He slumped into a pile on the ground. Lilo noticed a scorch mark on his back. “A plasma gun? But only…” She looked up. Sure enough, there was Stitch standing on Steve’s lifeless body. “C’mon, we have to leave now. Get dressed and we’ll get out of here!” Lilo was taken aback. Here was her long lost friend. “You can speak english?” “Well, you didn’t expect me to do nothing in the last 10 years! Now hurry”. Lilo started crying. Again not in pain, but in joy. Her friend was back. She got dressed and they ran home. It was now night time, and nobody saw them run the relatively short distance to Nani’s house. The old family home.

to be continued

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