Long Awaited Lust Pt. 02

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**Authors Note – Hi All! This is the next installment following up “Long Awaited Lust”, in which I tell about my second experience with Anna. As I stated before, and will continue to reiterate throughout all of my works on this site, every story I publish is a real encounter of my own. No part of my stories will ever be fictional, unless otherwise noted beforehand. I prefer real, raw, and genuine, so that’s what I like to provide to my readers. Enjoy!**

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The next day after our very first encounter, Anna and I texted back and forth about what had happened in the parking lot the night before. We both loved how hot it was and that it was so public. I told her how much I loved the taste of her pussy, and she loved it when I told her how hard Ankara escort I fucked myself when I got home that night.

We talked every day afterward, and it had been about 3 weeks since the night we had our little rendezvous on the backseat of my Honda. Every time I closed my eyes, I constantly remembered her taste on my tongue, how her nipples hardening in my mouth, and the feeling of her pussy clenching around my fingers before I felt the rush of her cum. I was basically addicted to fucking her and she knew it.

It was the 4th of July when I received a text from her:

“Hey, what’re you doing?”

“Nothin. Just having a beer on my porch, hby?”

“Not a thing. I’m off work tomorrow, and I don’t really feel like going to the bar tonight but I’m bored.”

“Ah, I see. Yea, I wasn’t feeling the ankara rus escort bar tonight either. You’re welcome to come hang out if you want.”

“Ok. I’m gonna stop for some wine coolers and I’ll be over. Send me your address.”

I texted her my address and within half an hour, she was at my house. We went on my back deck, she drank her wine coolers while I stuck with my beer, and we talked pretty much all night. Just casual conversation about work, relationships, etc. Typical female bullshit banter.

After a few hours, we were both feeling the effects of the alcohol we were drinking, and based off of the consistent eye fucking, it was pretty obvious. She moved her chair closer to mine and we snapped a few cute selfies together; one of us smiling, another of me kissing ankara türbanlı escort her cheek, and then, one of us innocently kissing on the lips.

After we took the pictures Put my cum covered fingers in her mouth first, then met her mouth with mine and we sucked them clean together.

Both of us were spent, and I laid on my bed next to her. She put her head on my chest, I kissed her forehead, and we passed out skin to skin.

The next morning we both woke up at the same time. We kissed each other good morning, and she got up to get ready to go home. I watched her get dressed, and thanked her for coming over. She thanked me for inviting her, and we gave each other a long kiss goodbye.

Anna and I kind of went our separate ways with our lives after that. We enjoyed our night together, and we let it end there. So yes, that unfortunately means that this is the conclusion of my time with Anna. However, it is NOT the conclusion of my experiences in general so if you enjoy my writing, I will happily continue on with my other encounters. Personally, I think that if you guys liked Anna, you’d LOVE Sherry(;

Let me know, and thanks for stopping by!

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