Lucy, Lucy and Mark

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My husband and I must be the oldest people in this club. We are both 36, and our 8-year-old son is staying with my Mum tonight as we have taken the night out together.

Our evening started in Ask, with a light Italian meal, before heading here. We didn’t talk, we sat quietly, the conversation was strained and the atmosphere between us was thick, so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I was looking forward to coming to ‘Elroy’s’ nightclub. I used to come here often about 20 years ago, and it hasn’t changed, well not much apart from the clientele and the music, it still looks the same but a little tired. I keep an eye on my husband as he orders us two beers at the bar, I’m standing by a wall surveying the different groups of people dancing. There’s a lot of talent here, all younger than us.

Half watching my husband trying to get served, I see he looks cute. I can see why I fancied him and married him 10 years ago. He isn’t losing his hair, he’s got a decent job, he’s tall at six foot four, slim and fit. He looks alright in his black trousers and a white short-sleeved shirt. I wouldn’t change a thing about him, and I love the child we made and that we are bringing up together.

My husband squeezes back to me through a throng of dancing people with two bottles of Bud. He raises his eyes and doesn’t look as though he’s enjoying the experience and we have to talk loudly to one another.

We both feel that it was a mistake to eat before coming out. Our stomachs feel heavy and we are both lethargic. He’s complaining about the noise, the closeness of everyone and the music. Mostly about the cost of entry and the price of the two beers.

We haven’t been to a club for years. The music is loud and different from when we used to dance. I don’t remember it being so loud that we couldn’t talk though.

I tell him he can go if he wants, leave me to it, but I’m relieved when he says he’ll stay, to make sure I’m safe. He doesn’t “…want any unsavoury characters chatting up his wife.” We chuckle at that. I’m not interested in talking to any unsavoury characters either.

We both stand against the wall gently swaying to the beat of the music and randomly talking and nodding. It all feels awkward. I want to find a girl and dance, put on a show, but I think he wants to find a girl and then just get out.

“See anyone you fancy?” I ask loudly. He shakes his head. “Nor me,” I say disappointed. He smiles back and holds my hand.

He and I have not had sex for six months. Sex has become rarer and less frequent over the last couple of years, and I am pretty sure he masturbates a lot in the shower and toilet. I don’t complain when I find the odd bit of discharge as I do my housework.

We’re here as I’ve persuaded him to try a threesome, to spice things up. We don’t know where to start so I suggested here, and he reluctantly agreed. I’ve also looked at swinger’s parties too, and if this isn’t successful we will give that a go. He definitely isn’t happy about that, so this needs to work or I’ll have to cheat. Not that I want to just to be clear.

My urge though to sleep with another woman has consumed me for far too long. I was bisexual when my husband and I met, I’d just finished with a girlfriend and moved straight onto him. I had pretty much been exclusive with girls before meeting Mark.

With Mark, things naturally flowed from one thing to another. The sex was fun, it was different, and I loved seeing him cum, something you don’t see with girls.

There’s something about seeing a cock, watching it as I squeeze it in my hand and seeing it ooze cum. I loved seeing my nail-varnished fingers around his thick dark penis. One of my fantasies though is to lie under a girl, watch him fuck her, and then have me suck his cream back out of her arsehole.

I’ve been battling the building feeling in me and consider that my husband is more of a brother than a lover. I love him, I can’t live without him, but I just don’t want sex with him.

His happiness means the world to me, but I feel desperately unhappy not sleeping with a girl. That’s why I want this threesome and feel it needs to work.

I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror on the wall and feel so sexy right now. My white dress is loose fitting from my waist down and my breasts, they aren’t massive by any stretch of the imagination, but they feel squashed into the top. My long blonde hair reaches mid back, it is straight, natural and shiny.

My black strappy heels add another inch to my stature and my husband isn’t the full foot taller than me tonight as he usually is.

I feel a dig in my ribs and look at Mark as he nods at a girl dancing close to her friends. She’s tall and blonde, quite big, but I shake my head and we carry on looking. She fits my husband’s type, but not mine.

We finish our bottles and put them down on a table and I glance at a brunette sitting on the arm of a sofa. She talks to a friend on the sofa next to her. She smiles at me whilst talking mid-sentence.

She demetevler escort notices me check her out. Her heels are sparkly and her legs are bare. They’re long legs, the right crossed over her left and her skirt, it’s short and shiny, it’s slipped up her thigh.

I smile back at her before she stands and walks a couple of steps toward me. She has to be late twenties I think.

“Hi,” she says loudly into my ear.

“Hi,” I return smiling. “Having fun?” I shout.

“Now I’ve seen you.” She shouts back.

“Are you here with your friends?” I ask.

She nods, “it’s boring though.” She tells me. “Who are you here with?” she continues.

“My husband,” I say getting his attention. His eyes light up and his interest is taken. “This is Mark, I’m Lucy. What’s your name?”

She nods her hellos and laughs, “I’m Lucy too.”

We all chuckle.

“Can I get you a beer?” Mark asks.

I can tell he is going to be happy with this girl.

“Yes please.” She replies and Mark heads to the bar.

She smiles at me. “You’re both not dancing, what brings you here?”

“A threesome?” I say somewhat hesitantly.

She laughs a little shocked. “And how’s that going for you?” she replies.

“Well, there’s still only two of us.” I laugh back.

“It sounds fun. But, there’s three of us now.” Lucy says.

My heart skips a beat. She leans into me and we kiss. She wraps her arms around my neck and we stand kissing.

“Let us dance.” She says dragging me off to the dance floor. I notice her look back at her friend on the sofa, she sits open-mouthed staring at us, shaking her head.

I scurry along behind her, trying to keep up, doing my best not to knock people over. I look back for my husband, but he is still at the bar.

On the dancefloor, our dancing is close, sexually charged and hot. Lucy’s hands wander up and down my body. She holds me close and she slides over my leg. Our legs intertwine, and we feel each other’s warmth, as we grind into each other. I feel her heat, each of her touches is arousing, eliciting welcome surges of lust pooling in my nether regions and the pit of my stomach.

I grip her tight arse as I hold her close. She kisses my neck, collarbone and shoulder. Enjoying this experience, I suddenly remember Mark, and take her back to see him.

He looks a little rejected but breaks into a smile as we approach. “Say hi to Mark,” I tell Lucy. I pick up a beer and pass it to her. I take another for myself and swig from the bottle.

I watch as my husband and Lucy kiss. She cups her hand over his trousers squeezing his cock in her hand as she squeezes his arse with the other.

We stay a while longer. The three of us flirt, kiss and talk. We eventually finish our beers and we leave to catch a taxi home.

The journey has an excitable tension. All three of us know what’s going to happen. We’re relaxed with each other. Lucy sits between us, Mark and I take turns to kiss her, both fondling and groping her.

We’re home quickly, Lucy and I leave Mark, we’ve forgotten him again as he pays for the cab. We both enter the front door, holding hands, giggling and smooching. We rush into the lounge.

I sit next to Lucy on the leather couch. We grope and kiss before she pushes me back and reaches up my skirt feeling for my undies. “I’m not wearing any,” I say, and her eyes widen as I spread my legs exposing my stubbly triangle and sweating cunt to her.

She strokes the lengths of my legs, admiring my statuesque figure. I’m full-bodied and appear Amazonian with my firm curves and nice tits. She ogles, feels and kisses me before sliding back and hitching up her short skirt.

She raises her ankles and I slide my hands up her thighs to remove her white thong. I force it down her thin legs and catch them on her heel. We laugh as we struggle to get them off as smoothly as I’d hoped.

We keep forgetting Mark as we both giggle, kissing and beckoning him over.

As we sit together, Mark stands in front of us, we unzip his trousers. I reach in and pull his cock out, and encourage it into Lucy’s open mouth. I smile up to Mark who watches intermittently between closed eyes and gritted teeth.

I gently press the back of Lucy’s head getting her to choke his cock down her throat. As the cock slopes out of her mouth covered in her drool I kiss her deeply, enjoying her slimy saliva in my mouth.

Mark slides his cock between our two open mouths, and we lick the full length as it passes through. I enjoy looking into Lucy’s eyes as we both lick and suck marks cock, exchanging kisses when we can.

“Mark, sweetie. Let’s do it?” I say and wink at him. I know he’ll lose interest when he shoots his load.

“Babe, can he fuck you in your arse?” I ask Lucy. He loves giving anal, and he’ll be over all the more quickly fucking her tight bum hole.

She grins, “Absolutely.” She looks filthy, a completely dirty whore, and I love it.

“Bend over,” I dikmen escort demand, forcing her onto her knees. I slide her short leather skirt over her butt cheeks and spit into her arse.

I lean forward and eagerly delve my tongue into her arse crack, her hole is tight and sweaty. I spit and slurp over it, and press my fingers into her. I don’t hear her moaning, but I do my husband and look to see Mark receiving a blow job.

Lucy’s ring is opening and sliming and I am easily able to work three fingers into her, conditioning her apparently loosening and well-practised hole. Mark watches over and pulls his springing penis from her mouth. Manhandling her he turns her around as I climb underneath.

Mark forces Lucy to start eating my steaming minge. The feel of the girl’s tongue on my clit sends an excited shiver up my spine. I stare at her shaved cunt hovering over my chin. “I’ve missed fanny”, I think to myself. I reach up and guide Marks’ throbbing shaft into her dark spit-covered arsehole.

Holding her legs in place, I watch Mark split open her buttocks as he steps in to drive his tool home slowly inching into her.

Lucy stops her tonguing of me as she sucks my inner thigh. She moans loudly as the cock starts its penetration and her nails dig into my leg.

I raise my head and suck at her clit. She tastes musky and nice. I’ve certainly missed this, and wonder how I’ve managed. Her body rocks over me as Mark anally fucks her. Her moans are quiet and she hugs my leg. I feel her hand press on my pussy as she gently rubs my cunt. I lick at her, my eyes wide watching the slippery dick flow in and out of her arsehole.

Lucy’s efforts in pleasing me are distracted, I’m distracted as I watch impatiently waiting for him to cum. I know as soon as he explodes, he’ll be bored a short while later and I can have her to myself.

Her moaning fills the room, and the smell of fucked arse emanates from above me. Her body feels hot and her face sticks to my leg. My tongue works along her pussy lips, which are swollen pink, shining with her dribble and my spit.

My husband’s fingers dig tightly into her haunches, and his panting is becoming strained. I can see that he’s trying not to cum.

“Babe, remember I want pie!” I say, lovingly looking up at him. He tries to ignore me, I can just about see him stare at the wall. But I know he’s cum. His strokes have slowed, and he’s tensed himself up.

“For you honey.” He smiles at me, his cock glistens and cum oozes from his shaft and pools from Lucy’s arse like a puddle of warm icing sugar.

I force her further down onto me, half pushing her forward, and lick away. My husband’s cum is salty, and her arse tastes bitter. I slurp her clean, enjoying and savouring her holes. The cum is thick and gloopy. I slurp and lap it up.

I feel myself revolt slightly as I purse my mouth around her arse and suck, I feel the pungent liquid fill my mouth as it escapes from her darkness under my sucking pressure. The jizz freshly shot from my husband’s cock is warm as it thickly coats my tongue, and I lie, holding it in my mouth.

Lucy is sucking cock, it’s starting to go flaccid now. She twists her hand tightly around the girth as she sucks and licks its head. Forcefully I push her from above me, pulling at her arm, I bring her head down to kiss me. I show her the prized yolk sitting on my tongue and we share its sticky ooze from mouth to mouth. It thickens and froths from our whisking tongues and we both swallow it down. She catches dribbles with fingers from my chin and licks them clean.

My husband watches and tidies himself up. Winking at him I whisper “Thank you.” And he smiles down at me. I sense he’s not happy and has his reservations. Selfishly though, I know, I don’t care. This is about me and my desires.

“I’ll leave you to it. Have fun, I’ll take the spare room.” He kisses my forehead and leaves the room doing his belt back up.

“I’ve got you to myself.” I grin seductively at Lucy. “Wait there,” I say, as I quickly leave to go to the bedroom. I grab the lube from my bedside drawer, I prepared for this without my husband knowing. I also take two clean bath sheets from the airing cupboard and run back to the lounge.

Lucy is standing, smiling as she looks at our various family photos on the walls.

“Do you like being fisted? Your arse wasn’t as tight as I was expecting.” I say. Lucy turns to look at me, and a smile takes shape across her face. “What can I say? I’m just a slut.” She replies.

We take a step toward each other and we kiss passionately. “I forgot just how much I like girls,” I exclaim. I’m excited, I truly have missed girls.

I survey her. She’s tall, she’s skinny, and her skin is pure white. Her brown hair is long and tied back. I assume, from the way she acts and behaves, that in every aspect of her life, she’s square, straight and conforming. She probably follows rules and pleases people. But in her sexual escapades, elvankent escort she’s randy as hell, and a faultless trollop.

She shifts a little and starts to look uncomfortable. I feel myself leering at her like a perverted old man. I catch myself and laugh nervously. “Sorry, I’m staring,” I say.

She relaxes a little. “It’s alright.” She replies. Lucy takes the towels and lube from me. Placing them on the sofa in a tidy pile, she pushes me to sit. She stands and gently teases my legs apart and drops to her knees. She doesn’t look at me. She lifts my skirt and drags it up my tummy. My caesarean scar is made obvious, and I tug it back down to cover it.

I feel her lick it, I think she kisses it. I’m not sure as I’ve lost some sensitivity there and I’m also self-conscious of it, as I am my appendix scare. I push her head down between my legs.

Drawing breath sharply I sense her tongue teasing down my pussy lips. Her fingers part them, stretching them out and displaying my shiny pink hole. As her tongue presses at it, I grin and shudder. I’ve not been licked down there for years.

I’ve been yearning for a woman’s touch to linger there. I feel instantly excited. My fluids collect and her tongue finds its way in. Her fingers pinch my bean and stroke gently on either side of it, interspersed by a gentle pressing.

Her tongue pushes and widens, rolls and sucks inside of me. I get the audible wetness of her accomplishments. I notice myself moaning softly. My hand on the top of her head, the other sliding to touch her hand on my clit.

The gentleness of her other hand is keeping my legs from snapping shut.

I close my eyes enjoying the sensation. Her breath from her nose is warm on my clit. Her fingers are sexy and busy. Her tongue is firm and driven.

For me, this is the best sex I’ve had since I’ve been married.

My back suddenly arches and tingling in my belly explodes out taking over my senses in several strong pulses. A guttural raw escapes me. I’ve not cum like that for years either.

She cleans me up for a couple of seconds. Little kisses float along the insides of my thighs and her eyes appear as she rises for a kiss.

She feels greasy and tastes of my cum. We lay and hug for a short while. I wait to recover.

Laying a towel on the cushion seat I force her to kneel. Her hands gently curl over the rounds of the sofa back as she lies her head on the back of her hand. I appraise her arse, it looks just fucked, after my husband I played and felched her.

She giggles slightly as lube is squirted at her arse. I wipe plenty into her crack and smother my fingers and hand.

“Ready?” I ask the waiting hussy. “Uh-huh” is the reply I receive.

I stretch my fingers to a point and gently aim her arse. My middle fingertip is the first to enter. The fingers on either side gently press unimpeded next. I screw my hand gently, forcefully but delicately pushing in. She widens easily. I curl my thumb back and punch and fuck my four fingers into her.

She backs up onto them more than willingly taking what’s provided. Her hole stretches and opens. I catch glimpses of her black cavern and decide to work the others in too.

Lucy moans more loudly, her ring stretched taking all five digits. The angle of my thumb and the knuckles seems to be too much. I withdraw slowly and rework my efforts. She moves her hand around to help apply more pressure. There’s a sudden shift as she relaxes and slides down the rest of my hand.

I’m astounded to be wrist deep, this quickly. I used to fist my ex-girlfriend, and I thought it took twenty minutes to stretch her enough to gulp my hand down.

I ball my fist inside her anus. It’s warm and moist. I hold myself still before I start the gentle motions of fucking her.

The walls of her arse bounce and sponge against my hand. She gasps at each of my movements. I see her grip the leather of the sofa as she bites her bottom lip.

As I move my hand she exhales she blows out her cheeks. A shallow carnal scream escapes her. I pick up my pace, and gently fuck her. Her hole is stretched, and she winces and whines if my angle changes.

She starts to stand and I find myself on the floor. I look up at her, her hand on her hips, the other holding my wrist, her legs spread wide. Lucy begins to fuck herself forcefully against me.

“Don’t move. It feels stretched to tearing.” She says. She half smiles, she looks as though she’s loving it. Her skirt is around her waist. I notice her pussy puffed and erect.

I jolt to get comfier. “Oomph. Please.” She cries. She grabs my wrist again to hold it firmly still. She bobs up and down, moaning and grimacing. “Fuck, yeah.” She shouts.

Lucy fucks herself hard against my fist. My arm starts to ache. Her face is red and her breathing is loud. I sense her sphincter pulse and tighten against my wrist. Her arse feels damper and accepting.

Apart from my arm gripped in her hand, my fist in her anus, and my hand holding her ankle, she is doing the work. She is bringing herself off and looks delightful. She’s pretty as perspiration glistens from her forehead and chest under my downlight ceiling lamps.

I sense her cum. Her cunt looks wet. I want to fuck that next. She carefully lowers herself, bending towards me for another kiss. “I need it out now, please. It’s starting to hurt.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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