My Uncle Tony And Me – Hot Muscle Bears (Part 2)

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Hey readers, I apologize for the hiatus; I’ve been really busy with school. But I’m back and here’s part 2 to the story. WARNING: There is a LOT of action in this installment, so don’t be alarmed if you cum several times while reading this, LOL.

I woke up in the early afternoon on Saturday. My uncle Tony and I had spent most of the night wrestling around after our savage session of fucking last night. I winced as I sat up; my body ached from the grappling and my asshole still throbbed like crazy from being ripped asunder by his huge cock. But it felt SO good. Remember his hairy, buff body, the masculine scent of his hot pits, and the sheer size of his meaty dick, I felt myself growing hard again. I had a severe urge to jack off, but remembering what my uncle had said last night, I decided to save it for him. What I didn’t know was that someone else wanted a piece of him too…

Later in the evening, after I had gone to get a soda from the refrigerator, I came back upstairs to my room. My eyes went wide with shock and lust as I saw my uncle laying there on my bed, naked as a jaybird, and playing with his balls.

“It’s time for your payback, boy,” he said in his gruff, sexy voice.

Without thinking twice, I stripped my clothes completely off and leapt on top of him. I leaned in and kissed him roughly for a good twenty seconds, and by that time, my cock was standing at full attention. Psychotic lust shot through my veins, and I made my way down and started licking his hot pits, savoring the manly musk and making my 11 inches of beef throb like mad.

“Hey now,” he said. “Tonight is YOUR turn to be the man!”

I got off of him so that he could get up, and I lay on my back, staring with hungry eyes at Uncle Tony as he knelt down at the foot of the bed and grabbed my meaty erection.

“C’mon Uncle Tony,” I growled. “Suck that cock!”

In one swift move, he buried all 11 inches into his mouth. I groaned as he began sucking me off with the intensity of a Hoover. In no time, my cock was lathered in saliva, and he was slurping on it like it was nothing! One of his hands played with my balls and the other reached up and played with my nipples. Even his blowjob last night wasn’t this good! I was practically screaming in pleasure as he sucked and sucked with all his might for about five more minutes. Then I felt my balls tense up. The hand that was playing with my nipples slid down and massaged my asshole, so I started squeezing and twisted them as hard as I could to make my orgasm EXTREMELY pleasurable.

Uncle Tony didn’t need to hear my yell of “I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” to know it. He sucked even harder, and after about 30 seconds—


It was like fire pulsing through my cock as I blasted an enormous load of jizz into his mouth. Even my orgasms from last night couldn’t compare to what was happening now; the nipple-balls-asshole play intensified my pleasure that much. I didn’t know exactly how much cum I had summoned forth, but I did know that my uncle had swallowed EVERY drop before I finally went limp.

I was covered in sweat, but knew that it was far from over. I got up and ordered my uncle to bend over the bed. He did so and I knelt down behind him. Really getting a good look at my uncle’s hairy ass now made lust strike me like lightning. After giving each cheek a couple of hard smacks, which elicited laughs from him, I buried my face straight into his ass.

Now, instead of simply tongue-fucking him like he had done to me last night, I went straight for the kill. I ate his ass with a vengeance, slurping loudly and sucking and licking like a dog. I worked up as much saliva as I could to get his ass as wet as possible. I was so lust-driven, I could hardly hear the moans that came from his mouth. I bet if anal orgasms were possible, some sort of cum would be squirting all over my face by now. After about five minutes, my tongue and lips grew tired, and surely enough, my cock was harder than a rock.

I stood up behind him and smacked his ass a few more times, then I rested the head of my cock against his lubricated hole.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do this to a man like you,” I growled.

“Give it to me!” he replied.

With one forceful shove, I drove the whole length of my cock into my uncle’s ass. Oh, he was so tight, it must have been his first time, but his half-moan, half-scream sounded like he’d been fucked many a time.

“Oh yeah, give me that fuckin’ ass,” I said as I started to pump in and out. I didn’t even bother to go slow at first; I wasn’t gonna ‘make love’ to my uncle, I was going to FUCK him! So I pistoned in and out vigorously, one hand on his hip and the other on his shoulder, so I could drive him back onto my cock, doubling the force he was getting fucked with. We both moaned and screamed with pleasure as I fucked him harder and harder, practically raping him with all my might. Sweat gushed from our pores as the savagery continued, making me fuck him harder; I was surprised at myself for being able to fuck so roughly!

“Oh, FUCK ME, DADDY!!!” he yelled.

I pumped as hard as I possibly could at this, and minutes later, felt myself tensing up again. I didn’t even bother to Gaziosmanpaşa Escort warn him, because I had something in store for him…

He clenched his ass around my cock and I came, shooting massive amounts of cum into his wanton anus. But I wasn’t done, oohhhh no…

I pulled out of him and quickly knelt down and started eating his ass again. I’d never had a lust like this! I rimmed him like I did before, but now there was something else, the sweet taste of my cum. I felched him, sucking my own load out of his ass, and the taste kept my dick rock hard. I went crazy, licking and licking until I had enough.

I stood up, some of my cum still on my lips, mustache, and goatee, and turned my uncle over onto his back.

“I’m not done with you yet, bitch!” I proclaimed, and I grabbed his legs, lifted them, and dragged him towards me. My cock was still nice and firm, and with an almighty shove, forced it back into his ass, lubed with my saliva and cum.

I leaned in close to his face and started fucking him like a beast again, the cum dripping onto his own face.

“Who’s you daddy, punk?!” I yelled.

“You are! You are!” he said between moans. I kissed him roughly again, letting him taste my cum again. “Oh, fuck me, Josh! FUCK ME!!!!!”

I bit down hard on his nipples, sucking them with a vengeance, which made him moan even louder. I had become a pure animal with my savage fucking! He reached down and bean to jerk on his 12 inches of beef. I suddenly realized that through all this, he hadn’t busted his nut yet. All jokes aside, I rammed in and out of his ass with all my might, reaching down and twisting his nipples as hard as I could, making sure that this would be the most intense orgasm he’d feel for a while.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he screamed, he pumped his cock with his hand harder and harder…


HUGE jets of jizz came gushing out of his cock. He came so hard, most of it landed directly into his open mouth and face, while only a bit landed on his chest.

“Yeah, shoot that fuckin’ cum all over yourself!” I said. He swallowed what was in his mouth, and with his hand, scooped what was left and swallowed it too.

He finally finished cumming, but I was still fucking him like a madman. I lifted him arm and rubbed my hand all over his sweaty pit. I retracted the hand and put it to my face, enjoying the smell and licking the sweat. This was enough for me.


I pulled myself out and lifted his other arm and jerked my cock for a few more seconds—

My aim was perfect; I blasted my load right into his armpit, shocked at how much I was still shooting, which was a decent-sized amount despite being my third orgasm of the day. I panted and growled as I came, finally feeling relieved. Once I was done, I leaned in and ravaged his hot pit, glorifying in his masculine musk and tasting the mixture of his sweat and my cum. I did this for about thirty seconds, taking in a lot of cum and sweat, before retreating and locking my own lips onto my uncle’s again, letting him have a smell/taste.

Suddenly, I heard a moan, and yet, it came neither from my uncle, nor from me. I saw movement out of the corner of my eyes and lifted my head to see who it was. A bolt of embarrassment hit me like an iron-clad punch.

My father had walked in on me fucking his little brother like a maniac. I felt a brief wave of guilt, before something else took my eye. He was standing there with no shirt on. He was just as hairy and muscular as Uncle Tony and I were. What’s more, his left hand was playing with his nipples while his right hand rubbed his dick through his pants, and he had a look of sensual pleasure on his face.

I lay there on top of my uncle, puzzled, but watching him play with himself was very arousing.

“Damn, son,” he said in his throaty bass. “I didn’t know you liked bears.”

He laughed, and I felt relieved that he wasn’t pissed at me. But what the hell was he doing here? Wasn’t he supposed to be on a business trip?

As if he read my mind he explained. “The conference got cancelled at the last minute, so we stayed at a hotel and came back this morning. Both of you were asleep when we came in. Your mother’s out somewhere with her girlfriends and probably won’t be in until after midnight. Boy, if she heard what’s been going on in here! I walk in on you fucking the shit out of my brother. Looks like lust for him runs in the family.”

I puzzled the last thing he said, and he went on, “I’ve been fucking your Uncle Tony for a long time, Josh. You must not know; he lives just a few counties over now. Where did you think I was going all those times I told you and your mother that I was going bowling or golfing? Nah, I just drove over to his house, and we did the exact same thing you guys were just doing, sucking and fucking like two wild animals.”

I finally laughed, and my dad walked over and nudged me. “Step aside son, and let me show you how it’s done.”

I went and sat down in the chair at my desk, my cock limp and aching like hell. My dad undid his jeans and dropped them and stepped out Gölbaşı Escort of them. DAMN! Uncle Tony was right; big dicks DO run in the family. A full, rigid 11 ½ by 2 inches protruded from my dad’s hips. Uncle Tony sat up and kissed my dad.
Whoa! An uncle and his nephew were one thing, but two BROTHERS?! Oh, what the hell, they were both buff, hairy, and downright sexy, so what did it matter?

My uncle made his way down, rubbing his face all in my dad’s torso hair, and playing with his nipples, before he made his way down to the horse-like prick in front of him. Without hesitation, he took it all in, and started sucking my dad off with similar intensity as he had done to me. My dad touched himself and toyed with his own nipples while receiving his blowjob. I felt a sharp pain in my cock as I felt it begin to swell up again. Uncle Tony’s ass had fucked me raw; there was just no way I could jack off right now; I needed a break. So I just sat there and watched and toyed with my balls as my uncle swallowed my dad’s dick.

Suddenly, he yanked my uncle’s head off of his cock and threw him onto the bed. My uncle lifted and spread his legs and said “Fuck me, big bro!” My dad lined his prick up to his brother’s asshole, grabbed his hips, and WHAM! Drove his cock home to the hilt in his ass.

His ass was already wet as hell from my cum, my saliva, and whatever other lubrication there was, so Dad didn’t hesitate to fuck him just like I had. In no time, he was going crazy, slamming in and out with inhuman power, making my uncle scream with pleasure. Watching him pound his brother with vigor like that had my cock standing straight up again. I wanted to jack off, but just touching it made me hurt, so I continues massaging my nuts as the beastliness in front of me grew more intense. My dad leaned in and sucked on his brother’s nipples, biting hard. Then he went for the pits, burying his face in a hairy, smelly heaven. The sight almost made me lose another load. Then I saw my uncle pumping his cock again.

“Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Fuck me, Andy!” He yelled, and my dad yanked on his nipples. Within a few seconds, Uncle Tony was blasting massive loads all over his chest again. Dad rubbed in all in his chest hair as he continued to furiously pound my uncle’s ass. His face was scrunching up and I could tell he was close to jizzing too.

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! AHH, OH FUCK!”

He pulled out and brought my uncle’s face to his cock, holding it in place as he came, covering his face in a blanket of liquid white. Laughing and groaning, he looked down at his brother who was slurping up as much as he could.

I didn’t know how much more I could take. Yet again, my dad read my mind. “Don’t worry, Josh. I got something for your uncle that I think you’re gonna REALLY enjoy. I’ll be right back.” He walked out of my room.

“Goddamn, he fucked you HARD!” I said to my uncle.

“Hell yeah,” he said. “But it’s only fair after all the times I’ve fucked him like that.”

My father walked back in the room, and had in his hands some strong rubber gloves, and a large container of lubricant.

“Josh, we’re gonna have some real fun with your dear uncle,” he said in a teasing voice. “Tony, lay back. Josh, get up there by his head.” I did so. “Hold his legs up over his head and spread them.”

As I did this, I watched Dad put on a pair of the gloves. He opened the jar of lube and put a copious amount onto his hands. He looked up at me with a sinister grin and said “He’s gonna love this.”

My dad started shoving his fingers into my uncle’s hole, first two fingers, then three, then managing to get four in. My mind concluded what he had in store for him! I had never really thought it possible, but it was coming true right before me; my dad was hell-bent on shoving his entire fist up his brother’s ass! My uncle was screaming, I couldn’t tell whether it was from pain or pleasure, but from the looks of it, with FOUR fingers up his ass, it was probably mostly pain. And yet his cock was standing straight up as my father played inside his ass. I watched as slowly but surely, my dad finally pushed his thumb in to accompany his fingers and his entire hand disappeared into my uncle’s ass.

“OHH YEAH, OH FUCK YEAH…” my uncle groaned as Dad wiggled his hand around inside his ass. “Oh, give it to me…”

“C’mon Josh, I know you want some of this,” my dad said, looking up at me with a grin. He and I switched places; I knelt down in front of my uncle’s ass and my dad got up by his head, facing away from me this time. I put on another pair of gloves and slathered my hands in lube. Clenching my fist tightly, I shoved my hand up Uncle Tony’s ripped asshole, making him groan. It was a muffled groan, because he had taken to sucking my dad’s dick. I rubbed more lube onto my fist and started to push myself in further. A few more inches in, I suddenly struck something. It was hard, and about the size of a walnut, and I realized, as my uncle gave a particularly loud moan and I felt his rectum clench tightly around my fist, that I had hit his prostate gland. I started to massage it gently, making him groan in intense pleasure, while he hungrily Keçiören Escort slurped on my dad’s giant cock. Then I started shoving my arm further up his ass, stretching it beyond normal limits. Deciding to have a little fun, I used one forceful motion to rip my arm out of his ass, and with all my strength, PUNCHED my fist back in his hot hole.

“UUGGGHHHH!!!” he yelled. I started pistoning my arm in and out of his ass as hard and fast as I could while he continued to deep-throat my dad. Every now and then I’d rub his prostate, making him scream in ecstasy. Every vein in his cock was visible as I fist-fucked him. I grabbed his cock with my left hand and started to jerk him off hard, bringing even more pleasure to his body. He was yelling in pure sensual pain as I did so, sending vibrations through my dad’s cock. Dad’s moans rose to screams as he felt himself getting ready to cum.


He grabbed his brother’s head and held it in place as he shot his hot cum down his throat. Apparently the taste was what started sending him over the edge as well. Once Dad was done jizzing, he reached back and wrenched my uncle’s nipples. I pumped my fist harder and jerked his cock harder. I felt his cum rise and held it in place.

“OH FUCK!!!!!”

Again, I had perfect aim. His cum shot out in huge jets and landed right on my father’s hairy ass, mostly in the crack. My uncle moaned and shuddered as he came, and I rubbed his prostate hard, making him shoot several more jets onto my dad’s ass. He was done after about thirty seconds and I pulled my arm out of his hole. Taking my gloves off and wiping my lube-covered arm on my bed sheets, I climbed up on the bed and started licking my uncle’s cum off of my dad’s beautiful ass. I licked up as much as I could before transferring it to my uncle’s mouth.

Uncle Tony lay there, gasping for breath, recovering from the savage fucking we had just given him.

“Tony, I think you need a break,” said my dad. “Josh, I want some of what you gave him a while ago. I want you to fuck me like an animal!”

I didn’t need telling twice! And I was now mostly recovered from pounding my uncle earlier. As Uncle Tony got off the bed, my dad replaced him, lifting and spreading his legs, waiting for my huge cock. In no time, I had my meat bone buried in his ass and was fucking him stupid. Just like he had done with my uncle, I sucked on his nipples, biting hard, and rubbed my face in his hot, hairy armpits, enjoying the musty scent. It was too much for me; after only five minutes, my cock convulsed, and I was pumping hot jizz deep inside my father’s ass, roaring like a ravenous beast. Once I was done, I pulled out, got down, and sucked my load out of his ass. I swallowed as much as I wanted to, and then gave the rest to my dad.

As we kissed, Dad whispered in my ear, “Get yourself hard again; both of us are gonna fuck your uncle at the same time.”

My cock was so sore by now, I didn’t know how much more I’d be able to take! But hell, it sounded like a plan to me! I buried my face into his sweaty pits again, letting the smell arouse me, and within three minutes, my cock was back at attention.

“Get your ass over here!” we yelled at the same time over at my uncle. He obeyed. I lay down on my back on the bed, my cock firm and erect. Uncle Tony got on top of me and knelt down, resting the entrance to his ripped ass against my dick before lowering himself fully, taking my entire shaft up his ass. He was still very loose from the fist-fucking, but his ass would feel very packed again in a second. A few seconds later, my dad got on the bed behind him and drove his cock up his brother’s ass. Both of us being so well-endowed, Uncle Tony felt like he was being fist-fucked again.

My head was spinning; my uncle rode my cock like a pro, while his brother drove in and out of him from behind. All three of us were grunting, groaning, and sweating heavily. My dad’s cock ground against my own, making it more pleasurable for both of us. We fucked savagely for nearly ten minutes, my dad playing with my uncle’s nipples while the latter played with mine, and I was jerking his fat prick.

My uncle started yelling with orgasmic pleasure and I felt his cock swell in my hand, and with an almighty roar, he spewed his load all over my hairy chest. I scooped it up and made him eat it. He rode my cock harder and likewise my dad pounded with extreme speed and force. We were both screaming as at long last, he and I came simultaneously, filling my uncle’s rectum with our jizz. It was one of the best feelings of my life…

The two of them collapsed on either side of me and we lay there panting hard, drenched head to toe in sweat. My cum-laced cock was limp now, and sore as a motherfucker from five huge nut-bustings. I wouldn’t be doing any fucking for nearly two weeks.

“That was the best fuck I’ve had in years,” breathed my uncle.

“Hell yeah,” I said. I sat up and climbed over my dad to grab my jeans. Right before I pulled them on, my dad gave my ass a hard smack.

“You’re a good fuck, boy,” he said. “You gotta fuck me again sometime.”

I pulled my pants up. “Maybe I will,” I said as I lit a cigarette.

We chilled for the rest of the evening, watching TV, but definitely too tired to fuck again. Uncle Tony left the following morning to go back home. After that, any chance I got, I’d go with my dad whenever he visited him and we’d fuck like crazy. But never like the threesome we’d had that one weekend.


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