Naruto- KoRn Koncert In Konoha: Part 8

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It was another beautiful day in Konoha and Naruto was taking Tenten for a walk down Main Street, leash in hand.

“I know you like going for your walks on a leash Ten-chan, but once you get pregnant I won’t allow it.”

“C’mon Naru-kun! I love my leash! I surrendered to your demand that I don’t eat my food from my dish when I’m pregnant! I’ve gotta have something to put me in my place.”

“I’m sorry but I just wouldn’t feel right taking my pregnant wife around on a leash… Hey wait a minute! Let’s compromise here. You want your leash, but I don’t want to lead you crawling around once you’re pregnant. So how about I still lead you around on a leash, but walking instead of crawl…HUAGH!”

Someone hit him in the back of the head, hard. He reached at the back of his head before drawing his hand back to check for blood, only a dot.
“What’s the big idea you can’t just…”

He stopped in mid-sentence as his eyes came to rest on the assailant. It was Choji. He looked worse than Naruto had ever seen him before. His usually clean shaven face was consumed by 5 o’clock shadow and his exuberant eyes were dulled and bloodshot. It even appeared as if he’d lost a bit of weight. His clothes had multiple stains as if he’d worn the same outfit for a while now. He seemed to be having some trouble standing up. He raised the previously unseen bottle of sake to his lips and drained the rest of the bottle before gripping the neck of it and breaking it against a wall.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you Uzumaki! You Bastard piece o shit!”

Naruto dodged as Choji charged him, swinging the broken bottle. Choji lost his footing and fell face first on the ground and began to weep.

“Choji… what the hell happened to you?”

He attempted to help Choji up but Choji swung a fist at him.

“Keep your girlfriend stealing hands off of me you fucking backstabber!”

Naruto drew back as Choji sat up and tried to get to his feet but ended up falling back on his ass.

“Ayame was my girl… why did you take her from me Naruto? She was the only thing I had left in this world. I was planning to kill you, but if that wasn’t destined then I guess the opposite will have to do.”

He brought the broken bottle up to his throat. Naruto jumped into action and ran towards Choji, wrenching the bottle from his hand and throwing it against the wall where it shattered.

“What do you mean, ‘Your girl’? She didn’t say she was dating anyone.”
“She didn’t know we were. I was sending her letters, anonymous letters, confessing my love for her. I was writing my letter to her telling her where to meet me when I heard you and she had just gotten married. I’ve been out of it for days, drinking, stoning, and never sleeping a wink. I knew one of us had to die. Maybe even both.”

Naruto watched him with concern in his eyes. Before pulling him to his feet despite his reluctance to let Naruto touch him. He dusted him off.

“Choji, why don’t you come to dinner at our place tonight? We’re having barbeque. Ayame’s cooking tonight.”

Choji gave him a passive glance before looking back to his feet.

“I-I-I need help Naruto. I just attacked you! I tried to kill you! I even tried to kill myself! That’s not me Naruto! That’s not me.”

He fell back down, weeping once again. Naruto sank to his knees and put a hand on Choji’s shoulder.

“Y’know Choji, call me crazy but no matter how severe the situation is, I’m always willing to forgive. Even a man who attempted to murder me. Come back to my house. I’ll look for some clothes for you and you can shower and have a good meal on me.”

Choji continued to stare at the ground before looking back to Naruto.

“Okay Naruto. I-I just need to sort myself out first.”

He attempted to get back to his feet again, and once again he failed. Naruto braced Choji on one side and motioned for Tenten to assist him. Together they helped Choji walk home with them. Later they helped Choji to the couch and propped him in a lying position.

“Hey Saku-chan! Come here and make sure Cho’s okay!”
“Oh my God! Choji what happened to you?”

“He just hasn’t been himself Saku-Chan. I need you to check him out and provide treatment if at all necessary.”

“I’m alright Naruto. I just… need a minute to compose myself.”

Sakura however had already begun examining him. And was passing her green energy-concentrated hand over him.

“Apart from a high alcohol percentage in his bloodstream and a fractured ankle, I can’t see anything severely wrong with him. I can heal the bone and use some detoxification medicine Lady Tsunade taught me how to make to sober him up a bit.”

Within the span of half an hour, Sakura had successfully mended his broken bone and extracted most of the alcohol from his system. Naruto held a large orange robe in his hands. Choji sat up and shook his head as if shaking off the last of the alcohol and carefully stood before putting all of his weight on his newly mended ankle to make sure he could stand.

“Thanks Sakura, for everything. I don’t know what got into me.”

He turned and walked towards Naruto. He stopped in front of him and embraced him as he would a brother.

“I’m sorry Naruto. I don’t know what happened to me. I only know one thing, I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

“I told you Cho. I forgive you. Here put this on once you get out of the shower. It’s down that hall, fifth door on the left.”

He handed Choji the robe and pointed him in the direction of the bathroom. He took it and walked down the hall. Naruto went to Sakura and gave her a hard kiss on the lips.
“Thanks Saku-chan. I’m glad you were here.”

“I didn’t want to say anything in front of Cho, but I didn’t know it was possible to be alive with as much alcohol and pills in his system. Did he have a death wish or something?”

“He… was in love with Ayame. When he heard of our marriage he went into a depression. He even tried to kill me before attempting to kill himself.”

“Really? He loved… me?”

All in the room turned to look at Ayame who had just come home from grocery shopping. She had a look of utter sadness on her face.

“I was getting letters from someone but I never would’ve suspected him as the one who was sending them.”

Hinata took her groceries to the kitchen while Hanabi walked her to sit on the couch. She sat there, tearing up a bit.

“It’s alright Aya-chan. You didn’t know who it was, and besides Choji’s never one to hold a grudge.”

Ayame wiped her eyes and looked at Naruto.

“I still think I owe him something, something as an apology for almost ruining his life.”

Suddenly an odd look came over Ayame’s face. She got up and took Naruto off to the side, out of earshot of the other girls, and whispered into his ear. Naruto also got a sly grin on his face after hearing her out.

“If it’s fine with you Aya-chan, it’s fine by me.”

An hour later dinner was eaten. It was difficult to cook for all of Naruto’s wives, as many before Ayame found out. But to Ayame, it came naturally. Choji sat directly beside Naruto. A space usually reserved for Hinata. Choji spoke after his third helping of barbequed beef.

“That was excellent Ayame-cha… Ayame.”

“You sure you don’t want more? There’s plenty left for fourths.”

“For once in my life, I think I’m actually full.”

Everyone around the table let out a mock gasp before all broke out in laughter. Choji just grinned.

“Well. Thanks for everything Naruto. I guess I should take off now. My clothes out of the washer yet?”

“Not just yet Cho. You’re gonna stay the night with us. I insist.”

“I can’t Naruto. You’ve been kind to me tonight. I would feel like I’m overstaying my welcome.”

“How could you be overstaying your welcome when I invited you to stay?”

He fell silent for a few seconds before shrugging his shoulders.

“Alright then. I guess you have a point. When’s bedtime?”

“Around here it’s whenever you hit the bed, unless you have something else to do that involves a bed.”

They all shared laughs for another hour or so before Ayame nodded at Naruto and went upstairs. A short time later Naruto spoke up.

“Alright Choji. Come with me, I have something to show you.”

Choji got up and followed Naruto upstairs and down the hallway. They stopped when they came to Naruto’s bedroom.

“Prepare yourself Cho.”

He had no idea what Naruto was talking about until he opened the door. His jaw dropped to the floor. On the bed was the most beautiful sight he had ever laid his eyes on. Ayame was lying there spread eagle, completely nude.

“Hi Cho. Like what you see? Wanna come over and get down?”

“Na-Naruto? I-I Can?”

After listening to Choji splutter and attempt to speak in understandable sentences for a minute he silenced him.

“Aya-chan and I felt guilty about stealing your chance at love, so she has generously offered a threesome. That is if you are comfortable with it. Choji only spluttered some more before doing a double take.

“Are you sure Naruto? I know I love her, but she’s your wife. Are you really okay with this?”

“I said its okay. I feel like I owe you something for taking your girl. The least I can do is give you a taste of the action.”

Ayame nodded at Choji before opening her legs and spreading her tender looking pussy lips and probing them with her middle finger and making the most provocative sound that had ever reached his ears.

“Well… I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

Naruto chuckled a bit and held the sleeves of Choji’s robe to help him out. Soon after Naruto removed his clothing and stood beside Choji. They looked at eachother and took a turn nodding before taking steps towards Ayame. Choji couldn’t believe what was happening. He was being invited to have sex with his friend’s wife. He was thrilled but at the same time a bit guilty.

“Are you absolutely sure Naruto? I feel like I’m crossing the line here.”

Naruto sighed and walked over to him and to Choji and Ayame’s surprise he kissed him. Ayame was shocked but the more she watched this, the more she became aroused. Soon Choji’s own shock had subsided and he began to kiss back with interest. After the kiss was broken Naruto led him close to Ayame and gripped his slowly growing erection before guiding it to Ayame, who took it with much pleasure.

“There Cho. Does that prove that I’m sure? Or do you need more proof?”

“N-No I think I g-got this from here.”

Ayame was stroking the length of Choji’s cock, rubbing her thumb over the drooling head when she reached the top. It seemed that she was thoroughly enjoying herself too. Naruto came up and ran the head of his own cock over her cheek drawing her attention to it as well. She turned her head and began to lick the tip of Naruto’s cock, all the while still stroking Choji at a torturously slow pace. Choji began to groan and she decided that she had tortured him enough, she moved closer to him and slid his cock into her mouth. Choji’s eyes, which had been closed in agony, shot open as his rod was encased in a warm wet crevice which he had never felt before. Ayame smiled around his cock as she heard him moan and try to push in further. Naruto smiled as he watched the sight. Choji deserved this. He had been pushed around and made fun of for far to long and it was about time something good happened for him. He walked around to Ayame’s back end and gently slid himself under her so he could lap at her folds, which were dripping her sweet juices onto the bed sheets. At this Ayame hummed her pleasure around Choji’s cock, causing him to reach down and take hold of Ayame’s brown locks and begin to thrust into her mouth with ferocity. Naruto continued his work on Ayame’s pussy, while also reaching around to stick a finger into her ass. Choji as well had begun to hold the back of her head in one hand while twisting one of her succulent nipples with the other. Suddenly Choji felt a hand on his cock. Looking down he could see that Ayame was using both hands for support. Curiosity rising, Choji turned his head to see Naruto grinning back at him. Seeing as Naruto was still underneath Ayame, Choji figured this must have been one of his shadow clones. Choji’s train of thought was lost as the clones hand began to stroke his cock wile Ayame continued to suck on it. Naruto was now doubling his efforts to try and get Ayame to cum, knowing that the sound of her orgasm would send Choji over the edge. He added another finger to the one that was already in her ass and began to scissor her tight passage. He lightly nibbled her clit and swirled his tongue around it for good measure before feeling her tremble and shudder. Choji’s cock fell from her mouth as she began to scream out her moment of ecstasy. The clones hand continued to pump Choji’s cock as he came, splattering his cum all over Ayame’s face. The first shot rocketed from the tip and landed in her hair, the next found her cheek, the third hit her nose, and she took the head back into her mouth to catch the rest. Naruto, meanwhile, was lapping up the prize which he obtained by pleasing his newest wife. When he was finished he sat back against the headboard, arms folded behind his head.

“Hehe, that was fun, wasn’t it?”

The other two nodded weakly. Ayame spoke up in question.

“Naruto, don’t tell me you’re tired. We’ve barely even started yet.”

Naruto chuckled as if being amused by the idea of being tired.

“Are you kidding!? I have enough energy to fight an entire shinobi army, but I want to watch while you and Cho go at it. This is the first time I’ve watched a friend fuck my wife and I want to enjoy it.”

Ayame looked to Choji and then to his still hardened cock and then back to her husband. She winked and turned her attention back to Choji.

“Well Cho-kun, aren’t you gonna take me? I thought you wanted my body for your sick needs.”

Choji pounced like a cat on a mouse, pinning her down on the bed. He took a moment to lick and bite at her nipples before taking one entirely into his mouth and sucking on it all the while prodding her wet snatch with the head of his cock.

“Put it in Cho-kun! Fuck me! Make me an adulteress!”

Choji knew this was a sin, even with the consent of her husband, but he needed her so bad. He needed to feel her writhing in pleasure underneath him and to feel her walls contract around him as he brought her to orgasm. He pushed his way inside of her almost cautiously as if to give Naruto time to change his mind, but the blonde in question merely nodded while stroking his length watching him enter her.

“Fuck her Cho. Make her scream your name. Fuck my slutty wife’s brains out.”

Those words went through him like fire as he began to thrust into her slapping the side of her ass every other thrust. Naruto watched this sight with deep interest, jerking his rod as Choji pounded his wife, Kızılay Escort fueled by the moans coming out of her mouth as his friend pistoned in and out of her.

“Aya-chan, you look so hot with Cho’s cock in your pussy. We’re gonna have to invite him over to do this more often. And next time I’ll tape it so the rest of the family can watch.”
Choji began to feel that all to familiar tingling sensation in his balls and slowed his pace a bit, coming to his senses a bit.

“I better pull out now.”

But Ayame only wrapped her legs around his waist before he could do any such thing.

“No way my sweet little Cho-bear. Naru-kun and I have already discussed this, and we both want you to cum in me.”

Choji looked shocked but looked to Naruto, who continued to beat off to this gorgeous display of adultery that would’ve made Hester Prynne as scarlet as the letter upon her chest.

“But Naruto, what if I get her pregnant?”

“Then you’ll get her pregnant. Then you and I will work to take care of the child. Of course if you want you can keep it in full custody.”

Choji could only nod as he began pounder into her faster again. Her muscles tightened around him attempting to milk him of his seed. The attempt was a complete success. He moaned out in pleasure and began to feed her hungry pussy load after load of Akimichi semen. Naruto, meanwhile, moved to Ayame’s mouth as she opened it and laid the head of his cock against her tongue as he began to cum. Ayame hungrily drank all that he had to offer. Choji then pulled his manhood out of Ayame and began stroking it back to full hardness, one burning question on his mind.

“Hey Naruto, how bout we do her at the same time?”

Naruto looked at him with a sly grin painted across his face.

“I got a better idea Cho.”

He formed the hand seals and produced three clones.

“We’ll do this cruise control style.”
Choji nodded and the team assumed their positions, Choji at her ass, Naruto underneath her to take her pussy and the clones taking her hands and mouth.

“You ready Choji? I want us to go in at the exact same time.”

Choji nodded again and placed his cock at her asshole while Naruto rubbed his dick teasingly against her moist cunt. Ayame was already working the clones over with her mouth and hands, trying her hardest to get them to cum.


Both shoved into her roughly causing her to scream in pleasure around the cock in her mouth, which in turn caused it to cum sooner than expected into her eager mouth. Though they were clones she new that the seed was very much real and she was glad to have it splattered all over the back of her throat. The clone, meanwhile, had grabbed some of her gorgeous brown locks and had begun to jerk himself off with it. The two taking her holes watched this intently.

“Uh…yeah…you seein’ this Cho?”

“How can I not? Sexy aint it?”

Naruto chuckled and grabbed one of Ayame’s tits licking the nipple and sucking it into his mouth. Ayame moaned and worked her hands faster around the cocks in her hands, desperately wanting to feel their cum spray all over her face. The clone jerking off with her hair spoke up.

“H-Hey boss. You ever tried jerkin’ with her hair? If you haven’t then you have to sometime. It’s all silky and soft.”

Naruto made a mental note to try that some time or another as he continued to suck and bite on her nipples. Choji, meanwhile, continued to pound in and out of her ass at a rapid pace.

“Have you ever taken her ass Naruto?”

“What kind of husband would I be if I deprived this little slut of such a feeling? Of course I have.”

“Shit, she feels too tight to have been fucked back here. Usually it at least stretches a bit after the first few fucks, but this is as if she still has her cherry.”

“I know, amazing isn’t it?”

“Sure as hell is!”

They continued to ravage her body. Naruto was now using one of his hands to pinch Ayame’s clit as he fucked and Choji had begun to slap her ass with every other thrust. Ayame couldn’t take it much longer and she knew it.

“I’m cumming boys! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Within a few more seconds of rough pounding Ayame screamed out her pleasure. Her orgasm was key to the release of all the others involved. The clones began to groan and jerk faster before aiming their cocks at Ayame’s face and blasting her with forceful jets of their semen. The clone using her hair yelled as he came, streaking her brown hair with its white essence. The scene he had glued his eyes to caused him to groan and with one final rough thrust, Choji came, firing into her tight anal cavity. And finally, the tight contraction of her vagina cause her husband to cum, blowing his load into her womb. The clones poofed out of existence with a contented sigh, leaving the three to regain their breath. Ayame was the first to speak, still gasping for breath.
“We’ve…got…to do this…again…sometime.”

“You’ve got a great wife here Naruto.”

“You can say that again! And Ayame’s right feel free to come over whenever you need to get your rocks off, she’ll be more than happy to do it for you.”

Choji nodded and fell over backwards from exhaustion. Naruto chuckled and wrapped his arms around Ayame and rubbed her back as the three fell into a happy slumber.


“They’re done now, they’re sleeping.”

Hinata had activated her Byakugan and had been telling the others what was going on. Ino, who had been fingering herself began gushing her fluids on the floor.

“I cant believe I never gave him the time of day. I want him next time! Figures he would fall for Ayame though…”



“Tenten, are you sure you’re ok? You look a bit green.”

“I’m alright Naruto, it’s just a bug. I should be over it in a few…”

Tenten was interrupted however by the torrent of vomit which cut off her speaking. She gagged and choked on it as it poured out. When it was all over she fell back issuing a cough. Naruto couldn’t help but think it was his fault though. Looking at the bile on the floor, he noticed quite a good portion of it was white. The contents of the “meal” Naruto had fed her last night.

“You think my cum caused you to get sick? You did eat quite a lot of it. You dried me out along with 3 of my clones.”

“Even if it was my midnight snack that made me sick, it was all worth it Naru-kun.”

Naruto held his hand to Tenten’s forehead. She was burning up. That ruled out the possibility of it being his semen that made her sick. It was as she had said. It was a bug. But was it serious?

“Tenten, you have a bad fever. I’ve gotta get you to a doctor to get you examined.”

She jumped up to her knees faster than any sick person he’d ever seen.

“NO! No doctors!”

“But I’m worried about you Tenten! What if this is serious? We’ve gotta get you all checked out so we can treat this.”

“Well if you have the power to insist me seeing a doctor, I exercise my power to see a veterinarian.”

Naruto sat there, dumbstruck at how seriously Tenten took the role as the family pet.

“Honey, I know you like being a pet, but we’re gonna need boundaries. You need to see a doctor for humans. Vets don’t treat humans; they’ll laugh us right out the door.”

“I’ve never been treated by a doctor before. My family always took me to the vet as well.”

“W-what!? You’ve always gotten your medical help from the vet? Why? How? When have they ever treated humans?”

“Well, ya see… I’m kind of a special case…”

She reached into her hair and removed the ties holding her buns. What happened next made Naruto want to pass out, both from shock, and from all the blood leaving his brain and rushing to his cock. Hidden under the trademark buns of Tenten were a pair of cat’s ears.

“I’m half neko.”

“Uh, wha, huh, hmmm?”

Tenten giggled and twitched her ears, an action that almost made Naruto pass out again. How could she have kept this a secret for so long? Surely she couldn’t have left her hair in those buns all the time. How come he never felt the ears when he would caress her hair? And most of all…

“How come you don’t have a tail?”

“Well, I’m only half neko. For some reason I was born without it. I’m kinda sad about it really… I wish I was born with one.”

This whole thing was a shock to his system. He kept staring at her, trying to control himself. She was sick; sex was the last thing on her mind right now, even if at the moment it was the first thing on his. What if she was contagious? Well the fox could take care of that easily enough, it could cure Ebola if it needed to. In the end, Naruto came to a conclusion… to hell with the germs. He got up and moved her to another part of the room to avoid the puke puddle and kissed her deeply. There was no odd taste in her mouth that you would expect from somebody who had just thrown up a while ago. But back to the task at hand, thinking about that stuff kinda ruined the mood. He continued to make out with her on the floor of her room.

“N-Naru-kun, I’m sick. Aren’t you afraid you’ll catch this?”

“The fox’ll take care of me. That’s why I’ve never had a serious illness in all my life. And even if I didn’t have the fox, I’d do this anyway. I need you, now. But I need to know if you want to too. I don’t wanna force myself on you if you’re too sick for it.”

Those words always had the same effect on every one of his wives, no matter the situation. All he had to do was speak the words “I need you” and they melted and bent to his will. Even his more stubborn wives like Anko and Seizonsha would turn to putty in his hands just by saying those three simple words. Not that they often said no to his offers of sex, but if they did, he knew what to do to remedy the situation. This situation was no different. Whatever thoughts keeping Tenten from going along with him fell away from her and she melted into his body as he continued his passionate assault on her lips.

“N-Naruto… If you’re going to fuck me don’t make me beg this time. I’m feeling better with it out of my system. Please. I need you too. Put your cock inside me. Give me all that hot, gooey cum. Fuck me now Naruto!”

Naruto needed no more encouragement. He happily teased her by sliding his erection into her in an agonizingly slow motion which made her whimper in tortured pleasure. Heat radiated from his manhood as he drove it all into her inch by inch, setting her core aquiver. Naruto could feel every feature of her pussy as he stretched it wider with his cock.

“Naruto! Please don’t tease me! Shove it all in! Please!”

Naruto smirked and leaned in to kiss her, meanwhile pushing the rest of the way into her. When she moaned at the sensation she had pleaded for, Naruto could practically taste the bliss embodied inside of it. He then began to thrust in, unable to restrain himself for long. He enjoyed teasing his girls, but in a way it teased him more than it could ever tease them. Mostly because the fox’s hormones were difficult to suppress. He began to thrust in faster, spurred on by the lustful sounds which were issuing from Tenten’s mouth.

The way that her cunt seemed to convulse each time he drove into her told him that she wasn’t far from orgasm. And if she was close, he couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to hold much longer either. Sure enough, within five minutes, Tenten began to squeal out in ecstasy and her juices began to gush out onto Naruto’s pelvic area. With one more mighty slam he buried his rod as deep as he could make it go and reached his own release, firing his cum deep into her womb. They remained attached for a few minutes before Naruto removed himself from between her thighs much to Tenten’s reluctance.

“We can continue later, but right now we gotta get you to a vet and there’s only one veterinarian in the village that I actually know.”

He scratched Tenten behind her ears, causing her to purr. If she was thinking of the same vet that he was thinking of, chances were she would be going home alone to give the two of them some private time.


Naruto signed in at the receptionist’s window and took a seat in the waiting room. It seemed odd to him to be taking a human into the vet, even if she was half neko. It felt like all the other pets were looking at him, confused as to the whole situation, but he dismissed it laughing at himself for thinking such a silly thing. A nurse came into the lobby and looked down at a clipboard.

“Naruto Uzumaki and Tenten Uzumaki, Dr. Hana will see you now.”

Both of them stood and made their way down a hall with several doors. The walls were lined with photos of happy animals, patients of Hana’s. Naruto paused at a fancy frame containing a photo of Tsume and, one of Naruto’s best friends since their Chunin preliminary battle, Kiba Inuzuka. Naruto smiled warmly at it. That battle long ago had earned Naruto Kiba’s respect, and their bond was strengthened when the two along with Shikamaru, Neji and Choji went out on the ill fated mission to retrieve Sasuke. He snapped himself out of his haze of nostalgia as he was guided into Hana’s office. Tenten sat up on the examination table as Naruto scooted a chair closer to her. The wait was short as Hana came into the room. Naruto put down the copy of the heavy rock magazine they were reading together and sat patiently as Hana picked up her clipboard. She looked surprised and smiled as she read the names on the paper.

“Naruto! Kami-sama I haven’t seen you in a while. You used to come and train with Kiba. How come you haven’t been by lately?”

Naruto shrugged wondering if she hadn’t heard about his large wedding. He would have figured everyone from the village at least would have heard at least a rumor.

“Been kinda busy these days taking care of my family.”

Hana gasped. Her shock apparent on her face. She clapped a hand to her mouth.

“So it’s true! Kiba told me a while ago but I thought he was just yanking my leash like any other obnoxious kid brother. Is it true you picked up 20?”

Naruto waved his hand dismissively. He chuckled a bit.

“It’s more like 12. Kiba always is one to exaggerate the truth.”

Hana nodded and smiled.

“And you Tenten? What brings you to the vet today?”

She frowned.

“Well I felt a bit sick when I woke up. I vomited a lot but luckily I feel a bit better now.”

Hana tsked and held out her hands as they glowed green with healing and examination charka. She drew her hands over Tenten’s body slowly. She nodded as she passed them over certain spots and smiled ceasing the flow into her hands.

“Well, bad news, it seems you’re going to keep vomiting in the mornings for a while, your breasts are going to get really sensitive and your belly and feet are going to swell like hell. But Kolej Escort on the bright side you won’t have your period for about 9 weeks with the whole neko gestational reduction.”

Naruto and Tenten looked to each other, mouths agape. Tenten was the first to make any sound at all. She shrieked and squealed, bouncing up and down.

“Naruto! Youdidityoudidityoudidit!!!! You got me pregnant! We’re gonna have a baby! You’re going to be a daddy! Ohmygod I’m going to be a mommy!”

Naruto sat in silence, his mouth hanging open in a comical way. He was going to have a child of his own. He was going to be a step father to both Inari and Kurenai’s as of yet unborn child and he would love them both as his own children, but this was different. This child was his blood, the first to be born to him. The first child to carry the name of Uzumaki, not by marriage but by his own genes. The first Uzumaki to be born since he was. He could hear Hana and Tenten both calling his name from what felt like miles away. He shook his head and looked into Tenten’s deep brown eyes.

“Naruto…? A-aren’t you happy? It’s not too soon is it? You’re ready aren’t you?”

He kissed her deeply and rubbed her back comfortingly and wiped the tear of fear from her cheek.

“Of course I am! I’ve waited half my life to have a child and now it’s here! I’m just a bit shocked. This is huge news! I didn’t expect this to happen so fast.”

Hana nodded knowingly and jabbed her pen towards Naruto’s pants.

“Well, seeing as you’re a jinchuuriki and already capable of producing more potent sperm, it’s my theory that it quickly seeded Tenten’s all too willing womb. Chances are the first time you did it off the jutsu was when it happened.”

Tenten’s ears twitched happily and she bounced some more.

“Well, I’m going to put you on some prenatal vitamins to make sure you and the baby both get the nutrition you need, but I’m sure you’ll both do great.”

Naruto and Tenten stood to walk out and bowed to Hana. She bowed back and held the door for them, smiling warmly at them as they strode past her and out to the lobby. It was only once they had left her office that Hana allowed her tears to shed. They shared excited glances with each other. Outside they were met by a familiar man, masquerading as a fox. Fox was their own personal ANBU guard. He was young but very talented at his job. He was around Naruto’s age, perhaps a bit younger. Besides being a talented guard he was an expert at hiding his true identity, but Naruto had figured him out the second he saw Fox accidentally drop an old picture book from his pocket, Sai’s picture book. Fox held out his hand to help Tenten down the steps and spoke in a voice disguised to be deeper than Sai was known to sound.

“Lady Tenten, what was the matter? Was there any reason for concern?”

“It was morning sickness. I’m pregnant!”

“Congratulations Lord Naruto, Lady Tenten. I am glad you have been blessed with such a gift.”

Naruto still felt uncomfortable being called “lord” by one of his best friends, or anybody else for that matter, but it was an honorific afforded all clan heads of the village. He shook it off and smiled as they strolled down the streets toward the mansion. Tenten continued to rub her belly softly, a bounce in her step which was absent on the trip over. He still could barely believe that in 9 short weeks he would be a father. He felt even more protective than usual now even with Fox on constant guard over them.

“When do you think I’ll start showing? Do you think I’ll get really, really, really fat?”

“I hope so. The bigger the belly, the healthier the baby. At least that’s what Kurenai told me.”

“Well if she’s right, her baby’s gonna be the healthiest in the world.”

She mimed Kurenai’s heavy waddle causing Naruto to laugh. Indeed, Kurenai’s belly had swollen to a size in which she found herself waddling everywhere she went. He and the girls had taken to lovingly call her “Penguin”, a name which had grown on her slowly. At first she had pouted about it but she now laughed heartily at it. Naruto held Tenten’s hand and squeezed it gently.

“How do you think the girls will react to me getting preggers? Do you think they’ll be mad at me for being the first?”

“I don’t see how they could. I told you all you could go off the jutsu whenever you felt yourselves were ready. And to my knowledge, you’re the only one to stop so far.”

Naruto stopped in front of their home. One of their many empty rooms had already been converted into a nursery for their future children. Kurenai had already moved in a crib in preparation for her child’s delivery and Naruto smiled at the realization that he would need to move in another soon. Much like any other day he was tackled by Inari as soon as he entered the gate. He had grown a lot in the few years since they saw eachother. He had kept his sunnier attitude, much to Naruto’s relief, instead of the mopey one he had when they first met. At first Naruto had been worried about how Inari would react to the news that he was to become his new father but was shocked when Inari had hugged him tightly around the waist so hard he could barely breathe and even more shocked when he immediately took to calling him Dad.

“Welcome home Dad! What did the vet say? Is Momma Tenten gonna be okay? It’s nothing bad is it?”

He held onto Tenten tightly and smiled his toothy grin as Tenten blushed darker. She placed a hand on her belly and stroked it lovingly.

“It’s even better than okay Inari! Tenten’s pregnant! You’re going to be a big brother again!”

Inari smiled and hugged them both tightly and kissed Tenten’s belly. She blushed and patted his head.

“You better be a boy! I want a little brother.”

“Don’t you think a girl would be good too Inari? You’ve already got a brother on the way and Konohamaru is basically you’re brother already.”

“Oh okay then, but if it is a girl, she better be a cool sister like Momma Tenten.”

With that, he sped down the path and pointed himself in the direction of the square. Tenten smiled and rubbed her tummy some more.

“I hope it is a girl, I’ve always wanted a baby girl.”

Naruto hugged her and grasped her ass, causing her to squeak.

“I have a feeling you’ll get your wish.”

They shared a passionate kiss and embrace before passing through the door to the mansion. They were met by Hinata and Hanabi. They both smiled.

“We saw you coming Naruto-kun, and you too Tenten-san. What did Hana say? How long will you be sick.”

“Actually, I’m not sick. I’m pregnant.”

Both of their jaws dropped and Hinata looked rapidly between them.

“I-I… didn’t know this would happen so fast. It’s so unexpected.

“Well, I was the first to drop the protection. I’m sure you’ll get knocked up soon. I’ve heard how many times you take him whenever you guys have a session. You’ll be seeded as soon as you drop it to.”

Hinata blushed cutely and attempted to hide her face. It was no secret that she had an appetite as powerful as any of the other girls only louder than most. She had surprised Naruto when he found how vocal she was. Sakura, believing Hinata was in pain, had burst into the room and given him a swift punch to the face which sent him flying. Needless to say, she had afterwards been more than apologetic. They left the entryway and adjourned to the dining room where lunch was about to be served. He couldn’t be happier about all the home cooking that was laid before him. All the girls had made it a habit to help out in the kitchen, whipping up enough portions to go around in the newly growing clan. Naruto and Tenten kept silent about the pregnancy to those who didn’t already know. Sakura brought out the last of the food, followed by Ayame who sat his customary ramen in front of him. Both bent and placed a warm kiss on each cheek prompting the others to do the same. He smiled at his beautiful wives and kissed them each in turn. Sakura spoke up as she scratched the back of her head.

“Who gets the best seat this time Naruto-kun? Is it my turn yet?”

“Sorry Sakura-chan, your turn comes at dinner. Lunch goes to Hanabi-chan.”

Hanabi clapped happily and hopped on Naruto’s lap. He ruffled her hair and slid the chair up to the table. This was something that Ino had done originally but it quickly became a tradition for one of the girls to sit on his lap at meals. During this time they could do whatever they wished, cuddle, feed him, be fed by him et cetera. Today Hanabi had something else in mind. She cuddled up to him and unzipped his pants, releasing his cock to the world. She lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side before sitting herself on him. He blushed and groaned as Hanabi adjusted herself. Anko slammed her fist on the table.


Everybody erupted in laughter even as Anko pouted and continued to do so far into lunch until Naruto said she could have desert early. Hanabi stayed still on his dick for the most part only moving to reach for food. She picked up his ramen and began to feed it to him. He slurped it quickly into his mouth before it got cold. She laughed as she watched him eat half the bowl in one long slurp. The others began to eat and chatter amongst themselves.

“So, Tenten, what was wrong with you this morning? Nothing serious I hope.”

“Sakura, if it was serious wouldn’t Naruto tell us right off?”

“You’re right Ino, I should have known. But I would like to know what’s up.”

“I’m fine you guys. Naruto is going to address that after we’ve all eaten. Now lets shut up and eat, I’m starving!”

They filled up her bowl and she quickly buried her face into it, ravenously devouring it all in a matter of minutes making her the first to finish lunch. The others had stopped eating to watch her. Usually she ate so slowly so she could savor it, but tonight was something different. Naruto had finished his ramen and was now feeding Hanabi Yakitori from a skewer. She moaned a bit as she chewed, as was a habit of both her and her sister, it made him pulse and chuckle at the same time. She gasped as it expanded inside her and she looked up into his eyes.

“Are you full, Naruto-kun?”

“I’m stuffed Hanabi-chan. What about you?”

“You know I am Naruto, you’re inside me aren’t you?”

He smiled at her lewdness and bounced up into her. She smiled and moaned loudly, rubbing her clitoris. The others were now diverting their attention to their display. Hinata got up and cleared a space on the table in front of Naruto before lifting the lavender dress she was wearing off over her head and sitting down. She spread her lips allowing Hanabi to lean forward to lick her sister. Ayame and Tayuya made their way over and each took one of Hinata’s nipples into their mouths. The room was soon filled with the moans consistent with an Uzumaki clan orgy. Naruto bit his lip as he came hard into Hanabi, who in turn screamed into her sister who screamed her orgasm to the world. Once the food and eachother had been ravished, they moved into the living room where Naruto drew everyone’s attention.

“Well you all know that I took Tenten to the vet earlier today and I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s going on. I think I’ll let Tenten tell you all as it looks like she’s about to explode if she doesn’t.”

Every eye went to Tenten who was visibly trembling with excitement.

“Everyone… I’m pregnant!”

For a moment the room was so silent you could hear the sand shifting in Sunagakure. Then the room became so loud it could drown out the bands that would soon arrive. Everybody crowded around Tenten wanting to touch her like she was a miracle made flesh. Sakura was the loudest.

“Tenten I’m so jealous! If only I’d stopped a few days sooner! I want a baby too!”

Naruto smiled hugged Tenten warmly. Through the clamor of women questioning Tenten came the faint sound of the doorbell. Naruto excused himself and opened the door to find Kiba standing outside.

“Kiba? What are you doing here? Would you like a drink or something?’

“No, not this time. I wanna ask you something. What the fuck did you say to Hana earlier!?”

Naruto was surprised as Kiba shouted in his face loudly. He had seldom seen Kiba this angry.

“What? Nothing. Why, what’s wrong? Is she okay?”

“She canceled the rest of her appointments and barricaded herself in her office. She won’t come out or let anyone in since you and Tenten left earlier!”

Naruto scratched the back of his head and went back inside. What could have happened in the course of their visit to have upset Hana? She had seemed a bit shaken up about his marriage and she did hurry them out a bit faster than he thought was normal. Was it possible that she was…

“Naruto? Are you okay? You look a bit out of it shithead.”

Tayuya had her hand on his shoulder and was shaking him a bit. She scowled as she ate the ice cream pop she had in her other hand. She called him such insulting names all the time but he never paid any mind to it but to laugh. She was his tsundere and he loved her. She shook him harder.

“Sorry Tayu, I’m okay just… lost in thought I guess.”

“Well you better find yourself in time for tonight. If you can’t get it up tonight when it’s our turn tonight because you’re “lost in thought” I swear I’ll squeeze your balls til they pop. Got it?”

She blushed and planted a lightning fast kiss on his cheek before walking away. He smiled at her hot-temperedness and continued back to the sitting room where the rest of his brides were still gathered around Tenten.

“Girls, I’m sorry but I gotta go back to the vet. Something just came up and it looks like I need to fix it.”

Tenten looked up from all the attention she was getting.

“Is Hana okay? What happened?”

“Kiba says she barricaded herself in her office after our appointment and hasn’t come out since. Is there anything we did that might have upset her?”

“Well, we didn’t really say much other than we got married before she said we were pregnant and then… oh my god.”

She had come to the same conclusion he had hit upon earlier.

“So I’ll be back later, you girls have fun. I’ll try to be back soon.”

He left the room and out the front door towards the vet. Sakura smiled.

“Well, looks like we should set a 13th place for dinner tonight.”

They all smiled knowingly and continued with their previous conversations. Naruto and Kiba soon found themselves outside the vet. They stepped inside and down the hallway to find that the door to Hana’s office was still locked tight.

“Kiba, go home. I’ll take care of this. I must have caused this, I’ll fix it.”

“You better. Just try and snap her out of it would ya? It’s hard enough to deal with her when she’s not emotional…”

Once Kiba had left, Naruto extended one of his claws and slid it along the side of the Maltepe Escort door and found undid the locking mechanism. He stepped inside and locked the door behind him again. Hana stood up, wiping her tears away.

“Naruto? How did you…? Nevermind, just go… please? I want to be alone right now.”

“Hana, Kiba is worried about you and I am too. What’s wrong?”

“Its nothing I can do anything about Naruto. Just go.”

“Well it’s just you and me now Hana. Will you at least talk to me about whatever is bothering you? Maybe I can help.”

He made a move for her and caressed one of her shoulders. Hana made a small whimpering noise and swatted him away, putting a bit of distance between the two of them.

“Naruto, I appreciate you trying to make me feel better, but there’s nothing you can do… Please understand. Please?”

“Hana, I promise to understand. Just talk to me, please Hana?”

She turned on him and cried out to him.

“I just found out today that all those rumors are true. Those rumors that you’re married to all those girls… and I’m not in their number. And not only that but now I learn that one of them is pregnant. Those girls are living my dream Naruto. A dream I can never hope to realize.”

“Come on Hana. You’re well liked in the village I’m sure none of the girls would object to you joining the clan. I’ve seen you looking at me while I trained with Kiba. I watched your eyes follow every single movement, caught you inhaling my scent after sparring. I know our chemistry is compatible. Marry me Hana. Move in with us. We have plenty of room. More than we could ever use even with a hundred wives!”

Hana teared up, her eyes glistening with sadness. She wiped her eyes in vain only to have more take their place.

“But I can’t Naruto. I just can’t. No matter what I want, I can’t marry you. Not now, not ever.”

Her voice raised to a scream and would have carried to the lobby had the room not been shielded by a noise canceling jutsu to protect the privacy of the clients. She sobbed now in earnest, her tears falling slowly down her cheeks and nose. Naruto kissed them away but she pushed him away so roughly he fell over the table, cutting his side deeply on a jagged edge. He felt it’s searing sting but was replaced by the familiar cooling of Kyuubi’s chakra sealing it close. He frowned and nodded as he moved for the door but Hana held him back by the arm.

“Naruto… I’m so sorry. I just can’t marry you. Mother has already proclaimed me heir to the Inuzuka clan.”

Naruto slapped himself inwardly for forgetting that the Inuzukas passed control of the clan down to females only unless there were none to take it and Kiba had already voiced his reluctance to lead the clan. He had called it “women’s work” with a snigger, knowing full well that the best leaders in the clan’s history had been women. Kiba often boasted of his warrior’s prowess, but admitted defeat in the face of all the strong vibrant women the family was known for and often spoke highly of the day when his mother would step down and pass control to his big sister, not that he’d say that to Hana or his mother of course.

“Hana… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have even brought it up. I’m one of Kiba’s best friends and you’re an heiress. I wouldn’t dream of taking your birthright away. I’m sorry. I’ll go now.”

She held him tight, refusing to let go. He could see the cogs turning in her head. She looked up with a look of epiphany.

“Naruto, we can still do it. Clan laws state that an heir must be unwed to any other clan but her own, but it says nothing of having to be pure at all. I can still have you Naruto, we just can’t get married!”

Naruto looked down in contemplation. Every girl he had been with had put her name to the paper which gave them his name. Could he really be with somebody who he would not be able to wed? Could he handle fathering a child that by all counts was his but did not hold his name? Would this child one day become an heir to the Inuzuka clan as well as a possible heir to the Uzumaki clan? What would his wives think about him sharing his cum with her when she refused to be married to him?

He blinked as he felt a warm hand clutching his bulge. Hana was making it difficult for him to think. He stared into her eyes and saw nothing but adoration, the same thing he saw when looking into the eyes of his wives. She pushed further and gripped the zipper, pulling it down slowly. She giggled a bit as his monster fell from the fly to plop itself right between her eyes with a meaty whack. Naruto had always hated underwear but just recently stopped wearing them altogether. With all his brides forming lines for a turn, he figured it would be a great time saver in the long run to just forgo them. Not only that but his sperm production had substantially increased without the restriction of undergarments, turning his previous flood into a tidal wave of mammoth proportions. Hana stuck out her tongue to lap the underside sensually, sending shivers up his spine in jolts.

“Naruto… I know this must be difficult for you. You’re not the kind of person to fuck someone without caring. Your eyes tell it all. You’re a kind and loving man with your honor number one on your list, a knight among the ninja world. I would love nothing more than to give you my hand, yet I can only give you my heart. I’ll never marry another for I feel that my soul is already married to yours.”

She touched his hand gently, running her silky index finger over his knuckles. It comforted him and helped him to escape the battleground of his mind. He felt a peace wash over him as realization took over. He knew he couldn’t marry everyone he wanted to. To do so would be selfish and egotistical. He nodded and cupped her cheek softly.

“While I wish we could marry in truth, I accept to marry you in spirit.”

She nodded and nuzzled her cheek further into his hand as she reached to touch the fiery skin of his cock. She marveled at how it was hard as stone, yet so velvet soft to her touch. A drop of precum formed at the slit where it fell onto her nose. She wiped it away with her finger and rubbed them together, feeling its texture. She swiped it across her tongue to get a feel of his taste and found herself shuddering in orgasm as it rested there. It was salty-sweet and earthy and she could swear that the liquid was vibrating on her tongue. She slid both hands up and down his shaft.

‘Kami… if just that drop of pre caused me to cum, What will become of me soon?’

Naruto moaned and sent even more precum from the tip until it seemed a constant waterfall dripping onto her face. Her hands worked faster, spurred on by his sounds of ecstasy. Naruto found himself thrusting in and out of her hands wildly and gasped as he felt his cock slip between hot, moist lips. Hana hummed around the head of his cock and lapped at the slit as even more pre gushed around her tongue. She found herself swallowing every few seconds so as not to drown on the sheer volume of the pearly fluid.

She wondered what it would be like when he came in earnest and was quickly granted her answer. With primal fury, Naruto gripped her head and thrust into her throat so wildly it made tears form in her eyes. She reached down and fingered the wet, sloppy mess her pussy had become simply from sucking him off and screamed as she felt both his cock and her throat expand and welcome in a warm torrent of cum. Her fluids gushed from her as she swallowed quickly around the rod, feeling that she would drown in it if she didn’t even though he had lodged himself in the pipe to send it straight into her stomach. She slid herself back and felt her entire mouth hosed down with his jizz. It burned her tongue and made her cum harder than ever before in her life.

‘Kami, look at me. This is the best orgasm I’ve ever had and I haven’t even been penetrated yet. How am I going to take it? It’s gonna rip my poor pussy apart…’

The stream slowed and Naruto removed himself from her mouth allowing her the freedom to breathe. She swallowed the remainder of his fluid, some dripped from the corners of her mouth due to her inability to keep it all in. She wiped it off and sucked it from her finger as she savored the taste. She smiled and looked into his eyes only to find his eyes their usual hypnotizing sky blue yet slitted as they were known to become within the fox’s possession. She was unsure whether or not she should be afraid until she felt a hand in her hair.

“I guess your pheromones are too strong for Kurama to ignore. It smells like you’re in heat.”

He grinned and showed pointed fang-like teeth. Hana supposed that Kurama must be the long forgotten name of the nine-tailed fox sealed within him. She grinned, showing the pointed canines of her own which her clan was known for.

“Well if I get it as rough in my cunt as I just got in my throat, I welcome his interest.”

‘Dear Kami what am I saying!? I don’t even know if I can handle that thing at his softest speed…’

“You really are eager for me aren’t you? You’re leaving a puddle.”

Hana looked down and saw it was true. A small lake of her juices had formed on the floor. She blushed hotly and looked up into the eyes of her lover.

“You always had this effect on me Naruto. Even before you blossomed into the man you are now. I forget how many times I had to act like your pranks were a disgrace when inside I was laughing and wishing for a man like you even when you were no more than a boy. I always felt myself drawn to you, wishing to relieve you of your loneliness…”

She laughed inwardly, remembering how much it made her feel like a pedophile for wanting him.
Naruto smiled and kneeled in the fluids and kissed her deeply still tasting himself in her mouth. He swirled his tongue around hers and raised a hand to roughly grip her breasts causing her to groan loudly. She worked deftly in removing her top until nothing stood between her flesh and his but a lacy red frontclasp bra which, too, was discarded in a flash by her lover. He grinned and pulled at her nipples with his claws, making her gasp and sigh each time he let them go. Hana grabbed his head and pulled it to her breast making him suck hungrily at a nipple like a newborn babe. Naruto’s hands were as busy as his mouth as he removed his pants, breaking the seal his lips had on her nipple only to strip his shirt and toss it into a corner.

Hana crushed her lips to his so hard he felt they might bruise later and nipped his tongue between her teeth. She pushed him back into a seated position and lifted her skirt, ripping her panties to shreds with her nails. She grinned and rubbed at her swollen pink clit, her juices squirting from her opening in waves. Without much warning she gripped his manhood with both hands and guided it into her opening with sweet, torturous slowness. He grunted as the head met her coursing heat and it ejected yet more pre cum in excitement. She lowered herself onto it further until it pressed against her hymen. She paused taking a deep breath before she dropped her full weight onto his meat causing it to rip the barrier open.

Naruto, feeling what she had done, pressed his lips to hers once more just in time to swallow a scream of pain. He hadn’t thought that her hymen would be intact at this point in her life. Hana was in her 20s, perhaps her 30s and yet she still had it. Even if she was a virgin, the strenuous life of a kunoichi usually naturally tore the hymen and still more kunoichi opted to break it themselves using foreign objects in order to spare them the pain of their first time.

He stroked her hair gently, hoping to ease her pain. She cried softly. She had told herself time and time again she would be strong when this time came but she had not been prepared for the sheer pain of losing her virginity and the size of the tool which took it only made it worse.

“I’m sorry, Naruto. You must think me so weak… I didn’t know it would hurt so bad.”

Naruto smiled and licked her cheek. He found it hard to speak with the sweet sensation of Hana’s pulsing snatch around his cock.

“The girls confessed that I hurt them their first time with me too. Even Tsunami and she even birthed Inari. I guess I’m bigger than my humble mind said I was. If I hurt those who aren’t virgins, then this reaction is to be expected.”

Hana smiled, her confidence returning, and ground her hips onto him. It hurt her still but she was beginning to feel the pleasure she had expected creeping into her. It felt as if, when Naruto was fully inside her, the head had trapped itself beyond her cervix and settled inside her womb. She sighed in thanks that he was no larger than he already was or she might have needed a trip to the hospital. She could feel every beat of his heart through his cock especially in the head. With every pulse she contracted around him. Not wanting to disappoint her mate, she picked herself up excruciatingly slow before dropping herself back onto him. They held eachother tightly as she repeated the action moaning in synchronicity at the powerful strokes of their bodies. He pulled her hair aside and bit into her shoulder roughly. She screamed as she came fiercely onto his cock. He lapped at the wound her had made on her shoulder, tasting the metallic tang of her blood. He continued his assault, forcing his way deeper inside of her. She was now moaning loudly into his neck, sucking from his ear down his shoulder.

“Hana, bite me. Bite until you draw my blood.”

She did as she was told and lodged her canines into his shoulder and drew out a mouthful of blood. Naruto did the same to her and pressed their mouths together swapping and mixing their blood. He then pressed the blood in his mouth into Hana’s wound as she mirrored him. She felt like she was melting, like he was coursing through her veins. She became even more sensitive than she was before, feeling every minute prickle inside her, every vibration. He pushed her down onto her back and drove into her harder.

“Naruto! I cant take it anymore! Cum! Cum into me! It feels so amazing! Do it now I beg you!”

He pounded into her faster as he sucked on her neck. Her pussy was twitching around him violently and he could feel every sweet rib inside of her. He drove in as deep as he possibly could and grunted his release loudly. Hana began to spasm as she felt her womb expand with every burning wave. He was filling her, she could feel it swimming inside, feel every sweet emotion of Naruto as his seed moved inside of her. She relaxed and ceased the tensing of her muscles and just relished the sensations.

“That was amazing Naruto… Truly amazing.”

He smiled and rolled them onto their sides, making sure he stayed inside of her and held her tightly. She buried her face in his chest and nuzzled him gently.

“You were more amazing Hana. I don’t claim to be the best. The best are you and the others.”

“So what now, loverboy?”
“Well, we could go and have some dinner back home.”

“Won’t you need to ask your wives?”

“I don’t think so. If I know them they’ll already have some fun waiting for us.”

Hana blushed. She had a feeling that her life was about to become a bit more interesting and that for the first time in her life all her dreams had come true.[u]

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