Not Yours Ch. 03

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I apologize for taking my time with this, I had another story I wanted to get done first.

This is the final chapter of ‘Not Yours’, I fully appreciate all the support it’s gotten, especially the first chapter started as a quick story I thought up and now has the highest number of views of all my stories. I hope you all enjoy this ending.

Story first, sex second.


“This is your father.”

Leanne looked at this stranger on her mother’s couch, there was no way he was her father. She wanted so bad to believe that but she couldn’t deny it, there was no reason for her mother to lie to her.

“Why?” Leanne asked Helena after a few seconds of silence.

“Excuse me?”

“Why did you bring him here, why now?”

“I thought you should get the chance to meet your real father.”

“Bullshit mum, you’re doing this for your own selfish reason. Did you even think that maybe I didn’t want to see my real dad, that maybe I was fine not knowing?”

“Leanne don’t be ridiculous.”

“No mum, I can’t believe you actually thought I would be happy about this. You bring this stranger to me, claiming he’s a father and what, I welcome him, forgetting he had nothing to do with my life and leave my actual father to be one happy family.”

“How many times, he’s not your fa…”

“He fucking is. He’s more family than you’ll ever be.”

Joseph put his hand on Leanne’s shoulder. “Calm Anne, don’t let her get to you.”

“I just want to get out of here dad.”

“Go wait in the car.”

Leanne turned to leave but Helena wasn’t having any of it. “Leanne you get back here.”

Helena reached out to grab Leanne’s arm but Leanne spun round and punched her mother in the face. As Helena flew backwards holding her now bleeding lip it was impossible to say who was more surprised, Helena or Leanne, neither of them said anything until Leanne broke the silence.

“G, get back. I want nothing to do with you or him.”

Joseph spoke up before Helena could say anything. “Anne, go wait in the car, I’ll come out in a minute.”

Leanne, now shaking with fear or anger Joseph couldn’t tell, left the house. Joseph turned to Helena.

“That ungrateful brat.”

“Well you fucking deserved it Hel, what the hell were you thinking?”

“I thought that if she knew her real dad she’d stop seeing you, I miss her Joe, she’s my daughter and she hates me.”

Joseph almost felt sorry for Helena but she had hurt Leanne and he couldn’t forgive that “It’s your fault that she does, you brought this upon yourself when you took her dad away from her, you’re just selfish.”

Helena sat down, defeated. Peter stood up and faced Joseph. “Joe, I swear…”

“Shut the fuck up Pete. Just tell me, did you know?”

“Know what?”

“When we met did you know you were Leanne’s father?”

“I swear I didn’t.”

Joseph saw no reason to believe him but then again he had no reason to lie. “Alright we’ll talk later, you know Dreyer’s Pub?”


“Meet me there in an hour.”

Pete nodded in agreement, Joseph left without even looking at Helena, he didn’t need to. For all intents and purposes Helena had lost all contact with her daughter.

Joseph found Leanne fighting back tears in the car, Joseph got in the driver’s side and put an arm around his daughter.

“How you holding up Anne?”

“I don’t know, I just can’t accept that stranger in there was my father. You knew him?”

“We work together, he’s a temporary boss, came in a few weeks ago. He swears he didn’t know about you but I’m going to talk to him.”

Leanne sniffed, she didn’t remember when she started crying but she was, Joseph held her close and kissed her head.

“I hate to leave you alone Anne but I need to talk to Pete, do you want to go over to a friend’s house or your Uncle Trent’s.”

“I’ll phone Rachel dad, she’ll have me over even if she’s busy.”

Leanne took her phone out her pocket and dialled her friend’s number. “Hello Rach, it’s Anne. Good, you? Listen can I come over to yours, I’ve just got some big news and since my dad’s going out I probably shouldn’t be alone. I’ll tell you when I get there. Oh thanks Rach I really need this, God bless you. I’m not making fun of you I really meant that, ok see you soon.”

Leanne put her phone away, Joseph kissed her head once more then started the car and drove her to Rachel’s house.

When Joseph arrived at Dreyer’s pub he was early but Peter was already waiting for him at the bar, Joseph sat down next to him when Paige — the bartender — arrived.

“Hey Mr Martin, what can I get you?”

“Just a coke Paige, thanks.”

“What about you sir?”

“A pint of whatever you have on tap.”

Paige got the two men their drinks, Peter insisted he pay for them and Joseph wasn’t going to argue.

“So” Said Joseph after a few seconds of silence. “Start talking.”

“Where’d you want me to start?”

“Did you know about Leanne?”

“To an extent, Helena were together in high school but we split up before going to Uni. We met by accident one day and started talking, tuzla eve gelen escort she had her boyfriend which was you and I had my fiancée who at that moment was pregnant. One thing led to another and we slept together, it meant nothing and we both regretted it. A month later she called me up saying she was pregnant and given the timeframe it was mine, she told me she was having the baby and saying it was her boyfriends, yours, and I was to have nothing to do with it. That worked out fine because I didn’t want to, over the years I just forgot about it.”

“When we met did you know I was the boyfriend?”

“No, I really didn’t. I admit your story did make me think about Helena and her baby but I thought it was too much of a coincidence that it’d be you.”

“Do you want to be a part of Leanne’s life now?”

“No, I don’t. I had a family, I lost one daughter then my wife then my second daughter now I have a new wife and I’m about to have a new child, I don’t need a third daughter in my life.”

“You told me about losing a daughter before, tell me about that.”

Pete took a long drink of his pint. “The fiancée I told you about, she gave birth to twin girls. Amanda and Carol, we got married not long after their birth. About six years ago Carol was hit by a car when she was crossing the road, killed her instantly, after that things between my wife and I got unbearable to the point that I divorced her and left with my secretary, not my proudest moment. Amanda hated me for leaving her mother, she hasn’t talked to me since not that I blame her.”

When he arrived at the pub Joseph had wanted to punch Pete in the face, now hearing his story he felt differently, not sorry for him but understanding. The two men came to an agreement not to let anyone else at The Stop-Off’ know about Leanne’s true parentage and they would continue working together, Joseph left Pete to his drinking and went to pick up Leanne.

At Rachel’s house she and Leanne were catching up having not seen each other since the gig.

“Where’s James?” Asked Leanne.

“He’s out with his son.”

“Son, James is a dad?”

“Yeah, Christopher’s from his coke days. Lives with his mother but James still sees him every so often.”

“I had no idea, God that’s two new fathers I’ve met today.”

“Two? Who’s the second?”

“It’s the reason I needed to come over here. My mother called me and my dad over to her house, inside she had a guest. My real dad.”

“Your real dad? Who was it?”

“I don’t know if you know him I didn’t, he’s some guy called Peter Townsend.”

“Townsend? Leanne, Amanda’s dad is called Peter.”

Leanne looked at her friend as this new thought entered her head. “Are you saying that my real dad and Amanda’s dad are the same man?”

“It’s too much to be a coincidence, Leanne you have a sister.”

This whole day was getting too much for Leanne, just two hours ago she was an only child with a single mother and a missing father, now she had her father and a sister.

“Fuck Rach, how, what? This is fucked up, I mean what do I do with this, should I tell Amanda?”

“I wouldn’t just yet, Mands was almost raped by her boyfriend a few days ago. Her roommate Hezz told me she’s very vulnerable at the moment.”

Leanne put her head in her hands, determined not to cry again. “God I hate my cunt of a mother. Why the fuck couldn’t she just stay quiet, why did she have to tell my father the truth?”

Rachel put her arm around Leanne. “I thought you were happy your mother told the truth, that way you were able to start a relationship with your father.”

“I know, but I’m starting to think I made a mistake.”

“Don’t talk like that Leanne, if God didn’t what you and your father to be together he wouldn’t have brought you together. Don’t drop out when it look tough, stick with it.”

Leanne couldn’t help but smile at her friends’ innocence. “You and your fucking God. Thanks Rach.”

The two friends continued talking until Joseph arrived a few minutes later, Leanne got in the car and kissed her father.

“You better now Anne?”

“A little, Rach helped me quite a bit. Turns out I have a sister.”

“I know, Pete told me.”

“Did her tell you that she goes to the same uni as me, that I know her already.”

“You do? Are you friends with her?”

“Not really, she’s got a roommate who’s friends with Rachel but we haven’t really talked.”

“Are you going to tell her?”

“I don’t know, I might but not right now; Rach told me she got attacked a few days ago.”

“Poor girl. You wanna go home?”


Joseph drove the two of them home, that night they lay together in bed, Joseph holding Leanne tight. They didn’t have sex they just slept together, holding each other to remind them they weren’t alone; this was more for Leanne’s sake than Joseph’s the whole day had worn her out and she didn’t know what to think anymore. Watching her sleep Joseph knew this was the main reason he hated Helena right now, weeks of building up Leanne’s confidence and she knocked it down with tuzla otele gelen escort four simple words.

It had been 45 days since Helena’s first confession. In the three days since her second one Joseph had taken time off work to be with his daughter, ever since finding out about her true father and his family she had been just as scared and vulnerable as before she was with Joseph. Worried that she might revert to her old ways she asked her father to hide all the sharp knives and scissors, even going as far to have Joseph shave her legs.

The morning of that day Joseph got a surprise phone call.

“Hello?” He asked when picking up the phone.

“Joe, is that you?”

“Yeah. Dee?”

“How did you know?” Dee laughed with her younger brother.

“God Dee it’s been too long.”

“I know, I meant to call earlier but with everything that’s been going on I completely forgot.”

“I don’t blame you Dee, getting married is a big thing.”

“How did you…?”

“I saw Trent, he told me. All the best to you and Alex.”

“Thanks Joe but let’s get to the real elephant in the room; while I have a building marriage you have a failing one.”

“Not failing, failed. Me and Helena are now officially divorced.”

“God Joe what happened, Trent told me you ran away but I never got a reason.”

“Fucking Trent, I told him to call you, I wanted to get an invitation to your wedding.”

“It’s in the post, Leanne called me and left a message saying you were back and living at home but she never told me anything either. Come on bro spill it.”

“It’s not a nice story.”

“I don’t care, I want to know what happened.”

Joseph took a deep breath, he couldn’t believe he was going through this again, thank god it was Dee, anyone else and he wouldn’t have bothered.

“Helena told me that me and Leanne, we aren’t related; Helena cheated on me and someone else is Leanne’s father.”

Dee’s silence was expected. “My God Joe. I had no idea.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to.”

“Does Leanne know?”

“She does, I had to tell her when she helped me. I went to a dark place sis, I was self-destructing and she saved like the good daughter she thought she was. She been helping me ever since as well.”

“What do you mean?”

“Dee, Leanne and I, have become a lot closer in the past few weeks.”

It took a few seconds for Dee to understand what her brother was saying. “Joe, are you sleeping with your daughter?”

“She’s not my daughter.” Joseph rolled his eyes waiting the now customary response.

“She was though. Jesus Joseph Martin have you lost your mind?”

“Calm down Dee, Leanne is a grown woman, she made her own decisions. Is it weird, a little but we’re in a better relationship then we’ve ever been. I love her Dee, in the same way you love Zach and in the same way you loved Patrick.”

The mention of her dead husband took Dee by surprise, she hadn’t seen her brother in years but she knew him well enough to know that he was being serious when he confessed his love for Leanne. “You’re crazy Joe, then again haven’t you always been? I don’t like the sound of this but I love you and Leanne like she was family and if the two of you really aren’t related then I won’t harp on at you. I’ll see you at the wedding.”

“Thanks Dee, see you then.”

Joseph hung up, he thought about the conversation he just had with his sister and considered calling Trent to tell him that his confession to Dee went better than expected. Before he did however he heard Leanne call from upstairs, he half ran to his daughter, worried she might be in trouble. Opening the door to the bedroom his mind was at ease, Leanne was sitting up against the head board wearing nothing but a nervous smile, her cunt and scars on show for him.

“Love me daddy. Love me like only you can.”

Joseph didn’t need to ask what his daughter meant. Kneeling on the bed Joseph crawled to Leanne, his head between her legs, and kissed her scars, as he had done so many times before Joseph loved and cared for the most intimate and secret part of his daughter. Leanne had grown to love how much her father cared for these scars, on every one of her bad days the knowledge that he would care for her made her see how stupid she’d been to have them in the first place.

From between Leanne’s legs Joseph could see her pussy glisten with pleasure, the intoxicating smell of her filled his nostrils and he had to have her. Joseph’s tongue found its way into Leanne’s cunt, he parted her lips and kissed her, from above Joseph could hear Leanne’s breathing slow. He kissed her again, lapping at her juices, the musky taste filling his mouth, his nose rubbing her clit as he drilled his tongue as deep as he could into his daughters’ cunt.

“Oh God, oh daddy. Fuck, I love you daddy.”

“I love you too Anne.” Joseph’s mouth never left Leanne’s pussy, the vibrations from his voice on her added another sense of pleasure.

“Never, mmm, never leave me daddy.”

“Never Anne.”

“Love me, fuck me, marry me.”

“Always tuzla sınırsız escort Anne, always.”

“God. I can’t, daddy, please.”

Joseph opened his mouth wide and waited for his daughter to come. He drank her down as best he could but regrettable he let some fall onto the bed-sheets, Joseph looked up at his daughter, she giggles as she saw her cum dribbling out the corner of his mouth. She wiped it away and kissed her father, as they lay together that night neither of them said anything but they both knew she needed that more than him.

It had been 98 days since Helena’s confession, December came much too late in Joseph’s mind, he could deal with the cold, hell this year he looked forward to it; throughout November Joseph had felt numb working with the man he knew to have fathered his daughter. Thankfully Peter did his time at the ‘Stop-off’ and left quickly, Joseph kept quiet and never told the other workers about Leanne’s true parentage, not that he didn’t want them to know he just didn’t want to bring it up again. Helena tried desperately to get Leanne to talk to her but she had had enough of her mother and ignored her, she even considered getting a restraining order against her mother but Joseph persuaded her not to. By the start of December Helena stopped trying.

While Joseph had been able to keep his secret while Peter was working with him, he no longer had to deal with him, Leanne on the other hand still had the knowledge that she had a sister and she was at the same university as her. As much as she wanted to tell Amanda Leanne knew that she couldn’t, the story of how Amanda had lost her twin was well known in the Uni and there was no way she would welcome a new sibling. Even so, Leanne started paying more attention to what Amanda did around the Uni, rumours were flying around that she and her roommate Heather was a lesbian couple, Leanne wanted to squash the rumours and come to her sister’s aid but she couldn’t reveal anything yet.

Leanne was almost glad when she found out she wasn’t the only one having family troubles, Samantha and her cousin Bryce had had a massive falling out and Sam had moved out of their apartment, back in with her parents and refusing to talk to him. Leanne never said anything but she had a feeling the fight had something to do with the way Sam held the bottom of her stomach when she was talking.

That afternoon Leanne and Sam took a walk to the centre, Joseph was with them but for his own business, he would leave them soon enough. They were barely in the shop five minutes when they heard an argument happening in the middle of the centre, Leanne turned to see a boy and a girl arguing with each other, she recognized them; the boy was Vincent Moreno, a predatory boy who had assaulted her once and the girl was Billie, Sam’s younger cousin.

A crowd was gathering round the two of them, Leanne couldn’t hear the argument very well but from the looks of things Vincent was getting ready to pounce on Billie.

“Vincent.” A voice boomed through the centre. “Fuckin get away from her.”

Leanne, Sam and Joseph turned to see two boys approach Vincent, one was Bryce, Sam’s cousin — and possible lover — the other she didn’t recognize but it was obvious he had a history with Vincent.

“Christ I don’t believe it.” Leanne looked at her father, confused by his statement.

“What is it dad?”

“That’s Cyril’s kid, both of them.”

Scared at the implications of what that meant Leanne huddled in closer to Joseph and watched the action unfold. Vincent and the other boy whom she now guessed was his brother were arguing, Billie slipped away and hid behind Bryce.

Sam turned to Leanne. “Leanne, look.” She pointed in the crowd towards Rachel and James, James was heading towards Vincent with a fist in hand. He punched Vincent in the face which startled him but didn’t stop him, if anything Vincent enjoyed the punch.

Vincent yell echoed through the shop. “Whoa, twice in one fuckin day. I must love this shit. Alright James you still snorting?”

James went to punch Vincent again but Rachel stopped him, spitting blood on the floor Vincent left the shops. James and Rachel walked away, Bryce and his friend tended to Billie but Bryce quickly left when he spotted Sam. As he ran towards them Sam turned to Leanne, apologized and ran away.

“What’s that about?” Joseph asked Leanne.

“Long story dad, but not to dissimilar to ours. Say now that my plans are scuppered can I stay with you.”

“Dumb question Anne of course you can. I won’t be long though.”

“No matter daddy, all the more time for us.”

Joseph smiled at his daughter’s sultry meaning behind her comment. They took a slow walk around the centre, each of them playing a game with each other, Joseph’s hands would reach a little lower and squeeze, Leanne would move her chest just a little too close, her erect and braless nipples felt against Joseph’s arm. At one point Joseph got really bold, he bent down to look at something, as he did his hand reached up and his pinky finger brushed against the crotch of Leanne’s trousers

Leanne would’ve taken her father right there in the shop but her sense, weak as it was, held her back. There was something about Joseph that brought out this side of her, who would’ve believed that just two months ago she was this shy little girl with nothing but regrets and scars inside and out, now being with this man who loved her and worshipped her, she finally understood it all.

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