My Paramour

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My Paramour

This is as much real as fantasy, as much desire as experience. Fact and fiction. Some will understand, others won’t. Some might be intrigued, curious even. Those I hope can experience the pleasures they are looking for. There are so many to enjoy – with another consenting adult. As always, I don’t condone rape, though role-playing it with another consenting adult is another mater; and oft times quite fun. Keep is Safe Sane and Consensual.


Many things went through my head as I lay there, my eyes closed, but none of the thoughts lasted for more than a second. Fleeting thoughts running through my mind, like wind through a field of corn; after all what was I supposed to think about? How I ended up where I was or why I like it so much? I think part of it has to do with my philosophy in a relationship, sharing. Sharing power. Top. bottom. Yin no “why” to it, this is just how it was. As for the how? Just lucky.. If anything was going through my mind as she walked into the living room, it was “oh how lucky I am.”

I could hear the squeak of the leather boots she wore as she walked into the room; the harsh click of her heels on the wood floor. My pulse quickened in anticipation, but I didn’t raise my head from the floor. My breath caught when I felt the cold hard wood of the paddle slide over my backside. Caressing me more gently than it’s harsh purpose should allow. I couldn’t help it then, as I opened my eyes and looked up, my thick leather collar not allowing me to turn my head much.

The crack of the paddle impacting the soft round flesh of my backside echoed in the room, my cry barely audible through the large pink gag that was tight in my lush red lips. She brought the paddle down four more times, and I could feel my backside redden, soar from the punishment that I knew I deserved; after all, she told me to keep my eyes closed. I had disobeyed. Such a naughty slut I was for wanting a glimpse of her leather clad body, and large menacing strap-on.

My eyes watered and threatened to ruin the mascara that my love had painstakingly applied to me. The chains that locked my leather wrist cuffs to my ankle cuffs held me secure, Emek Escort as did the lock that bound my collar to the floor. I was here for her pleasure as much as mine, exposed, open. I was hers to use, to abuse, and she was definitely enjoying the sweet pain she was giving me.

My nipples began to burn as she gently pulled on the chain attached to my rings; elongating my nipples causing them to harden in pleasure and torment. I wanted to thank her and curse her in the same breath; and I felt a tear drip down, running along my nose to drip on the floor when she finally released the chain. I hope she never releases my heart.

Her nails slid down my back, teased me, and toyed with me. Goosebumps rose turning my flesh into a canvas for the blind to read, a story of O. A story of lust and desire. Her hand grabbed my hair pulling my head back, twisting my neck so she could look me in the eye before licking off a tear dripping down my cheek. My lovely goddess, powerful and angry; how I worship her; how I need her.

I felt the paddle again come down on my ass, hard, cruel. Causing my body to shake and jump from the impact, my lungs to scream. The tears began to stream down my face, and I knew I wanted her, needed her to use me. My body limp, my ass in the air, and open invitation to her, I had not resistance left even if I had wanted to resist; but then how could I resist her?

I finally felt the hard rubber of her strap-on against me, pressing hard into my soft flesh; and I was thankful that she had taken the time to lube me as she was chaining me down. Her new strap-on was a bit larger than her last, a good two and a half inches wide. I could feel it opening me, and I relaxed enjoying the sensation of it stretching me, splitting me, opening me wide for her. I enjoyed the submission.

The warm oil hit my back, causing me to shift as she continued to take me, to fuck me; she began to work it into my back, my shoulders and arms that were becoming more soar from the position she had me strapped in, but she never stopped, never stopped ramming her phallus into me, and I never stopped moaning in pleasure. Her hands explored every Eryaman Escort inch of me, rubbing more oil into my body, over my rounded red ass, bruised from her paddle.

Reaching under me, her oiled hands slid over my thighs, moving up them, cupping my balls, sliding down my hard member. How I loved her hands, so possessive. They slid up and down my shaft even as her shaft took me, was I in heaven or hell? Did it matter? I could feel myself building ready to explode from her strokes, inside and outside me, only to have her release my throbbing manhood before I could.

Her nails raked my back as she whispered in my ear, “not yet, oh no my pet, not yet. Not till I’m done using you.” All I could do was accept it and hold back, while she continued to use me, to make me her bitch. She used to make me beg her to fuck me, now she thought I looked cuter and more helpless when I was gagged. It gave me something to bite down on when she used the paddle, or bit me.. how she loved to bite.

Suddenly she pulled her toy out of me, leaving me empty, open.. “Well, my little slut took my new toy too well. His ass is much too slutty for just this toy, whatever shall I do?” she asked, as she slowly began to push the toy back into me.. but, it some how felt larger? “Do you know what I’m doing pet? I’m holding the strap-on with four of my fingers pointed toward you right now. That’s right, your gaping ass has the dildo, plus four of my finger in you”

She began thrusting harder and harder; and all I could do was kneel there and take it, grunting into the gag in my mouth. I hadn’t felt pain like this since the first time she fisted me, stretching me open; but this was.. more. Harder. She was taking me like she was an animal, faster and faster, and I would have cried out for her to stop if only I could; but I would have hated myself if she had stopped, I wanted her to rape me, to take me like this.

Finally she collapsed on me, her large heavy breasts pressing into my back; her nipple rings cold against me, causing me to shiver even as I came. My head spun, and I felt dizzy as my seed splattered on the floor again and again. I felt Esat Escort so open, used, tired and I realized that her whole hand was inside me in addition to the large dildo she was using; some how she had managed to stretch me open enough. How I loved this woman, this goddess, this demon.

I felt my body tremble of it’s own accord as she slowly slid the strap-on out of my well used ass, and then just as slowly pulled her hand out. I could hear her chuckling, and I could only assume it was at how wide open I surely was – I felt so empty now.

“My, my,” she said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as open as you are right now.” I felt her reach under my neck and unlock the chain that bound my collar to the floor, and I gasped for air as she removed the gag from my mouth, and I looked up seeing in the mirror that my lipstick had been smeared. I felt her fingers sliding through my hair, her nails sliding over my scalp before she gripped my hair and pulling raised me up to my knees.

“Did you enjoy it my pet?”
“Yes Mistress. Very much so.”
“Good, slut. I want you to lick your seed off the floor like a good pet. Every drop, I’ll be watching and if you don’t do a good job, you’ll be punished severely.”

“As my Mistress commands.” I said, my arms still locked in place I began to lick my own salty fluids up, the taste flooding my mouth.

“Your ass is still quite wide. I like that. It makes you look… very whorish.” She said as she released my wrists from the locks that connected them to my ankles. Then she sat down in her high leather chair, propping her legs up on her ottoman. “When you’re finished, you may come over here and pleasure me with your tongue.”

And I did, even as she slid a plug inside me to keep me open.


I don’t know if you, dear reader, can understand how this makes me feel. The pleasure this gives me, the pain mingling with it. The sensations of giving her the power, my goddess, my seductress, and submitting myself to these abuses freely. Making myself her slave or toy to “rape” or do with as she will. It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t really, all that matters is her moans as she lets my tongue explore her, sliding into her and over the petals of her sacred garden, enjoying the dew that seeps forth. Her sweet nectar, and knowing that I have pleased her. That is my pleasure, how I derive it.

Strange? Maybe. But like the moon rising and the sun setting; it just is.

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