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My name is Matt and I am a middle aged divorced man from Texas. I am a father of four wonderful children. All of who are grown and have now left the nest. My youngest most recently ventured out on his own. Lately due to this fact I find myself with more and more idle time on my hands.

I divorced young at thirty-two and because of being back in the dating pool I had kept myself in pretty good physical shape. Running two miles at least three times a week as kept me lean with very little body fat.

I am 6’0″ tall and a comfortable 190lbs. My hair is blonde and now at age forty-eight I am starting to have some very slight graying around my temples. My eyes are blue and I keep myself clean-shaven and smooth.

I have always been an active man and enjoyed doing many different activities with my children. So as you can well imagine all this idle time was becoming an issue for me.

My work is sometimes demanding and consumes a fair amount of my time, but lately even work was slow. This prompted me to look for something to occupy my time. I turned to the Internet.

I started out searching for activities in my area that had a varied time frame, as I was never sure of exactly when my time off work would be. Almost every site I visited came with references to Social Media sites.

I already had a Facebook account but I used it for family and close friends so I really wasn’t comfortable adding strangers to my friend’s list. I opted to install a few others and use a fictitious name and not add any family members to my contacts.

It was on one such account (Instagram) that I happened to come across the account of a very beautiful woman who called herself Jasmin. She had popped up as a recommended person to follow by Instagram’s suggestion list.

I could tell from her cover photo that Jasmin was of Latin decent. Having always had a weakness for Latina women I immediately wanted to see and know more of this elegant young woman. I clicked “Follow” and was soon browsing through the many pics she had shared. I did notice that many of the pics were in sexy lingerie and other varied such types of apparel.

After browsing a short time I was to learn why she was dressed this way in almost every picture. Jasmin was an erotic dancer at a club close to where I live. This was without a doubt her way of introducing herself to new people and gaining a following at the club.

Jasmin was a very sexy woman and had the most beautiful smile I had seen in a very long time. Her demeanor in her photos made you feel at ease looking at her even though she was a complete stranger. Even looking at her sexy poses and skimpy dress was nice and her presentation made me feel less like a dirty old pervert and more like an admirer.

After looking at many of her photos and using other items in the pics such as doors, counters, and such as reference points, I had decided Jasmin would be about 5’2″. It would be possible that she may be as much as 5’4″ but there was no way she could be more.

Jasmin has long blonde hair, obviously not her natural color but the contrast with her very exquisitely tanned skin is wildly erotic. Her eyes are hazel and the way Jasmin applies her eye makeup makes her appear mysterious and wild at the same time. Pouty lips with just the right amount of lipstick would make any man yearn to taste them.

I have heard my entire life since I was old enough to notice girls about the “Hour Glass Figure.” I have seen very few women who rocked such a figure as perfectly as Jasmin. If I had to describe her incredibly sexy body with only one word it would have to be “Luscious.”

As I said before Jasmin is about 5’2″ tall and I would guess not an ounce on the positive side of 110 to 112 lbs. Her breasts can only be described as magnificent and an educated guess would make her at 34D. Instagram prohibits complete nudity so her nipples at this point would have to be left to my imagination.

Trailing down, her slender waistline is firm and flat. No doubt from hours of dancing and working out at a gym. Her abdomen is taunt and I am sure you could bounce a coin off her tummy if you tried. Jasmin’s hips swell out to a respectable 36 inches (guessing again) and are accentuated by her perfectly round ass.

Being an exotic dancer it is apparent in her pics that Jasmin is shaved which is perfect in my opinion. Her thighs and calves are not long but my oh my her legs may top everything and be her absolute best feature. Firm and toned with delicate curves that finishes at her beautiful small feet and neat pretty toes due to a precise pedicure.

After about an hour of browsing her profile and pics I chose one photo that really stuck out to me and commented on it. I complimented Jasmin on her sexy eyes and the extremely erotic black lingerie outfit she was wearing.

With five thousand plus followers I was under no illusion that this provocative young goddess would acknowledge my comment. You can imagine my surprise when later that same day I güvenilir bahis opened my Instagram and found that Jasmin had returned a comment to mine. She suggested that if I liked her photos so much that I should come out to the club and see for myself in person.

Jasmin also commented that she really enjoyed dancing for a more mature gentleman like myself, as we were better mannered and knew how to treat women like more than just sex objects. I replied with a comment that I would love to come see her. After a few more exchanges I learned that Jasmin was indeed working the following evening. I made plans to go.

I have visited gentleman’s clubs in my younger days before I was married. But here many years later and much older I was bewildered to find myself actually nervous about going. It was an exciting feeling reminding me of my teen years and the thrill I felt when discovering the nude female form for the first times.

The next day was Wednesday (an off day at the club according to Jasmin) and I had elected to take the day off from work. I fiddled away the day, mostly cleaning my home and relaxing with a swim in my backyard pool.

At 6:30 PM I decided to shower and get dressed for the club. The shower was hot and refreshing with lots of good smelling body wash. After the shower standing in front of the mirror I gave myself a good close shave. I took my time to make sure I was nice and smooth with no stubble. I rinsed away any remnants of shaving cream and admired my work in the mirror.

I dabbed some gel in my hair to hold it in place and ran a comb through it to keep it back away from my face and eyes. A few spritzes of my favorite cologne and I was ready to get dressed.

I moved to my bedroom closet to select my attire for the evening. I chose white linen slacks with a navy blue button down shirt. I dropped the clothes on my bed and opened the drawer on my dresser. I pulled out a gray boxer brief and tan socks.

Once dressed I finished the ensemble off with brown leather hiking style lace up shoes for comfort.

Returning to the bathroom I brushed my teeth and gave myself a final once over in the mirror. Not bad for a 48 year old man if I must say so myself. A couple extra mists of cologne on my shirt and I was complete.

It was 7:40 PM as I slid into the drive seat of my sleek black Dodge Challenger to make it to the club. I made a mental note to stop at the Bank ATM along the way. I had about $200 in my wallet but thought it might be best to have a bit more.

I was in no hurry to get there. Jasmin had informed me that she wouldn’t be there before 9:00 PM herself. So I drove casually, made my stop at the ATM and made my way south out of town towards the club.

As I turned into the club parking I noticed they had a parking valet so I opted to use him versus finding my own spot. I figured to myself if I valet parked my car it would be more secure, as he would keep a look out over the cars he parked.

I entered the club and found myself in a small entry room with the main club entry to my right. There was a guy I took to be a bouncer and a very pretty young woman behind a cash machine taking the entry fee of $10.00. I paid my fee and moved to my right to enter the main area of the club.

The room was dark except for lights around the three stages. There was a main stage all the way to the rear and two smaller stages on each side. There was a bar between the small stage on my left and the main stage in the back. Between the stage on my right and the main stage was a door that appeared to go into the dressing areas for the dancers.

As I stood and took in my surroundings a hostess asking where I would like to sit approached me. I explained that this was my first time here and that I had come to see Jasmine dance.

The hostess was very sweet and offered to seat me right in front of the main stage, which had the best lighting. I eagerly accepted and followed her to a table she selected.

As I sat down the hostess introduced herself as Monica and told me if I needed anything throughout the night I should just let her know. I thanked Monica and off she went.

As Monica walked away, a waitress came over and inquired as to what I would like to drink. Her nametag said her name was Mandy. Mandy was maybe 5’5″ and probably 125 lbs. or so. She had very nice breasts I would say 36C. Very attractive woman I thought to myself. I ordered a Vodka Sunrise with a salted rim.

Mandy left to retrieve my drink and I turned my attention to the stage in front of me. A sexy young woman was moving about in perfect rhythm to the blaring music. She had dark hair small tits and a very nice round ass, She was already down to her g-string and I had a perfect view of her sweet little tits and tiny round nipples.

I checked my watch and saw that the time was 8:55 PM. Perfect I thought, Jasmine should be in at anytime.

Mandy returned and placed my drink on the table before asking if there would be anything else. türkçe bahis I thanked her and paid for my drink with a tip.

Mandy turned to check on her other patrons just as the dancer on stage was finishing up. As the dancer left the stage another sweet young thing came on just as the music was re-starting.

The new dancer was blonde and had much larger tits than the previous dancer. Her ass was also a bit more filled out. She was no less sexy and could really move to the music.

I figured out that each dancer performed to two songs on each stage before working the individual tables. The first song they danced and surveyed the crowd and the second dance they removed their tops and danced topless. This is when most of the men who wanted to tip would approach the stage and slip a dollar or two into the strap of their g-string.

The blonde dancer was just starting her second song and she flung her top to the back of the stage. She had very large nipples that were dark brown. They were a deep contrast to her alabaster skin tone. Still she was sexy as hell.

I heard the DJ come over the speakers asking, “Jasmine check sound, Jasmine check sound.”

I felt a sudden nervousness all of a sudden. Here I was to see a woman I had never met dance and take her clothes off. I was excited and felt like I had the first time I thought I was going to see a girl naked so many years before.

The blonde’s second dance ended and she collected her tips and top as she exited the stage to move over to one of the smaller stages.

The music came back on. AC/DC was booming. You Shook Me All Night Long, was one of my favorite AC/DC songs. Then there she was. My breath caught in my chest. Jasmin swayed out onto the stage.

To say I was mesmerized would have been the understatement of the decade. Jasmin literally took my breath away. She was astonishingly beautiful. Her pictures barely did her justice.

She danced like she was liquid. Every part of her body moved in perfect unison with every other part. She was wearing pink boy short style panties over and obvious g-string. Her bra matched perfectly. The lights of the club made the pink almost glow.

As Jasmin danced I saw her eyes start to move over the crowd. Even though it was an off night there was still probably 25 to 30 guests in the club. Her eyes eventually made it to the first row of tables in front of the stage. She stopped when she saw me and smiled her recognition.

Although most didn’t go up to the stage and tip on the first song I couldn’t stop myself. I was on my feet standing at the edge of the stage before I even knew what I was doing. Jasmin slowly gyrated over to me. She turned away from me and bent all the way over at the waist. She smiled at me between her spread thighs as she backed her ass right up to an inch from my face. I could see the outline of the folds of her pussy through the panties. I gasped.

Jasmin turned and knelt before me as she pulled out the waistband of her panties a bit for me to slide in the five-dollar bill I was holding. A quick kiss on my cheek and she danced away to resume her show.

I returned to my seat and downed my drink in one long swallow. Mandy was right there with another drink. It was almost like she had watched the entire episode and knew I would need a refill. I paid her and tipped again. Mandy also kissed my cheek before she walked away. This was turning into a very exciting night.

Jasmin’s second song started. I did not know it. The song was a combination of sorts between pop and rap. A type of music I don’t normally follow. But I didn’t care. Jasmin had chosen it and she was dancing to it.

As she moved to the music using the pole as a dance partner her top came off almost by itself. I didn’t even see her undo the clasps. Her tits came into view and just like I had imagined in her pics they were astonishing. Her nipples were perfect. The areolas were about the size of a half-dollar with nipples standing out about a quarter inch. They were just perfect for suckling. They were slightly darker than her skin with erect nipples either from cold or excitement, or both.

As she moved up and down on the pole she started working the boy shorts down over her thighs and kicked them to the back of the stage. Clad only in a g-string now there was not much left to my imagination. Her ass was divine and the string running between her ass cheeks made me incredibly jealous.

Again I moved to the stage. This time as Jasmin danced over too me she squatted down and rubbed her tits in my face. The warm globes of flesh pressed to each side of my face were pure heaven. Her perfume was toxic. Jasmin flipped over to her hands and knees and backed her ass up to my groin. As her back arched she grinded her ass up and down my rapidly hardening cock.

After a few seconds Jasmin turned so I could slip the fiver in my hand into her g-string. As I slid the bill into the strap Jasmin leaned in and kissed me right on the lips as she thanked me güvenilir bahis siteleri for the tip.

“Matt would you like me to come visit your table after I have finished the other stages,” she asked?

I quickly agreed and hurried back to my seat to hide my growing erection.

I was surprised she had remembered my name. Again I gulped down my drink and again Mandy was right there with a replacement,

“She is quite hot isn’t she,” Mandy asked matter of factly?

“Yes she is,” was all I could get out coherently.

“It seems she has taken to you. Be nice to her and you will have a night to remember,” advised Mandy.

Before I could reply Mandy also kissed me on the lips. I felt her tongue tease my lips gently before she walked away. I wasn’t sure what to think but I was enjoying myself immensely.

Jasmin moved to the second stage after her second song ended. I yearned desperately to follow her but I feared I may appear needy or lecherous so I remained at my initial table.

Two more dancers came to the main stage while I awaited Jasmin at my table. I barely noticed either of the new girls on the stage as I was constantly turning to observe Jasmin.

As Jasmin made her rounds to the next two stages it was obvious she was extremely popular. Patrons clamored to each stage as she danced and stripped to the music.

Finally four songs later Jasmin made her way back over to where I was sitting. She leaned in and kissed my cheek before whispering in my ear. The club was loud so it really wasn’t a whisper. She put her mouth close to my ear and said, “I need to do a couple of requested table dances and go in back and change before I come sit with you.”

Jasmin put her hand on top of mine and smiled directly into my eyes. I felt as if she had just walked through my soul with the gaze that she gave me. “I want to have extra time with you so I hope you don’t mind me taking care of this other business before we spend our time together,” she said.

I smiled trying earnestly to hide my disappointment and said to her, “Of course, please do what you need to do I am not going anywhere.”

Jasmin leaned in and kissed me again right on the lips. This time her tongue pushed past my lips and teased mine in an erotic dance inside my mouth. “Please don’t leave, I promise I am coming back to you,” she almost tongued into my ear as she turned to walk away.

I turned to watch that heavenly ass walk away as Jasmin wove her way through the tables to handle the requests she had received while on stage.

I felt a twinge of jealousy as I saw her stop at a table and begin speaking with a Hispanic man much younger than myself. I wanted to watch her dance for him but I forced myself to turn back towards the main stage in front of me.

As a sexy little red head sauntered out onto the stage, Mandy approached to check on my drink or if I needed anything. I told her sure that I would like another as I was waiting on Jasmin to finish up and come over.

Mandy smiled and said, “I am close friends with her and she told me she wants to hang with you. I am about to go on break and she asked if I could keep you company for her. Would you mind?”

“Of course not, I would love the company. If you are allowed to drink please bring us both one” I replied.

Mandy returned with two drinks, one for each of us. She sat them on the table and pulled her chair close to mine. This made me a little nervous as I didn’t want to give Jasmin a reason to stay away.

Mandy sensed my hesitation and assured me Jasmin would not mind us sitting together and talking while we waited on her.

As we talked Mandy explained that her shift was over. The drinks she had brought us ended her night. She also informed me that Jasmin had asked her to explain the VIP room to me while we were waiting.

As it turns out the club has private VIP rooms. For $150 you can go with a dancer into one of the private rooms for one hour. Dancer tips were extra of course. That $150 went to the club to compensate for the dancer being out of the main club room. Drinks would be served in the room and basically you were granted any freedoms you and the dancer chose to participate in.

“Jasmin wants to go into a private VIP room with me, ” I asked Mandy?

“Yes she asked me to ask if you wanted to go and if so for me to bring you in and get you comfortable for her,” stated Mandy.

I looked around to find Jasmin and saw that she had moved to a second patron and was dancing for him. A middle aged white guy like myself. Less hair and quite chubby. He seemed to be enjoying himself quite a lot.

I decided the VIP room was definitely something I wanted. Just watching Jasmin’s popularity in the club I knew having her to myself was going to be difficult if we remained where I was currently seated. I took my money clip out and peeled off $160 in $20 bills and gave them to Mandy. A huge grin crossed her face and she said, “You are going to be happy you decided to go private I promise.”

Mandy took my hand and pulled me up from my chair. Our drinks were all but empty so we left them on the table as she led me away. We walked to the back of the club and through a barely lit doorway.

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