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Byron lay on the bed exhausted. He had just spent the better part of three hours getting his ass fucked by his older stepbrother. It had been a dream of his for years. Ever since they were younger and shared the same room, Byron had fantasized about him. He had watched secretly as Jared had changed. Byron enjoyed watching the older boy, watching as his thickly muscled body flexed as he changed or when he stripped down to nothing to go to sleep. Byron would sometimes wake hours before he needed to get up in hopes of catching Jared without his blankets, with his large cock exposed to his hungry gaze. Byron would spend hours fantasizing of Jared mounting him, of Jared thrusting deep inside his anus to leave his seed.

Finally after years of dreaming, all his dreams had come true. He could feel the warm cum leaking from his well worked asshole to trail down his tight cheeks and pool beside his flesh. Byron had cum five times while Jared took him, all without touching himself. It had surpassed even his wildest dreams. Jared’s cock had filled him completely, had made him feel possessed like none other before.

And Jared wanted more. His own step-brother wanted to repeat the ecstacy that had been the fulfillment of many years wait. It had something to do with his pagan beliefs, but Byron didn’t care. Nothing was too much to give to once again feel his step-brother deep inside of him.

Byron looked over at the spent form of Jared, the even breathing of a light sleep ever so slightly causing his tattooed chest to move. Feeling himself become aroused at the sight of Jared’s naked body, Byron reached over to lightly run his hand over Jared’s flaccid cock. It twitched slightly at his light touch, which brought a smile to Byron’s lips. Byron grasped Jared’s cock around the base and leaning down, took it into his mouth. He could taste the semen on the flesh, as well as his own bodily fluids, but it only served to turn him on all the more. He began to suck on the slowly reacting muscle.

Once it was completely hard, Byron rose and stood with a foot on either side of Jared’s waist. Facing his step-brother, Byron squatted down, his tall but thin frame in perfect alignment. Reaching under his ass, Byron grabbed the base of Jared’s cock and with the slightest push against it, it was buried inside. With both hands on his knees, Byron began to bounce on his step-brothers big cock.

As the hard muscle stretched his asshole, Byron’s own cock began to go from semi hard to fully erect. With every up and down bounce Byron’s hard cock jerked in the opposite direction. Looking down at his step-brother’s face, he saw that Jared was awake. Locked onto Jared’s green eyes, Byron smiled and was determined to ride his cock so good that his step-brother would keep coming back for more.

He knew that his tight little hole could coax the cum from Jared, that would never be a problem. Byron found himself thinking of other ways he could please Jared. Deciding to concentrate on the task at hand, he just worked his ass up and down. Byron could feel the rhythmic pounding of the big swollen cock head on his prostate, and knew that soon he was going to cum. The burning in his legs was a distant feeling, all Byron cared about was the tightening in his balls.

Byron cupped the end of his cock as his warm cum sprayed out of it, never breaking his rhythmic dance on Jared’s dick. Even in the midst of his orgasm, Byron never took his eyes from Jared’s face. When he saw Jared’s body tighten up in advance warning of an orgasm, Byron spoke.

“That’s right big brother, give it to me. Cum in my tight little asshole.”

His words had the desired effect and Byron could feel the cock buried deep inside of him jerk, he felt the warm fluid fill his anal cavity. Once he was sure that Jared was finished, Byron stood. Carefully so as not to let a drop escape from him, Byron knelt over his step-brother. He didn’t want Jared to ever have anything to disgust him, as Jared had never before had sex with a man, so with a seductive smile on his face Byron put his face down to the rock hard stomach and licked his own cum from the warm skin.

Still smiling, Byron lay down on his back and raised his legs in the air.

“Watch Jared. See how much I love you. See what I am willing to do for you. I’ll do anything for you, anything.”

With their eyes locked, Byron reached down to under his asshole and with a slight push, his hole opened and Jared’s thick cum started to run out. Byron was careful to collect every drop onto his hand and fingers. With a lewd wink at Jared, Byron brought his hand to his face and sucked the cum from it. When he finished, Byron licked his fingers.

“Anything you want big brother, just ask. I’ve wanted you for so long it hurt. You have no idea how badly I wanted what happened here today. Anything I can do to make you happy, just ask.”

Jared smiled at his step-brother. The truth was, that was exactly what Jared had wanted to hear. The sex had been exciting and not at all as disgusting Betturkey as he had feared. Jared had to admit to himself that he had actually rather enjoyed it. But it was the submission that he had wanted to hear. What he had hoped to hear. Jared had needed it for his plan to work.

“Thanks Byron. I’m glad to hear that. There is something I want. Next time I would like for you to have less body hair.”

Byron smiled. He was of Native American decent mostly, and he had little body hair. A little bit of wax and it would be all gone.

“Also, I don’t like pubic hair either.”

“No problem Jared. I’ll wax my body for you. Is there anything else you want?”

“Yes. Please have both of your nipples pierced. In about a month I’ll be back and I would love to see a couple of silver rings through them. And how about a small tattoo on your butt cheek? Is that OK with you?”

Byron grinned at his step-brother, “Kinky. I’ll do it for you. How come such a long wait? I would love to see you sooner. To make you feel good again.”

“Well, you will need some time to heal from the piercing, and I need some time to set things up. Remember what I asked you earlier?”

Byron nodded. “Oh, by the way Jess, what is it that you want me to get tattooed?”

This time it was Jared’s turn to smile.

“Property of Stormbringer.”

* ***

Byron spent the next two weeks in a dreamland. He went to his job at a classy restaurant where he cooked, and while his work was up to its usual perfect standards, Byron felt like he was on autopilot. His heart was no longer in his work. He had gotten the piercing and tattoo the very next day and while they were still tender to the touch, the pain had faded. He was still confused about the tattoo, but Jared hadn’t wanted to elaborate.

He hadn’t gone to get his body waxed yet, but he had lots of time, and had wanted to make sure that his skin was baby smooth for Jared. From Jared’s past relationships, Byron knew that he liked his women to have long hair, and as such, had grown his out over the years. The dark hair fell well past his shoulders, nearly half way down his back, all in all it was quite beautiful. It had caught the eye of many gay males, but while he had numerous dalliances in the past, Byron only wanted one man.

In a certain light, Byron could pass for a female. He enjoyed dressing up for the part too. His closet had a large store of women’s clothing and make-up, from lingerie to dresses and skirts. He loved to dress up in women’s underwear and masturbate or even better, to have a nice thick cock bang away at his ass. Byron spent time at the gym each week, but he never tried to bulk up. He thought his slight frame looked good toned up, more womanly, so never overdid it. When Byron was dressed for the part, only the most observant eye could see him for what he truly was.

When he heard the knock at the door that night after work, Byron didn’t find it strange. His friends often dropped by unannounced. When he answered the door and found his brother standing there Byron’s heart skipped a beat.

“What are you doing here? You’re early. I haven’t waxed…”

Without a word Jared walked in the apartment. He shut the door behind him and grabbed Byron by the hair. With a rough yank, Jared pulled Byron’s head back. Before his yelp of pain could escape, Jared’s mouth covered his in a deep kiss. Byron quit his feeble struggles and returned the deep kiss.

Jared grabbed Byron’s hands and held them over his head. With both hands in one powerful grip, Byron was helpless as Jared’s other hand ripped his joggers off his body. In a silence that Byron found extremely exciting, Jared spun Byron around and bent him over. With his legs spread and his face up against the wall, Byron was effectively pinned. Jared hadn’t even needed to pull his arms up behind his back, but had done so anyway.

Jared didn’t even take his pants down. He just lowered his zipper and pulled out his steely cock. Without any warning or lubrication, Jared shoved his thick cock up his step-brother’s ass. Byron grunted in pain for the few seconds it took to adjust to the sudden violation, then began to pant and thrust back.

His favorite fantasies about Jared had always revolved around his step-brother taking him forcefully. Up against the wall, unable to move while Jared slammed his cock up inside him had his own cock fully erect in seconds. Seconds later he experienced his first orgasm. His cum splattered the wall as his body was rocked by the large man thrusting behind him. Minutes later a second orgasm hit his body, nearly causing his knees to buckle. Fighting the urge to collapse to the ground, Byron soon regained his strength and was once again meeting Jared’s violent assault with equal abandonment. Nearly ten minutes after the rapid attack began, Jared finally orgasmed. He lifted Byron clear off the ground when he pushed his entire eight inches up inside his step-brother, holding him there as he thrust severely.

Held up Betturkey Giriş in the air like a rag-doll, Byron felt completely powerless, and had his own final orgasm. Both spent, Jared dropped Byron to the ground roughly. Breathless from the intense pleasure, Byron could barely feel his raw asshole. All he felt was a pleasant burning sensation that would cause him to walk stiffly the next couple of days at work.

“Remember Byron, two more weeks.”

With that, Jared left his brother on the floor with cum leaking from his stretched asshole and shut the door. Byron lay on the floor in a daze, until he got up and noticed the streaks of cum that covered the wall. Byron smiled and went to the kitchen to get a rag to wash up his excitement.

* ****

As Jared closed the door, he smiled to himself. Everything was going right to plan. He had known about his step-brother’s crush for years. He had even played up to it, making sure to strip down to nothing in full view of Byron before bed. Even Jared didn’t know why he had done that. He wasn’t gay. Sure, the sex with Byron had been great, but everything they had done so far was something he could have done with any willing woman. He hadn’t let Byron fuck his ass, which truth be told, he didn’t think that Byron minded at all. He hadn’t even touched Byron’s cock.

Jared had needed to find someone who was willing to go as far as to commit his or her soul to him. He had immediately thought of Byron. All it had taken was two sessions of sex. Very good sex, Jared admitted to himself. Byron was slight of build but he was a lot more resilient than Jared had thought. Some of their sex had been quite rough. Few women could tolerate it, much less enjoy it. And Byron’s natural flexibility was quite intriguing to Jared. Byron had a very feminine air about him, which was probably why Jared found it easy to be with him.

He was quite happy about the way things were turning out. It wouldn’t be long before all his carefully laid out plans came to fruition. Jared laughed quietly to himself as he got into his pickup and started it.

“Soon you will be mine for life Byron.”

* ****

The final two weeks of his wait were agony to Byron. After his last visit from Jared, Byron was hooked completely. Even before the visit Byron had wanted to do anything to make Jared happy. Now he would sell his soul to the devil himself if that was what Jared wanted.

The first week after the sudden sexual encounter in his apartment had Byron walking funny. The people he worked with had teased him mercilessly. They knew he was gay and had made jokes about why he was walking so stiffly. Byron just laughed with them, all the while he had a special sparkle in his eye that only his closest friends could really notice. When they asked him about it, Byron just smiled and changed the subject. It wasn’t long however before his mind turned back to his step-brother. His friends knew he was in love.

About eight days after Jared had stopped by, Duane called. Normally Byron was thrilled by his calls. It always led to amazing sex. Duane was nearly a clone of Jared. Same size and build, although not quite as cut as Jared. His face was more perfect than Jared’s as well. A real pretty boy. And his eyes were a shocking blue compared to the smoky green that Jared had used to see into Byron’s soul.

The biggest difference by far though, was intelligence. Duane was what in polite circles is referred to as slow. Byron thought of him as dumb. The best part of him, thought Byron, was his big cock that stayed hard for hours. Being a submissive, Byron was a perfect match for Duane. Duane always had to be in control. Sometimes it had gotten Duane in a lot of trouble. But his great size and fighting ability had managed so far to keep his good looks from being smeared across his face.

Knowing that if he answered the phone that it would lead to sex, Byron let his answering machine pick it up.

“Byron, this is Duane. I’ll be in town for the next week, so give me a call. You have my cell number. Call me.”

His heart beating in the fear that Duane knew that he was in the room listening to the message. Byron was torn between wanting to call up Duane and continuing to hide from him. When his thoughts turned to Jared, everything straightened out. He no longer needed Duane to be a two-bit replica of his step-brother. He had the real thing wanting him.

Breathing easier and feeling his pulse return to normal, Byron smiled to himself.

“Jared wants me.”

Just the feeling of being wanted was enough to help Byron resist the rapidly fading urge to call Duane up. He hoped that he would be able to avoid the big man until the time came for Jared to show up. The last thing he needed was for Duane to get jealous, even though Duane didn’t hold himself to loyalty to Byron and didn’t show for weeks or months at a time, he did consider Byron to be his property. Byron accepted it at the time, and discretely fooled around, but now Duane’s possessiveness could be a major drawback.

* ****

The morning that Byron was expecting a call from Jared, he had woke early. He had a lot of things to do today. The day before Byron had called up a friend, Jason, and had him help wax Byron’s entire body, including his pubes. Byron was out of the house early and made his first stop at eight when the jewelry store opened. He was out within minutes, his specialty order in hand. Then Byron made a few other stops, picking up items here and there. As soon as Jared had told him of the future date, Byron had booked an entire week’s vacation. He planned on spending it worshiping his step-brother.

Byron finished his errands and came back home around noon. A message was waiting for him on his answering machine. Nervously, Byron played the message. Duane had phoned daily, sometimes three or four times a day. Each message was getting progressively worse. When the voice that came on was Jared’s, Byron nearly cried in joy. He was to be waiting downstairs for him at exactly six o’clock, and he was to bring a suitcase with several changes of clothes.

Relieved more than he believed possible, Byron realized that he had harbored doubts about his sanity. He had actually thought, in some small part of his brain, that he had dreamed the two encounters. Byron had spent a lot of time thinking about how he could surprise his step-brother, and thought he had come up with the perfect solution.

By dressing up as a woman for Jared, Byron would make him see that they could be together even in public without anyone catching on. He wanted so much to be with his step-brother for the rest of his life, he would be willing to spend the rest of it as a woman.

Standing in front of his full length mirror, Byron studied his body. He would encase his long legs in sheer black stockings. Byron could hardly wait to wrap them around his brothers waist once again. Envisioning the rest of his outfit made Byron’s cock swell. He imagined driving Jared so wild that Jared would pull over on the side of the road and take him roughly and passionately.

Byron went to his bath and ran the water hot. As the steamy water covered his skin, he could almost feel Jared’s large hands on his flesh. He had to resist the urge to masturbate in the bath and nearly came just from the powerful images in his head. He stayed in the water for nearly an hour, filling and emptying it to keep the water nice and hot.

Finished with his soak, Byron stood in front of the mirror and blow dried his long dark hair. His body still looked strange to him without his thick mass of dark pubic hair. Byron felt deliciously naughty. Finished drying himself, Byron went and sat at the vanity in his bedroom.

Usually quite frugal with his money, the vanity was one of the few excesses Byron owned. It was a gorgeous piece, made from stained oak. It was a piece of flawless beauty. Intricate carvings of flowers covered the legs and the frame for the large lighted mirror. This was where Byron spent hours trying to transform himself into the perfect woman. Today he planned on outdoing himself.

Taking a brush from a drawer, Byron began running it through his hair. He brushed his hair until it shined, taking the light and reflecting it back. He played with different styles until finally deciding to stick with something simple. Splitting a part down the middle, Byron braided both halves on the top of his head, leaving the back to flow freely. He attached both braids together at the back of his head with a bright red ribbon. Holding up a mirror to see the back, Byron was very pleased with his efforts.

Next, Byron began the long process of putting on makeup. He like to use a dark eyeshadow that helped to bring out the highlights of his brown eyes. He took his time, applying everything with the care of a makeup artist. Byron didn’t want anything to be out of place and have it ruin the illusion he intended to portray.

Just over an hour after he started, Byron finished applying his makeup. Knowing he had a little bit of a wait until Jared showed up, Byron grabbed something to eat and sat down on the couch. He thrilled in the feeling of his leather couch on his naked body. The way it pulled at his bare skin when he tried to move made him feel as though hands were grabbing at him.

After a couple of hours of television, Byron got up and went back into his bathroom. Reaching under the sink, he pulled out a small cardboard box. Inside it was his enema kit. He wanted to have the perfect night with his step-brother, and while he didn’t mind being dirty and tasting himself on a cock, in fact it turned him on, Byron was worried that Jared might be a little disgusted. Byron finished and cleaned up just in time to get dressed.

Rolling up the silky black stockings onto his smooth legs made Byron feel sexier than he had in months. They stopped just below his crotch. Byron called his next door neighbor over to help him put on the tight corset. Grinning at Byron’s half naked body, she helped pull the strings in the back as tight as possible. Once they were tightly tied, Byron thanked her for the help. She laughed and slapped his bare ass as she walked out, telling him to have fun.

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