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This brings together the “Summer Heat” and “The Other Ashley” worlds. It ties up loose ends. If you did the prerequisite reading, you’ll love it. (If not just read Summer Heat Ch. 12) Sorry it got a little long. This story is complete fiction. Any resemblance to other stories is coincidence. All characters are nineteen or older. Don’t forget to tip the dancers and waitresses.


Many of the guests from the party had stayed at the hotel and went to brunch together the next morning. Shelby’s history with the Family Feast Buffet restaurant helped smooth over the trouble of having a large group. They moved several tables together. It was a wonderful gathering. Donna’s family and friends became closer with Jason’s people.

Frank and Maggie were the last to leave. “It’s a three-hour drive to Tallahassee, but Frank knows a short cut that seems to take four.” Maggie said smiling.

“I remember some of Franks ‘shortcuts.” Katherine said with a giggle.

“What’s worse than a wife picking on you? Two wives ganging up on you.” Frank said with a laugh. He would never have believed why this statement made the kids and Katherine blush. He hugged Shelby and held her for a long time. He teared up again. “I’m so proud of you baby. I love you so much.”

“I love you and Maggie too, dad.” Shelby said. She kissed them both on their cheeks.

“Shell, come and stay with us for a few days before your classes start. I want to talk about trading your car for one that’s newer and more dependable.” Frank said.

“OK, Dad. We’ll talk about it.” Shelby said. She usually protested the idea of getting rid of the car she worked so hard for. The car also represented her old life as an erotic entertainer. It might be a good way to put that behind her.

While Katherine walked Frank and Maggie to their car, Shelby got her first opportunity to talk to Jason and Donna alone. “Look guys, I have to tell you about last night.”

“I know, Sis. We were there.”

“No, Jase. I have to tell you about what happened here. Mack and Cynthia came over here after the party.”

“I met them. They are nice. Are Cynthia and Kathy lovers?” Donna asked.

“They both are her lovers. They were only here about five minutes when Kitty-Kat dragged Mack back to the guest room and didn’t come out until early this morning.”

“Well, I’m glad she got some lovin’ for her birthday. What did this Cynthia lady do?” Jason asked.

“She was all for it.” Shelby answered. “Turns out, our little Kitty-Kat has been to some swinger events. That’s where she met them as well as Kim and Tony Hollis.”

“Holy Shit! Kathy in an orgy. That’s mind blowing.” Donna said. “Do we need to talk to her about sex addiction or something?”

“We might get a group rate on that counseling.” Jason said.

“No. Mom had a massive mid-life crisis before her birthday. Her hormones have been out of whack too. Cindy said that the swinger group broke up. I guess Cynthia and Kat are like a couple or something.” Shelby said.

“So, you and Cynthia talked while Mom banged her husband.” Jason said.

“Well, I was left to entertain her, so I did. She’s very sexy. She used to be a stripper too.”

“Shell, you slutty girl. I guess you needed some fun last night too.” Donna said.

“Isn’t she supposed to get our permission?” Jason asked chuckling.

“Oh, funny. You should see her tattoo, a vine goes up her leg and side to her shoulder. But listen, before Mom gets back in. Cynthia knows everything. She knows we’ve all been fucking like crazy.” Shelby said in a rush.

“No! Shit! She knows all of it?” Jason went into panic.

“She knows that we are a triple. She knows Kat and I have been lovers. She doesn’t know that Mom has been with the two of you. She may suspect it though.”

Katherine pleaded with the kids. “Look I didn’t really tell her. Before I joined you guys in Florida, I had talked to her about the things I was worried about. I confided in her as a friend about what I suspected. I worried so much about all of you getting hurt. I love you so much.” Katherine sobbed. “Then when I got back, I told her that I couldn’t talk about any of it. I didn’t want to make up some lies. She just deduced the connection.”

“God, mom. If this all gets out, we’re fucked.” Shelby scolded.

“Shell, she will never tell anyone. She’s done stuff far kinkier than any of this. She hasn’t even told her husband.” Katherine said, trusting it to be true.

“All this is more reason to just cool it. Donna and I will just concentrate on our future together.”

“I know, son. I’m sorry.”

“What about me, Kat? She knew well that you and I had been lovers.” Shelby asked.

“Shell, you are so strong and beautiful, I have no regrets about being with you. The intimacy between us as mother and daughter is something very special to me. Please, there is nothing to worry about.” Katherine said.

Shelby bowed out of the invitation to join Jason and Donna back at their honeymoon hotel room. She stayed home with bahis firmaları Katherine. She wanted to delve deeper into Katherine’s secrets. She wanted to know more about Cynthia and her mom’s romp with Mack. She made her apologies and kissed the couple goodnight.

As soon as Jason and Donna cleared the driveway, Shelby went straight to Katherine. “I can’t believe Cynthia knows all this shit!” Shelby plopped on the couch. “If this gets out, I’m leaving town. Dad would just fall over dead.”

“Baby, it’s not going any further. I’m not dropping it in conversation. She and I had gotten closer. I just told her what I was worried about. Then I became part of it. I’m so sorry baby. Please don’t leave again.”

“Jason is right. It’s all got to stop.” Shelby began crying. “I just love you all so much.”

Katherine hugged her daughter. “Shell, if you leave, take me with you, OK? They kept their swinging secret, didn’t they?”

“I never heard of them, but rumors have been out about Kim and Tony Hollis for a while.”

Katherine felt faint. “I need a glass of wine. We’ll talk to Cindy. It’s going to be OK. I only went to one party with them. They stopped the swinger group because they are adopting. Just relax. We need some sleep.” Katherine was grabbing for anything that would calm Shelby.

Shelby looked on the stove. There was still a clipped half joint that she and Cynthia didn’t finish. “I didn’t mean to leave this out.” As Katherine poured wine, Shelby lit the roach. She handed it to Katherine. “Here, best cure for a hangover.”

“I don’t think so, baby.”

“Don’t argue with me, old woman.” Shelby said with a smile.

“Old woman?! You’ll be thirty in a couple of weeks. Think back to your teens. How did you think of people in their thirties back then? Right?” Katherine hit the roach deeply.

“So, when I was fifteen, you were only thirty-five. Oh, My God! I’m getting old!”

They both relaxed and calmed down. Katherine had remembered that Mack’s cum was still dried on her belly and in her clothes. “Shelby, I’m going to get a shower and lay down. I need some rest.”

Shelby knew that she wasn’t fresh either. She had caught the scent of her own pussy a few times. “Kat, I’d like to use that hose thingy you have in there. Could you stand a little company?”

“That would make me very happy, baby.”

Shelby admired her mother’s body. Many women in their twenties would kill to have a body like Katherine’s. Her waist was small, and her muscles were taught. Her full breasts seemed to be half her age, only showing the slightest bit of sag. But, then, she had two children and breast-fed both. When Katherine turned and rinsed her hair, Shelby hugged her and pressed her face to her mom’s chest. “Kat, you are so beautiful. I love you.”

Katherine ran her hands over Shelby’s round little butt. “Baby, you are beautiful, yourself. I’d be ashamed to say how many times I’ve enjoyed seeing that hot little fanny.”

They both laughed. “If you are done, I’d like to use your hose thing.”

Katherine diverted the water to her special wand. She adjusted the flow to a trickle. “Here, Shell. I’ll get one for your bath.”

Shelby washed out her fragrant vagina then put a shot of water up her anus. She stepped over to the toilet and marveled how much better she felt to cleanse her rectum. She returned to the shower and finished washing her body, ever mindful of just how horny she was getting.

Katherine and Shelby met in an embrace and guided each other onto the bed and into a passionate kiss.

“Mom, I love you and you are so beautiful. I can’t resist touching and tasting you. All my life, you have been the sexiest woman in the world to me.” Shelby said and buried her face in Katherine’s bosom. She kissed her way across her mom’s breasts and sucked hard on her nipples.

Katherine clutched her daughter to her chest. “Oh, Shell. I love you so much, not just as a mom but as a woman too. It’s so hot that you did it with Cindy. I’m proud of you, girl. She looks so tragic until she smiles, then she is a pretty lady.”

“Her tattoo is exotic. It works on her slender body.” Shelby looked up at Katherine. “Did you have a good time with Mr. Mack?” She asked. “For an older man, he’s very sexy. He’s really nice too.”

“Mack has a special way with a woman. He’s very attentive. He worships a woman and does just the right thing at the right time over and over. He truly pleasures a woman. He’s got a big thick cock, too!” Katherine blushed and laughed.

Shelby laughed to hear her mom say something so cute and yet vulgar. “Was this the best birthday ever?”

Katherine smiled. “You crazy kids blew my mind so bad. Do you know it’s only been four months since I told Donna they should make me some grand children?”

“She’s had a crush on Jase since the first time She saw him mowing with his shirt off.”

“Yeah, me too.” Katherine said and burst out laughing. “Your brother is fucking gorgeous.”

“He used to make me so horny.” Shelby said. “When I came kaçak iddaa back home, he welcomed me. He held me and cried. I never felt so loved. Then he walks around in those gym shorts with his dick flopping around.” Shelby laughed. “I was so bad, mom. I used to lay around with my pussy showing. I went topless in front of him. There were times that I prayed he would just take me and pound me. I wanted him to just come to my bed and have me. But he didn’t.” She paused. “Asshole.” She said softly. Both ladies laughed hard.

“I used to rub myself off thinking of you two being lovers. If I had a brother as awesome and hot as Jason, I’d have to do him.” Katherine said blushing.

“Kitty-Kat, you are a naughty mommy.” Shelby said laughing. “Mom, I want to tell you something. It’s the solid truth. When I was little, I had a terrible crush on Danny. He was so sweet and so perfect. I loved him. It hurt me as much as anyone to lose him. I hope they name the baby Daniel or Danielle.” Shelby moved up to snuggle with Katherine. “I was supposed to go back to the room with Jase and Donna, but suddenly, I wanted you, Kat. Cynthia wants you and I to have a girly three way with her. What do you think of that?”

Katherine blushed slightly. “I think that would be fun, baby.” She said. “I thought you were going to calm down for a while and concentrate on school.” Katherine said in a questioning tone.

Shelby laughed. “Yeah, I am. It’s just that you old folks turn me on.”

Katherine giggled. She rolled toward Shelby and tickled her sides. “Old folks?! Little turd! I’ll show you about old folks.” The tickling became touching and kissing. Katherine’s hand wandered down to Shelby’s pubic mound. She began to gently manipulate her daughter’s clit.

Shelby twitched at every flick of her swollen clit. Katherine kissed her passionately and sunk two fingers into Shelby’s wet hole. She finger fucked her and worked her clit with her thumb. For Katherine, it was an intense thrill to slip her fingers into Shelby. The erotic taboo and the pure lust of the act had a grip on Katherine. She kissed Shelby with forceful passion. Shelby had released all inhibitions and was flowing with womanly cream. Katherine withdrew her fingers from her daughter’s pussy and rubbed her hot little anus with the goo. Shelby moved her legs up and apart.

“Yes, oh, yes.” Shelby moaned as her mom’s fingers eased into her ass. She relaxed and let it open. “Please, Kat. Please do that.”

Katherine felt Shelby’s ass open and welcome her probing fingers. The heat and the soft tissues inside captured Katherine’s mind. She began squeezing her own thighs together and squirming. Shelby gave a push reaction. Katherine brought her thumb away from Shelby’s hard clit and slipped it in her pussy. Two up her ass and a thumb in the pussy began sending waves of involuntary spasms throughout Shelby’s guts. She moaned and bucked. She rolled her hips. Katherine could feel the pressure of her fingers with her thumb. Shelby’s anus had become soft and smooth in the way that her own did in the throes of anal bliss. Shelby felt her whole body seem to explode in an orgasm of a lifetime. Katherine let her calm down and backed her hand away. Somewhere along the way, Katherine had her own little orgasm without even touching herself.

The two kindred lady lovers cuddled into soft comfort and fell asleep.

As darkness engulfed the world, Donna and Jason had a light meal at the Waffle Hut near their hotel. They were also very tired from the activities of the weekend. Both had thought of another honeymoon love making session. But when they got into bed, sleep overtook them, and they spooned and cuddled until dawn.

Mack and Cynthia, unlike the others, had taken a long nap when they got home. Their afternoon consisted of Cynthia doing a load of laundry and some writing. Mack went through a pile of paperwork from his businesses. Both were in a good mood. Mack had been surprised that Katherine was unescorted to her own birthday bash and delighted to wind up in bed with her. He quietly had a thing for Katherine. It was a wonderful night for him.

Cynthia knew well that her husband had a crush on the beautiful Miss Kathy. Cynthia loved her too. When she was able to steer them into bed together, it was like hitting a home run for her. Falling into a great little romp with Shelby made it a grand slam. Before that night, Cynthia and Shelby had not met in person. They had only talked over the phone. Katherine had showed her some pictures of Shelby including some nudes from the photo shoot in Florida. But when they met in person, Cynthia was turned on by the petite dynamo. When Shelby said she knew Cynthia had been a dancer from the way she moved, she had to have her.

“You’ve been walking around with half a smile all day. Kathy must have made you very happy last night.” It was the first time they had talked about the night before.

Mack hugged his wife. “Yeah, it was nice. She is incredible. Thanks for that, Slim.”

“What are you thanking me for?” Cynthia kaçak bahis asked.

“Well, she’s your lover. Thanks for letting your old man have a roll with another beautiful woman.” Mack said.

“Silly old bear, we’ve done swinger shit together and apart for a few years. Why thank me now?”

“Since my heart scare, I’ve felt more in love with you. I’ve wanted you with me more. Besides, it was different with Kathy. We are closer with her. She’s a friend. I want to get to know her family. They seem like good people.”

“I’m sure you want to get closer to little Shelby.” Cynthia said with a catty smile. “She’s a little firecracker.” Mack said.

Cynthia approached the bed where Mack lay. “Now you need to lose those shorts dear.” She dropped her own pants and shirt beside the bed. “Close your eyes, my love. I have a treat for you.” Cynthia reached into the nightstand and pulled out Shelby’s dirty panties. She lay them on Mack’s face with the smelly crotch under his nose. Cynthia smiled and watched for his reaction.

“Holy shit! What is that?”

Cynthia laughed. “That’s what Shelby’s pretty little pussy smells like.”

“Oh, my God. That’s crazy. And you stole her panties like a schoolboy.” Mack said.

“No, silly. We swapped undies.” Cynthia grinned and discretely squeezed a small dollop of lube onto her hand. She climbed into bed and positioned herself to pleasure the older man.

Mack was fascinated by the smell of the young lady’s panties. It seemed to invade his brain and send blood rushing into his cock. A cock that his slender wife was now holding and squeezing. He rose to fully erect like a young man.

Cynthia pushed his legs apart and settled in between them. She took the head of his thick cock in her mouth and sucked, pulling his glans free of the thick foreskin. Mack lay back and moaned. Cynthia stroked his shaft and gobbled her wet mouth on the head. With her other hand, she began to rub Mack’s anus. She knew it was something he liked. Cynthia pressed the area around his asshole. Mack responded flexing his cock then relaxing his ass. He pulled his knees up a little. Cynthia retrieved the drop of lube from her hand with her finger and pressed into his ass. She slowly sucked her mouth up and down on his cock. Mack flexed again then relaxed. Cynthia knew it was her signal and pushed two slender fingers into her husband’s ass. Mack relaxed and moaned softly. His ass opened and welcomed her to massage his prostate. Cynthia knew to keep it gentle and soft. If she was vigorous, Mack would cum too soon and he would not be satisfied. As much as the big man was into the ass play, so was his wife. Cynthia loved having her fingers inside all her lovers. Feeling Mack’s inner tissues and his thick cock in her mouth was all the foreplay she needed. Cynthia pressed upward into Mack’s prostate and tasted semen oozing into her mouth. She knew she had a narrow window of opportunity. She slowed her mouth and eased her fingers out of Mack. After he relaxed for a minute, Cynthia felt his cock flex very hard. She quickly got up and sat on the thick member, taking it to the hilt. Both of them moaned. The wet heat of Cynthia’s pussy clutched Mack’s dick. After years together, Cynthia still marveled at how her husband’s thick cock stretched and filled her. She bounced and ground her pelvis. Mack thrust upward as he could. Cynthia’s swollen clit was scrubbing into Mack’s pubes. They held hands like young lovers. Cynthia steadied herself and rode hard. In a few minutes she felt Mack buck and flex. A warm stream flooded into her pussy. Mack’s cum filled her and ran down his shaft and into the space between them. The sudden wetness was just the right sensation to push Cynthia into an intense orgasm.

Cynthia lay forward onto Mack’s hairy chest. Still joined, Cynthia said, “I love you, McKenzie Allen.” She never meant it more than she did in that moment.

Two weeks later:

Katherine’s phone rang. [Cynthia cell]

“Hi, sexy lady. How have you been?” Katherine answered smiling.

“Hello, Kitty. Sorry I haven’t called. We’ve been busy with Christmas sales. How was Thanksgiving in Tallahassee?”

“Honey, it was really very nice. We are all lucky that Frank and Maggie found each other. I love them. Maggie accepts all of us as family without any reservation. We had some great food and wine.”

“Was it traditional American or Italian?” Cynthia asked.

“It was a mix of everyone’s favorites. Spinach lasagna goes well with turkey. Frank always springs for a bunch of great Italian wines for the holidays. Maggie’s son was home. He’s a nice young man. Of course, that put me and Shell sharing a bed.”

“Interesting.” Cynthia said and then laughed.

“Oh, your dirty mind. We giggled about it. It was nice holding her though.” Katherine blushed.

“Her birthday is coming up. Should I give her a gift, or would it be weird?”

“I don’t know. Do whatever you feel. She wants us to get together soon. I think she’s having a little mid-life crisis about turning thirty.” Katherine said.

“Should I call the guys that helped you with fifty? They would go crazy over her hot little ass.” Cynthia asked referencing the three college boys that gang fucked Katherine before her birthday.

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