Michelle-Pool Part Pt. 9 – Ch. 19

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I was kind of panting in anticipation as Brad continued staring at my lewd display.
Perched on my hands and knees, with my butt pushed up in the air and my hands holding the cheeks of my butt as far apart as possible, he was looking at both of my holes…maybe even looking up inside my holes.
His penis was standing straight up in the air, throbbing, twitching. The smooth pink head looked like it was going to explode.
He started to move, climbing up on his knees as I whispered, “Wait just one second.”
One hand came off my butt and went between my wide spread legs, a finger disappearing deep up inside my dripping pussy. Swirling it around until it was thoroughly coated with my juices, I pushed it back up between my cheeks, touching the tip against my tiny back hole. I pushed…forcing it up inside of me to the first knuckle. Wiggling it about a little, I coated the tight rim of my opening with my juices.
Brad’s eyes were glued to my obscene display as I repeated the process a few more times. He moved into position behind me, kneeling straight up, and even though I couldn’t actually see his penis from this position, it was obvious by the motions of his arm that he was holding it…squeezing it…stroking it.
His eyes were glued to my lewdly displayed holes as my hand returned to the cheek of butt, pulling it as far apart as possible.
“Wait,” I gasped, panting now in anticipation of…of…finally…a penis…inside me.
I turned around quickly, facing him. Removing his hand from his throbbing penis, I quickly pushed my mouth all the way down over his rigid shaft, not stopping until I felt his pubic hair against my lips. Perhaps it was the excitement of the moment, but even as the head of his penis pushed it’s way into my throat, there was no gagging sensation…not even for a second.
It seemed like my tiny butt hole and my throat were having the same thoughts…I want it…put it in me…put it all the way in me.
I swirled my tongue all around his pulsing shaft, trying to work my mouth full of saliva. I coated every inch of his penis with my mouth’s liquid, soaking it…drenching it. My mouth released his wet shaft as I turned back around, laying my head back on the pillow and reaching both hands behind me again, spreading my cheeks…exposing my hole.
“Now,” I panted.
He moved closer, right behind my upturned backside. I could see his arm moving again, and seconds later felt the head of his penis rubbing…teasing…tormenting…all up and down the length of my slit.
He continued this delicious torture for another moment or two. My pussy was pulsing…my clit was throbbing as the smooth head of his organ rubbed briefly against my pulsating magic button. He continued moving up and down the length of my slit, and every time the head of his penis brushed against my lust engorged clit, another flood of juices soaked my pussy…drenched my pussy…dribbled…ran out of my pussy.
I was just starting to get a little nervous about his intentions when I felt him shift again, and seconds later felt him running his hard on lightly up and down the length of my crack. I gasped every time the head came in contact with my puckered opening, and my hips pushed back of their own accord…searching…seeking…wanting…
Breathing was getting difficult now…my chest was heaving. I was moaning out loud without even knowing it. God I never wanted anything so bad in my life…
He stopped moving his penis up and down, and the head nestled up against the opening of my tiny back channel. I pushed back against him, feeling the pressure increase. He remained motionless, and my hips began swaying slightly, my tight hole pushing more firmly up against his rigid organ.
“In me!” I was silently screaming, “I want it in me!”
“Brad…now…” I gasped.
I pushed back against him again, and although I could feel the pressure increase as his tiny pee slit pushed against my puckered opening…it still wasn’t…wasn’t…wasn’t…
“Brad…please…” I whimpered…begging…pleading…
He gave a sudden thrust forward…

Oh God the pain…

Agony…searing…burning…tearing…ripping me…

A thousand little fingers of white hot lightning ripped through my tiny back hole as spasms of unbelievable pain shot through my entire body. He was going to kill me…I was going to die…no…I wanted to die…no…just stop…make the pain go away…do something…anything…just make it stop.

I was paralyzed…I tried to scream…I couldn’t…

I tried to move…I couldn’t…

I tried to breathe…I couldn’t…

Tears filled my eyes as the terrible waves of agony kept washing over me…through me. It felt like every nerve in my body was concentrated as the tiny tight opening to my back channel…and every one of them was screaming in anguish…
…crying…whimpering…begging…pleading…make it stop…please dear God…make it stop…
I reached back and grasped his hips in desperation. “Wait,” I managed to croak.
He froze and we just stayed there…for seconds…minutes…hours…days…forever.
The Mamak Escort tears were running freely down my face as spasm after spasm of unbelievable agaony racked my body. I was shaking…quivering…crying…sobbing uncontrollably.
“It’s not supposed to be tlike this!” I was silently screaming. This was supposed to feel good…wonderful…sexy…pleasure…but not this!
Suddenly, I became aware, through the mist of mind numbing anguish, that my one hand was wet…hot…sticky.
“Oh God no!” I silently screamed at myself. In my tortured panic, I had grabbed and squeezed his injured thigh so hard that his blood was running all over my hand.
The tears started again. “What else?” I whimpered to myself. “He’ll never talk to me again…never look at me again…he’ll hate me forever…”
My mind was so fixed on what a little girl jerk I was being that at first I didn’t even notice the pain in my tiny back hole start to subside. But it did…
I got my breathing back and opened my mouth…gasping huge gulps of air as fast as my tortured lungs would allow.
Only after several deep breaths did I even start to become aware that the terrible agony in my tight back channel was diminishing. The pain was still severe…I still felt like I was on fire…ripping…tearing…but maybe not dying…maybe even surviving…
I had to get him out of me…somehow…but I was afraid to move…and sure didn’t want him to move.
The pain had almost died off to a dull throb when his penis gave an involutary twitch.
It started all over again…the searing…burning…torture…fire…pain…anguish…a new flood of tears filled my eyes as I began sobbing uncontrollably.
This time the torture only lasted a few minutes and then subsided…almost quickly…
“I’ve got to get him out of me…” was all I could think. But what to do…I was still paralyzed. I knew if he even moved, even the tiniest bit, the waves of agony would start all over again.
We remained frozen for several moments…and the pain once again died away to a dull throb.
I pulled my hand off his injured thigh and brought it up to my face, glancing at it. Oh God…it was covered in blood…his blood…dripping…
“Brad, I am so sorry,” I whimpered. The tears and sobbing started all over again. I had never been so embarassed, so humiliated, in my entire life. I had never felt so stupid…a jerk…an idiot…a fool…a…a…a…child…
My god’s only reply was, “Are you OK?”
“Me?” I almost shrieked, “What about you? Look at my hand!” I made half an attempt to hold up my blood soaked hand.
“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I’ve had worse,” was all he said.
Maybe it was the brief conversation, maybe that was a distraction. Maybe it was just the seconds having time to go by…maybe it was my tiny back hole having time to adjust…maybe it was…I don’t know what it was…
But the pain…the burning…the torment…the agony…were gone…gone.
It was now more like a discomfort. I felt filled…really filled…stretched…even though he was only a little bit in me. I started thinking maybe it wasn’t time to panic…maybe it wasn’t time to get him out of me…maybe it wasn’t time to…
“Brad,” I gasped huskily, “Move…just a little tiny bit.”
“Which way?” he whispered back.
“In…just a little tiny bit.,” I gasped back.
I cringed, winced. Every muscle in my body tightened…expecting the worst.
He leaned forward just a fraction. I felt his penis push a little bit further up inside of me.
No pain…no pain…no pain…
The nerve endings in my tiny back hole were still shrieking…but not in agony…more like…more like…more like…I don’t know…it was just…something…I don’t know.
“Brad,” I whispered,” a little more…”
He moved again. I felt his penis throb and twitch as he pushed it a little further inside my tiny channel. Still no pain…it was…it was…
“Brad,” I murmured, “all the way…just go really slow.”
I felt him push forward slowly…steadily. His penis was filling me like…like…I’d never been filled before. I was going to explode from the inside…maybe…it was filling me…expanding me…stretching me…deeper…more…filling…deeper…filling…more…
The tight entrance to my tiny back hole was alive with nerves…all of them screaming out. It wasn’t pleasure…it wasn’t pain…it wasn’t sexual really…not even sensual…just…just…intense.
Intense turned into highly erotic as I felt his balls push against the drenched lips of my pussy. He was all the way in me! My little back channel had a guy’s penis all the way up inside!
Not just a penis…not just a guy’s penis…my god’s penis.
I was floating…the terrible agony of minutes ago was quickly forgotten as he began a slow, sensuous, in and out movement. He would push all the way inside, filling me, expanding me, and pull slowly out until just the head remained trapped by my tiny opening.
This was exquisite! My breathing became labored Ofise Gelen Escort as he fell into a steady rythm. I had never felt so alive…so aware…so conscious…focused on the sparks shooting out from my tight back hole entrance. I felt my pussy release another flood of juices.
I wiped my bloodied hand on the pillowcase and quickly moved it down between my legs. My fingertip was tormenting my lust engorged clit as I heard Brad’s breath start to get raspy.
The pace of his movements increased. Every stroke in…every stroke out…had the nerves in my tiny opening screaming for more. Never had I dreamed…
My finger movements became faster as I felt the beginnings of a wondrous release start to wash over me. My pussy was dripping…gushing…my clit was throbbing.
He pushed his penis all the way up inside of my tight channel and held it there. I felt it twitch, throb,jerk…I thought he was going to suirt.
Inside of my butt…Brad…squirting in my butt…I was delerious…it sent me over the edge.
Panting…moaning…whimpering…sobbing…I came.
I felt my tight back opening clamp down around his penis as the spasms racked through my body. Tears filled my eyes again as the sensations consumed every ounce of me. I couldn’t breathe…again. I couldn’t move…again. Shuddering, I just tried to focus and concentrate on the delicious waves shooting out of my back side hole and rushing through my entire body.
I was starting to come back down to earth, gasping as I tried to get my breathing back. I felt his penis twitch again and just laid there, relishing the moment…the warmth…the glow.
Neither of us moved for a few seconds, neither speaking. It was a few moments later that I felt his penis twitch again…and again a few seconds after that.
Some kind of alarm was going off in my lust filled brain.
His penis twitched again and I slowly realized it wasn’t shrinking…wasn’t getting soft.
He hadn’t come!
My god had waited patiently for me…worrying only about my pleasure…and hadn’t come.
I thought I was in love him before…now I knew I was.
I looked back over my shoulder and whispered in my sexiest voice, “Brad…pull it out.”
He looked at me in shock…like…like…what the hell?
“Trust me,” I purred, “pull it out.”
He silently did as I aked, although I thought the expression of shock and amazement on his face had turned to one of extreme disappointment.
I scrambled around and gently pushed on his chest, laying him out flat on his back. His penis was sticking straight up in the air…a tower…a monument.
I quickly garbbed the base of his shaft in a loose fist and pushed the head into my mouth. My tongue was swirling around his throbbing shaft as I began bobbing my head up and down. I felt his head invade my throat, pausing…waiting for the gagging sensation to stop, then locked my fingers against my lips, moving my mouth and my hand up and down as one. I felt his hips start to buck…hump…against my face.
I moved up, straddled his waist with my hips, positioning my hole directly over his throbbing penis. I grasped it in one hand, slowly lowering myself until I felt his head pushing against my back channel entrance.
I lowered myself further, feeling him enter me…again. There was no pain this time, just the exquisite pleasure of feeling his throbbing penis pushing into my tight hole.
I lowered myself further. This was incredible. The angle was different…the penetration felt different…the head of his penis was rubbing parts of the inside of my channel that hadn’t been touched before.
I began rocking up and down, panting as I increased the pace. I was raising and lowering myself, savoring the feeling of each stroke…taking him all the way up inside of me…and then pulling back until just the head remained trapped inside my tight hole.
My bobbing movements fell into a slow, steady rythm as I spread my knees apart, reaching a hand down between my legs and spreading open the lips of my drenched pussy. His eyes immediately fell between my legs, staring at my wide open display as I contued moving my back hole up and down the length of his shaft.
I brought my other hand up to my mouth, extending my middle finger and pushing it in between my lips. I sucked suggestively…lewdly…for a moment and then moved that hand too down between my legs.
His hips were starting to hump against my butt as I placed my wet middle finger on my clit and began moving it around in small circles, tormenting my hard throbbing button.
Oh God…heaven!
My clit was on fire…my tiny back chute screaming at the intense feeling as I felt a gigantic orgasm start to overtake me.
My finger was flying on my engorged clit, my tight puckered hole ravishing up and down his penis…and all of a sudden I was gasping…moaning…panting…screaming…
I felt my tiny back hole clamp down on his throbbing penis like a vise. I could barely breathe as spasm after spasm racked my body. This orgasm was…was…like a tidal Otele Gelen Escort wave. It kept growing and growing…getting stronger and stronger…more and more powerful. It wouldn’t stop…wouldn’t slow…
It seemed to last forever, and when the spasms finally seemed to subside a little bit I found myself shaking…quivering. I was gasping through my mouth in deep lungfuls.
My whole body felt like rubber…shivering…trembling.
I felt his penis start to twitch and jerk again and leaned forward…whispering in his ear, “Don’t come yet.” I leaned up a bit to look into his eyes.
He stared at me in shock…disbelief.
My lips returned to his ear, whispering again, “I want to taste you. I want to drink you.”
I lifted myself off his throbbing penis and moved between his legs, spreading his knees far apart. I slid one hand down between his legs, pushing the tip of my middle finger against his tiny back opening, while gently cupping his balls in my palm. I opened my lips slightly and leaned forward, feeling the head of his penis move into my waiting mouth.
I held him there for a moment, with just the head inside my lips, and swirled my tongue all around the smooth skin, pausing to probe at his tiny pee hole.
His penis was twitching again as my head moved forward, engulfing more of him until the head was brushing the roof of my mouth. Moving forward further still, his head entered my throat. Pausing until the gagging sensation passed, his penis seemed to be still growing in my mouth…filling it…stretching my lips.
“This is what was just in my little back hole?” was the thought wandering through my brain. All of a sudden the earlier moments of excruciating agaony became clear. This still growing monster had been inside me!
Moving my head again, my lips brushed against his coase pubic hair. Pausing again, with his entire penis in my mouth and throat, my tongue swirled all around his shaft, delighting in feeling him twitch and throb.
I pushed the tip of my finger inside his back hole, hearing him gasp as I pulled back my head and curled my other hand into a loose fist, grasping the base of his shaft.
The index finger and thumb of that hand were glued to my lips as both hand and mouth began bobbing up and down as one.
I wiggled the tip of my middle finger in his tight rear channel and increased the rythm of my bobbing…stroking…sucking…kissing…licking…his pulsing penis as his hips began bucking…humping up off the bed.
My palm felt his balls start to tighten and contract and it was clear it was time.
My hand and mouth were flying up and down the length of his throbbing tower as he groaned and began to jerk, his hips mashing against my lips, hips penis ravishing my mouth.
His hips came up a foot off the bed as he froze, croaking, “Oh Jesus…”
I pushed my middle finger all the way up inside his tiny back hole, wiggling it as I felt the first squirt blast against the roof of my mouth. It was followed quickly by a second…and third.
I swallowed as much as I could but still felt drops of his sweet cream dribbling out of the corners of my mouth.
He quirted a fourth time…and a little bit of a fifth time.
This time, his juice stayed in my mouth, coating my tongue. I swirled it around, savoring the slightly salty taste.
He collapsed back on the bed…panting…moaning.
I swallowed again and used my fingertips to collect the little droplets running down my chin.
He seemed to be getting his normal breathing back as I sucked my fingertips greedily into my mouth, determined not to miss even one little drop.
He was lying back, eyes half closed, with a kind of a dreamy expression on his face. He just looked so content…so…peaceful…so…perfect.
The slight taste of salt was still in my mouth as I crawled up next to him. Draping one leg over his thigh, I dropped my arm across his chest as my head nestled in the crook of his shoulder. My pussy was pressed against his thigh, but not sexual…just warm…intimate.
His arm went around me, snuggling me against him.

My lips returned to his ear as I whispered, “Thank you.”

My eyes were on his face as I started to doze.

I think I saw my god smile.

Pool Party Epilogue:

Having finally finished this marathom day, I went back and read it beginning to end, and even though it’s horrendously lengthly, there’s still whole parts of that day that were left out…that I forgot…

The Measurement: We lined all the guys up and stroked them until they got fully hard and big…then got out a ruler and measured them. (My brother Ricky actually won that one at 6-1/4″…rest of the guys were all between 5-1/2″ and 6″.

The Squirting Contest: (Right after the measurement). While the guys were still all hard, we took turns stroking them until they came…seeing which guy could squirt the furthest. (Tommy won that one…I think in Lisa’s hand)

The “Quick Come” contest, Lisa’s idea (who else?): Each of us chose one guy and took his penis in our mouth. Using only lips, tongue, and mouth, (no hands allowed),
we raced to see which one of us could make the guy come first. (Jen won that one, with Michael I think…but it might have been Eric.)

These might be worth revisiting to tell the story some time down the road.

But for now…happy holidays.

xxx, Michelle

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