Not So Ordinary Life ch. 3

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So here it is Chapter 3 MOTHA FUCKA!

Fred, Samantha and Hilary walked into their home, the sounds of sex immeaditly filling their ears.

“We’re HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!” Hilary yelled as she always did. Fred and Samantha rolled their eyes.

They walked into the kitchen to see the source of the noise. Mark had Lauren up on the counter and was banging her pussy with undying lust. HIs face was buried inside the cleavege of Lauren’s large breasts. The two lovers continued as if their children weren’t even their. Mark thrusted harder into her, her pussy getting tighter after every thrust, squeezing him. Mark brought his mouth over and latched it onto her nipple, licking and biting the sensitive skin till Lauren was giving a loud moan from deep down in her throat. Several minutes later, It was a chorus of moans and groans.

“Hey kids.” Lauren said in a breathless tone as she leaned against the cabinet in an attempt to recover. Mark looked at his watch and swore.

“Ah shit, I better go or I’m gonna be late for work, again.” He grabbed a pair of boxers and ran out the door. Although Lauren and Mark were quite well off from their previous porno jobs, Mark wasn’t the kind of guy that could sit at home, day after day. So he got some job with this big compony, but what they do is not interesting nor is it relevent to this story, so moving on.

“So how’s Kyle.” Lauren asked as she started moving around the kitchen cleaning up.

“I’m sure he’s enjoying Florida.” Samantha said as she flashed a dirty look at Fred. The sibilings were now sitting at the table.

“So I forgot he was moving, Cut my balls off why don’t you!” Fred shot back.

“Maybe I should and stick them up your ass!” Samantha stood up from the table and so did Fred. Before things could get out of hand Lauren stepped in.

“First off, no cursing in my house. Second off, maybe instead of fighting and lieing around you should start on that homework.

“Come on mom it’s Saturday, could ya get off it already!” Fred groaned at her, “The last thing I wanted was too do is homework.”

“After your 43 in Math and Samnatha’s 52 in History, I think it’s time you two got to work. And if these horrendus grades continue their will be punishment.” Lauren had already made the quick change from Rus Escort nympho to the mother with loving care, and an iron fist.

“What kind of punishment?” Samantha said with a touch of seductiveness in her voice.

“Not the one you want.” Lauren bluntly said, when it came to her children’s grades, she didn’t fuck around.

“Come on Hilary, lets go do homework.” Samantha said in a high pitched mock voice. She did a little twirl and started to skip down the hallway, but stopped when she realized that Hilary wasn’t fowolling her.

“Come on Hilary.” Samantha said a little more demanding.

“I already did it.” Hilary smiled and shrugged.

“Than help me do mine.” But before Hilary could answer Lauren’s mom sense had already translated “Than help me do mine!” too “Let me copy yours.”

“She can’t. Hilary and I are going somewhere.” Lauren said but turned back to the dishes as quickly as she answered.

“Where?” Samantha wore an expression of shock.

“Pet store, to pick out a dog! Dad finally said we could get one!” Hilary got up and went upstairs, Fred followed suit. A storm was brewing.

“Cool can I come!” Samantha gave a little jump.

“No.” Lauren firmly responded

“But I wa—–“

“Well you should have thought of that when you failed that History test.” Samnatha looked repulsed, as if her mother had just said tht she was gonna grow a penis.

“But….” Lauren gave her a looks as firm as her breasts that told Samantha not to go there.

Hilary came down wearing a pair of blue bikini bottoms and tossed her mother a thong.

“Study hard.” Hilary smiled and waved with a gloating look at her twin. When her mom was looking Samantha flipped her the bird and ran upstairs.

Fred was lying on his bed playing his Xbox 1020 with his iPod dock blaring rap music when Samantha walked in.

“Oh excuse me. I can see there is some real hardcore studying going on here. So are we memorizing lyrics today or Halo 7.” She sauntered over to the bed and sat considerable close to him. Fred knew what she was gonna do so he pretended to ignore her and the growing erection.

“So Halo is this good of a game (she grabbed and started stroking his erection) or is there something else.” She whispered Sincan Escort those last words into his ear. She started kissing down his neck, her right hand still jacking him off and her left fondiling his balls. Fred was trying to concentrate. He would like nothing more to fuck her, but he needed just one more kill and he’d win, one more kill, One more Kill, ONE MORE KILL!

“FFFFFUUUUCCCKKKK!” Fred jumped and slammed the control onto the ground and let out a stream of curse words that could gray their mother’s hair. “you couldn’t wait one more kill!”

“Jeez. It’s just a game.” She saw he was pretty pissed off and that comment made it worse. “Want me to make it up to you.” Samantha raised an eyebrow at him and spread her legs a little bit giving him a view of her pussy.

“You better.” Fred sat down on his bed.

Samantha got up and kneeled in between his legs. She took his rock hard shaft in both hands and started jacking him off again. She tilted her head and put his ball sack into her mouth sucking gently on his balls. They popped out of her mouth and she dragged her tongue along the underside of his shaft, swirling her tongue on the head as she reached the top.

“Your precum taste so good.” Samantha teased.

She opened her mouth wide ad started taking in his length. She went half way before stopping and going back up. Then she took 4 inches in her mouth before going back up. Each time she reached the head she used her tongue to put pressure on the hole. She started deep throating him, going faster up and down the shaft. Her right hand was squeezing his balls, rolling them in her fingers. Her head was bobbing up and down, dragging her teeth on his shaft. Fred was in heaven, and before he knew he’s balls started to tighten. He blew so much cum into her throat she actually started to cough.

“Shit! Are you ok.” Fred asked. He had just cum, but he was already getting hard again from the view he was getting of her pussy.

Samantha hopped back onto the bed and kissed him on the lips. It was a bit nasty for Fred who was getting a taste of his own cum but he kept it going anyway too please his sister.

She rolled off him and spread her legs. Fred lowered his head to her pussy and gave it a lick. He was about Sıhhiye Escort to eat her out when Samantha told him too stop.

“What?” Fred asked

“I want a cock in me. If I wanted a tongue I would have fucked with Hilary.”

“Fine no reason to be bitchy about it.” Fred spread her legs wider and positioned himself at her entrance.

Fred jammed his cock into Samantha’s tight pussy. Samantha shrieked at the feeling of his entire length in her. He pulled back and slammed in again, gathering a steady rythm. He propped her upagainst the headboard of his bed and started relentlessly banging her. The speed created a heating friction that hd them both yelping like puppy dogs at the sight of food.

Fred wasn’t gonna last much longer if this kept up, and Samantha wasn’t getting off, so he tried to speed up the process. He started sucking on her nipple, and Samanthe started moaning. All the girls had sensitive breasts, a hereditary trait from their mother. He stuck a finger in between her ass cheeks and started wiggling it around. He slammed harder, his face screwed up in concentration trying hold on. But Samantha still wasn’t getting their.

As a last ditch effort, Fred’s hand went down and started rubbing her clit. Finally Samantha started groaning and moaning that she was cumming. Fred let himself go, thrusting one last time and emptying his load deep inside her.

Fred pulled back and collapsed on the bed, breathing as if he had just run a marathon. Their juices were flowing out of Samantha’s pussy she sat up.

“Do you have enough energy for my ass.” Samantha asked him as simple as if she had just asked to pass the butter.

“I’m gonna be fucking raw!” Fred exclaimed pointing at his once again hard dick, but who was he to turn down a piece of ass.

So Samantha got on her hands and knees and put her ass in the air. Fred’s dick was still soaked from her pussy so spread her cheeks and plunged his entire length into her ass. It did take about 2 minutes to do it but he got it too work. He reared back and thrusted into her again. Her voice blaring like a an alarm. Samantha love it rough and that’s just how he was giving it to her. Her ass was tight and Samantha was squeezing her ass. Fred could barely thrust into her but Sam was helping pushing her ass back up against him to meet the thrusts. Finally Fred blew a load into her ass and quite literally passed out from exhaustion.

Samantha just shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the room, to finally start her homework.

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