Montana Love Part 2

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Kevin’s cock was rock hard, a reaction to having his face forced fucked and branded with my cum. Along with the way he took to my commands gave a hint that Kevin was more a submission sex toy then even he knew. Controlling a sex slave is my biggest turn on, so this was some thing I would explore to se how far Kevin would go.

Still laying side by side head to toe I had not let go of my grip of those beautiful soft smooth white squaw Moccasins on Kevin’s feet. But my free hand was now wrapped around his thick hard shaft, slowly I stroke it trying to milk out some Jizz. Kevin had now laid back resti Will by the hard on you now have I would say that you liked being treated like a little tight ass Bitch. Kevin laughed and said you’re the first kinky guy I have been with so I really don’t know. But come to think about I remember the last time my farther took a paddle to my ass. He cot me with a sex magazine, I just finish reading a S&M story about this guy that had been tie up and butt fucked. Reading it gave me a stiffy, till Dad came in then I went soft real quit. Funny thing is by the time he finished paddling my ass I was rock hard again. I haven’t thought about that in years.

Kevin’s dick was well lubricated and I was stocking it faster, but he was still a ways from blowing his load. Well your wearing my brand now bitch, do as you’re told and please me I just might let you get your rocks off. Yes Sir is all he said. I started to bark out orders to him, kiss and lick that Moccasins your hoe. He made out with my Moccasins with same passion that he did making out with me. The more he submitted to my control the harder my rod became. His was now throbbing and getting closer to popping its wade. Prove to me that you’re worthy of being my boy toy, fold the heel of my Moccasins and kiss my bare sole. Now slide it off and lick between and suck my toes. I couldn’t believe Kevin’s intensity, he wasn’t just licking and sucking my foot he was making love to it. I thought I was going to blow my load right there. Kevin had almost blown his load too but I stopped him and slowed my hand job. I too was in need of relief but not before I be-little him some more. You want to cum bitch? Through the sound of slurping and sucking I heard a week yes sir. Say please I said. Please sir may I cum sir? I don’t know, are you my obedient slut my boy toy. Yes sir I aim your toy. Put the Moccasins back on my foot, I’ll let you cum after I fill your tight slut ass. After the Moccasins were on my foot I moved to my keens, I rolled Kevin over onto his hands and keens. There was some much Jizz oozing from my cock that I didn’t worry about lubricating his sweet ass. I rammed his as hard as I could and humped him like a wild man. Kevin had reached up and started to jerk himself off. Rising my hand as high as I could I slapped the side of his ass and told him he couldn’t cum before me. With the sound of pleasure in his voice he moaned please sir may I please play with my self? He disobeyed me and continued to jerk off. Again and again I slapped his ass while I hump him faster and faster. His breathing and moans told me that he was truly getting off being treated like a use less little bitch, only good for fucking the hell out of. In spit of the good ass spanking I was giving him Kevin blow his load all over the Tandoğan Escort blanket, which pissed me off. It was not long after that I filled his tight ass with the biggest load of cum that I every shot out my cock. Kevin’s head was down on the blanket with his ass still in the air. As I pulled out he lay there in a daze of pleasure saying that was the best he has had so far. He throws in a Thank You Sir to please me but I
was still mad that he came before me. How dare that little bitch d o that. I moved back enough, grab his ankle, unzipped the Moccasin on his foot and removed it. Given a firm grip to the Moccasin toe I said YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH I told you that you couldn’t cum before me. Now you need to learn to be an obedient sex slave. Swing from right to left I slapped the Moccasin across his ass. Kevin lay there with a smile on his face saying Oh! Yes spank me sir, spank me hard aim a bad boy toy. I stood so I could hit his ass harder but the harder I hit him the harder his dick became. His ass was now beat red and so wasn’t his cock and hard as a rock. I finally place my foot in the crack of his ass and pushed him down driving his stiff dick in to the ground. That gave him the pain he had deserved. By the time he rolled over his rod had gone soft. I throw the Moccasins at him and said are you going to be a good boy now. He looked up and said YES SIR! Good I reply, I’ll deal with you farther when we get back to the ranch. With a smile Kevin said Yes Sir.

Kevin put the Moccasin back on and we started to pick up. It was now too hot for Leather shirts so we packed them away too. Just our Moccasins, legging and breechcloths for the ride home. Once on the trail it I could tell that Kevin’s ass was score from the beating I gave it by the way he rode in the saddle. But I still catch him playing with his crotch every once in a while. What a horny little slut he was turning out to be. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to tame him into a good sex slave.

Once back at the ranch it was straight to the barn. The first order of business was to take care of the horses. It always felt good walking around the wood floor barn wearing soft sole Moccasins. Now that the horses were fed and put in their stalls with the saddles put away, we started to walk out of the barn. (So Kevin though) Hanging from the rafter was a block and tackle used to lift thing to the loaf. Kevin didn’t see me grab a shot piece of rope. I walked in front of him then suddenly turned place a leg behind his and push hard on his chest. Causing him to fall flat on his back. Before he could react I had the rope wrapped around both his wrists. I took a chair, wrapped around the rope and hooked the ends to the block. I then pulled on the work end of the block lifting him off the floor. His feet were still flat on the floor but his hands were high in the air. There was not way that he was going to unhook him self. I was not surprised when I removed his breechcloth and saw a hard on dangling like a fence post. Kevin said Aim going to enjoy this. I though to myself sick bastered but then again I was going to enjoy it too. I took a three foot spread board I had made up with straps on each end. High on his ankle I strapped one end then spread Tunalı Escort his legs and strapped the other. The last then I did was the lift him a little higher so just the balls and toes were flat on the floor. As I looked him in the eyes I played with his dick to work him up some more. Well I said your not going to cum till I let you now. By the time I finish with you you’ll be begging like a little girl. I left him hanging there while I went to the house to get some sex toys.

I was never a big fan of hard core S&M but I must admit the though of trying to find out how far and how much Kevin would take was turning me on. As I walked back in the barn bag in hand Kevin was hanging there, with a rock hard dick and a smug look on his face. He smiled and said I almost came with out you. Then he laughed. I said by the time aim finished with you that smug look will be gone and you’re be begging to cum. He laughs again and said I doubt it. From the bag I took out a spoon and a leather cock strap. You seem to be getting off on the pain. OH! YES he said I never knew how good it felt. With that I took the end of the spoon handle and whacked the head of his cock causing it to go soft. At the base of his dick I wrapped the leather strap and pulled it tight. I then took two alligator clips and placed one to each of his nipples. With that his dick sprang back to being thicker and harder then it was before. His smug face had now turned to one of surprise. I place a dib of K-Y jell on my palm and started to jerk him off. Looking him in the eye and said now you cock sucking, cum swallowing fagot you won’t be coming till I let you cum. Kevin’s hips were now bucking against my hand. I let him work him self into frenzy then stopped to which Kevin cried No! No! Don’t stop. I picked some cloth pins and clip them to the lose skin around his balls while Kevin freakily wiggle his dick so wanted more attention. After placing six pins I stepped back and said Paddle Or Moccasins? His reply was What? Do you want me to use a paddle or Moccasins to spank your ass? Moccasins he said. I smiled and start to stroke his cock again. I would stroke and stop, stroke and stop. Kevin was now jiggling around as if he was getting electric shock treatment. I said aim sorry I didn’t hear you, did you say PLEASE? He gritted his teeth as he said please. That didn’t sound very sincere to me try again? Moccasins please, please use the Moccasins to spank me. Better I replied. I had brought out a pair of Moccasins that had a thin rubber double sole knowing that they would sting his ass the best. Firmly taking the toe of the Moccasins in hand I stood to his side. I raised the Moccasins as high as I could and just before I let it go to his ass I wrapped my other hand aroun his cock head. His heels were high in the air with only his toes on the floor, as the rubber heel cracked his ass those beautiful white squaw boots did a little dance. The more I smacked his ass the more he danced around. I was getting turn on watching those squaw boots dance on tiptoe. Kevin was now moaning with pleasure he was really getting off on this. I was rock hard and Kevin was beat red. I second I stopped Kevin really start jiggling around saying don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Gee! I said dose my Türbanlı Escort little boy toy want to cum? Yes Please was all he said. Not good enough, you can beg better then that. I applied some K-Y to the crack of his beat red ass. Slowly I slide the head of my cock into his tight ass as I reached around and took his dick in hand. Kevin wanted relief so bad he was wiggling like a wild man but moaning with pleasure at the same time. Very slowly I pushed my cock into him as I stroke him. I kept this up as I whisper in his ear that he had been a bad boy in the field coming before me. Aim not going to let you come till you convince me that you are truly sorry and you’re going to be a obedient sex slave. The more I talked the more he would wiggle and dance round in those white Moccasins. Now call me Master and tell my how sorry you are. Yes Master aim so sorry I came before you. I won’t let it happing again just please Master let me blow my load Please. Listen to him was giving me such a head rush that it was becoming harder for me to keep the slow floor. The second wade landed just behind the first with each load after that landed closer till a god ten wade of cum had shot out of him. Breathing heavy Kevin went limp and hung there like dead beef. I undid the block and tackle and lower him to the floor. Given him some time to Regan some strength. As I unhooked the chair I told him to roll over and kiss my Moccasins. Slowly he struggled to do so, as he kissed my Moccasins I said who are you and what is your purpose? In that wonderful girly voice he said I aim your sex slave, your boy toy and my purpose is to please you Master. I bent down and losing the ropes around his wrists. As I walked away I said went you are ready put thing away bag up the sex toys and meet me in the kitchen.

As I walked back to the house I start how cool it would be to dress Kevin like a women complete in wig, make up, skirt, blouse, nylon. Women Moccasins and make him walk down main street. But that would be a Sunday morning thing I still had all evening to play and train my new boy toy.pace I had set. I so wanted to hump him faster but he was not broken yet. Oh Master aim sorry, aim really sorry I never come first again. Tears were starting to roll down his cheeks as he still wiggle and jiggle. His voice became soft as he said Master aim sorry I will be a good boy toy Please Master Please. As I pick up the pace I said Not good enough I need more you bitch. In a girlish voice Kevin really started to beg, Please Master I’ll be a good sex salve from now on. I will do what every you want, went you want it. Aim your boy toy just tell me what you want and I will do it Please Master Please. I was now hammering his ass and stroking him faster. Keep begging bitch. As he wildly dance around he continue to beg and promised to be a good and obedient sex slave. I could take it no longer as I filled him up with my hot Jizz. I blow so much cum into him that it was oozing out past my cock and dripping to the floor. When I was finish I need a minute to recompose my self as I watched him dancing in those white Moccasins and beg me in that girly voice. Again I took his dick in hand with the other on the leather strap I said you will be a good boy from now on? His reply, YES! Master I belong to you and will do as you say I promise Master. With that I undid the strap, his first wade of cum shot about twenty feet across the barn ng his head on my Moccasin clad foot. He then reached over taking my other Moccasin, heel in one hand, toes in the other and moved my foot so the sole of the Moccasin was in his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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