new neighbour’s

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We had new neighbours’ move in over the road, a nice young couple, they were mid to late 20’s both good looking, she was about 5ft 6, and well shaped, but with huge tits, must have been EE or F cup, as time went on we got to know them and became friends, we met them for drinks a few times and Jan often wore very revealing tops to show off her boobs, which although big, didn’t sag too much.

They brought a pc but neither knew how to use it, so I was talked into teaching her, but the only time that was suitable was Saturday mornings, so I made plans to drop over next Saturday and start showing her how to at least use it. Dave was working Saturday’s so it was quieter then too.

Around 9am I knocked on the door, Jan, must have been having a shower as she came to the door with just a towel around her body and ample bosoms, after letting me in she went back to finish her shower, coming into the room with a towel around her and drying her hair with another one.

After talking for awhile she went off to dress, returning with a tank top and shorts, her huge tits swaying as she moved caught my eye, of course she saw me looking, but made no effort to cover her boobs, this top was a lot more revealing than most she had worn before, from the side I could just about see all her tit. I did my best to concentrate on teaching her the pc, but my eyes would wander to her boobs every chance I got.

The next week the same thing, I knocked on the door, but this time she held the towel in front of her, after letting me in, she turned bare ass and walked back to the shower, the towel over her arm, I knew then she wasn’t shy.

Not being one to miss a chance, I stood talking to her as she finished her shower, her tits swayed nicely as she washed her hair, her shaved pussy looked great, not to big, but nice lips, my mind awash with dirty thoughts.

This time when she got out of the shower, I handed her the towel, Jan made no attempt to cover her body whilst she was drying of, she mentioned about us saying we were nudist, so she was sure I would be OK with her being nude too. She didn’t worry about dressing, walking about naked for awhile before we went into the pc room sitting at the desk her huge tits touching the key board.

Every time I had to touch the mouse, my arm would brush her tits, again she made no effort to move and said nothing, and so with growing courage I let my arm rest against her boob as I made a long winded explanation of how to carry out a windows task.

My cock was straining against my shorts and hard to conceal, Jan had looked at it a few times as I moved around, so now and then I had to move my cock in my shorts which she saw me do, each time she looked my cock got harder and needed more attention as it pushed against my shorts.

It was while I was moving my cock she said why not get comfortable and strip of, I didn’t need telling twice, my shorts and shirt hit the ground before she had finished talking. My cock was just about fully hard and she smiled saying “aren’t nudist supposed to be used to going naked and not get hard”.

I looked Mamak Escort at her boobs and said ” with those beauties to look at a guy would have to be dead not to get a hard on”, Jan again smiled and moved her hand to touch my cock, it twitched as she did, then without missing a beat she pulled me towards her and slide my cock in between her tits, saying “try this’, most guys love it.

I stroked my cock slowly up and down as Jan pushed her tits in to tighten around my cock, my balls already straining not to blow to quick, as I pushed up she licked the head of my cock, I was so close, looking at her naked body had got me horny, but I wanted more.

I held off, saying how it felt so good, and all my dreams had come at once, Jan now sucking my cock head each time, I told her I’d love to return the favour and do something for her, with that Jan moved the chair and took me by the arm to the spare bed, then lay down and pulled me over her in a 69, my tongue found her clit and I set to work giving her a good licking.

Her mouth now fully wrapped around my cock, her skills told me she had done this more than once, as her first orgasm raced though her body, my cock was held firm in her mouth, now I slipped a couple of fingers in her wet pussy as her body continued to shake and squirm under me.

As her second orgasm hit, my balls let fly, I had no notice, Jan had my cock fully down her throat as reams of sticky cum raced out, she never missed a beat, her muscles contracted and held my fingers firm as my cock finished squirting cum into her throat, we both relaxed, spent for the moment.

I turned to lay with her, as we talked she told me that Dave had not had sex with her in months, and she needed that, I said “I’ve got more yet if your game”, as we kissed my cock began its slow growth back to full hardness, I kissed her tits then went down licking her clit once more, before long my cock was ready for her pussy.

I wasn’t sure if she would want me to fuck her, or if the 69 was all she was after, but as I moved around, she kissed me deep and tender and waited for my cock to enter her womb, slowly I moved in, my cock straining to feel the warmth of her body around it, as the tip of my cock started in she jumped, then pushed up forcing my cock in deep.

My cock slid in easy, her wet pussy just seemed to suck my cock in, with her huge tits now in my face, I was like a kid in a candy shop, which one to suck on, as my mouth went from one to the other, all the while my cock drilling her pussy harder and harder. her first orgasm with my cock in her reared up, my cock felt like it was in a vice as she screamed out in orgasmic bliss, nearly causing me to cum again, but I held off, then as her pussy muscles relaxed, my cock was able to move once more.

I just had to have her ride me cowboy, so I swung her over and sat her firmly on my cock, her huge tits now bouncing proudly as she rode my shaft, I held my hands so her nipples rubbed past them with each bounce, she loved that, I felt her pussy muscles begin to tighten and Ofise Gelen Escort another orgasm ripped her body as this time she quirted over my cock.

As she came down Jan looked embarrassed, her hand going down to the wet patch on my chest, I pulled her forward kissing her deep and said that was great, then rubbed her juices into my skin, this seemed to relax her and once more she took off riding me harder now than before.

Two or three more times her pussy muscle held me firm, then she screamed and let loose gallons of juices, as her pussy ate my cock fully, her nipples now glowed red with all the fiction, her face flushed with sex, looked great, so it was time to push my luck once more.

I eased her off my cock, getting her to kneel, I moved behind and pushed my cock fully home in one go, her body responded her back arched up and her pussy began to grip me tight, as my speed built up Jan pushed back hard, as I hoped, she screamed one almighty orgasm, her pussy forced the blood from my cock and her juices flowed like rain, my pubes soaked, and a puddle formed under her, as my onslaught continued she went into a fuck frenzy, pushing back harder, her head rocking around as she carried on sucking the life force from me, that was it, my balls emptied all they had, as ream after ream flowed into her pussy, she had another huge orgasm, forcing my cum back out.

I collapsed on the floor, Jan fell limp on the bed, as we both tried to recover enough to move, she dropped down onto me, her mouth wrapped over my cock she ate her juices and my cum from my limp cock, if I wasn’t so buggered I would have cum again with the feeling going through my limp member.

It took a few minutes for us to talk, Jan just looked me in the eyes and said “thank you”, I pulled her mouth to mine, kissed her deep and said “No thank you”, and we both fell quite for awhile.

I must have drifted off, as the next thing I knew was Jan sucking my cock, no way could I get hard again yet, but boy was it nice, I moved her over so I could eat her pussy again, I tasted my cum in her, at first she pulled away, then I held her firm and told her to push my cum out, she did, then another orgasm hit her, and she quirted a small amount this time, but it shot over my face, she started to apologize, I told her not to worry, I love it all.

As I dove my tongue in deeper and deeper, her orgasm flowed so did the juices, my face and body awash, my cock now hard and ready for more fun, this time I was going to try and really push my luck, as I got Jan to kneel on the bed, my cock began to work her up again.

As she had her next orgasm, I slid a finger in her arse, she jumped, but kept coming, so I eased it in further, she said nothing, as her orgasm flowed I pushed more and more fingers in her butt.

When I got all four fingers in her, I told Jan, her ass looked really hot and ready for my cock, Jan looked back at me, I smiled and said “ you never know, you might like it” and pulled my cock from her pussy and stuck the tip into her open Otele Gelen Escort hole.

To my surprise Jan held firm, as my cock slowly went in further, her juices and cum helped to lube its entry, when 4 or 5 inches were in her I began to pump gently and get her used to the size, she eased back, her ass taking more and more each time.

Soon I slapped her gently and said ‘you’ve got it all”, now building up speed she began to wriggle around, her body excepting my cock into virgin territory. I would have pumped her ass a dozen or so times, when wham, she had an almighty orgasm, squirting loads of juices over me and spraying her back with them too.

That was all I needed, my cock pounded her ass flat out, ramming every last inch into her body, her orgasm kept coming, my cock felt like it was made or solid steel, ripped her a new hole, then all too soon, I knew I was in trouble, my balls although going for a third cum, began to swell, my cock grew more and then I flooded her bowels with more cum than ever before, as Jan had one last massive orgasm and fell forward taking me with her.

I lay on her back for a good few minutes, too tired to move, Jan just made low purring sounds, I felt my cock slipping out of her abused hole, so I lay next to her, my fingers going back into her arse, I played in my cum.

Jan then did something that surprised me more than anything so far, she turned around, holding my cock firmly, and sucked the last drops from my limp cock, she then came back up to me and kissed, sharing my cum between us. I kissed her back licking around inside her mouth, her smile said it all.

It took awhile before we spoke, but Jan told me she loved anal, but wasn’t sure of course if I did, so she had prepared herself earlier today just in case, as she knew she wanted to fuck, and seeing my actions last week knew I was keen too.

I told her we both loved anal, at first she didn’t seem to catch on, then said you like anal too, as in taking a cock, I replied “yes very much so”, I love having guys fuck my arse or Joy fuck me with our strap on, that brought a smile to her face, and a “Can I do that too”,
I said next week looks like being a more advanced course with a intense training session needed, for all 3 of us, Jan looked puzzled, I said yes Joy can join us in a ffm, her face went blank, then she told me she had never done bi.

After telling her Joy and I had eased several women into bi sex, and they had all liked it, she relaxed once more, then she asked if I was going to tell Joy about our fun today, and what we did, I told her yes of course, and more than likely Joy will get me to fuck her too, or try to, as I looked at my poor limp cock.

I asked her if she liked any kinky stuff, she asked like what, without saying anything, I sat her up, my mouth under her ass and sucked my cum right from her hole, she squealed in delight at the feeling then pushed more cum out for me to eat, then I returned it to its rightful owner in a nice cum kiss.

We showered and I told Jan to come over, and enjoy the rest of the day naked with us both, and maybe a bit of play if the chance arose, looking at my cock she laughed saying “not much chance of that working again today is there”, with a big hug and a handful of tit, I said with these and Joy Who knows what we can do, a small twitch from my cock gave me hope, as I walked home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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