Mr. Plumber

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Mike was a plumber. He was a handsome white guy 25 years old, and being a plumber he always liked all this stories about construction workers, carpenters and other working guys coming to the call and fucks some bored housewife occasionally. But, unfortunately, he never get the chance to fuck someone in this circumstances himself. All the calls was boring, the housewives old and ugly, and then they were young and pretty, they paid no attention to him at all. So he liked this stories, but never hoped that anything of that kind will happen to him in real life.

So today early in the morning he gets a call. Mike lifted up the receiver and heard a charming young voice with some accent, telling him about a plumbing problem. So he answered that he will come later, about a two hours or something like that, cause he had other calls waiting. And, as he arrived and rang at the door of the small house, he was little upset about the girl that called him. Who is she? How she looks like? The day was hot and the sun was high in the sky. He rang again, impatiently. How long he will stay here and wait for this bitch to open the door?

Door opened at last, and Mike saw a young pretty girl. She was not more than 18 years old, blonde with a long hair, dressed in a short blue skirt and small red top with some golden flowers colored on it. Under that shirt and top was definitely perfect body: small tits, tanned skin, long nice legs. Mike looked down at her flat belly with a piercing in the navel and then again at her face.

“High, I’m a plumber. You did a call, don’t you?”

“Yes I did.” – girl smiled to him. Her teeth was white and her lips pouty. She smiled again and said with that charming accent:

“Well, but I thought you’ll come later. Oh, please come in, I’ll show you the problem.”

She turned around and Mike admired her perfect ass. He felt sudden desire to lift this blue skirt and touch this teenage hot body, and then fuck this girl from behind. Roughly.

As if she felt something, she turned to him and said with a smile:

“It’s in the kitchen.”

Mike walked behind her, wondering what the name of the girl was? From where she came from? Eastern Europe, or Ukraine, or Russia? As he entered the kitchen, he got some new surprise.

Another girl was here, as young as the first one. She was sitting at the table and then he entered, she gave him a long look. Mike heard that the first girl said something to another in her own language, it sounded nice, and second girl laughed. She was as pretty as a first girl, same height, same nice face and body, but she was brunette, also with a long hair. She was dressed also in the blue jeans skirt and red top, but, as he could see, there was no piercing on her tanned belly. Mike smiled to her and get answering grin. Girl liked him, that was for sure.

“High, I’m Tanya.” She pointed at the blonde and said: “And this is my friend Natasha.” Then she smiled and asked: “And you?”

“I’m Mike.” – he smiled and asked: “Well, what the problem gaziantep escortlar is?”

Girls exchanged glances. Natasha shrugged her shoulders and said something to Tanya. She laughed again and pointed in the corner of the kitchen:

“It’s over there, the pipe is…” – she searched the right word, her English was worse than that of Natasha, – “Running”.


So Mike started to work, listening to the girls, as they speaking behind his back. He had a strong feeling that girls discussed something, and that this was something interesting to him. They laughed sometimes, it seemed that Tanya insisted on something, and Natasha was against it. Mike worked without turning back, his head was under the sink, so he could only hear what’s happening.

Soft noise: one of the girl raised from the armchair. Some words. Giggle. Another girl seemed to join the first. Natasha’s clear voice, slightly protesting. Laughter. Silence.

Mike continued his work, but tension was almost unbearable. He wanted desperately to turn and look at the girls, but he hardened his will. Let them do whatever they want to do, perhaps they are just want to cook something?

Soft noise, as if someone is stroking a tissue. Like someone stroking someone clothed…Shit! He have a work to do.

Another soft noise…And then a kiss. He could swear it was a kiss. The girls kissed each other right behind his back, in the kitchen in the morning. Another kiss, and another.

Mike was excited. His cock started to grow in his pants. What the hell, perhaps it’s only his imagination?

Slight moan behind his back. No way, it was not his imagination. Mike was ready to turn around and said or do something, but it was needless. Suddenly he heard a charming Natasha’s voice, asking him:

“Do you want a help?”

And her hand touched his sweating back.

Mike finally turned around and saw them, standing in the middle of the sunlit kitchen. Girls embraced each other, their tanned bodies was close, their sexy clothes slightly crumpled. They smiled, eyes bright, Mike thought that they look like a photo in some erotic magazine. He raised from the floor, feeling that his cock is almost fully erected now and that it pressing his pants, so girls can see it.

And they saw it. Tanya grinned and said softly:

“So, Mr. Plumber, can you help us a little?”

“Yeah I can.” – Mike was standing in front of them, with a strange feeling of a dream comes true: this two young hot things now will open their pussies for him…And not only pussies.

Tanya turned to Natasha and said with a smile:

“Let’s look what equipment he have?”

It was a show for him, thought Mike, she could easily said this in her own language, but she used english. Oh yeah. Now for the action, he thought.

Girls started to move. Tanya embraced him and gave him a tender kiss. Mike started to stroke her back, his hand slided down, down, to her ass. It was great to touch, and he started to squeeze it, while girl let him to french kiss her. Slightly pushed him, Tanya commanded:

“I want you to kiss his dick, now!” – she continued the kiss, and Mike saw that Natasha is kneeling in front of him. He felt her soft hands unbuckling his belt. Looking down Mike saw girl, kneeled, her quick fingers unzipping his fly. He returned to the kiss with Tanya, feeling his pants removed. He heard Natasha’s surprised gasp. Oh yes, he was big. His cock was about 8 inches long and very thick. As he felt her hand on it, he trembled.

Tanya looked down and smiled.

“Good chance, Nat, to have such a powerful cock! Use it well!”

Mike laid his hands on Tanya’s back and started to remove her top. Girl lowered her head and helped him. At this moment hot, soft, hungry mouth gave him a kiss on the dick. Mike grinned, as his hands removed red top, and he admired perfect small tanned tits in front of him, and another girl started to suck his cock. It was better than any bored housewife. It was two young, hot, slutty foreign teen girls, eager to please.

Natasha sucked him, tenderly, and what a good cocksucker she was! Never any prostitute gave him so great a blowjob. Tanya slowly arched her back, and Mike unbuttoned her blue skirt. He downed it to her knees, and found out that she had no panties. Her bush was neatly trimmed, and all her pretty body was tanned, without any trace of bra on her smooth skin. Mike started to squeeze and stroke her tits, her belly, her delicious ass, his fingers entered her vagina and he felt how wet she was. Tanya moaned something as he fingered her. Natasha’s lips worked endlessly.

“Now you better join your friend!” – said Mike hoarsely. He felt that his sweat was flowing down to his loins, and vaguely wondered, what a girl that sucked his dick thought about its taste. She already deepthroated him now. It was unbelievable.

Tanya kneeled, and her friend reluctantly let her change herself at his throbbing rod.

Natasha raised and tried to kiss Mike in the lips, but he always disliked the idea that the mouth that was sucking his cock will kiss him. So he slightly pushed her and said:

“Now undress you too.”

Natasha arched her back, just like Tanya did a minute ago, and slowly undressed. She had a small yellow panties, but they joined all other clothes on the floor immediately.

She was as pretty as Tanya. It seemed that they suntanned naked together. Mike wondered, how long he’ll be able to fuck this girls? Tanya’s mouth worshipped his cock, almost as good as Natasha’s. Girl tried to deepthroat it, but she gagged. Mike grabbed her head and pushed. Tanya moaned, gagged, but finally he entered her unbelievably tight throat and started to fuck it.

Natasha stroked his chest, caressing his sweating skin. Mike stopped to face-fuck Tanya and groaned:

“Now suck it together!”

Natasha kneeled near Tanya and they licked and sucked his tool, their tongues met on it, their pouty lips moving. Girls moaned, Mike saw them, on their knees, blonde and brunette, gagging and slightly fighting over his cock. It was a view to remember.

He pulled his cock out of Natasha’ sweet mouth and groaned:

“Now let’s fuck!”

Tanya quickly laid on her back and raised her legs. Her trimmed pussy waited for him, so Mike lowered down on the floor, near the sink, and slowly entered her dripping wet cunt. Natasha was near, she started to stroke Tanya’s trembling body, smiling at her moans of passion.

Mike entered her and started to move, his cock teared the walls of her tight pussy. Tanya moaned rhythmically, Natasha sucked her nipples, her hand fingered herself madly. Mike finally laid on top of Tanya, fucking her, feeling the walls of her cunt constricting around his cock. Natasha started to kiss his back. He thought about fucking her too, so he pulled out his cock and raised. Natasha happily raised too, Mike seized her and positioned her, face to the sink. Natasha arched her back, leaned to the sink and he entered her from behind. Natasha screamed out in passion, and Mike started a frantic fuck.

Natasha raised her leg and placed in on the table near the sink, so Tanya quickly crawled under her. Her tongue licked Natasha’s pussy, Mike’s moving balls, and her hand finger-fucked herself.

Mike felt the tension growing in his balls, as he pounded Natasha mercilessly, he heard her cries, and by the trembling of her body and her cunt he realize that girl cummed. Tanya suddenly screamed too, and he pulled out his cock and quickly pushed it into her waiting mouth.

Natasha dropped down on her knees near Tanya, and Mike fucked her mouth too, then he entered Tanya’s lips again, and so it continues until he pulled his cock out of Tanya’s mouth and with a groan of passion unloaded on the girl’s faces. He cummed and cummed and cummed, never he imagined that he can have so much sperm in his balls. Natasha cupped his balls and caressed them tenderly, moaning something, as his jizz covered her face and face of her friend.

Finally, Mike dropped on the edge of the table, looking tiredly as girls raised from the floor, as they exchanged deep kisses, tasting his sperm, then they licked each others faces clean, and then Natasha cleaned his softening cock.

Mike felt too tired to work, so he collected his tools from the floor and said:

“I think I’ll come tomorrow, ladies, to continue my work.”

“Yes, please come tomorrow, Mr. Plumber” – answered Tanya with a grin.

“We will wait.” – said Natasha.

“I’ll come.” – Mike grinned to girls and headed to the door.

“And Mr. Plumber?” – Tanya’s voice behind his back was very soft.


“You know…If you have some friends…A carpenter, or someone like that…We have a lot of things that need to be fixed, you know.”

Mike turned and grinned as wide as he can.

“Of course…” – he waited and added, looking deep in Tanya’s eyes:

“I have two friends…They are a good carpenters.”


So he left this house and come into the open air. Well, he thought, sometimes stories about carpenters and plumbers don’t lie.

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