Me my brother and his friends_(0)

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Me my brother and his friends

My name is Tammy im 19 I live in South Florida with my parents still (im moving as soon as I have the money) I have brown hair with blonde highlights green eyes 5’3 110ibs, anyway. One day I came home from shopping with my friends, and I opened my drawer to put a pair of sweat shorts on when I noticed one of my blue victoria secret panties in my drawer. I never keep those in that drawer. Just then I heard the door open and it was my brother I didn’t know what to think so I ran and hid in my closet. And I looked through the crack in my closet. My brother jacob who is still in high school walked in with his friend nick, who were both 16.

“Tammy?” Jacob questioned as he cracked my door open.
I just stood still in the closet
“Ok she is not home nick this is the only time im gonna do this for you ok, she would kill me if she knew I was doing this for you”. jake said
“Alright thank you for doing this your sister is soo hot” nick said

Jacob opened my panty drawer “there you go whichever one you want” Jacob said.
Nick grabbed a pair of panties and started rubbing the crotch area. Jacob just looked at the floor embarrassed.

“its too bad that these are clean” nick said.
“oh my god you are sick” said Jacob laughing
“oh come on even though she’s your sister you can’t deny that she is super hot” nick said
“well yea but I just block that out of my mind” Jacob said.
“man if she was my sister dawm” nick said “I know you jack off thinking about her”
Jacob looked down at the floor with a red face
“yea don’t worry id do the same thing if I was you?” nick said “so does she have a dirty clothes hamper in here”
“yea she does I’ll just keep looking out her window and if her car pulls in then we have to get outta here as quickly as possible ok”.

What Jacob didn’t know was I was having my friends dad work on the transmission and they gave me a ride home. I stood there in the closet shocked and embarrassed, I didn’t want them to look at my dirty underwear, but at the same time I was very curious on what they were going to do.

Jacob pointed at the clothes hamper “there it is, I’ll keep watch.” he said
Nick opened the lid and dug around till he came across some red panties that I wore a couple of days ago. He stared at them for a minute “oh my god she is so sexy thank you so much jake.” he brought them up to his face and smelled the crotch area and worked back and forth between the ass and the crotch.

“mmm I can smell her pussy and ass” nick said.
“that is sick” jake said
“you want a sniff too” nick said
“no way” jake said shyly
“I think you do you’re just too ashamed to tell me” nick said. “c’mon be a pervert with me”

Jake looked down at the floor for a minute “do you promise you won’t tell anyone about this”
“of course not” nick said “come join me”
Jake walked over to nick and nick dug down and pulled out a pair of my really cute pink panties, and he stared at them for a minute then looked at nick and stuck them up to his nose. I just stared at my brother sniffing my panties I couldn’t belive it.

“mmm” jake moaned “I agree she is so so so hot, they smell good I got a huge boner”
“I do to” nick smiled “do you want to jack off in them?”
Jake laughed “are you serious”
“sure” nick said
“I don’t like jacking off in front of anyone” josh said
“cmon its just me we’re friends id feel weird doing it if you don’t” nick said
“ok” josh said
Nick unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and his boner popped out, he took one pair of panties and wrapped them around his dick and took another pair of my panties and put them up to his nose. Then josh pulled out his dick and did the same. Both boys started moaning. I was just dripping wet watching this I moved a hand down my pants as quietly as I could I was getting very uncomfortable in the closet but I was super horny watching my brother and his friend jack off with my panties.
“im gonna cum” my brother said
His body tensed up. I had a perfect side view as I saw my brothers semen shoot out into my dirty panties he stroked it until all of it came, then he wiped his hands and his dick up with my panties. Seconds later nick did the same.

“I better go before she gets home and catches us.” nick said pulling his pants up.

The two boys left and I heard my bedroom door close I climbed up the window and walked around the block and then I came inside the front door. My brother was sitting at the kitchen table eating a penut butter sandwich.

“ha tammy” he said
“oh hey josh” I said
“where is your car” he asked
“its in the shop I got a ride from jacky” I said
I went in the kitchen to cook something and I could tell he was looking at me I beant over and I knew my panties were showing It was really turning me on about how attracted to me he was.

The next morning I woke up late It was my day off from work. Josh was at school and my parents were at work. I opened my eyes I lied there and started thinking about what happened yesterday. I stared at my clothes hamper and thought about what happened yesterday. I started thinking about him stroking his dick in my panties, and shooting cum in them. I started fingering my pussy and it felt so good. I haven’t masterbated in probably 6 weeks. My boyfriend broke up with me about 2 mounths ago and I have been so devastated I haven’t even thought about sex since then. I took off my clothes and got up and looked in the mirror. I was completely flattered by the way they said I was so so hot, I looked at my body and turned around and looked at my ass. They are right I am so sexy. I was extremely horny and I walked over to my clothes hamper and opened it. I was curious about how they smelled because the two boys were enjoying it so much. I picked up a pair of my panties and put them up to my nose I smelled my pussy on them, and I moved my nose over and I could smell my ass. I picked up several and did the same then I came to Kızılay Escort the pink ones that my brother cummed in I looked at the white dried cum stain. I smelled the cum stain and I licked it. My pussy was just aching, and I got the one that nicked cummed in and licked those ones too.

I decided since he invaded my privacy it was time to invade his. I walked up to his room and the door was locked, so I went in the attack and opened the door on the ceiling of his room I climbed in and looked around. It has been probably years since I was last in this room. I just thought I would snoop around a bit. I looked under his bed and I found a bunch of dirty magazines. a lot of the pages were stuck together. I then opened his closet and found his dirty clothes hamper. My pussy was just so wet from this, this is by far the naughtiest thing that ive ever done I grabbed a handful of his jockeys and boxers and one by one I sniffed and licked all of them. While fingering my pussy to orgasim.

I decided that later that day when he gets home im gonna make it look like im not home and I hope he comes in a does the same thing he did yesterday. I left the panties that I wore all day hanging out of the clothes hamper. I left him a note and said that I was gonna go out with friends and ill probably be home late about the time mom and dad get home. I waited outside for him and when I saw his car coming down the road I went and hid under my bedroom window outside I opened my blinds so I could peek in if I needed too. He got home and walked in the door and about 10 min later I saw him coming into my room from the window. He went straight for the hamper and picked up the panties. He quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his underwear and his hard dick popped out, he grabbed another pair of panties and sniffed them then he laid down on my bed and started jacking off with the old pair of panties and started licking today’s panties. I watched him passionately lick them as if he was making out with them strocking his cock.

I decided I was gonna go walk in on him I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do. As quietly as I could I went to the back door and opened it very slowly and tippi toed to my room my door was slightly open, I then took a deep breath and opened the door and looked at him. His eyes were closed licking my panties jacking off.

“Jake?” I said questionably
He looked up “oh shit” he said as he jumped up and pulled up his pants quickly and hurried and put the panties back in the hamper. He then turned around and slowly looked up at me. He had panic and shame in his eyes. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to walk in on you I didn’t know your were in here”. I said
he opened his mouth and nothing came out “are you ok” I said to him
“Im sorry” is all he could say. I felt so sorry for him I could tell he was completely humiliated.
“its ok, can you leave I just got home and im gonna change and take a shower” I said calmly trying to blow it off like its no big deal. He nodded his head and walked out with his head down. The rest of the night he stayed in his room and when my parents got home my mom made dinner we all sat at the table and my brother was completely silent
“jake honey are you ok, you are so quiet.” My mom said.
“yea im just tired” he said and put his head back in his plate. I looked at him and he looked up at me I gave him a smile and he smiled back. After dinner I knocked on his bedroom door he came to the door.
“hi” I said
“are you ok your not talking” I said
“im just so embarresed about today” he said
“don’t be embarrassed its ok, just when did you start doing this and tell me the truth” I said.
“well my friend nick is in love with you and he gave me fifty dollars if I would let him come over and see your panties.”
I laughed “did he come over too?”
“yea im sorry.” he said “he was sniffing your underwear and he asked me to do it to and I did and it just turned me on a little so I had to come do it again today”
“well its pretty grose but im really flattered” I said smiling “So you can do it anytime you want ok”
“really can I go do it now, mom and dad are sleeping?” he asked
“yea but only if you do it for now on when Im around ok” I said
We quietly went down the hall to my room trying not to make too much noise. We got to my room and I put on a movie and locked my door just encase one of my parents walked in. We walked over to the hamper and he grabbed a pair and sniffed them.
“let me see” I said laughing and grabbed the pair and sniffed them too. “mmm they smell good”
We both giggled silently and sat down.
“so how often do you whack off” I asked
“oh god at least 3 times a day” he said
“are you gonna tell nick that I caught you today?”
“I wasn’t planning on it” he said
“ive seen him with you before he’s kind of cute” I said
“he wants you so bad” he said
“do you think I should have sex with him?” I asked
“yea that would be a dream come true for him” he said
There was a long pause we both stared at the floor then I looked into his eyes with a big smile.
“Hey I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” I said
He smiled back “ok”
We both sat there for a minute and then I finally said
“so who is first”
“I don’t know” I said shyly
“well you seen mine earlier today so you have to show my yours” he said
“ok but you have to show me again I didn’t get a good enough look today” I said
He nodded I got up on my knees and faced him and unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my zipper, and pulled down my pink silk panties and gave him a good luck of my pussy. He just stared at it for about 10 seconds. I zipped em back up and buttoned it and sat down.
“ok now your turn” I said
He got on his knees unzipped his pants let his jeans and boxer his hard on popped out. He had a nice size dick and I looked at it for a minute, then he put it back in.
“mom and dad Kolej Escort we’ll be gone till late tomorrow night can I bring nick over” he asked
“sure” I said
“I can’t wait to tell him that you showed me your vagina he’ll be so jelous” he said
“ok well tell him that if he comes over you can both see it”

Then next day I was at work and my cell phone rang it was my brother
“hey what are you doing” he said
“nothing just working” I said
“hey do you mind if nick brings one of his friends over tonight” he said
“I guess not as long as everyone keeps this quite ok im not a slut” I said
“oh they will there both cool, see ya tonight”. he said “bye”

I got home that day and I was a little nervous I didn’t know really what to expect I just watched tv and waited patiently when I heard two cars pull up. I sat there and the door opened and my brother walked in followed by nick and then a tall good looking guy. I shyly sat there on the couch.
“tammy this is nick and josh” my brother said
“hello” I said with a soft spoken voice
“you want to go to your room” my brother said
“I guess so” I said
As we walked to the room I whispered to jack “did you tell them everything”
“yea is that ok” he said
“ummm I guess” I said
We got in the room and josh had a back pack he put on my bed.
“so jake told me today that if we came over then you would show us your vagina” nick said
“oh did he” I said “I suppose I have to now”
“do you mind if I take a picture of it” josh said
“ahhmmm I guess I don’t care who are you gonna show it too?”
“no one if you don’t want me to but I have been thinking of starting a web site and I would put it on the web site if you wanted I wouldn’t show your face so know one would know who you are”. josh said

“no that would be ok I guess” I said
Josh took his camera out of his back pack and told me to pull my pants down the boys stared as I shyly pulled my shorts down and moved my panties down showing my bare shaved cunt. He put his camera close to it and snapped a picture with his digital camera. I pulled my pants up and sat on the bed my brother and the two boys sat down on some chairs. We started talking for a while and my brother told josh how I caught him jacking off and sniffing and licking my panities and how he had nick come over the day before and he sniffed my panties. I like nick and Josh they were very cool and josh was over 21 so he ran to the store and got some beer and we all four sat around and talked for a long time. They told me about the girls they have had sex with and my brother and I shared are sexual history’s. We talked about porn that we’ve seen and are sexual fantasies. We all were getting really buzzed and nick said
“We should use josh’s camera and make a porno and put it on josh‘s web site and charge twenty dollars a mounth and we could add new ones every mounth”
“that would be cool” I said
“we got 3 hrs before your parents get home do you want to go back to your room” josh said
“ok” I said
We got back to my room and josh got his camera out.
“any ideas of the first seen” nick said
“how about I just turn the camera on you tammy and interview you and we’ll go from there” josh said
“sounds good” I said
I sat down in a chair and josh pulled out his camera and aimed it at me and turned it on
“ok everyone this is the lovely tammy and tammy how old are you?” josh said interviewing
“I am 19 years old” I said
“and who is this guy here?” he said pointing the camera at jake
“that is my brother” I said
“oh that is your brother I see, and you have known your brother your whole life have you ever seen his cock”. said josh
My face got red “yes I saw it a lot when we were really young we used to take baths together and just yesterday I saw it cause I walked in on him jacking off with my panties and licking another pair at the same time” I said
“oh I see, and did you like what you saw” josh said
My face got red “yes I did”
“and would u like him to show you his cock right now” josh said
“that would be nice” I said with still a beat red face
“ok tammy well I want to see your drivers licence and josh I want to see yours” josh said.
I pulled out my id and josh pulled out his and he aimed the camera on both of them.
“well there is profe they are brother and sister they kind of look alike in the face with the same eyes and they both have the same last name hoglund” josh said
“ok jake why don’t you pull your dick out now so your big sister could have another look at it” josh said. Jake’s face was beat red too and he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and moved down his jockeys and his rock hard boner popped out.
“that is a very nice cock you have there Jake” josh said
“thank you” jake said
“what do you think of your brothers cock tammy” josh said
I smiled and said “its very sexy”
“now Tammy I want you to open your mouth ok and your brother is gonna put his cock in your mouth alright” josh said
My mouth opened in shock and my brother and I stared at each other for a while “ummm o kkkay” I said hesitantly
I looked up at jake and he moved closer to me he put his dick up to my face and I opened my mouth and he slowly put it in I sucked it a few times and and then sucked really hard until the end of his dick made a popping sound as it came out my mouth. I looked back at the camera with a big smile.
“oh that is very sexy tammy, what do you think of that Nick” he pointed the camera at nick and nick just smiled and his dick was in his hand strocking. Then he pointed the camera back at me
“now tammy us and all our viewers are dying to see your pussy, can you lower your shorts there and show us” he said
I lowered my shorts and pulled down my panties again.
“oh that is very nice let me zoom up on that” he said putting the camera right in my crotch “not a hair on that thing just like you were born yesterday” josh said. “now well you play with it a little for Maltepe Escort us”
I brought my finger down and stuck it in my pussy and started rubbing my clit.
“mmm” I moaned
“wow that is very nice tammy you know now what we would really like to see” josh said
“what is that” I said
“we’d all like to see your ass” josh said
“oh really” I said
“why don’t you stand up turn around and pull down your jeans” he said
“ok” I said
I stood up turned around and looked back at the camera and slowly pulled down my jeans showing my pink panties from behind. All the boys stared at my ass in the panties.
“josh can you pull em down for me” I said to my brother
“ohh yea” he said
He put his hands on my hips and slowly worked down my panties down to my knees.
“ohh that is a beautiful ass your sister has there jake” josh said

“ok tammy now I want you to get totally naked and lay on your bed and put your legs up as far as you can” josh said
I nodded as a took off my shoes and pulled my jeans and panties off and quickly took off my shirt and bra then I lied on my bed and looked at the camera and grabbed my ankles and pulled them up to my head. Josh pointed the camera and zoomed up on my pussy and asshole.
“ok jake now you need to lick your sisters asshole ok” josh said
Josh nodded
“tammy is that ok if your brother sticks his tongue in your asshole” josh said
“ohh that would be wonderful” I said
Jake got on his knees and softly put his tongue on my asshole. He licked it for a few minutes it felt wonderful. Then he licked from my bum hole all the way up to my clit and sucked on my clit.
“does that taste good jake” josh said
“oh yea” he said
“what tastes better her asshole or her pussy” nick said still jacking off
“hmm let me see” my brother said as he put a finger in my pussy and sucked on his finger
“mmm that tastes good” then he slowly pushed his finger in my asshole then he put his finger up to his nose and sniffed it then sucked on his finger “I like em both but I think her ass is the best tasting” he said
“I want to taste it” I said
Jake put his finger all the way up my ass this time and then slowly pulled it out I squeezed on his finger with my butt until it popped all the way out. Then he brought it up to my face and I grabbed his hand and sucked on his finger looking at the camera at the same time. Then jake stuck his finger back in my hole and finger fucked it for a while and then he took his other finger and stuck it in. He pried my rectum open with his two fingers then he brought the tip of his tongue to the the opening of my ass. He had a long tongue and I felt almost 2 inches slide in my ass. He started moving his tongue around the walls of my asshole.
“how does that feel tammy” josh said
“mmm wonderful” I said moaning
“would u like your brothers cock in your ass now” josh said aiming the camera at me
“oh yea” I said
My brother stood up and I rested my legs for a second then I grabbed my ancles again and pulled them up to my head. Josh pointed the camera at jake
“did you ever think that your were gonna get to fuck your sisters asshole jake?”
Josh said
“well I have shot many loads thinking about it” he said
“well your sister has got her ass sticking out now and she is ready and nick and I and all the viewers are dying to see it so why don’t you guys get started” josh said “now im the director here so I decide what to do. First jake I want you to put the tip of your dick against her asshole”
Jake did as he was told
“now put your dick all the way in as slow as you can” he said
He pushed very gently and my asshole started opening up hugging the tip of my brothers cock he slowly pushed more until the head was all the way in his dick was a little thicker than a silver dollar and was about 7 inches long he pushed inch by inch slowly until his cock completely disappeared in my asshole.
“ok now hold that there for a few seconds then tammy I want you to pretend that your taking a shit and squeeze his cock all the way out” josh said
“god you are so tite tammy” jake said
I smiled at him and I pushed his dick out slowly inch by inch until his dick popped out of my ass making a squishing sound.
“ok tammy now stay in that position and jake jump up on the bed and put your cock in your sisters mouth so she can taste it then get back down and spread her cheeks so her ass opens and everyone can see inside it.” josh instructed
Josh jumped on the bed and with no hands he stuck his cock in my mouth and pushed in and out a few times then he got back on the floor and spread my cheeks with both hands. I could feel my ass open and josh put the camera close to my ass and zoomed up in.
“mmm that is so cute tammy” josh said. “ok josh now stick that beautiful dick of yours back in her ass and fuck it until you cum in her asshole” josh said.
Jake put his dick back in my ass and started fucking slowly I started moaning at first then it turned into a scream josh was moaning hard too he fucked harder and harder for about 2 minutes.
“IM GONNA CUM” I screamed as I reached down and put two fingers in my pussy and pushed back on my pubic wall.
“im gonna cum too” he said
I started screaming really loud and the orgasim went through my body and fluid started squirting out my pussy while at the same time jakes body tensed up and I could feel his dick pulsating then I could feel warm cum shooting up my asshole. We both relaxed for a second and he pumbed out the last of his sperm in my arse. I could feel his dick getting softer and he pulled out looking at me and smiling at me.
“ok tammy now I need you to stick your legs over your head and hold your back up with your hands and im gonna get a good shot of you pushing the cum out of your ass” josh said
I did as he said and I held my legs over my shoulders and held my back up and josh put the camera on my ass so all the viewers could see was my asshole, my pussy and my face. I gave a big smile and pushed as hard as I could. Farting noises came from my ass and cum came oozing out making little bubbles then it dripped down my legs.
“well that’s the end of our shoot say bye tammy” josh said
“bye bye see you next time guys” I said

Let me know what you think if anyone likes this ill tell the rest of the story.

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