My Canadian Adventurre

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My Canadian Adventure

One day while surfing through the profiles on a swinger’s web site that I go to, I saw a new profile with a picture that looked very familiar. The name on the profile was Hot Jade. She was an 18 year old bi Asian female looking for men or women from 18 to 50 years old. Her photo was a shot of her totally nude, kneeling on a bed and she was HOT++. That’s all I can say about her body is that she looked hot++. She had a sweet young face and a smile that just made me melt every time I looked at her picture. In her profile she said that she was a 5’ 3”, 100 pound, horny Asian girl that wanted to explore everything sexual. I could see from her picture that she had silky black, shoulder length hair and beautiful soft brown eyes.

I do some computer repairs for friends and family and as always I take a quick look for files that look important before I start working. Once in a while I find some files with nude pictures. Most were down loaded from the internet. I have found a few files of pictures of wives and girlfriends of people I know.

I looked through the pictures I had saved from other computers and found some pictures of this young Asian beauty. The picture in the profile was one of the pictures I had saved from a friend’s computer. I looked at the profile and then looked at the pictures I had saved. I noticed that the profile was new and she was 18 years old, and the pictures I had saved were about 3 years old. She was only 14 or 15 years old when the pictures were taken. All of a sudden my cock got hard as a rock and completely out of control. I went back to Hot Jade’s profile and read every word over and over again. For the entire week I couldn’t get her out of my mind and I kept going back to her profile just to look at her sweet face. Of course I always had to take a long, hard look at her perky young 34C tits and incredibly shaped body. It was her sweet face that haunted me the most and kept me going back to her profile.

I live in a north western state that borders Canada and I saw on her profile that she lived just over the border in Canada, only about 40 miles away.

I am in my late 40s and really didn’t think she would be interested in me, but after checking out her profile every day for 2 weeks I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to send her a message. At first I just said hi and told her I thought she was very beautiful. I was a little apprehensive because I was afraid that she would think I was just another sick fucker on the internet. To my surprise she e-mailed me back and said hi and she was glad to hear from me. She also said she was very happy that I thought she was beautiful. She told me that her real name was Kristina Chen but I could call her Kristy, she was Chinese and a high school student.

After exchanging 2 or 3 e-mails on the swinger site we decided to chat on yahoo IM so we exchanged e-mail addresses and agreed to chat when we could. I had always been fascinated by how sexy she was but I didn’t tell her that I had some pictures of her already. Before we signed off we exchanged some pictures. After seeing my pictures I didn’t think I would ever hear from her again but she asked me to take some special pictures of myself for her. She sent a picture of herself completely naked, lying on her back with her knees pulled up to her chest. Her smooth, young, light brown Asian pussy and ass hole were fully exposed and she had a wicked little smile on her face, I almost blew a load when I saw it. She wanted me to take a picture of myself cumming on her picture and then send it back to her. About 3 days later I had the chance and I took the pictures for her. When I was done I sent them to her by e-mail. Again I didn’t think I would hear from her again, but she signed on and we chatted again the next day. This time she said that one of her friends was with her and asked if I wanted to chat with her. Before I could reply a line popped up on my screen.

“Hi, I’m Kat, Kristy and I loved your pictures”.
At first I was a little uncomfortable thinking that a stranger was looking at the pictures I sent to Kristy but I replied and said Hi. We chatted for a few minutes before she asked if I wanted to see a picture of her.

“Sure, Id love to see a picture of you” I told her.

She sent 5 pictures through the IM. Oh my god she was so cute. She also looked very young and she was topless. Her tits were full with perfect little pink nipples.

Kristy got back on the computer and we continued to chat. Kristy asked if I would like to fuck Kat. She also told me that Kat had never been fucked by a guy and suggested that all three of us meet in Canada to play. She said I could be the first guy to fuck her. I asked Kristy how old Kat was. She told me that Kat was 16 years old. As turned on as I was I told them I couldn’t do it because Kat was under age. I like younger girls but I have my limits and legal age is the limit for me. They told me that 14 is legal in Canada and they both wanted to fuck and suck me. I told them I would think about it and let them know for sure. Two days later I was chatting with a guy I knew on the internet who lives in Canada. I asked him about the legal age and he told me that it was true, 14 is legal and he hooks up with a 16 year old quite often and he had been with a girl as young as 14. We continued to chat for another hour before we signed off. The next day I caught Kristy on line and I told her that I would love to meet with her and Kat for a night of fun and play. We made plans for the three of us to meet at a place just over the border and go to a motel for the entire night. The day came and went and she told me that she was out of town so we couldn’t meet. I set up another date to meet and again she wasn’t around. I began to believe that she was just playing games with me just to get me to do some pictures and a video for her. I was totally discouraged and was ready to give up when she said she was sorry and still wanted to get together. She explained that she was still in high school and had been tied up with school. It was almost a month later, but eventually we set up a date for the three of us to meet. This was going to be the last chance before I gave up on her completely.

The day came and I expected another excuse but instead of an excuse she gave me some directions and her cell phone Sincan Escort number. I left home and drove north on the main highway that crossed from the US into Canada. After passing through Canadian customs it wasn’t long before I saw a sign for the exit that Kristy’s directions told me to take. I used my cell phone and called the number that Kristy gave me.

“Hello” someone answered.

“Hello, Kristy” I asked?

“Yes, is that you Jim” She asked?

“Yes, it’s me and I’m almost there” I replied.

“Where are you” she asked?

I told her that I was going down the exit ramp she told me to take, and I would be there soon. She told me to make a left turn at the traffic light and go down two blocks.

“We are waiting for you in the burger place on the right. I can’t wait to feel your hard cock inside of me.” She told me. Then the conversation got hotter as I drove on. I told her when I was pulling into the parking lot and told her that I was driving a little blue Chevy.

“I see your car, just park out back and we will be right out” she said. I was getting excited just hearing her soft sexy voice. My cock sprang to full rock hard erection when I saw two girls coming out as I drove by the door. I recognized the first one as Kristy from the pictures she had sent me. I was so excited I almost hit a car in the parking lot. When I finely stopped, Kristy stepped up to the passenger’s door.

I put the window down and Kristy asked “Jim”?

I stuttered a weak “Hi, yes, hi” as I looked down the front of her low hanging blouse. Without another word she got into the front seat and the back door opened, the other girl got into the back seat.

“Hi Jim, this is my friend Kat” Kristy announced. Then she gave me some driving directions and we were on our way to the motel. They were both wearing short skirts and the farther we went the more Kristy’s skirt rode up on her thighs. I kept looking at her legs and she caught me more than once. She knew what I was looking at.

“It looks like you like what you see” she said with a little giggle and she pointed to the bulge in my pants. My cock was so hard my pants stuck out like a tent. Kat leaned forward and took a look.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on that” Kat said with a big smile.

“I will show you mine if you show me yours” Kristy said when we stopped for a red light.

I looked over and watched Kristy pull her skirt up around her waist. Before I could say anything she picked her shapely little ass up off the seat and slid her white lace panties down to her ankles. Her pussy was smooth and looked freshly shaved and she let her legs fall open. Her cute little pussy lips peeked out from her light brown slit.

“Don’t forget about me” I herd come from the back seat.
I turned around and saw Kat leaning back in the seat. Her skirt was also up around her waist with her legs widely spread and her red panties were on the seat beside her. She was rubbing her pussy and spreading it open for me to get a good look. She had long brown hair on her head and a small, thin patch of curly brown hair above her hot little pink pussy.

“The light is green Jim” Kristy said as she nudged me.

Again we were on our way, only this time I was driving much faster. Kristy leaned over and gave me a little kiss on the cheek as she reached down and grabbed the rock hard bulge in my pants.

“Can we see your cock now” Kristy asked?

I told her she could see it, but she would have to pull it out because I was driving. Before I got all the words out I could feel Kristy tugging and pulling on my zipper. In seconds she had my thick, 6 inch long cock out and it was ready for action.

“Look at this Kat, he is ready to fire” Kristy said.
Kat leaned forward between the seats again where she could get a good look. I was so horny that pre cum was oozing from the head of my cock. Kristy rubbed her finger in the pre cum and then put it in her mouth.

“Oh yea that tastes good, he’s ready” Kristy said.

“Can I have some too” Kat asked as she reached around, wrapped her long slender fingers around my shaft and pulled up. A large glob of cum oozed from the head and she let her hand slip over the head and close to catch the cum. Quickly she pulled her hand back and licked my cum from her fingers and hand.

“MMMM, that is good, I can’t wait to get the whole thing in my mouth” Kat said softly.

After that I drove even faster. We reached the edge of town and Kristy pointed to a motel on the left side of the road. She told me that she had met with a guy there before and they don’t ask questions and the rates are low. After parking I had to tuck my cock away and zip my pants while Kristy pulled her panties up. That was a hot looking site to see her wiggle her young hips and ass while she slipped her sexy little panties up. A few minutes later we were all checked in and walking down the walkway to the room. Kat was in front and her ass was wiggling like crazy. Kristy walked up behind her, grabbed Kat’s ass, and then pulled her skirt up to give me a show.

“Isn’t that a great looking ass” Kristy asked?

Kat hadn’t put her panties on and was now walking bare assed in public. We stopped at the door to our room and Kat handed me her panties while she unlocked the door. Once in the room Kristy and Kat Kissed and then turned their attention to me. One pulled my Shirt off while the other knelt in front of me and pulled my pants and underwear down and off. I turned to Kristy and asked if she minded if I fucked Kat first. I explained that I wanted to make Kat’s first time getting fucked by a man a good experience by giving her a good fucking and a big load of cum. Kristy was reluctant but agreed and we turned to Kat. Slowly I stepped up to Kat, put my arms around her and gave her a long, very passionate kiss. I continued to kiss her as I guided her to the end of the bed and slowly lowered her onto it. I lay down beside her and continued to kiss her as I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped my hand inside. Her young tits were very firm and her nipples were hard like little bullets. Kat let out a soft moan. I kissed her again and pulled her blouse open to expose her sheer, red bra that matched the panties she took off in the car. Again I kissed her sweet lips, then her soft Ankara Olgun Escort neck, and then down to her chest. She held my head as I kissed and licked my way around the edge of her bra. Her chest was heaving and her breath was getting deeper and faster. She was getting excited and eager to get on with the action. I pulled her bra up and out of the way. Again she grabbed my head and guided my face to her hard nipple. I knew what she wanted and I began to kiss, suck and lick one hard nipple and then the other. She slid my hand down over her tight body and inside her skirt to the hot wet slit between her legs. I noticed a flash and I looked up to see Kristy standing there with the camera I brought with me. I went back to work on Kat’s nipples. While I was fingering Kat’s pussy I noticed something else was going on. Kristy had unzipped Kat’s skirt, pulled it down and was spreading her legs wide apart for me. I took the hint and my lips and tongue started moving down over her firm belly to her sweet wet pussy. As soon as my tongue made contact with Kat’s clit she let out a soft gasp and then a soft moan. I licked up and down her soft pink slit, from her hard little teenage clit to her dripping hole. I continued to lick back and forth for several minutes until she began to softly moan. Slowly I slid up on her until the head of my cock was between her soft pink pussy lips. I hooked my arms under her legs and rolled her hips up so I could push into her. Again I saw a flash, then another and another as I began to push into Kat’s dripping hole. Kristy took a few more pictures as I pushed all the way into Kat’s young womanhood. She put the camera down and grabbed Kat’s ankles to hold her in position for me.

“Fuck her. Fuck her hard. I want to see you pound her cunt” Kristy ordered.

Kat grunted hard every time I pushed in deep and our hips ground against each other, she was building fast to a climax.

“Oh my god, I’ve had toys in me before, but they are nothing compared to this” Kat grunted between gasps. “Fuck me. Grind it into me. Grind it baby, grind it” Kat gasped again and again. All of a sudden Kat’s body began to quiver and then shake and then her body tensed. Her pussy clinched tight around my shaft like she was gripping it. I could feel her hot juices wash over my cock and run down my balls. I couldn’t take much more of Kat’s hot, tight hole gripping my shaft; I began to pump and pound even harder with every stroke. I pushed hard and deep, I ground into her pussy as hard as I could. Kristy was watching us and told me to shoot some of my cum on her belly. I began to pump my cum into her still tightly clinched hole. She was panting and grunting like a wild animal. I wanted to shoot some on her belly like Kristy asked so I quickly pulled out. I left a big load inside her and a trail of cum up her open crack to her belly.

Kristy and I carefully lowered Kat’s legs as I stepped back and looked down at this 16 year old girl. Other than her red bra that was pulled up to expose her young tits she was laying there completely naked. There was a small puddle of cum on her belly and a thin sticky trail that lead down between her soft pink lips. Kristy moved around and closed Kat’s legs to hold my cum inside her.

“Now that looks like the kind of meal I’ve been waiting for” Kristy said.

“What’s that” I asked?

“A freshly used cock covered with fresh pussy juice” Kristy said as she sank to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. It was wilted and she had no problem getting it all into her mouth. It didn’t stay that way for long and it started growing to full size as she sucked all the cum out and licked it clean. It wasn’t long before she had it back to full size and all of Kat’s pussy juice licked off my cock and balls. I grabbed Kristy’s head and started to push back and forth.

Kristy pulled back, “Not yet baby. I want you to recover a little first. Besides I want to have some other fun first” she said.

I asked her what she was going to do; she just smiled and turned to Kat who was still lying on the bed. She was rubbing her fingers in the cum on her belly and then sticking them in her mouth.

“My second favorite meal, freshly fucked, cum filled pussy” Kristy said. Kristy spread Kat’s legs and climbed onto the bed between them. She began to lick and swallow the cum from Kat’s belly and then licked her way down. By now my cum was oozing out of Kat’s cunt and running down between her ass cheeks. Kristy didn’t stop, she just kept licking and slurping the cum and pussy juice mixture. I grabbed the camera and started shooting more pictures. I was taking pictures from all angles and positions and then some thing caught my attention. I walked around behind Kristy and saw her sweet, young, tight looking ass sticking up begging for attention as it rocked and swayed. The way it was swaying back and forth gave a new meaning to body language. Her ass was begging for attention. She was kneeling and bent over on the bed with her face between Kat’s legs and she was licking like crazy. They both seemed to be enjoying themselves and I wanted to have some fun too. I stepped up and gave her a shot of my hot breath on her bare pussy lips and I watched a small shudder spread through her tight body.

“MMMM” she mumbled. She was still licking Kat’s pussy and didn’t miss a stroke with her tongue. I gave her another hot breath, and then pushed my tongue into her soft brown slit. Her MMMM mumble turned into a long loud gasp. I reached up and gently spread her sweet brown pussy lips and ass cheeks. Her pussy was so wet that in seconds my face was covered with her juices. My tongue ran up and down her slit again and again, she began to moan louder and louder. Her body quaked every time my tongue made contact with her clit.

Soon she looked back at me and said “Fuck me, Fuck me, please fuck me now”.

I gave her a few more laps with my tongue before I stood up and rubbed my cock up and down her entire crack from clit to her ass hole.

“Ya baby, stick it in. Fuck me” Kristy begged.
I pushed my cock against her pussy, and then pulled back. Then I pushed it against her ass hole, and then pulled back. “Which hole will I use” I teased.

“I don’t care, just fuck me” Kristy shouted.

Kat grabbed Kristy’s Ankara Ucuz Escort head and pulled it tightly into her pussy again and I shoved my cock hard into Kristy’s pussy. She let out a loud grunt and her womanhood easily swallowed my entire shaft. I pulled back to the edge and then pushed back in hard and as deep as I could. Again and again, faster, and faster I slammed into Kristy’s love tunnel. Kristy grunted and Kat moaned with each stroke. Kristy’s face was buried in Kat’s pussy and every time I drove hard into Kristy she plowed her face and tongue into Kat. I reached around and played with Kristy’s firm tits and pinched her hard little nipples while I was fucking her. We picked up a rhythm and Kristy rocked back as I pushed in each time. The harder the pounding the louder she groaned and moaned.

“Harder, harder, fuck me harder” She demanded. I was pounding her as hard as I could.

“Fuck my ass” She shouted over her shoulder when she stopped moving.

I pulled back and all the way out. Slowly I slipped the head of my cock into her tight ass. My cock was covered with her pussy juice and it easily slid into Kristy’s ass hole when she thrust her ass back hard onto my shaft.

Kat said wait just a moment as she shifted and moved around. When she was in position Kat and Kristy were in a 69 position with Kristy on top and my cock buried in her ass. Kat and Kristy continued to lick and finger each other and I fucked Kristy’s ass. Every once in a while I could feel Kat lick my balls. She even took them into her mouth and sucked them for a moment before going back to Kristy’s pussy. Soon they were both moaning, groaning and wiggling. Kristy’s asshole felt tighter with every stroke. Suddenly her asshole clinched tightly around my hard shaft and her wiggling stopped. Her moans and groans turned into one long groan of release as she climaxed violently. Her hips dropped and she ground her pussy into Kat’s face and her entire body shook. Kat gave her a few more good licks, and then adjusted her position so my balls were hanging over her face. Again she began to lick and suck them. My balls were empty from the load I shot into Kat’s pussy. The fucking I was giving Kristy was just to get her off, but with Kat sucking my balls they were beginning to ach. I must admit I didn’t even think of complaining about it. Her sucking got harder and harder until it began to hurt, then she just quit. I could feel her shaking as another orgasm began to rock her sweet young body.
I slammed into Kristy’s tight ass as hard and as deeply as I could and just froze there. All three of us were frozen tightly together until we just fell over in orgasmic ecstasy and collapsed on the bed in a tangled pile of naked body parts.

After laying there together and breathing heavily for several minutes we began to move and untangle ourselves from the each other. Slowly we got to our feet and walked into the bathroom. All three of us were a mess and needed a shower. Kat started the water running while Kristy and I were taking a piss. When Kristy was done peeing she stepped into the tub and started the shower. Kat and I stepped in and joined Kristy in the shower of nice hot water. It was a big turn on running our hands all over each others soapy body. We spent allot of extra time in the steamy shower getting cleaned up and doing some more exploring. The hot water felt great as it ran over my tense body and my muscles began to relax. Kristy wasn’t done and she let me know she wanted more by kneeling in front of me and taking my flaccid cock into her mouth. She reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her face. I don’t know if it was Kristy or if it was Kat, but I felt a little finger rubbing circles around my asshole. Suddenly I felt it slip inside me. It was very erotic but I didn’t have the energy to do much about it. I just stood there and enjoyed the feeling.

When we were done exploring and getting cleaned up we talked about going home, but we decided to go out and get something to eat. We decided to go get pizza and some drinks and bring them back to the room to eat. We all jumped into my car and I followed the directions that Kristy gave me to get to the pizza shop. I really didn’t think beautiful young girls like Kristy and Kat would want to be seen in with an old man like me so I gave Kristy some money to pay for the food. When we got to the pizza shop Kristy got out. Kat told her that she was exhausted and wanted to stay in the car.

Kristy said “ok, I’ll be back in a few minutes”. Then she turned and walked away. When Kristy was out of sight Kat got out of the car and got into the front seat beside me.

“I hope you don’t mind” she said softly as she pulled her skirt up to show me that she still wasn’t wearing her panties.

“I, I, I don’t mind” I stuttered.

She leaned over and gave me a small kiss on the cheek and then one on the lips. I felt her hand tugging on my zipper and I just leaned back and waited for what ever she had in mind.

“It felt soooooo good when you were in my pussy. Now I want your cock in my mouth” she whispered. She leaned over and took my soft meat into her mouth. My cock was soft and she took the whole thing into her mouth. She buried her face in my lap while she massaged my balls with her fingers. It didn’t take long before my cock began to grow between her 16 year old lips and her head began to move up and down. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful young 16 year old girl was sucking my cock in a public place like this. We could be caught at any time and by anyone that walked by, but Kat didn’t care and she just kept licking and sucking. We were both lost in the action and were startled when we herd a knock on the window. Kat jumped up licking her lips and leaving my now hard cock sticking straight up and we both looked toward the sound. Kristy was standing there holding two pizzas and a six pack of soda and she was laughing like crazy. Kristy opened the back door and got in.

“I guess I will set back here so I don’t bother you two. Just save some for me” she laughed.

I pushed my cock back into my pants and zipped up the zipper. We drove back to the motel and went into our room. We all got naked again and sat around eating pizza, kissing and what ever came to mind.

Kristy pulled some of the pepperoni and cheese off the pizza and placed it over her nipple.

That started another round of fun and wild sex, but that’s a story for another time.

I finely got home about 6 am. I spent the next 2 days in bed recovering. I can’t wait to meet them again.

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