Me and Mr. Bill! Part 1 , 2_(3)

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Me and Mr. Bill!:

Part 1:

I had been chatting electronically with an admirer named Mr. Bill or as his IG name was, Nastyokie69. I met him online on IG several years ago and we became Kik buddies. The photos of his beautiful 8 inch cock always made me so wet and made it impossible for me to keep my hands from venturing in all my sexual spots, especially my drenched little cunt! His nasty photos on IG and his audio and video files that he sent me thru Kik always made me hot and excited. Now, I was finally going to really meet him and that wonderful cock of his!

As I drove towards Bill’s house on the outskirts of Tulsa, my skirt was becoming drenched from my cunt juices as I thought about the upcoming meeting! I was dressed in a short blue jean mini skirt with no panties and a very flimsy tank top that I had cut with scissors to allow my ample 34C tits to barely stay in! On my feet I wore a pair of sexy platform sandals, Bill had a bit of a foot fetish also.

When I pulled into the driveway at his place, he was anxiously awaiting my arrival. He stood much taller than I imagined and was very large and muscular. At 6’5″ tall and 240 lbs, he absolutely dwarfed my small 5′ 1 “, 105 lb, body! The golf pro at 6’1” and 215 lbs was previously my largest lover and he only had a 7 inch cock! Bill was dressed in what must have been his best pair of jeans, a cowboy shirt and cowboy boots. All he needed to complete the outfit as far as I was concerned was a nice pair of spurs to rake my body with!

I slowly climbed out of the car, giving Bill a brief flash of my dripping cunt and letting the cut off tank top ride high on my tits so that all but my large hard nipples were showing. I extended my small hand to him and said “hello, I’m RJ, you must be Bill.” His huge hand engulfed mine and was so strong! With a coy wink of my baby blue eyes, I said, “Why don’t we go inside and get to know each other a little bit better. ” He drawled, “Sounds good to be babe” and led me to the door of his place.

I was shivering with anticipation, it had been quite a while since I had sex with a man on my own terms. I had told him, when I let him know I was coming to meet him, that I would be his personal fuck slave for the weekend and possibly longer! With this in mind, I was ready for anything he might want.

Instead of immediately jumping my bones, he was the perfect Southern gentleman and offered me a glass of wine. He already knew that was my drink of choice from our previous Kik conversations. We sat next to each other on his couch and made small talk about my trip and other such trivial things. I probably sipped, or rather gulped the wine down quite rapidly. He refilled my glass and moved his large hand to my leg and began slowly rubbing from my knee to the edge of my tiny mini skirt. I continued to drink the wine in anticipation of his hand venturing under my skirt. He had to be able to feel the heat from my swollen cunt and smell my sex in the air! However, his hand continued to softly caress my leg and didn’t go where I had hoped it would.

Bill then ran his hand down past my knee to my sandaled feet and began to caress and massage my feet. I was becoming extremely excited and my breath was coming in short gasps. He loosened the straps on the sandals and slipped them from my tiny feet. Then he began massaging and pulling on my toes. He caressed the top of my feet and slowly got off the couch and onto knees on the floor. I leaned back on the couch in sheer ecstasy and began stroking my breasts and pulling on my blood engorged nipples right through the flimsy fabric of my top. He then began sucking on each toe individually. It was like an electrical current had shot through by body from the tip of my toes right through my soaked cunt all the way to the tips of my nipples and I exploded with my first orgasm!

After I calmed down from my first climax, I motioned him back onto the couch. Bill continued to caress my leg right up to the edge of my skirt, he could sense this was driving me crazy. I could not believe he hadn’t ventured farther or ripped the top from my body to get at my tits. It felt as though he was torturing himself as well as me.

Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. After finishing off my second glass of wine and setting it down, I promptly jumped onto his lap straddling him and began passionately kissing him! He said “it’s about time you jumped me you little fuck slut, I don’t know what you’ve been waiting for!”

I could feel his massive cock growing in his jeans! I raised my arms and let the tank top ride up over my breasts. He pulled the illegal bahis flimsy top over my head an I was now naked from the waist up. He grasped my breasts and immediately did what he should, he began sucking, licking with his tongue and nibbling on them with his teeth. Using his teeth he would pull on a nipple as far as he could while squeezing it with his between his strong fingers. He continued to do this with each nipple alternating left then right.

I moaned and almost immediately came again, but somehow held on. I wanted to savor this as long as I could! Bill then slid his huge hand down my side and finally under my skirt to my firm ass and wrapped my cheek in his grasp, his fingers searching out my wet cunt from behind. He the shifted his hand to my thigh and then to my wet crotch and slid a huge finger in and out of my wet pussy and began massaging my swollen clit with his thumb. All the while he sucking one breast and biting my nipple and pinching the other breast’s erect nipple with his other hand. I immediately exploded with a mind blowing climax, It felt as though I had left my body and gone to some other exotic place and collapsed into his body!

After what seemed like an eternity, I came back to earth. Sliding down from his embrace I slowly unzipped his jeans and unleashed his monster cock! It was huge, with a rather small beautiful head and a massive girth! I could barely wrap my small hands around the thick shaft. I loved the thought of how the small head could penetrate my wet cunt or asshole, making way for the thickness that would follow!

I began kissing his throbbing cock, lightly at first, then more passionately. I slid that beautiful cock head between my wet lips and caressed it with my tongue probing the cum hole as deeply as I could. The head fit my small mouth perfectly and I was wondering just how I would fit that massive girth in. I circled the crown with my tongue doing laps around it faster and faster. All the while my hands were busy stroking that magnificent shaft and his balls. I moved my head and set up a rhythm that I knew would bring the monster to its own climax. I let his wide shaft stretch my mouth and enter as deep into my mouth as possible. I ran the fingernails of one of my hands along his huge scrotum and balls preparing myself for the enormous load of his sweet cum that was about to erupt into my mouth.

I felt his balls tighten and heard him moan and then relished his sweet hot cum as it exploded into my mouth in strong spurts and continued down my throat! It seemed to never stop and I swallowed as fast as I could, but quite a bit of his sperm dribbled from my mouth and down my chin. In looked up into his eyes and could still see his lust for me had only been heightened as he looked down at the gobs of cum dripping from my chin! He scooped his cum onto his fingers and held them to my lips and I greedily licked them clean. I then licked the remaining cum off his cock, licking my swollen lips with my tongue.

I pulled off my skirt, now completely nude, climbed back up on the couch and fell into his embrace, me still stroking his semi hard cock and him with his arm wrapped around me and one hand on a breast and the other on my soaked pussy. I then fell into a deep sleep.

Part 2: Awake in Bondage!

As I slowly opened my eyes and became aware of my surroundings I realized I was no longer on the couch with Bill. When I fall asleep, I go almost comatose, especially if I’ve had some red wine, and there is almost nothing that will wake me. At times it is rather scary that I sleep that way.

The room was illuminated my numerous flickering candles. Looking around I realized I was in some sort of area with several strange pieces of furniture. It was difficult to distinguish what each piece was, however, it was obvious they were not your average family room pieces! I also became aware that I had very limited movement. I was restrained by some sort of restraints. It felt as though I were lying on a very firm mattress also.

There was a strong tightness around both breasts and I struggled to view the cause of the strange sensation, but could not quite see it. What was visible were my firm hard nipples standing at attention on top of two very tight reddened tits! Around my neck I could also feel something like a collar. My wrists and ankles also felt as if they had cuffs on them. In other circumstances I would have been quite alarmed, except that Bill had told me he would never harm me and believed him.

Slowly the lights began to brighten and Bill stepped into the room. He came up next to me where I could see illegal bahis siteleri him. “Well, my little fuck toy, cum whore, I see you are finally waking up. Did you have a nice sleep?” He was totally nude and was carrying something in his hand. His large cock was at full attention and appeared to be tied with something at the base. “If you look directly above you and to your right side, you will see something of your compromised position.”

Looking up and to the side. I noticed the ceiling and wall mirrors for the first time. I had a slave collar around my neck with rings for attaching various things. On my wrists and ankles were also slave cuffs. I was naked and my legs were tied to my arms. The ankle cuffs were attached to ropes which elevated my legs. This effectively put me in a position that would offer perfect access to my fuck holes. Around my breasts was a rope like bra squeezing my tits into two round red balls with my hard nipples fully extended on top. Immediately I began to to feel my cunt juices flow. “I slept quite soundly, thank you,” I spoke for the first time “I see you took advantage of my deep sleep.”

Chuckling he answered “Yes, you were like a rag doll. I was able to truss you up quite easily.” He continued “I see viewing your position is beginning to take effect, your little cunt is getting very juicy. I’m planning on taking advantage of that and will stretch your sexual limits as best I can.”

“First a few rules we must abide by.” He continued, “Should you ever need me to stop, we must have a key word or phrase. Your key word is “rabbit.”

“Rabbit” I repeated, “Ok, and should I want more, what should I say?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry,” he laughed, “there will always be more!”

“Second, you must not speak unless I tell you to, unless it’s to use your safe word. If you speak when you are not to do so, I will punish you. Do you understand?”

“Yes” I said, and before I knew it, a Cat O Nine Tails from out of nowhere whipped across my breasts! “Ouch” I yelled, and received another whack across my crotch! This time I was smart and said nothing, although tears formed in my eyes and slid down my face.

“We’ll, I see you are a fast learner, that’s good.” Bill then said “let’s get started then.”

“First, we will see how you like hot wax.” He reached over and grabbed hold of one of the flickering red candles. Then, holding it above my bulging boobs, began to tip it so the hot wax spilled onto my super sensitive nipples and tits. I squealed, squirmed and wriggled but was careful not to utter a word.

The wax was super hot for a micro second, then quickly cooled and hardened on my skin. Despite the quick burn, it really felt quite nice! Bill continued to drip the wax over my body, concentrating on my breasts and my pubic area. He seemed to know exactly the right places to let the wax drip, as I never once experienced too much pain. Looking in the ceiling mirror at the cooling red candle wax on my skin it appeared as though I was covered in places with blood! At this point to say this was turning me on would be an understatement.

Setting the candle down, he then picked up what appeared to be some sort of grill lighter. He pulled the trigger and I realized it was not a lighter, but some sort of electrical shock wand as sparks instead of flame appeared at the tip! Bill began at my tightly squeezed breasts. He would touch, touch and then touch again. The feeling was not unpleasant. Then without warning, as he touched just below my nipple, squeezed the trigger and a small electrical spark sent a new sensation through my already sensitive boob! I let out a yelp and received several more zaps at various areas on my tits.

He moved the wand slowly to various areas of my body, zapping me without warning somewhere different each time. When he reached my dripping cunt he carefully touched and zapped me all around it. I was shaking and quivering with both fear and desire! He stopped and put the wand away.

“I see by your reactions that was something new for you,” he chuckled “let’s see how this feels.”

Bill pulled the Cat O Nine Tails back out began using it to flick the wax off my body. With each stroke thin red lines appeared on my skin. I withered and whimpered as I was struck, but, never uttered a word. I could feel the wetness seeping from my saturated pussy.

When Bill was satisfied he had removed enough wax, he stopped and admired his work. “You are now allowed to speak” he said, “but only to let me know how close to climax you are.” He continued, “I am going to bring you to the brink as many canlı bahis siteleri times as possible and then I will allow you a final orgasm you will remember for a long time!”

He then picked up a couple of weighted clamps and attached one to each of my nipples. With each quiver I made, the clamps jiggled and pulled on my sensitive nipples creating quite an exciting sensation. Bill stepped into gap between my trussed legs and knelt down. He buried his face in my dripping pussy and began to tongue me like there was no tomorrow! He lightly pulled on my cunt lips with his teeth and nibbled at my clitoris. Several times I had to scream “stop or I’ll cum!” To keep myself from climaxing too soon. Each time he would stop and tweak my nipple clamps or come to my head and shove his enormous cock into my mouth and throat fuck me until I gagged for breath.

He would Then return to licking and sucking my pussy and tonguing my asshole. The next time I stopped him, he placed his hard dick at the entrance to my ass and slowly pushed the head of his cock into my asshole. Once it had entered my hole, which was well lubricated from Bill’s saliva and the juices dripping from my cunt, he forcefully shoved his thick shaft to the hilt. I screamed in both pain and pleasure!

Bill then began slowly fucking me in the ass. He would pull all but the head of his cock out and then forcefully slam his full length back into me. This went on for some time and all the while he kept up a constant banter, “How do you like it in your ass you little slut? Does my big cock feel good? You are my little fuck toy! I’m going to butt fuck you good and hard.” I enjoy anal sex, but, never had I been fucked this long and this hard.

I was about to use my key word when he suddenly stopped. He then came to my face again and said “Ok slut whore, clean my cock” and shoved his cock in my waiting mouth. I licked and sucked his penis for all my worth! Then he pulled it out and planted a big long kiss on my mouth and returned to my now sore asshole where he promptly entered me again. This time he pulled out a sex toy and waved it in the air so I could see it. It was my favorite, the Rabbit! Now my safe word made sense to me. He plunged the Rabbit, so named for the two magical ears that massage the clitoris while the penis part rotates in the vagina and hits the “G” spot with regularity, and turned it on. All the while he kept pounding my ass with his huge cock.

Several times I had to stop the Rabbit. I was so close to climax each time and I was amazed that I hadn’t exploded yet. “Alright cum whore, this is the grand finally. I’m going to release the monster and let him spit his fire into you!” With that said, Bill pulled his cock from my ass and plunged it into my super excited wet cunt and began fucking me with all his might! All the while he let the Rabbit massage my clit.

I could feel his cock swelling even more inside me as each thrust bottomed out at the entrance to my womb. I began shaking and quivering and moaning and Bill plunged into me with an urgency like never before! As I watched in the ceiling mirror, he pulled the homemade cock ring from the base of his shaft and moaned as he shot load after load of hot sperm into me! I screamed as watching and feeling this finally put me over the edge and I experienced an orgasam the likes I had never felt before! Bill pulled his still spurting cock from my pussy with a loud slurping noise and spewed even more of his man juice onto my belly.

I was still shaking when he brought his glistening wet cock to my lips and said “You know what to do next cum slut.” I proceeded to lick both his and my juices and cum from his cock and balls enjoying each moment. When he was satisfied I had done a good job Bill pulled his semi hard dick from my mouth. I was now totally drained.

Bill removed the nipple clamps and loosened my bonds. He picked me up in his strong arms and planted several long wet kisses on my mouth. He removed the rope bra from my now super sensitive breasts and began gently massaging them.

“I think it’s time for a hot bath and then I’ll fix us dinner” he said. At that point I realized I was starving. He carried me into another room where a spa was bubbling away and set me down into the spa with him.

As we soaked in the hot water with the powerful jets massaging our bodies he said, “At dinner I will tell you what our next little experience will be.” he went on “First let’s just relax for a while and regain our strength.”

I relaxed into him as he began rubbing my sore arms, legs and breasts. “You did quite well, my little fuck slut” I can’t wait to see how you do with our next session.” I could barely imagine what he had in store for me next!

Stay tuned for part three! The Truck (Fuck) Stop


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