Summer Interns

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Three young people were working as summer interns at Jamison’s Magazine in New York. They were all nineteen-year-old students who had finished their freshman year at City College: Darina Kuznetsov, Paul A’mato, and Judy Weinberg.

Darina was an art intern, while the other two were on the editorial side. One of their tasks was to find other works that could be reproduced in the opening section of the magazine and obtain copyright permissions.

They shared an office and inevitably some gossiping and then flirting occurred among them. Often the three of them went to lunch together but in the first month they didn’t go further afield than that. A notable fact about them was that all three were virgins.

Darina was tall and slender with dark reddish-brown hair. Judy was shorter and plump with frizzy lighter brown hair. The two women thought that they had each had a chance to go on an exclusive date with Paul after work, but in the early weeks neither asked him. Judy got there first.

Darina imagined that she had the best chance because of her conventional good looks. She speculated that she might have a fling with him and then in the sophomore year back at school she would assess a possible longer-term affair. She didn’t really imagine Judy as being a rival. She was a bit vain and thought, Judy is a nice, smart person, but she doesn’t have the body or face to be a serious competitor to me.

Thus it was a surprise when one day she went into the supply room and found the other two standing up and kissing in front of some filing cabinets. A set of shelves with boxes gave her a somewhat protected view. Paul was mostly facing away from her but at a slight angle that gave her a three-quarters view of the pair.

Judy was wearing a blue skirt and jacket suit combination. Darina noticed that Judy’s blouse had been pulled up and her bra had been undone; her large boobs were bare. Paul was caressing her left nipple. Darina saw that it looked large and prominent, indicating that it had stiffened with the girl’s state of arousal.

For a second Darina thought of coming forward and interfering with the other two. It would be a quite a stunt and she wondered if it would be considered as a good joke among the three of them. The she changed her mind and decided to see what these proceedings led to.

Paul and Judy were rubbing each other’s bodies, especially on the hips and buttocks. At one point he lifted her skirt and stroked her sheer dark stockings. They whispered little statements that sounded like endearments but Darina couldn’t catch the content.

After a couple of minutes Paul did say something intelligible, “Come on honey, you said you’d suck my cock today.”

“Of course, I always live up to my promises. First, let me put more lipstick on so I can leave some on your dipstick.”

They both laughed as if that was a great witticism. Judy did take a tube out of her purse and put some on her lips so that they were bright red. She knelt down in front of him and unzipped his pants. Rather than lower his trousers she reached in and pulled out his stiff cock.

“My, it’s such a nice big one.”

Daria could see that his penis was sort of two-toned; the outer half of it was darker than the rest. Then Judy went to work on it and she seemed to know what she was doing.

Darina had never seen a blowjob except for some photos in Danish porn magazines her girlfriends had gotten somewhere. She couldn’t help but be fascinated by this act being staged in her view. She also felt some resentment; she’s using the oldest trick there is, easy sex, to snare him. She didn’t consider that she might do something similar with a guy if it was to her own advantage.

She figured that Judy had done this before with somebody, perhaps even Paul. She couldn’t help but seeing this as some kind of betrayal. Yes, we’re all friends, but I was supposed to be the one who snared him. Nevertheless, she was curious to find out how this was going to play out.

Judy put her lips around the glans and gently sucked on it. Then she held his shaft with her right hand and began licking and kissing it from top to bottom and back again. At one point she did put her lips around it and left lipstick marks on the full length of him. Further licking by her then removed some of the marks.

Paul noticed it, “That’s it baby, put that redness on my big dick.”

As for the organ being “big,” Darina could only compare it to the erect penises she had seen in those Danish porno magazines. This one looked to be of a generous size but not quite like some of the more humongous ones in the Danish photos. What is that, about seven inches in length?

She speculated that he hadn’t lowered his pants and had only his cock exposed so that he could quickly hide it if someone walked in unexpectedly. That didn’t solve the problem of what Judy would do with her blouse gaping open

Daria’s had a jumble of thoughts as she secretly witnessed the act: this is amazing, I’m watching casino siteleri an actual blowjob, and, that little tramp, she’s seducing him in the crudest way possible. And wow, that strumpet indeed seems to be well trained in oral sex. It didn’t occur to Darina that she herself had no experience at all with it.

Within a short time ,Judy held the base of his cock while starting a rhythmic sucking motion. Daria noted that she was careful not to take more than about half of it into her mouth during the intake stroke. That’s so she doesn’t gag on it; very clever.

Paul ran his hands through her hair while moaning and saying things like, “Judy, sweetie, I love the way you suck on my schlong.” Daria wondered if men always said such hackneyed things during sex. She had never seen a porno film, so she had nothing to go by for comparisons.

The main part of the act only took a few minutes. Paul began to thrust his pelvis forward to meet Judy’s mouth; Darina could see his buttocks clench inside the seat of his tight trousers.

Soon Judy put her left hand up to stroke his backside and thighs. Darina remembered discussing this technique with some other girls. They had read or heard somewhere that rubbing a man’s posterior that way would make him reach a climax faster.

As he approached orgasm, his movements became quicker, almost frantic. His moans emerged at the deepest point of each thrust of his hips. For the last few pushes he supplied all of the movement while Judy kept her head still and her mouth received each stroke. Darina somehow could imagine what was going on deeper in his body as it prepared to shoot a load of semen. It was exciting to imagine that unseen activity occurring

He strained to say, “Judy, I’m coming in your mouth!” His feet went up on his toes and his body quivered. Then his pelvis gyrated as his voice become a continuous groan. His hands gripped the top of Judy’s head.

Then he relaxed and pulled back a bit. It seemed that Judy intended to swallow everything, but she couldn’t quite manage it. Darina saw a clot of sticky white cum fall out of her mouth. I understand why she couldn’t swallow it all; that does look like quite a load. Most of the semen fell to the floor, but a few drops landed on the front of her skirt.

That didn’t seem to faze her; she went back to sucking her lover’s still erect but now very wet cock. He slowly caressed the top of her head while saying compliments like, “You’re so sweet Judy; you are a sexy little minx.” Surely they have had sexual contact before this act.

Darina tried to take stock of her emotions. She felt anger; Judy had poached him by using the tricks of a brazen slut. But she was also aware of her own sexual arousal. She could feel the wetness of her cunt going into her black panties. My God, my cunt’s completely lubricated now. She knew a man could enter her instantly.

Judy stood up and Paul said, “I’m sorry, I some got on your skirt.”

“That’s okay; give me a handkerchief and I’ll clean up as best I can.” She wiped her mouth as well as her clothes with it.

The lovers embraced and began to kiss. Paul pulled back and said, “I can taste my cum on your lips.”

She giggled, “I hope you like the taste; I know I do. I couldn’t swallow it all but I do love the big, hot loads you shoot.”

So it definitely wasn’t their first time. Paul caressed his girlfriend’s ample backside. He lifted her skirt again and Darina could see that she wasn’t actually wearing pantyhose. She had thigh-high stockings and frilly, shiny little black panties.

Darina was aware of the sexual power Judy was exerting over this guy; she resented it but she was also impressed by it. It’s an unsubtle shortcut; any girl can use her hands or mouth or even her ass to get a guy off and thus hold his attention. Darina would do it too but she hadn’t yet had an opportunity.

Suddenly she decided what to do; her horniness had become overwhelming and she knew she had to masturbate as soon as possible. There was a thumping in her cunt that needed attention immediately. She quietly left the room and went back to her desk. In a lower drawer she had her new vibrator, a bright pink device.

It had a pressure-sensitive bulb on one end so she could control the strength of the vibrations emanating from it. There were two rounded prongs attached to it: a larger one that would fit in a vagina, and a smaller one with a double head (“rabbit ears”) that would stimulate a clitoris. One of the best features of it was that it was very quiet to operate – almost silent in fact.

She made her way to a ladies room in an obscure part of the building that was rarely used. Darina knew this place well and had often gotten off in there. She went into one of the stalls, raised her plaid skirt and took off her black panties.

Unlike many modern girls, she didn’t shave her pubic bush. In fact, she was proud of her thick, reddish-brown hair down there. When she was ready, the first thing she did was rub the slot oyna main part of the device against her vulva. Her fantasy was recreating the blowjob scene she had just witnessed.

The effect was immediately delightful. She tried not to moan too loudly. The odds were, if she didn’t prolong this too much, she could get off before anybody else came into the room. After the initial rubbing – foreplay it could be called – she put the main bulb in her mouth to wet it. Then she inserted it into her vagina while using the rabbit ears against the front of her vulva.

This thing is worth every penny I paid for it. She put her feet up on the seat and spread her legs as wide as they would go.

The vibrator was amazing fast and efficient. Darina wondered if a man’s penis would be as effective for inducing an orgasm. She had heard that some guys were a rather inexperienced and clumsy in their sexual efforts.

She didn’t actually keep track of time, but in a little over six minutes she climaxed. She put her head back and moaned, but she stifled her impulse to yell out about her enjoyment of the act. Darina looked down as waves of pleasure went through her body and she saw herself squirt at the moment she came. A little dab of pussy juice came out of her and landed on the floor.

Then in the afterglow she used her hand to further stimulate herself. As her breathing slowed down, she was aware of other emotions. After masturbation she sometimes felt a bit lonely and let down, and that was true now. She looked around the utilitarian, brightly-lit room and she had the urge to leave as soon as possible. Being a conscientious person, she first took out some tissues and cleaned up the fluid on the floor.

She wished she could take off the rest of the afternoon and not have to see Paul and Judy in their office. But she was too busy to just knock off, so in a few minutes she was back at her desk.

It was indeed awkward to be around the other two. She thought they were more voluble than usual, but perhaps she just imagined that. She couldn’t help but think about Paul’s cock and Judy’s breasts which she had seen earlier. She also looked for the semen stain on Judy’s skirt and she thought she saw a faint outline of the remains.

They are totally shameless, those two. She didn’t want to admit to herself that she was interested in doing the same thing. It was an uncomfortable afternoon for her but she got through it.

In the next couple of days she considered how she could snag Paul for herself. And yet she had some hesitation about it. That Paul, he seems to be a male slut; his affair with Judy seems to be rather casual.

She wanted to have some sexual activity with him without actually going all the way and giving up her virginity to him. I’m reserving that for somebody who really loves me. In the fall semester should could reassess how the new relationship was going.

She worked out a scenario for their date. She would sit on a couch and wank herself with her new vibrator toy. Then, he would stand over her and she would blow him as Judy had done. It was a bit unconventional, but it seemed to suit her desires. Would he go for it? He’s a man, isn’t he? Of course he’d agree to it.

Now all she needed was a suitable venue. Doing it at work was possible but that didn’t seem ideal. Then a piece of good luck came her way. Her parents were going to be away for a Saturday night. All she had to do was ask him to visit.

Two days before the weekend she brought up the topic with him. They were in the lobby away from Judy’s presence. She mentioned her parents as casually as she could, and then she invited him up there. “We could hang out, have some take-out Chinese, you know, have a little fun.”

He was very willing to go. A male slut, as I already figured, thought Darina. He’s willing to forget about Judy for this; he thinks he’s trading up perhaps.

She wondered if he would go for her vibrator-blowjob combination. She decided that he most likely would. If he didn’t like it, the door out would be right there.


That Saturday Paul arrived at Darina’s apartment in the Inwood section of Manhattan. First they met at a Chinese restaurant to pick up the food.

After they ate in the dining room, they sat on the sofa in the living room. Darina was the one to initiate some romantic action. She cuddled up next to him and they started a make-out session. Paul was not that surprised about it; he expected it in fact because she had invited him to be alone with her. He restrained himself somewhat in that he did not attempt to touch her on intimate parts of her body.

He did fantasize about what kind of panties she was wearing under her skirt. Maybe she’s not wearing them at all. He decided, based on what he knew about Darina, that she wouldn’t do that.

After a few minutes she said, “I’ve got something to show you. It’s right here.”

She reached into a drawer of a side table and took out her pink vibrator.

“Do you know canlı casino siteleri what this is?”

“I’m not really sure.”

Paul was actually pretty sure he did know, but he decided to be cautious and not insult her in the unlikely case he was wrong.

She giggled, “Silly, it’s a vibrator. You know what those are, right?”

“Of course.” He had never seen one except those that were sometimes displayed in store windows. Those didn’t look anything like this one.

She leaned into him and said softly, “I’m going to show you how it works, right here, with myself as the subject.” He was so amazed and delighted that be couldn’t think of an answer. She continued, “After I get myself off with this, I’ll do something to get you off too.”

“Really? Like what?”

“It will be a surprise. You’ll find out.”

Darina went through her usual vibrator routine as he watched. First she lifted her skirt and took off her panties. As she spread herself Paul realized that he had never seen a woman’s genitals except in magazines. He remembered masturbating frequently while looking at the usual Playboy and Penthouse magazines. He was impressed by her thick brown bush. Yet he stayed in place and made no attempt to touch her down there.

Darina said, “There is a sort of, ah, set of procedures I usually follow that I know will work.” She lifted up her blouse and undid her bra. “I often play with my nipples because that feels good too.” Out of caution she rarely did that at the office. Then she remembered Paul playing with Judy’s exposed breasts in the supply room.

Paul of course already had a big erection from looking at her body. She said, “Here’s how it’s done.” She rubbed the vibrator along the outside of her vulva. They she used the two prongs as needed, the big one for her vagina and the smaller on her clitoris.

Unlike the office rest room, she made no attempt to lower her voice. She moaned and grunted with pleasure as much as she wanted. This thing is great; I’m going to climax in less than ten minutes. When her orgasm arrived she didn’t say anything particularly original; she merely chanted, “oh my God, oh my God, I’m coming.”

Just after it happened she looked down to see if she had squirted on her parent’s couch. Apparently she hadn’t, which was a relief. Then she enjoyed the afterglow by stroking herself with her hand. She remembered Judy’s exposed breasts and she played a bit with her own nipples.

Paul hoped he’d be invited to join in the breast and genital rubbing, but he kept his patience. She said she’d do something for me; I just have to wait for it.

After Darina had caught her breath she was very blunt; “Have you ever had a blowjob?”

“Oh yeah, of course I have.” He didn’t mention Judy, which didn’t surprise her.

Actually, Paul was hoping he’d be allowed to penetrate her well-lubricated pussy. He didn’t know if Darina was a virgin or not, but he knew about his own lack of experience. Getting his cherry busted with this pretty girl tonight would be ideal. He had masturbated thinking about her at times; sometimes he imagined fucking her on the floor of the supply room.

Then he thought, well, maybe we’ll do it later on – or maybe on some other night. In any case, he figured that an actual fuck with her was practically guaranteed, eventually.

Darina was very direct. She said, “Stand up, right in front of me.” When he was in position she undid her pants. Unlike the session with Judy, she lowered his trousers and underwear; his erect cock jutted out.

“Give me a second.” She used Judy’s ploy of freshening her lipstick. In a moment her mouth was bright red.

Okay, now what do I do? Fortunately she had seen Judy’s technique from start to finish, so she copied that. She was sitting while he was standing. She held his hips and pulled him forward. I wonder what it tastes like? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Like Judy had done, she started by kissing and sucking on the tip of his cock. A small bit of fluid came out which she licked up. Pre-cum; this guy is ready to go, so it shouldn’t take too long.

She moved on to licking and kissing the shaft. She put her lips around it to get some lipstick on it. Now it was Paul’s turn to moan and groan. He held her hair and repeatedly said her name.

Then it was time to hold the base and suck on the outer half of the shaft. The taste seemed okay; Paul had taken a shower that afternoon. But what impressed Darina was the sexual power she was exerting over him. He was completely in the moment with her as her mouth worked on his penis. He reached own to touch her bared breasts and he managed to massage her nipples.

Darina could actually feel the pressure building up inside his cock. This isn’t going take long. She reached out to cup his balls, and then she started to massage his buttocks.

He became more rhythmic in his forward thrusts, and louder in the noises he was making. She actually didn’t mind the brevity of the act; the length of time for the sucking was more than adequate. She briefly wondered what it would be like if he went down on her; she had never experienced that with a man. Should she have him do that to her when the present act was over?

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