Soccer Moms Ch. 16

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Soccer Moms – Ch. 16

[Author’s Notes: 1) Everyone in this story is over 18; 2) This is a work of fiction and so certain aspects of this story relating to college soccer are not completely accurate, but they advance the storyline. Please try to look past that to the more important aspects of the story; and 3) Originally this was 30 Chapters and ended where Ch. 15 just ended. It just felt too drawn out, so I combined stories. I also added this chapter because I wanted Carol to take one more step on her journey before the pause to get the Soccer Girls story moving. If you have enjoyed this story even a little bit: a) I think you will also like Soccer Girls and b) the story is not over so there will be a Ch. 17 and beyond later].

With the girls gone, Carol decided she needed to get away for a bit and would take Jessica Williams up on her offer for a visit. Jessica was a young graduate school student with whom Carol and Paul had shared a wonderful day together which included a lot of sex. But it had been more than that and Carol and Jessica had stayed in touch after that day. When Paul tragically died in an airplane crash, Jessica had come to the service to pay her respects and be there for Carol.

Jessica’s appearance at the funeral had also been the catalyst for Carol to tell her daughters that her and Paul had become swingers before his death. Needless to say, this had been quite a shock to her daughters.

Carol called Jessica to make the plans for Carol to come out and see Jessica who had recently finished her Master’s Degree program and was going to continue to work at the university while she also worked on her Psy.D.

Jessica asked Carol “When do you think you would get here?”

“I will leave here first thing Thursday morning, soI should get out there sometime Friday evening.”

“You’re driving?”

“Yes, why?”

“Well, it just seems like a long trip by yourself.”

“There’s just no way I can fly. Besides, it will give me some time to think while I’m driving. And since it’s just me, I can play the music I like.”

“Okay that sounds great. I can’t wait to see you.”

“Should we meet for lunch Saturday at noon at that same restaurant where we met you the last time?”

“Well, I hope I wasn’t being too presumptuous but I figured I could bring an overnight bag and meet you at your hotel Friday night.”

“Oh no dear, I would love that. I just didn’t want to presume myself. So as long as I’m not presuming, I’ll let you know that I have the room Sunday night too and won’t check out until Monday morning.”

“Well, as it turns out, I don’t have anything Monday morning so if you’re willing to drive me home after you check out Monday morning, I would really love to stay Sunday night too.”

“Absolutely Jessica. It would be wonderful to have you stay another night.”

The next day Carol called the hotel to let them know there would be two adults sleeping in the room and that she would need a room with two beds. She knew they would need them both but not for the reason the clerk probably assumed. Then Thursday morning bright and early, Carol packed her car and headed out. She waited until the first day’s trip was almost over to tell Abigail about the trip. When she spoke to her eldest daughter, Abigail was far less judgmental about the trip then Carol had expected. That bode well for their future relationship. As for Brianna and Katie she called them when she had arrived at the first night’s hotel.

When Carol arrived Friday evening, she called Jessica and told her to come over at her first convenience. Then she went about arranging the room, getting her toiletries set up and hanging up her clothes or putting them in the drawers. She left some space in the drawers and the closet for whatever Jessica would bring.

A knock on the door told Carol that Jessica had arrived. She suddenly got a light feeling in her stomach like butterflies as she realized she was about to welcome the beautiful young lady on the other side of the door into her room for the weekend. When Carol opened the door, she met Jessica’s face which immediately broke into a giant smile.


“Jessica. I am so glad you’re here. Come in.” Jessica entered the room and through her carry all onto the floor. Then she stood up and stretched out her arms. Carol stepped over and wrapped her arms around Jessica and gave her a huge hug. She planted a firm kiss on Jessica’s cheek and the released her.

Jessica looked around and saw the two beds and her smile seemed to fade. “Carol, you got us two beds?”

“Well, I am going to sleep in this one over here.” Carol said pointing to the one bed. “And if it’s alright with you, you will sleep on this bed here too. And the other bed can be out sex bed.”


“Well, one bed for sex and one for sleeping so we don’t have to worry about wet spots.”

Jessica chuckled and said “That sounds like a plan to me.”

Carol asked “Did you eat?”

“No. I came right over from ankara yabancı escort the office, it’s been a very long week and it took even longer waiting for tonight to get here.”

“It’s been a long drive for me as well. Would you mind if we just order room service and eat here tonight.”

“No that sounds wonderful.”

“Okay, go ahead and unpack and I’ll order us some dinner.”

The room also had a chair along with the two beds and it had a desk and chair set. So the ladies moved things around so they could eat dinner at the desk. They had it set up and were about to sit down when the food arrived. They ate their dinner and talked about Jessica’s job with the Psychology Department and her plans for her Doctorate thesis.

Carol offered up some items about her accounting work and things about the house. Mostly she talked about the engagement of Katie to Melanie. Carol mentioned about seeing Jen and how they were going to be working to repair their friendship since they were going to be in-laws. Carol’s face lit up when she was talking about this and Jessica, with her Masters in Psychology picked up on this. But she said nothing about it.

With dinner finished Jessica asked “Okay which is it, the sex bed or the sleep bed?”

“It actually has been a long two days driving so do you mind if we start in the sleep bed tonight?”

“No, Carol that’s fine. We can go to sleep now and we can get up early tomorrow and go do some shopping.”

Both women changed into similar sleeping attire, tee shirts and shorts. They climbed into bed and pulled the sheet over them as it was warm enough they did not need the blanket. Carol said “Thank you for inviting me Jessica. It really is nice to spend some time with you again.”

“Oh Carol you’re very welcome. I know we talk a lot but I really enjoy being around you.”

They did cuddle up and spend a few minutes kissing. Finally Carol pulled back saying “if we keep this up, this will have to become the sex bed.”

“Well, we’ll just consider that a promise of what else we can do tomorrow besides shop.”

Carol leaned over and turned off the light. Then she turned so she was laying on her side facing Jessica. Jessica gave her a final peck on the lips, then she turned and snuggled herself back against Carol. Jessica felt her bum make contact with Carol’s waist and she felt Carol’s breasts pushing into her back. “I forget just how sexy this woman is.” thought Jessica as Carol pulled her close and they fell asleep in very short order.

When Carol first woke up she was disoriented. The sheet that had covered her while she slept was completely off the bed and the shorts she had worn to bed were off her body. When she tried to move her legs would not turn and when she looked down she saw Jessica smiling at her and holding onto her feet.

Jessica said “If I could have figured out a way to get your tee shirt and panties off without waking you up, you would have woken up naked.”

“And why would you have done that?”

“Oh…I don’t know.” Jessica said and she pulled Carol’s foot up to her mouth and began sucking on Carol’s big toe. After a bit Jessica began to run her tongue between Carol’s toes. She moved down the line of toes, kissing and sucking on each on as she massaged the sole and top of Carol’s foot.

At first Carol just laid there and enjoyed the feeling. It was both erotic and gratifying to her that this lovely young woman was making such a point to entice her, seduce her. She was so beautiful and so special and she could have probably anyone she wanted. And yet she wanted Carol. That was very humbling as well as pleasurable.

Jessica put Carol’s foot down and reached for the elastic band of her panties. She pulled Carol’s panties off while at the same time Carol pulled her tee shirt over her head, leaving her naked on the bed. Jessica then picked up Carol’s other foot and repeated the same actions. As the level of arousal in Carol started to grow Carol said “You know if you keep going with this, we’re going to have to move over to the sex bed.”

“Or we could just change the designation of this one.” Jessica responded. This made Carol chuckle and Jessica smiled. Neither of them had said anything yet, but the last time they were in bed together, Paul had been with them. And now he was gone. Jessica knew that his absence would have some impact on Carol over the course of the weekend, but she hoped it would be later rather than sooner.

Jessica now finished lavishing Carol’s feet. She took the foot in her hand and moved it to the side, spreading Carol’s whole leg. Jessica placed the foot on the bed and began slowly but steadily kissing up Carol leg. Jessica would kiss and lick and continue her almost agonizing climb up toward Carol’s vagina.

Carol wanted to touch Jessica. To have some reciprocal contact with her body. At first Jessica was too far down her body, so Carol instead brought her bahçelievler escort hands to her own breasts. She kneaded her full busom and then ran her fingers across her nipples. Then she began to twist them with moderate pressure which elicited a loud moan.

This caused Jessica to look up. She was glad to see Carol enjoying herself but did not want Carol to have to do any of the work for herself. So Jessica skipped the last few inches of Carol’s inner thigh. Instead, she licked the middle finger of her right hand and then placed it at the top of Carol’s slit and ran it straight down the entire length. After her finger had traversed the entire length, Jessica repeated the same action with the underside of her tongue. Only this time when she reached the end, she reversed course, now with the topside of her tongue going right back up along Carol’s labia until she reached the area of Carol’s clitoris.

While this had all been arousing for Carol, her clit had not really shown itself. Jessica decided to move back down towards Carol’s opening with her mouth while she used her left hand to work on getting Carol’s clit to show itself. She ran her fingers through Carol’s pubic hair. She rubbed her fingers in little circles all around Carol’s hood trying to coax the little pearl out to play.

But this was only a part of her plan. When she got down to the opening into Carol sex, Jessica pushed her tongue in as far as it would go. She swished it around and then folded the sides of her tongue in on themselves and began to thrust the tongue in and out of Carol’s pussy.

Realizing between all the pleasure that Jessica had moved within arm’s reach, Carol put one hand one Jessica’s head and began running it through her hair and across her scalp. She was also started to reach a very high level of arousal and Carol began to vocalize her pleasure a little more. “Oh Jessica honey, that feels so good. You are really making me feel amazing.”

Jessica could feel with her left hand that Carol’s clit was now exposed and Jessica decided it was time for her finishing move. She reached her left hand up Carol’s body and sought out the hand that was still playing with one of Carol’s breasts. She took the hand into her own and clasped it firmly. She started moving her mouth up along Carol’s nether lips to replace the hand that had been on Carol’s clit.

As Jessica moved her mouth away from Carol’s opening, she turned her right hand, palm up and with her middle and pointer finger on her right hand shoved both fingers inside Carol. Between Carol’s own fluids and the saliva that Jessica had left in the area, the fingers slid right into Carol.

Jessica’s mouth finally arrived over the hard nub of Carol’s now fully exposed clitoris. Jessica took it between her lips and sucked on it. She let her tongue play over it as she began to work Carol into a frenzy. At the same time she continued to push her fingers deep inside Carol. As she would pull them back out she would curl them up making occasional contact with Carol’s g-spot. This all had Carol racing to her climax and again she put voice to the pleasure.

“Oh God honey this is GREAT! Keep doing that. You’re going to make me come. Yes! Yes! Just like that. Oh God Jen, yes make me cum. I love how you make me cum. OH GOD! OH YES! YES! YES! YES! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!” At that point Carol’s hips started thrusting up against Jessica’s hand. Her hips were moving so much that Jessica mouth lost contact with Carol. Jessica just collapsed her hand so that the heel of her palm was now touching the outside of Carol’s vagina while the two fingers remained inside.

Carol’s body eased onto the bed and Jessica eased her fingers out of Carol. She moved up over Carol’s body and brought her own face right above Carol’s. She decided she was not going to say anything to Carol yet about her calling Jessica “Jen” but she knew they should talk about that at some point over the weekend.

When Carol finally was able to open her eyes, Jessica made a point of slowly bringing her right middle finger to her mouth and sucking it all the way in. She them very slowly pulled it back out while making an “mmmmmmm” sound the whole time the finger was removed.

Then she took her right pointer finger and put it against Carol’s lips. Carol took the finger all the way into her mouth and then just as slowly pulled her head back, slowly releasing the finger while the whole time she made the “mmmmmmmm” sound herself.

Then, with Jessica looking her in the eyes, Carol said “Okay Jessica, you win. This is the sex bed.” Jessica laughed and collapsed onto Carol who wrapped her arms around the younger woman and held her for a very long time.

Carol had previously mentioned to Jessica that she hoped to see a number of Katie’s soccer games this year. Both Katie and Melanie were probably going to be starters this year and the team’s prospects seemed good. A number of the games would be balgat escort down south and so Carol decided she wanted to have a new wardrobe that would be temperature appropriate. She would probably be wearing school themed attire for the games, but she expected that some of the other parents would be there as well and they would all probably go out to celebrate (or commiserate) and so she needed some appropriate dinner clothes.

Eventaully Carol and Jessica got up to start the day. They showered, together. While things didn’t go too far, they both made very sure that the other was very clean. They went to a diner and had a nice sit-down breakfast and then off to the mall for shopping.

While looking for dresses they both had very disparate ideas of what clothing style would be “appropriate” for these family get togethers. Jessica was picking out dresses that had far less material below her thighs and below her neck than Carol. Jessica was chiding her on her old fashion choices while Carol said she did not wish to look like a scarlet woman.

Jessica said “Look, let’s take three of mine and three of yours into the dressing room and you can try them on as see how you look.”

Carol agreed and they went back to the dressing rooms and went into one of the cubicles. Carol asked if Jessica was going to wait outside but she followed her in saying “I have to be able to see you in it and give the other side since if it is just up to you, you will only take the three you picked.”

Carol and Jessica hung up the dresses and Carol chose one of the ones she had picked out to try on first. She looked at Jessica and said “Turn around.”

“Carol seriously? We have known each other…in the biblical sense. I think it’s okay if you get changed in front of me.”

Carol chuckled and said “Sorry, force of habit.” With that Carol kicked off her sneakers. She took off her top and her pants and stood in her bra and panties.

Jessica smiled and just said “oooffff!” as she drank in Carol’s lusty body.

Carol turned around and over her shoulder said “That’s not helping.”

“Do you think turning around and showing her your great ass is going to help?”

Carol just huffed in an exasperated tone and pulled the first dress down over her head. It was an emerald green dress. She had had a dress like this before, although that had been more of a formal gown, this was not quite as fancy. The hem was a little below her knees. While part of her chest was showing you could not see any of her cleavage in the dress.

Still as she spread the dress down and looked in the mirror, she thought it looked pretty good on her. It was light since she was picking it out for hot weather and she thought it showed off the size and shape of her breasts very nicely, even if they were covered up. “What do you think?” Carol turned her head and looked at Jessica.

Jessica opened her mouth and then put her hand to it, feigning a yawn. When Carol harrumphed, Jessica said “Okay it does look very nice on you but all of these are going to look very nice on you. And I love the color. But let’s see what the other one’s look like first.”

Next Carol tried on a flowery print sun dress which seemed nice but nothing too special. She had saved what she felt was her raciest dress for last, a cherry red dress. The cut was tighter and showed more of her curves. The hem barely touched her kneecap. The neckline was such that you could see the beginnings of her cleavage. Finally it was open a bit in the back as well. The problem was that you could see the bra strap in the back.

“Carol, you’ll have to take the bra off.”

“Oh Jessica’s it’s alright. I can tell what it would look like back there without one.”

“Well, you won’t want to wear one with the dresses I have. Plus if you do get this and go braless, you have to make sure your nipples won’t show if your looking for something more family friendly.”

Jessica stepped right up to Carol and reached around her back to unhook the bra. Carol had been debating on whether she was going to take it off, but with it unhooked, she decided she might as well. She worked the bra out of the dress and again smoothed it down to see how it looked on her.

Carol said “This looks pretty good and you cannot see anything showing up front.”

“Well, we’re inside in the nice warm store. But what if you’re out in the wind or a store with the AC on high. We gotta test it out.”

And with that Jessica slipped behind Carol, looked at her in the mirror and quickly reached around and grabbed for Carol’s nipples through the material of the dress. Carol immediately called out her surprise and tried to move as Jessica continued to reach until she got a hold of Carol’s nipples and began tugging at them. “We need to make them hard to see if they show through the dress that way.”

“Jessica! Cut it out! No!” Although Carol was saying things to Jessica indicating she wanted her to stop, Carol had stopped moving her body and was leaning back into Jessica’s body as she continued to pinch and pull Carol’s nipples.

The fun stopped for the moment when they heard a knock at the door. “Is everything okay in there ladies?” called out the sales clerk.

“Yes. My mom and I just reached for something on the chair at the same time and bumped our heads, but we’re fine.”

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