my mates mum

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this story is about my friend bliar and his mum

welll it was the start of the christmas holidays and my parents were had to go away for business and i had to stay at my friend bliars house

when i arived his mum greeted me with a friendly hello and a wave

she was in the garden gardaning i caould see her g string comeing up from her pants

me and my friends have always given bliar a hard time about his mum about wanting to fuck her but for the first time i had realy felt horny over her i felt like walking over there and shoving my cock in her mouth.

after my day dream i walked inside put my bags down and told bliar i needed to go for a shit

wile i was in the toilet and started wacken it i cumed realy quick all over my pants i had to wipe it off with toilet paper

as i walked out i passed bliars mum in the hall way she asked me how long i was staying i said a week and she told me that i will be board on the wednesday of this week i asked wy and she said bliar and her husband Demetevler Escort had to go to a motocross day thing and that me and her would be home by ourselves then she giggled and kept walking.

that night i couldnt get asleep thinking of that wednesday night. as i was laying in my bad bliar asked me if i would be comeing to the moto cross thing with him and i hasitaded then said no cause i think i feel a bit sick i was lying of course.

the next day was tuesday only one more day till the night we were by ourselves the hole day i spent sitting in the lounge room wattching bliars mum cleaning and doing little choores around the house

then that night i went to sleep on the couch and woke up 10 in the morning on wednesday and bliar and his dad had already left. i hadnt evin knew wy i was so excited that they were going its not like bliars mum had told me we were going to do it or anything i could just sense somehting was going to happen.

as i got Dikmen Escort off the couch bliar mum (fiona is her name) came over to me and asked if i wanted some hot cakes i said yess and made my way to the table she put the plate in front of me and her boobs rubbed against my neck i didnt no if she ment this or not but i liked it lol.

then after i had eaten i went for a shower then grabbed a towel and rapped my self in it and went to get changed in blairs room but when i got ther i couldnt find my bag so i asked finona if she new were it was she said to me in a sly voice that it was in her room.

this seemed very weird wy would she put them in ther as i when in to get them she followed me then she said to me that she had to find something in a cuboard and that i should feel embaresed to change infront of her so i took the towl off and then she joked with me by saying my penis was bigger then her husbands i just giggled and then she walked over to me and wiperd Elvankent Escort in my ear i would love that cock in my cunt.

i froze then i just turnd around and started kissing her her lips were wet she started grasping my ass then she fell back on the bed and pulling me down with her. then she spred her legs she was wering a skirt she told me to lift it and suck her out i did as i was told .

i had experined this before but with a girl around my age she had shaven her cunt but fiona had a slight pricly cunt i loved it.

i started just sucking it hard and licking all around it.

then she told me to take her skirt all the wayoff and to take her shirt off as i did this i felt her nipples they were very hard.

then she told me to fuck her i rubbed my cock on her cunt then i slid it in i rammed her so hard she started screaming it was awosome she started scwerming and tensing up then in one big screem fuck me fuck me then she told me to tell her that i wanted to fuck fi fis arss then i turned her around and started saying i wanna fuck fi fis ass then i rammed her i kept going and going untill i cam right up inside her she started kissing me and told me that we could do this all day and for that day i would be in heavin

by the way my name is david hannan and bliars mum is hot

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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