My girlfriends hot daughter; part I

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I awoke in bed alone, still naked and wondering if yesterday really happened? Or did I just dream that my girlfriend and her 19 year old daughter seduced me? Wracked with guilt, I sat up, trying to decide if it was real or a fantasy. Did I really screw my soon to be step daughter? Was I some kind of a perverted monster? Did I really cum inside her? Did I really enjoy it? Or had I just been dreaming about that too? Did my girlfriend really let me do all this? Did she really get off on it? God was she still going to marry me? What had I done?

I started to replay yesterday’s events in my mind, hoping that I could figure things out.

I remember lying in bed, stretching, looking at the clock that read 10:30 am. The day was wasting away, as the morning sun cast a window-shaped slash of warmth across the sheets. I turned over, and there was Madison, lying next to me, still lost in her own sleep. A lock of brown hair lay across her cheek, and I gently tucked it behind her ear. The sheet silkily molded to her curves. My feelings for Madison were hardly a secret, we had met on an online dating site, found that we had so many things in common, and it was no wonder that after only a few months I moved in with her. I wasn’t sure that my sweet Madison was the whole reason for my passion; I wanted to be a part of her family and especially to be around Trina. Madison was an animal in the sack, but it seemed like every time we got down to business my thoughts were occupied with her daughter. Yeah, I knew it wasn’t right, she was barely legal at only 19, but that didn’t stop me from pounding my big dick into Madison and wishing it was Trina.

Madison had been up front about having children from another relationship, but when I met Trina my eyes about popped out of my head. Only 19, but she had the sweetest body I had ever seen, five foot five inches of sensually curved flesh filled my thoughts every time I slid my monstrous cock into Madison, and when I came it wasn’t her that caught my load, at least not in my mind, but I guess it doesn’t matter who I was thinking of when Madison screamed out in an orgasm. I should have been content, but I wanted the dream of fucking Trina to come true, we guys seem to never be satisfied with what we have, but lust after what we shouldn’t.

Breakfast was calling me now, and I answered, gently disengaging myself from the sheets so as not to disturb Madison. I walked around the kitchen, preparing breakfast; orange juice, and bagels with cream cheese. A few minutes later, Trina appeared from her bedroom door, her eyes still dreamy with sleep, her hair mussed becomingly around her face. She had on an old tee shirt, which reached down to mid-thigh on her.

“Happy birthday Jay, do you have any big plans?” she said as she grabbed a bagel off my plate and took a bite.

“Nope think I’m just going to lounge around the house.” I said.

“That sounds kind of boring.” she said as she grabbed my juice and took a sip. I watched her swallow the sip, and imagined how good her soft lips would feel around my cock, swallowing my load.

“Jay…hey Jay…hello you ok?” I heard Trina say as I shook my head to make myself come back to reality.

“Yep, I am good!” I said with a smirk, “Do you want me to make you some breakfast?”

“Nah, think I am going to go take a shower before Jill gets here. We are going to go hang out at the pool later. If that’s ok with you and mom?” she asked.

“Okay with me.” I said.

Why wouldn’t it be okay with me? Two hot young teen agers’ half naked hanging out at our pool, just the thought of it made me start to get hard.

“Sweet thanks Jay, you’re the best.” Trina said as she leaned over, kissed my cheek, and then turned to head back to her room.

I stood in the kitchen with my glass of orange juice in hand and watched her walk. I could see the material of her panties cling to the cheeks of her ass, as her little ass swayed back and forth. I was getting drunk with lust for this young lady. I could hear her rummaging around, before she came back out and went into the bathroom, closing the door slightly behind her.

I waited for a few minutes before I walked over to the door. I peeked through the crack of the door, and watch as Trina reached into the shower, turned on the water and adjusting the temperature until it was just right. She then pulled off her tee shirt that revealed her perky breasts, and then came her pink panties. Trina then stepped into the shower, and disappeared out of my sight. I pushed the bathroom door open slowly so that Trina wouldn’t hear me; I took a step in and found her panties laying in her pile of clothes. I picked them up and brought them up to my nose and inhaled the sweet smell of her. I could feel myself becoming harder, how I wanted to climb in behind her. I could imagine her grabbing the bottle of shower gel and pouring some into her hands. My cock throbbing as I watched her rub her palms together, coating them and then began to rub my chest, then down to my stomach, then to my thighs and around my cock. Trina would guide me to turn around and then lather my back and ass. She would hand me the bottle of gel and would ask if I would mind lathering her up.

Would I mind? Hell no, I could hardly wait. I took the bottle and squeezed out a stream of gel across the top of her chest, then I began massaging the gel into her soft skin, starting at her shoulders and working my hands down to her breasts, as I smoothed the lather over her breasts, I gently cupped them in my hands and rubbed the flat of my palm over her nipples. I would caress her lovely breasts as long as I thought I could get away with it.

I had to shake myself back to reality once again as I heard Trina shut the water to the shower off. I dropped her panties back into the pile and exited the bathroom quietly before I got caught. I will admit that I have accidentally walked in on her a couple of times when I heard the shower turn off just so I could get a brief glimpse of her slick sexy naked curves, and to reinforce how badly I wanted her.

I was fully aroused and very horny. So I headed to the bedroom to see if Madison was awake yet. I walked through the door way and saw her still laying sound asleep just as I had left her. She was so beautiful laying there in peace, probably dreaming of all the dirty things she was going to do to me. It’s no wonder her daughter was so beautiful she got it from her mother. No matter what I felt for Madison I still wanted to bone her sexy daughter too. My manhood was still hard as a rock and I was still in need so I stripped off my shorts, and walked over to the bed.

“Babe?” I whispered, kissing her face. “Hey my sexy lady, wake up.”

I got nothing more than a sleepy sigh in response. I pulled the covers back from Madison’s sleeping body; I gently kissed her neck as I took my index finger and caressed my way down her spine to her ass crack, then finding my way down to her warm pussy, I rubbed her clit with my finger, then dove two fingers into her pussy.

“Umm…” Madison moaned as she arched her back and spread her legs open further. She turned her head so it was now facing me.

“Morning my sexy momma. How about a little gift for the birthday boy?” I said as I continued to slowly, and lightly stroke her pussy.

Without getting her answer, I grabbed her hips, rolled her over onto her back and forced my face Çankaya Escort between her legs and into her sexy pussy. What greeted my tongue was the sweetest, most succulent cunt. I immediately slid my tongue as far into Madison’s twat as I could trying to find her g-spot while at the same time running my fingers around to her firm ass. The fingers of my right hand had just found her sensitive puckered asshole as Madison erupted in an intense orgasm. I tried my utmost to keep up with the copious amount of fluid but soon found that my chin was dripping with her secretions.

Madison then pulled my head from between her legs and brought me up to her. I felt her soft hand on the side of my face, as I kissed her shoulder moving up towards her neck, my warm breath trailing along her smooth skin. She seemed to relax from the touch of my hot lips, pressed against hers. I felt her tongue moving between my lips, letting it slide in and I closed my lips around her tongue and sucked it quietly into my mouth, as my tongue moved into touch hers. She suddenly stopped, and pushed me onto the bed. Madison had a mischievous grin on her face, as she winked at me. She then climbed over me and slowly lowered her wide open and wet pussy onto my throbbing dick. By the time she was seated fully on my crotch I had all eight and a half inches inside her soaking cunt. I watched her eyes roll back into her head and she gave a satisfied gasp as she began to bounce up and down. I once again started to picture Trina on top of me riding me, pleasing me instead of her mother.

“Oh yes.” She hissed.

She moved up and down as my hands squeezed her bottom. She moved her hips forward as her bottom came down, pulling every bit of me she could into her. I closed my eyes and began moving with her and against her, my hard cock in her soft silky pussy. I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft.

“Wait for me.” I said

“Hurry.” She replied.

I moved my hands from her bottom to her waist, moving her up and down on my cock, pushing harder every time she came down. Madison was now moaning as her body began to shake, and lose control as she released her juices all over my cock. I felt her pussy contract one last time as I pushed deep into her, and released my load into her very wet pussy. Madison went limp on top of me, resting her head on my shoulder, and breathing hard. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her fore head, as I laid there in guilt. I really loved her, but I still dreamed of her daughter. Was I a freak of nature?

“I’m going to go jump in the shower.” Madison said as she climbed off me and headed to the bathroom.

I could hear laughter coming from the pool area as I lay there trying to catch my breath. So I rolled out of bed and put my shorts on and headed over to the balcony window.

Trina was lying by the side of the pool wearing a sexy white and pink poke-a-dot bikini which accentuated her dark tan. I could see the slight rise of her mound curving into the V of her legs. The small swells of her breasts pushed into her top. Her dark brown hair fell over her shoulders; her eyes were closed as she took in the bright sun illuminating her trim, athletic body. It was a gorgeous site. Jill was standing next to Trina rubbing suntan oil on herself. She was almost as sexy as Trina, she had long black hair, her body was slim and slightly tanned, and there was a tattoo across the bottom of her back and another on her ankle. Yet as good as she looked I couldn’t tear my eyes from her ass. That was just as perfect looking as the rest of her body. It looked firm and beautifully shaped, her cheeks just poking out slightly at the edge. The figure of beauty standing no more than a hundred feet away from me caused my cock to stiffen rapidly; I released it from the confines of my shorts. I stayed standing exactly where I was and began to stroke myself slowly, my eyes never leaving her ass. Jill turned towards me; as soon as I saw her breasts I quickened my strokes. They were large, but not overly so, firm and her nipples were dark as they showed through her top. Soon I felt the first trembling in my legs and my balls began to tighten. My hand was stroking my cock as fast as I could when it began to twitch violently before shooting jet after jet of cum onto the balcony window. Eventually I was completely drained but I still stood there, cock in hand, cum running down the window while I carried on staring at the two beauties.

“I think you might need this.” Madison said as she handed me a towel.

I jumped from embarrassment, and could feel my face turning red.

“I can explain.” I said as I took the towel from her and cleaned off my cock and the window.

“It’s okay babe. They are both very sexy young ladies, and you wouldn’t be a man if they didn’t turn you on.” she said as she leaned over and kissed my cheek. I felt her soft hand on my cock, she stroked it a couple of times, teasing me then placed it back inside me shorts.

“We need to let him rest for a while, besides you’re going to need your strength for later.” Madison said with a wicked smirk on her face.

“Oh really and what do you have planned babe?” I asked.

“Oh you shall see my love, you shall see. For now let’s go join the girls by the pool.” she said.

I stood there and watched Madison. She was wrapped in a large towel, her breasts spilling over the top of the towel as a few wet strands of her hair framed her face. Madison had glorious long slender legs, her hips curved into a smooth waist. She stripped off her towel and sat down on the bed. I watched as her freed breasts bounced as she used the towel to dry her hair. I could feel my cock stirring again and figured that I had better head to the bathroom and take my shower. I turned on the warm water and climbed in, letting the water cascade over my body.

“Hey babe, I’m headed to the pool. When you’re done bring that sexy ass out there so I can give you a massage.” Madison said.

She didn’t have to tell me twice, I loved Madison’s massages. I grabbed the soap and scrubbed myself down, then rinsed away all that remained of my morning fun. I climbed out of the shower and dried off, as I head to the bedroom to find my suit. I could once again hear giggling coming from the pool area. I looked out the window and saw Madison in deep conversation with the two girls. I wonder what they were talking about. Could it be my birthday gift?

I pulled on my white swim suit, and stood to admired myself in the mirror. I am around 6’1″, lean and well-tanned, with blue eyes and a smile that shows off my straight white teeth. I have short brown hair , and a well shaved goatee. My biceps are well defined, and bring out my broad shoulders. My back gives way to a wonderful, well-shaped ass, the kind you just want to reach out and grab. At least that’s what Madison tells me. My legs are very long and muscular. I think I look pretty good for turning thirty-five today.

“Hey babe, hurry up. Trina wants to give you that massage I owe you.” Madison said as she stood in the door way.

“I’m coming.” I said as I grabbed her hand and we made our way to the pool.

Oh yeah a massage from that sweet soon to be step daughter. What more could I ask for?

“Look girls. The birthday boy has finally graced us with his presence.” Madison said.

“Ha-ha, girls. Don’t Cebeci Escort you know I had to make myself look good for you?” I said as I lay face down on the lounge chair and prepared to receive my massage.

“Oh you always look good babe.” Madison said as she sat on the towel next to me.

Trina kneeled over me and began massaging my shoulders and back with her soft hands. It was incredibly sensuous. I closed my eyes and imagined her little hands wrapping themselves around my cock. Trina was stroking my back; her hands now went down and finally reached my firm ass. I moaned a little bit to show her that I liked it and eventually I felt her hands directly on my cheeks.

“Why don’t you take your suit off and get comfortable Jay.” I heard Madison say as she kneeled in front of me.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard her say. I lifted my head to look at her, with an arch of the brow. Madison leaned down to my ear and whispered, “You want my daughter, don’t you? Well you’re going to get her, Jill and me for your birthday gift.”

I felt myself get hard instantly and a naughty smirk came across my face. Before I could reply Madison had pulled Trina up, and without a second thought, Madison’s hands began to roam over Trina’s sexy body and right down her back to her firm ass. She began to kiss her way down the length of Trina’s neck to the peeks of her firm breasts. As she got close to her nipples she pulled them out from the swim suit top, Trina slid a hand to the back of Madison’s head to help guide her to the nipple she wanted her to start with. Madison still had one hand on her daughter’s ass and began to rub it as she worked her hand towards the pussy. I watched as Madison moved her fingers in between the fabric and her daughter’s pussy. She was now sliding her fingers in and out of Trina’s dripping wet hole. Trina spread her legs to give her mother greater access. It didn’t take long for Trina to start moaning in pleasure. I watched as Jill pressed up behind Madison and put her arms around her, kissing her back. She pushed her hand down the front of Madison’s bikini bottoms, and pushed a finger in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her.

I couldn’t take it any more I had to join, so I slipped my trunks off, my entire cock popped free. I wrapped my hand around my throbbing manhood and started slowly stroking myself. I heard Jill sigh from the sight of my very hard long shaft. I looked up at her. She had her right hand buried in her bikini bottoms. Her fingers were moving rapidly against her pussy and her left hand was still fingering Madison’s pussy. Her eyes were glued to my cock. I began stroking myself faster as I watched this little piece of heaven getting herself off. I was very much enjoying the fact that Jill wanted me but I really wanted my sweet soon to be step daughter Trina.

I walked up to the three beautiful figures, our bodies were inches apart. Madison looked up into my eyes; I leaned forward until our lips met. Her mouth opened and our tongues met. My cock brushed against her arm which was jerking wildly as she continued to rub her daughter’s pussy. I let go of my cock and placed my hands on Trina’s bikini bottoms until I could cup the rounded cheeks of her ass. I thought I was going to faint right there; my dream was coming true I was really touching Trina, the sexy figure that I have been lusting over for many months. Madison started to gasp, then choke. She broke from the kiss and leaned back into Jill, as her whole body shuddered in orgasm. She shrieked, then bit my shoulder and shuddered again. I dug my fingers into Trina’s ass, as Madison grunted one last time as her orgasm finally ended. Madison pulled her hand out of Trina’s bikini bottom and pushed her towards me.

I took Trina’s hand and pulled her warm sexy body close to mine. I was throbbing, and wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock. I placed my left hand behind her head and planted a kiss on her lips. Wow, her lips were really juicy and soft, almost as good as her mothers. We kissed softly for a minute, and then she opened her mouth in search of my tongue. I placed my hands on her fleshy boobs, and used my thumb to outline the nipples. I broke our kiss and moved my lips to the side of her neck, where I inhaled her smell. It was the sexy smell of her perfume, dark kiss; I knew it well as I would take her bottle from the bathroom and spray my pillow with it, just so I could have her smell close to me at night. I could feel Madison’s soft hand caressing and stroking my hard shaft, her lips kissing my neck and back as I continued to get to know every inch of her daughter’s body.

I continued my kissing down Trina to her breasts, taking my tongue out to lap around her perky nipple of her left breast. I made a couple of laps around making sure it was good and hard before I kissed my way to the right breast giving it the same attention. I could hear soft moans coming from Trina as I kissed my way down her firm stomach to her belly button, where I flicked my tongue in and out a couple of times. Then I continued my journey down to her wet pussy, I placed a kiss on the lips, then gently ran my tongue along them, teasing her.

“Sit on my face.” I said as I lay back on the lounge chair.

Trina put her knees on either side of my head presenting her dripping pussy to my eager tongue. I wasted no time in sliding my tongue up inside her cunt. I had just settled into sucking her engorged clit when I felt a warm mouth on my cock. I looked down to see Jill working my cock, and Madison standing behind Jill licking her ass. I continued to lean forward and placed my mouth over Trina’s pussy. Then I did what I love to do, I licked and sucked her. I spread her labia with my tongue and exposed her clit and her gold ring. As I worked it I felt her hand on my head, guiding me. I knew she loved it but not as much as I did. Trina began to buck her pussy into my face. I tasted her cum as it flooded in my mouth. Trina tasted so good, but her mother’s come was so much sweeter then hers. I focused on my dear sweet Trina as she rode my face, when she stopped bouncing up and down I looked up into her eyes and saw her warm innocent sweet smile.
I could still feel Jill’s warm wet mouth working on my cock. She was sucking lightly, her tongue swirling over my head, then running it up the underside of my cock, licking all eight inches, and tonguing the hole at the tip. I felt her full lips around my shaft and slowly try to take it all in. Her tongue undulating, her hand and mouth working together to stroke the full length of me, my rod plunging deeper with every stroke until the tip hit the back of her throat, making her gag slightly and stop.

I turned my head just enough to see Madison sitting on the lounge chair, playing with herself. Madison run her hands up and down her body, writhing to her own touch. She kneaded her breasts and pulled on her nipples, making them stand up, making them hard. I continued to watch her, as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had watched Madison masturbate many times before but this time it was way hot. She opened her legs wide, and began stroking her pussy with her fingers. Madison continued kneading her breasts and began to concentrate on teasing her clit; she had two fingers in her wet pussy, moving them in and out, finger fucking herself as she fondled her left breast. I watched Çukurambar Escort as she arched her back and began to orgasm. She was getting off on watching these two young sexy girls please her man, Trina’s eyes followed mine, and she smiled at her mother. Madison smiled back as she stood up and walked towards us. She pushed her cum soaked fingers into my mouth, and I licked her juices off. She tasted so good!

“I want to ride you.” Trina said to me as she moved around and traded places with Jill. She straddled my legs and sat in my lap. Madison made no effort to stop either of them. In fact, she helped guide my dick into Trina’s waiting pussy. I tried to act nonchalant as Trina sunk herself down and I slipped deep inside of her. Trina’s pussy was wrapped tightly around my cock, almost like it was meant to be there.

“That’s it you little slut ride your daddy.” Madison said, as she once again started playing with herself.

Trina rode steadily as her legs moved her pelvis back and forth. I moved my hand to her hips to help guide her. After a few minutes I couldn’t resist, I moved my hand down to her clitoris, as my thumb lightly rubbed her. She kept riding me, I kept rubbing her. Trina continued moving up and down on my hard shaft, as Jill now straddled my face. I once again pushed my tongue out and into another sweet tasting pussy. I used my fingers to pull Jill’s lips apart making it easier for my mouth to suck her swollen clit. I flicked my tongue in and out of her tight pussy as she thrust her hips over my tongue. It didn’t take long before I felt Jill’s body jerk in an orgasm and she squirted her juices into my mouth. I lapped it all up.

My sweet Trina was still bouncing up and down on my cock; I started moving my hips to match her thrusts. I grabbed her breasts in my hands and squeezed as she continued to move up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder on my long hard shaft. I could feel her pussy start to tighten and contract around my cock. She was building, I wanted her to cum, and I wanted to watch her face when she did.

“I’m going to cum.” She yelled at she continued to ride me.

I continued to move my hips in an upward motion to match her thrusts. I could now feel her body shaking, she inhaled deeply, closed her eyes and let out a sexy yelp, as her pussy tightened and clamped around my cock. Her shoulders swayed slightly as her body shuddered into an orgasm. Trina was just like her mother in so many ways. I couldn’t resist as my cock began to throb.

“I’m going to come soon.” I said as I look up at Jill who was still straddling my face, and gripping my hair from her orgasm.

Trina pulled herself off of me, than I felt a pair of warm soft lips taking my cock into their mouth. The warm mouth took me half way in and flicked their tongue around my shaft. I couldn’t take the pleasure anymore and my cock began to throb and release my seed into their mouth.

Jill moved from my face, and I looked down to see Trina coming up off of my man hood. She had swallowed every last bit of my cum.

“Happy birthday Jay.” Trina said with a big smile on her face, as she got up and put her swim suit back on.

I now stood up, my legs where a little weak, and I think I was still in shock as I took Madison’s towel and cleaned myself up. I pulled my trunks back on and watched as the two young girls that had just pleased me where now in the pool splashing each other.

“You okay?” I heard Madison say as she hit my ass.

“I’m pretty good. I think?” I said as I grabbed Madison’s hand and pulled her close to me. She leaned in and we kissed passionately.

“Oh your good.” She said with a cheesy smirk on her face.

“I think I need a nap now.” I chuckled.

“Why don’t you go lay down and I’ll wake you when supper is ready. Do you want anything special since it’s your birthday?” she asked.

“How about your famous lasagna?” I said as I leaned over to kiss her cheek.

“Sounds like a plan, you take a nap, the girls swim and I make supper.” She said as she grabbed my hand and led me into the house.

We headed straight for the bedroom. Where Madison relieved me of my swim trunks, and watched as I crawled into bed. It didn’t take long and I was out like a light.

“Rise and shine my hot, sexy birthday boy.” she said as she crawled into bed next to me, “How do you feel? Better, I hope.”

“I feel rested.” I said, “Did this afternoon really happen?

“But of course it did my silly man!” she said with a big smile, “Didn’t you like you birthday gift?”

“I loved it but how did you know?” I answered.

She leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I’m a mom, I know everything, and I know my naughty man. Besides you weren’t very good at hiding your wondering eyes.”

“Well thank you for the gift babe. I really liked it!” I said as I pulled her closer to me.

“Anything for you!” she said with a big smile. “By the way supper is ready. The kids are all gone too. So it’s just you and me tonight.”

“I say we eat, and then snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie” I said.

“Sounds good.” Madison said, as she tried to crawl out of bed, but I had other things in mind, as I grabbed her waist pulling her back into me. I rubbed my already hard cock against her back.

“Again?” she asked.

I didn’t answer her, as I pushed her face down into the bed and stripped her of her clothes. I pulled her up onto her knees, so that her firm ass was in my face. I slowly licked up the length of her ass crack until I reached her pretty little asshole. My tongue circled the indented pucker and then attacked it viciously, licking at it, poking at it, squirming its way inside of her hole. Eventually my nose was pressed into her crack and my tongue was buried deep, teasing and taunting the inner walls of her ass. While staring at that cute little asshole I decided it looked lonely, so I stuck my middle finger into her wet pussy for a moment, lubing it up with her juices and then pressed it firmly against the pucker. It only took a moment for Madison to relax her ass and allow me to shove my finger into it. She cried out loud as I pushed down against her anal wall, it had to feel amazing for her; just the idea of it had me about ready to cum. Several quiet moments passed as I continued to slowly push my finger in and out of Madison’s ass.

I gave her a swift spank with my other hand, and a small yelp came from her, then she let out a throaty giggle letting me know how much she liked it. My girl really was a total sex freak! My nasty efforts were rewarded with a sustained series of moans and whimpering cries from Madison. I took my cock in hand and gently rubbed it on her asshole. She lifted her ass and pushed back onto the tip of my cock. I needed no further guidance as I thrust forward with my cock to penetrate her in one long stroke. Madison let out a yelp from the pain, but I continued to thrust inside her warm ass.

I felt her body tense and her ass begin to clench my dick. I slid in and out twice more and then hilted deep inside of her feeling my balls contracted and exploded from the tip of my dick. I could feel several huge eruptions as my cum shoot deep inside of Madison, it felt like I was never going to stop coming. It felt great, and she kept grinding her hips back against me as I emptied my nuts into her. Then it happened, her moans turned into a scream as her body shook underneath mine and she released her juices.

“Happy birthday to me.” I said as I pulled out of her ass and fell to the bed.

I was never going to look at Madison, Trina or Jill the same way again. But I have to say that was the best birthday I have ever had

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