Preparing a Friend for her Husband

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Now with your husband’s permission I would like someday to get you ready to give him a special day. It will take an afternoon to get you ready, but I am sure you will love the conditioning and he will reap the rewards.

You told me he likes to have his mates for you meet in the nude. So we can do one of two things. He can get a room for you for my sexual work, or he can bring you to me and survey my place and leave. Once you are ready I will bring you to him for his pleasure. You WILL be more than ready, and from what you tell me he will enjoy. You will drink at least two liters of water on the way to my place. Don’t think of releasing, I will be the one for that to decide.

When he delivers you, I will be nude at the door. I expect you to have only a cover for your exquisite body nude under it, the cover ready to drop once inside. Bob is welcome to look around but we have work to do so I ask him to leave. He will have you soon as I get you conditioned from my use.

To start you will show me all your special parts. You tell me in detail how you like each serviced. You have three holes that we’ll be working, but smell, taste and sight will be in play. You will need to respond to my instructions, trust me you will enjoy the result.

After my inspection, I will have you suck my cock. I want to see you look up at me enjoying the treat from me. I just want some pleasure so I will stop you before I cum. Now you are my subservient so don’t think of non-comply. I do not hurt my woman, but they will do what is necessary, because I am going to make you extra ready for your husband’s free will. He can jack off while waiting Batıkent Escort just knowing you will be naughty, and dirty in sexual pleasure.

First you must be clean inside and out. You will need to knee over the pillows staked on the bed. So you know who is in charge I will tie your hands with a silk tie to the head of the bed. I like the view of your ass and will surely lick to test your taste. You will be getting three enema’s tonight with a reason for each. First is cleanse for pleasure, removing any waste, second is for fun to test your want, the third you will hold and deposit somewhere semi-public, to be clean for your husband.

Now I insert the tube that will give you the supply. I have a plug for it that will keep it in place. As you feel the enema solution, about two liters in all. I like to have you suck my cock, and I rub your tummy helping any cramps. The solution is light but some drips to you slit. You will feel my fingers playing with your clit, also helping you take it all. Once it is empty, I will leave the plug-in place, and I move to in front of you face so you can mouth my penis. After 10 minutes, you will blow your waste from your body and wipe clean. You will not pee yet, as I have a special use for it.

Now you are a little dirty, we will finish the deep clean. Now I have you come to me again, where I have a just right size bowl. You will play with your pussy, for me to enjoy. I want you to wet yourself letting the flood fill the bowl. Let me taste your liquid, I want to make sure your diet is right. I want to see you cum for me so I can see Beşevler Escort you squirt. As you finish, you will help me fill the rest of the bowl with sweet urine taking a few drinks for me. Before we finish I want to get a sip of your pee delivered from your mouth, so don’t drink it all.

You will pour the bowl into the enema bag, as it will be next. We repeat the insert process and the exit of the juice. You will be almost clean inside, but I have some cum for your ass before the last rinse. After you piss your ass clean, it is time for a bath. I want you to shave extra clean to an inspection by a tongue. You will also shave me clean from head to toe. Don’t stop jacking me as I you need to keep me near ejaculating.

Lay on the bed, much like you do when you masturbate. This time however, I will tie your hands above you pretty head. For the next hour or so, you are going to licked and poked. I have many toys in mind; each used on or in you. I plan to vacuum pump your nipples to make them hard as a rock. I will also use it on your slit, to puff up the clit and lips. I will also vacuum pump my cock, to make it more tender and fat around it head you will see very soon.

Then still tied you will present you pretty ass. Well lubricated you will be, as I push my enlarged cock in your ass. Now feel it lock in place. Now you are my bitch in heat while you cannot get me out. Now I will fill your hole with cum, a present for your husband. Just keep me going is your only purpose now is to be filled with cum, so pump me dry.

As I consider I am ready, you will bathe both Büyükesat Escort you and me. Now I will insert a special mixture through the enema only a liter this time. It is tasty we’ll see about that.

Now dress for husband, but you will be releasing your ass load in public, on my command. You will also pee for me as we head to meet him. Remember at any instance your dress cannot be in the way, if I want to fuck, be sucked, suck, see feel pee drip from your pussy, or have you release your ass juice. You will be ready anything, so make sure you dress nice and efficient.
We are on our way to meet your husband.

Once I find a place some lovers can see us I want you to suck my cock for them to see. It is important that the guy’s woman see how you care for me, your part-time mate tonight. We near the meeting spot, I will see if your husband is there. Now you can empty your ass so I know you are clean. I will expect to inspect it as I love to lick your ass clean, that is why I filled you with that tasty juice. I may need one more blow job or a hand job before I give you back. So be attentive or I’ll take you back with me.

You can now walk to you husband, I am finished with you tonight. You will care for him and let him find my cum I left. Your goal is to give him the pleasure he deserves. You will find by doing so you will have all you need.

Now here are your instructions, first have your husband pull his meat. I want you to tell him in detail, what I had you do for me. Then tell him how each step made you more ready to fill his needs and how much it did for you. Don’t tell him to, but he must jack off to your story putting his juice in the air. That is your measure by how much and high it goes. Then, spend the rest of the night filling every hole of him and you. makes sure you are fulfilled.

My reward from you that night will be your daughter arranged for me to dominate and teach her the way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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