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Author’s note: This series is classified as lesbian sex, because the focus is the female protagonist’s relationship with another female. There are some heterosexual components to the story, but I hope you’ll let that slide. For this mini-series, I was inspired to go for a drunk dream-like narrative. Enjoy!


I show up at the house. It’s close to midnight, but the party is just starting. After all, we’re in college; we’re young, dumb and horny as fuck…

A tray of shots passes by me. The carrier stops and offers me some. The drinks all have different colors; I pick the bright green and chase it down with the smoking black one. Person to my left gives me an unlabeled bottle with an intoxicating smell — no discussion. I take a swig and pass it to my right.

I make it to the kitchen and find my friends. All at different heights of consciousness, most of them still recognize me. We hug, we move to the living room. The headless mannequin stares at me and, my mind state yet unaltered, I don’t stare back.

Another round of drinks, as shots and bottles… I’m feeling a bit more fun, a bit more confident in my skin. Alcohol does to that you, makes you feel almost invincible — I savor that feeling.

Somebody’s at the laptop, pretending to spin. The EDM tracks belie his movements. My body picks up a tempo of its own and I’m dancing in the living room, by myself for the moment.

My friends come through the crowd. Do I want to play poker? Yes, I do. We move to one of the bedrooms, because the bed is the only flat surface we can find.

Chips and cards fall on the bed. The guy that’s an Econ major takes our real money and gives us chips. There are five of us playing, but more come to watch. One of them lights a cigar. The guys pass it around without offering it to us girls.

Overall, I win 3 pots. I want to cash out. The dealer openly puts my share into his pants with a grin. I have to drag him to the bathroom.

We güvenilir bahis can’t even find the light switch. In the dark, we grope at each other, kissing and biting whatever we can find. His hands go under my shirt. Seconds later, he breaks our kiss to say, “I thought you had a navel piercing.”

I shake my head no, “You might wanna try a couple of inches south of the border.” I feel him smile as we continue tongue wrestling.

He unzips my jeans and slides them down. I manage to slip it off one of my legs, while I fumble with his zipper. His erection jumps out of its constraints.

We’re similar in height. Once I wrap my leg around him in the tight space, he manages to slip my panties to the side and guide himself in.

My orgasm comes on hard and fast from the penetration. I’m happy with an easy orgasm. He slows down for me to recover, then thrusts into me for a few more minutes before he’s close and pulls out.

Clumsily, he pushes my head down and I swallow him. He vaguely tastes like smoke, or maybe it’s the cigar I smell on his clothes.

On my way up to standing position, my shoulder hits the light switch. We’re momentarily blinded by the light. Then pants up, zippers closed; we share another kiss. I find the money I’m owed on the ground and stuff it into my bra before going back out.

Poker game is over. We all do another round of shots and bottles. OK, I’m more than a little tipsy now. What’s worse, I’m still wet…

I go into the living room. The TV is on, but it’s just static. I stare at it for a little.

A minute later, I’m dragged into a discussion about WWII. What side were we on, which fronts did we fight on? Did the history books we read at school offer us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

It’s no fun arguing with a pre-law major. Or a pre-med. Between the two of them, they know everything. I don’t measure up and leave the couch.

She smiles türkçe bahis at me from the corner of the room. She’s in my group of friends, but I don’t really know her, I just know of her.

However little I do know slips my mind and I go introduce myself again. Her name rolls off her tongue melodically. I’m more obsessed with her red curls at this point.

Another tray comes around. I want the pink one, but she grabs it first. I pout very convincingly.

Her apology is an electrifying albeit short kiss. I see her dilated pupils and sense her breath coming short as we break the kiss. I’m proud the kiss was good for her, too. No clue if it was her first girl kiss, but I know it won’t be the last.

Well, OK… Maybe I’m flattering myself. The way she drags me by my hand back into the bedroom should tell me it wasn’t her first girl kiss. Or maybe the tongue piercing should have tipped me off. I don’t know…

All I know is I’m back on the bed where we played poker. She’s here with me. So are a bunch of people. But we’re making out now. My hands are on her face, molding to her high cheekbones and heart-shaped features.

Her hands start at my waist and go under my shirt. She quickly finds the money in my bra, but is more interested in my nipples under the fabric and the paper. I know they’re hard under her touch and aching for more.

I reach for her shirt and unbutton it. Her black bra has lace around the edges and it’s tight enough to press her small breasts together. I push her on her back and straddle her waist.

My lips trace a path from her jawline to her left breast and I tug on the lace with my teeth. Her boob spills out, revealing a beauty mark on its side. I explore the curves thoroughly with my tongue and investigate the symmetry on the right with my hands. She giggles under my touch and squirms to guide my mouth.

I’m biting her nipple when I realize there are still people around us. The party hasn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri stopped, but a few people are definitely more interested in us than other things. She seems oblivious, as she gingerly pushes my head down to her crotch. When I find no panties under her skirt, I forget the other people, too.

It’s not a tight skirt. I easily bunch it up around her waist and reveal her sex. She’s hot and wet for me. But I don’t go in for the kill. First the inner thighs, trace the line around her nether lips, atop her clit and down the other thigh…

I grin at her and she makes a cute huffing sound. My tongue caresses the outline of her lips and retreats again. She pants and starts begging. I blow on her pussy.

I’m so close that I can see the wetness leaking. I know she’s about to yell at me to just do it. There’s a good chance somebody in our audience can do this a lot better than I can. But she wants me.

I slide a finger into her without warning. Her begging turns into a sort of mewing, as I fuck her with my fingers. Her legs open up. My lips latch onto her clit and I slowly nibble on it. Her moans are music to my ears, although the EDM beats are still present.

I can make out that her hands are in her red curls as I eat her out. My tongue and my fingers trade places. I lift the hood and stroke her exposed clit. Her wetness is all over my face now.

It gets warmer between her legs. I swap finger and tongue again. My index finger curls inside her. I hum a little song with my mouth closed on her clit. Her moans stop, she shakes. I feel her contract around my finger.

Her legs close around my head, but I need to finish my song. I continue humming. She thrashes under me, but her legs keep me where I am. I continue fingering her for a little longer.

Her next orgasm is loud. If there was someone at the party unaware of us, they’re aware now.

She slowly comes down from her high and I meet her lips with mine. Her hands half try to smooth her skirt down. We share a giggle. My tongue dances around hers, fascinated by the texture of her piercing.

I have no clue I have to wait years to feel that piercing on me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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