Ringmaster Ch. 18: Shoot for Script

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“And so, that’s the overall main idea,” I said as I flipped over the final page. The living room was an absolute whirlwind of papers and loose drawings of concepts of characters and costumes. I stared at my captive audience of my polycule with a wide smile on my face. “So, what do you all think?”

Vanessa already had a smile that could match my size on her face. “What do I think? I think that you’re a genius!” She picked up some of the papers and shuffled through them. “I mean, sure, there are rough details and stuff here and there, but overall? Maria, you’re brilliant!”

“You seriously wrote this all in a week?” Tae asked as she picked up a drawing of a costume. “Where was this fire when we had to give our presentation on Tuesday?” She verbally jabbed me, but I could tell that it was in good nature. “Still, I’m glad you got this written out. I was afraid that you’d have been stuck in your room, never to be seen again.”

Danna and Summer were still scanning over all the papers; both of which were jotting down notes in the margins and scribbles here and there, likely correcting small errors that I had made. They waved at me to come back to them when they were finished with their papers.

“Lexi, Regina, what do you two think?” I asked as I scooped up the papers and started to reorganize them in order.

Lexi turned her head from between Regina’s legs, tongue still sticking out of her mouth. She was sitting on her knees and her face was covered in a mixture of Regina’s juices and her own saliva. She rubbed her jaw a little before responding. “I thought it was a great idea. I love the idea of a romance mystery idea.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with it if it weren’t for all of your great ideas,” I said, my heart still racing from the explanation that I had just given.

“I loved the sex parts,” Regina chuckled as she winked at me. “I still think that you could push it even further.”

I crossed my arms at her. “I don’t care how hot you suggest it is. This is how the film that I came up with will go. Besides, you get one of the starring roles after all.” Regina pondered for a bit. “Yes Regina, when we film it, you all can actually have sex and I’ll cut it down in post.” Hearing that, Regina smiled at me before guiding Lexi’s head back between her legs.

“So,” Summer said, still writing notes down on my paper in red pen and not looking up, “It does sound like it will be doable with the more limited budget. How long do you think that it would take to do something like this? And cost as well.”

“Well, it’s a film about a woman trying to find the woman that she hooked up with at a mystery party. So, I guess the only really big expense would be the costumes. Sure, we could wear our normal clothes, but we want something that’s a bit more, well…”

“Party style?” Tae said with a grin. “If there’s one thing that I know how to do right, it’s party. I can get everyone hooked up as long as I get all your measurements.”

“Sounds like an excuse to get your hands all over us,” Regina said between moans as Lexi licked at her clit. “Not that I’m complaining.” Then, she turned her head over towards me. “Isn’t that right, Maria? Clothing shouldn’t be an issue, huh?” She subtly gestured to the choker and bracelets that used to be the chains that covered up her body.

“Yeah,” I said as I put my hand over the ring. “Don’t worry. It’ll be handled without breaking anyone’s bank.” I squeezed my hand a little and focused on Regina. Regina winced a little as she felt the sting of being smacked on her ass a hundred times, but managed to keep a mostly straight face.

“Oh, you know what? I did like the part that you had brought up about the music and everything happening in time, but I had a suggestion for a song,” Vanessa said as she grabbed her phone and started to scroll through it. It only took her a few moments to find what she was looking for and start playing it. It was some instrumental piece without any words, but the violins and drums carried the piece. As it played, she started to describe all the little ways that the music would fit with the scenes. To a bit of my surprise, it worked out far better than what I had initially planned for.

“Great!” I said as I found the paper that had the montage that she was talking about and quickly wrote down the details and the new shots that I would have to do to fit it better.

Danna tapped me on the shoulder and signed something to me. As much as I tried, I still wasn’t sure what she was trying to say, so I had to bring in Summer. “Oh,” Summer began to translate, “Danna suggests that instead of trying to put it and make it a spring event, what if it was a winter event? Then you could have a scene where they slowly slip off their outerwear and show off their sexy outfits.”

I thought about the idea. “Well, I’d have to figure out how best to create a fictional snowscape in this spring weather.” I looked down at the Reality Ring as I gently felt it pulse, trying to latch gaziosmanpaşa escort its energy onto the idea. With a little effort, I managed to quell it back down. “But, I think I can manage something. I’ll write that down.”

“Already on it,” Summer said as she flipped through the pages.

“Thanks,” I said as I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled back before going back to work.

“Wait, so, you know how Geraldine is a museum curator?” Tae perked up as she scrolled through her phone and pulled up a picture of a very skimpy bikini. “What if she was an Olympic swimmer? I feel like that could work really well for her character.”

“I… huh,” I said as I pondered Tae’s suggestion. “You know, I think that I can actually work with that. That’s even better.” I looked around for the sheet that talked about Geraldine and quickly wrote down Tae’s idea. I was absolutely loving that all my girls were helping me to make this, not only a reality, but to make it even better than the initial idea.

“Hey,” Lexi said as she stood up and brushed off her knees. She stretched a little before sitting in Regina’s lap. “Have you thought about where you’re going to film this?”

“Where?” I said as the idea hadn’t really crossed my mind.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love you girls’ place here,” as she gestured to Vanessa and my apartment, “But, it doesn’t exactly make for the best set piece.”

“I dunno, I’ve got a few good sex scenes in here from the past few days,” Regina said with a chuckle. “Phone cameras are so great.”

“Anyways, the point being, where did you plan to film it?” Lexi asked.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I hadn’t really thought about where to film this. Hell, all I was focused on this past week was writing out the characters and the dialogue. Everything else would have been a breeze when it came to actually filming, or at least it should have been.

Before I could spiral down any further, Danna tapped me on the shoulder again. She signed something to Summer and the two of them exchanged a bit of a lengthy conversation in sign language before Summer turned to me. “Well, as for where to film, I believe that we may have a solution.”


“Are you serious!?” Tae said, her mouth practically hitting the ground. “This is where you live!?”

The seven of us stood at the iron gates that separated the driveway from the large mansion that towered over all of us. The mansion was made from marble, a stark white juxtaposed against the natural browns and greens of the nature around it. There were hedges and topiaries all around, all neatly and precisely taken care of. There was even a large fountain embellished with silver fish statues and an otter statue at the top. The five of us could only stare in awe while Danna and Summer finished putting in the security info.

“Well, one of the places at least,” Summer said casually as she typed in her password into the security computer. “Technically, this is Danna’s father’s home, but thankfully, he’s away on business. So, it should be empty for quite a while, so we should have plenty of time to not only scout out locations, but also film whatever scenes we need to.

“I mean, I knew that Danna was rich, but, this is some next level stuff,” Vanessa said as the security gate opened up.

We all walked towards the mansion, taking in the sights. Tae and Lexi were busy snapping pictures and selfies with each other. Vanessa wandered ahead with Danna and Summer. I would have followed right with them, but Regina caught my eye. I walked over to where she was staring up at a large granite statue of a middle-aged man with a lengthy beard. Beneath it had a nameplate that said “Walter McGonner.”

“Hey, everything alright?” I asked. She seemed to be almost lost in thought, arms crossed and almost a scowl on her face. She didn’t respond the first time I asked her, so I gently nudged her on the shoulder.

“Huh?” Regina said, snapping back to reality as she looked towards me. “Oh, uh, sorry. Were you talking to me?”

“Is everything alright? I don’t think I’ve seen you that serious about anything before,” I asked, setting a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Oh, pfft, that’s nothing. Just trying to see if I can see his bulge.” She laughed hard, clearly trying to make light of the situation.

Unfortunately for her, I wasn’t quite going to let that slide. “Look, I know how you are when you stare at people when you’re checking them out. This was… different. What’s going on?”

Regina smiled for a few moments before she sighed and her frown returned. “It’s just… statues people make of themselves is just weird to me. Like, I get that you want to be preserved for a while, but it’s just weird to me. Makes me feel a little uncomfortable in a way. I don’t really know how best to explain it.”

Now, I could have easily used the ring gölbaşı escort to pry in and figure out just what was going on with Regina the same way I had used it to delve into the mind of Vanessa, but something felt like this was something very personal to Regina. Perhaps it had something to do with a previous Ringmaster that she had. Whatever the case was, it was a sensitive subject to her and she was clearly uncomfortable with talking about it.

“Come on,” Regina said as she walked past me and started heading towards the mansion, “The others will be wondering where we are. And something tells me if we get lost here, we won’t be found for a long time, lost for who knows how long? We may have to repopulate.”

“Regina, we’re both women.”

“I’ve seen it work before,” she said with a wink. I rolled my eyes and chuckled before following her. With a little guidance from the Reality Ring, we managed to catch up with the others as they were exploring around the foyer.

“So, how does this look for you, Maria?” Summer asked as she gestured to the room. “Does this fit the idea that you were thinking of?”

I took a few steps, hearing the soft echoes of my footsteps down the halls. The walls were covered in various paintings, likely costing more than my whole four-year tuition. There were stairs that led up to a balcony on the second floor, which Lexi and Vanessa were already looking down over the railing at us on the ground. To the left, I could see that it led to a sort of large room without much furniture; in comparison, the room to the right had a few chairs and couches set up like a living room.

“It’s perfect!” I said, listening to the acoustics, shuddering in delight at how lovely they were.

Summer led the way towards the room to the left, which was a massive ballroom. It was easily about the size of an Olympic swimming pool and then some. There were huge windows that let in plenty of natural lighting. The walls were decorated with various art pieces and souvenirs from various places from around the world.

“And this should work for the main room where the film takes place,” Summer said as she walked to the middle and started to point out different places which would give the best camera angles. As I followed her, looking at trying to visualize what she was explaining, I could feel a little burning desire flare up inside of me. Maybe it was just her interest in film, or maybe it was the way that the light shone down through the windows onto her. Whatever the case was, I spun her around and planted a firm kiss on her lips.

Summer’s eyes went wide at the surprise kiss, but then softened as the warmth of our lips filled her. She grabbed me on my shoulders and gently squeezed. For a few seconds, it was to pull me in closer and tighter to her, and then it was to get a grip so she could pull me off of her.

“Maria, what was that for?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Well, I’ve been so cooped up with my script writing, I haven’t had the time to really give you girls my attention, and that’s not fair to you all.” I leaned my head in closer to hers. “Plus, I’ve heard all the fun that you all were having in my living room and I missed out on it. And really, when’s the next time I’m going to have a chance to have some fun in a place like this?”

“I get that,” Summer said as she turned me by my shoulders, “But, why not show that love towards Danna, or Regina?” She put her mouth right up next to my ear. “I know that Vanessa has missed your touch.”

A little shiver went down my spine at Summer’s words as I looked over at the other girls standing and watching us. Both Danna and Regina had wide smiles on their faces like they were encouraging Summer and I to keep going. Tae and Lexi both held their phones sideways and gave us thumbs-up. Vanessa had a wild lusty look in her eyes as she bit her lower lip and I could see her chest rising and falling with her excited breaths.

“You know what, you’re right.” I said as I focused a little bit through the Ring. “So, I think that I’m going to fuck both you and Vanessa. Right here.” I curled my finger towards Vanessa, who happily walked towards me. I focused again through the ring. “And, I think that it would be really hot as well if Danna fucked Lexi and Regina fucked Tae.” As if on cue, Danna practically tackled Lexi while Regina started putting her hands all under Tae’s clothing.

Vanessa made her way over to Summer and me, clenching her fists in lusty desire. Before I could say or do anything, Vanessa put her left hand on my cheek and pulled me in for a firm kiss; her other hand reached around to Summer’s ass and gripped it tightly, squeezing me between the two of them. I could feel both of their breasts pressing against me, like wonderful neck pillows. With her thumb, Vanessa guided my mouth open as she wormed her tongue into my mouth, swirling it with mine. I gently extended my tongue out into her mouth, making sure to keçiören escort fill her entire mouth. She moaned in delight as she sucked on my tongue.

Meanwhile, Summer slowly started to slink her way downward. I felt her lips press against my back as she covered it in kisses. She started to roll up the bottom of my shirt and I shivered again in delight as Summer went from kissing fabric to bare skin. There was another sharp shudder as Summer stuck out her tongue and licked from my lower back up my spine. I swear, I could feel her drawing hearts with her tongue, and each stroke of her tongue sent a ripple of pleasure through me.

Vanessa managed to pry herself away from my mouth and off my tongue as she lifted up my arms. She finished the job that Summer had started and took off my top completely, tossing it to the side. With just her pointer finger, she traced along the fabric of my bra straps. Then, she moved to running along my collarbone, sending more shivers down my spine that Summer was licking.

“Beautiful as always, my dear,” Vanessa said before she kissed along my neck, gently biting it. A few more sharp moans escaped my lips as she pressed her teeth down on my skin.

I felt Summer move up my back until she reached my bra. Her fingers worked to unhook my bra without an issue, letting it hang loosely from my shoulders. Summer’s hands reached around, rubbing my stomach first. While Vanessa worked on the left half of my neck, Summer pushed to the right side, biting down on my earlobe.

“Fuck…” I gently moaned as I was pressed from both sides.

“We plan to,” Summer whispered into my ear. She moved her hands up and started to fondle my tits, which caused my breathing to quicken. Summer moved back down, leaving gentle bites along my back. I could only imagine how it looked as she added more and more little nibbles.

Not wanting to be left out of the Maria Body Appreciation, Vanessa began working her way down my front. She kissed between my cleavage before prying one of Summer’s hands away from my breast. Vanessa looked up at me as she uncurled two of Summer’s fingers and stuck them in her mouth. She swirled her tongue along the two fingers, coating them in a thick layer of saliva. Vanessa wiggled her tongue and split Summer’s fingers from each other, working her tongue between them. Summer responded by curling and stroking her fingers against Vanessa’s tongue.

I could feel the heat from my crotch flaring up like a wildfire, quenched only by how wet I was. I longed for their touches and their bodies against mine. The knowing look that Vanessa was giving me told me that she could either feel the heat, or she knew that what she was doing was working. Either way, as desperate as I was for her and for Summer, I wanted the foreplay to keep going for a little longer.

Vanessa relinquished Summer’s fingers and guided them down to her own tits, to which Summer started groping firmly. Vanessa reached down, moving past my ass and gripped onto my right thigh. She lifted it up and wrapped it around her waist, pressing our crotches closer together, separated by just some thin fabric.

A bit of self-control hit me as I reached back and grabbed Summer by her head and brought her back up to her feet. It took an incredible force of willpower to pry myself from Vanessa as I stepped back from the two of them, both of which had a concerned look on their faces. I reassured them with a lusty smile.

“Alright girls,” I said, feeling a pulse from the Ring, “Let’s take those tits out now.”

Vanessa, who was wearing a nice sleeveless dress, was the quicker out of the two. All she had to do was pull the fabric tightly between her breasts and they popped right out of the sides. Her beautiful C-cups bounced from the speed that she showed them off and her nipples were rock hard.

Meanwhile, Summer was a bit slower. She was wearing a blue shirt with a white collared undershirt, so she had to meticulously unbutton her shirt. Despite it being slower than Vanessa’s reveal, it only added to our growing lust. Button by button, Summer’s cleavage showed itself, as well as her black bra underneath. Summer reached down slowly and gripped the wire of her bra, dragging it upwards until her tits spilled out of her open top.

The two of them bounced their tits excitedly at me and a part of me wished that I had more eyes so that I could stare at both easily. Then I remembered that I have to be very careful about how I wish, so I pushed the thought aside. I moved between the two of them, Vanessa to my left and Summer to my right, and grabbed a handful of their tits. Even the intense rush of a week of script writing was nothing compared to the feeling of their soft flesh in my hands. Listening to their moans in my ear, as well as the symphony of lust from the other four in the background, was blissful music.

I rolled their nipples in my fingers, listening to which directions and intensity gave them the most pleasure. A little naughty thought came across my mind. With a little Ring magic, I made their nipples a bit more sensitive and pleasurable than normal.

The effect was clear as Vanessa started bucking her hips and Summer’s breathing became heavier. The two of them turned to each other and passionately kissed each other, barely able to reach the other’s lips with the distance between them.

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