Superslut Ch. 2

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Katie Cummings sat at her kitchen table with the classifieds and a red pen. She wore her usual tight jeans and even tighter tee shirt and a small pair of reading glasses were balanced on her nose, they only served to heighten her exquisite beauty.

Sighing, she turned the page for what seemed like the hundredth time. “I thought you said you knew a job for me.” She said to no one in particular. “I do.” The voice in her head returned “Keep looking, I’ll know it when I see it.” Katie sighed again and turned the page once more.

For no apparent reason, an add no bigger than any other caught Katie’s eye. “LIVE INDUSTRIES” it read “SEEKING SECRETARY FOR HIGH RANKING EXECUTIVE. INTERVIEWS MONDAY AT 10:00 AM” The add was far to short and usually positions like that weren’t even in the paper, especially not for live industries. “Don’t they make weapons for the government or something?” Katie asked aloud “How should I know.” The voice returned “This is your world, not mine. Anyway, that add was left as an invitation, to you and to me. Lets not disappoint whoever left it.” “You want me to be a secretary?” Katie asked incredulous “I don’t know anything about taking messages and filling and that stuff.” “Don’t worry.” The voice answered with a touch of humor “I think your other assets will suffice.” “Well” Katie said, mostly to herself “I guess being a secretary is a lateral career move from dancing topless. It says interviews will be held tomorrow.”

* * * * *

Frank Storm sat in the leather chair at the mahogany desk that dominated his spacious, top floor office. He smiled wickedly to himself and made a tent out of his hands in front of himself. Yup, he was on top of the world.

Still grinning, he spun around to look out his picture window at the cold, dark night. “Soon this whole city will be mine.” He said to himself, smiling even more.

“You cant take it with you.” A voice came from behind, in the office that had been empty scant moments ago. “And I think we both know where your heading when your time is up.” The smile drained from Franks face. “What do you want?” He asked, turning to face the stranger who sat on the edge of the room cloaked in shadow.

“Oh come now” The stranger said “Is that anyway to talk to your new boss. Remember what it was like before you came to me. You don’t want to go back to the mailroom do you?” “No.” Frank answered, his superior attitude now completely gone, “But the project is working perfectly! The missile is almost ready , I’ll be putting more tar in the cigarettes as soon as I can… I swear!”

“Forget about that!” The stranger roared, holding up a newspaper Frank could have sworn he didn’t have a moment before. “I am here about this add.” “But I didn’t authorize tha…” Frank began “I did.” The stranger interrupted “There will be one candidate for the job that I want you to learn as much about as you can.” “What’s this persons name?” Frank asked “Finding the information is your task.” The stranger answered, and with that he was gone.

Frank poured a tall drink of brandy from a bottle on his desk and gulped it down. “Man I hate it when he does that!” He said to himself, pouring another drink.

* * * * *

Katie sat in the lobby of the Live Industries building dressed in the best secretary outfit she could afford. An ash gray skirt suit (with the shortest skirt she was aware existed), six inch heels and an extremely thin white blouse, no bra underneath. Her hair was done up in a bun and she had her reading glasses on, even though she couldn’t see much past fifteen feet with them on, she thought they made her look the part of the ‘porno secretary’ better.

Nervously she crossed and uncrossed her smooth shapely legs, “Who am I supposed to be looking for?” She asked under her breath. The voice hesitated and Katie assumed it was scanning the room. “Him!” The voice said at last, focusing Katie’s attention on a particularly well dressed man going through a folder across the room.

Katie smiled and stood, then started her best vamp walk towards the man, swiveling her hips as much as she could. She finally reached the man, who was still preoccupied with his folder. “Hi there.” She said in her sexiest voice “I’m here about the secretary job…” “Fill this out” the man replied, handing her a form without looking up from his papers. “I was hoping for a more PERSONAL interview…” Katie said closing the mans folder. He began to look up angrily, then his draw dropped as he saw Katie.

“Um…” He stammered “Yeah sure, lets uh, lets go to my office…” “Okay” Katie agreed, giving her sluttiest smile. In moments they were on the elevator on the long ride to the top floor. Katie and the man stood near the back, watching other people get on and off on the many floors casino oyna they passed. After about six floors, Katie felt the mans hand on her ass, and leaned back into it. The man smiled. Six more floors and she felt his thumb slip under the hem of her skirt. A few more floors and his entire hand was under, tracing the line of her white silk panties. By the time they reached the top floor he had already discovered that she was pleasantly wet and slipped a finger into her, causing her to gasp and draw the attention of several men on the elevator.

As soon as the doors opened on the top floor the man grabbed Katie’s hand and led her to an office door. She barely managed to catch the name on the door: PRESIDENT FRANK STORM.

Frank led her into a huge office with incredibly expensive furniture, he had already loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt. Katie smiled again and unbuttoned her blazer, revealing the nearly translucent blouse (and in turn her perfect breasts and rock hard nipples.) Frank already had a bulge in his pants and as Katie looked on he slumped into his leather office chair and gave a look as if to say “Well?”

Katie threw her jacket to the side and began to walk slowly and seductively towards the man, unbuttoning her blouse as she went. Finally, as the last button came loose and she untucked the shirt, letting it hang freely about her body, she reached him and fell to her knees. He gave a big smile as she undid the zipper of his pants and reached in to grasp his stiff member.

Katie tried to hide her disappointment as the three and a half inch cock fell free. “I’m here for business” She thought “Not pleasure.” “Right” the voice returned “Now get him out of the office somehow so we can look around!”

Frank moaned loudly as Katie took his manhood in her hands, gently but firmly sliding her hands up and down over the tip. “Oh yeah babe.” He said under his breath “Lick it!” Katie obeyed and stuck her tongue as far out of her mouth as she could, touching the very tip to Franks dick and tasting his salty precum. “Mmmmm.” She moaned, closing her eyes and sliding her tongue down the head of his cock one millimeter at a time. He breathed sharply and flexed every muscle in his body, feeling the wet warmth of her tongue gliding gently over him.

Katie let her tongue reach the shaft, then made an ‘O’ out of her pink glossy lips and slipped them onto his cock, all the while looking up at him with the sexiest stare she could manage. She could feel that her juices had begun to flow and couldn’t wait for a chance to finish herself off. Absently she began to rub her thighs together, the friction moving her clitty ring and bringing her some relief.

She slipped all of Franks small cock into her mouth and began to deep throat him, despite that fact that he was barely long enough to even reach her throat. That didn’t seem to bother him any, however and he groaned and moaned in pleasure. Only a few minutes passed before Katie felt his balls tighten up. “I’ll be damned if I’m going to swallow anything that shoots out of this guy!” She thought to herself, the yearning in her sex starting to overwhelm her.

With skill that comes only from experience, she slipped his cock out of her mouth, and just in time too, for no sooner did the head pop free than the first blast of Franks cum shot forth, hitting Katie right in the face. She jumped back slightly as more and more of the whitish fluid hit her, a glob landing on one of the lenses of her glasses. “This guy must not have seen any action since 1994.” She said to herself “He certainly has quite a tank full.”

Finally Frank’s ejaculation ceased and he lay there, exhausted, Katie kneeled before him for a moment, her beautiful face absolutely dripping with his spunk. The warmth in the pit of her stomach was calling out to her, she could hardly resist plunging a finger into herself.

Frank finally managed to speak “So…” He said “What’s your name?” “Katie…” Katie managed to say, despite the urge she was fighting “Katie Cummings.” “NO!” She heard the voice in her head cry out “I told you to tell him nothing! At least get him out of the office!” “Don’t worry.” Katie replied in her head “I have a plan.”

“Well miss Cummings.” Frank continued, pulling Katie back to the conversation “You got the job.”

Katie stood, a drop of cum dripping off off her chin to land on her engorged nipple. “Not so fast.” She said “I don’t think our transaction is done yet…” Frank began to say something but was silenced as Katie grabbed him with great strength and threw him to the floor. Before he could react she was sitting on his chest, her perfect legs on either side of his head.

The overwhelming smell of female arousal hit Franks nostrils and his slot oyna eyes wandered to between Katie’s spread thighs, taking in the sight of her drenched panties. As he watched she hiked the, now very damp, skirt up and pulled off the lacy panties, dropping them onto Franks nose. He inhaled deeply, savoring the odor of this goddesses most intimate place. “There’s plenty more where that cam from.” Katie answered his thoughts and eased her way forward on his body, until she was kneeling over his face, her dripping sex just inches from his face.

Eagerly he began to lick and Katie settled down onto him more snugly, savoring the sensation of his tongue exploring her pussy and circling her clit. Every so often he bit down on her clitty ring and gave it a tug. She moaned loudly and grabbed hold of her twin nipple rings, playing with them and drifting in ecstasy.

Katie lost track of time and Franks pace began to slow, she could feel the pressure building up inside her and knew it wouldn’t be long now. As her climax fast approached, she rose up, forcing him to stretch his tongue to reach. Finally, she gave a great cry as she came fast and furious, a burst of her wetness shooting out of her flexing pussy and coating Franks face.

Basking in her afterglow, she rolled off of Franks, wet, sticky face. “Mmmmmm.” She purred, “that was fabulous, thanks.” “No problem.” Frank said, her taste still overwhelming him “I’m, I’m just going to go get cleaned up now.” He stood and tucked her panties into his pocket, then rushed out of the room.

Katie smiled. “I knew that would work.” She said to herself “Never underestimate the power of a squirting woman.” Quickly she stood and looked around. “What am I looking for?” She asked. “Anything suspicious.” The voice answered, “check the file cabinet.” Katie walked over to the file cabinet, as she had been told, and found it locked. Effortlessly she pulled it open, snapping the lock.

Just then, she heard the doorknob begin to turn. “Oh shit!” she said aloud “Quickly!” The voice replied, out the window!” “We’re on the top floor!” Katie shot back. “Fly!” the voice continued. “I can fly?” Katie asked “No time for this!” the voice yelled. Katie shrugged and grabbed the drawer of the file cabinet, then leapt out the window, shattering it into hundreds of pieces.

Frank walked into the room just in time to see her jump. “Oh, this is not good…” He thought to himself.

Katie fell at first “I thought you said I could fly!” She screamed aloud. With that she found herself rising up, almost floating. “Nevermind”, she said smiling. She flew quickly home, doing the best a half naked gorgeous flying woman can do to not be noticed.

Sighing she flew in through the window and set the drawer down. Absently, she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, noticing for the first time that she’d left her panties behind. “Damn” She said aloud, “At this rate I’m going to brake the bank just buying underwear!” She shrugged and headed to the shower to remove the sticky remnants of the days encounters.

* * * * *

Frank paced restlessly in his office, awaiting the inevitable.

At last he heard the strangers voice from the shadows. “Well? What have you discovered?”

Frank nervously turned to see the dark man sitting there, as he always was in these visits, in a chair that was previously empty. Frank swallowed hard. “I got the woman’s name!” He said enthusiastically “But she uh, she got away with the file drawer I had the plans for the operation in…”

The stranger nodded calmly. “And her name?” He asked. “Katie.” Frank answered “Katie Cummings.” The stranger nodded again. “Now you die for your failure!” He said raising a hand. “Wait!” Frank shouted “There’s one more thing!” Shaking he pulled Katie’s panties out of his pocket. “These were hers.” he continued “Their covered in her juices, if that helps you.”

The strangers anger seemed to vanish, he took the panties and held them to his nose. After taking a long deep breath he looked at Frank once again. “Very good my servant.” He said “You have saved your life… for now.” And then the stranger vanished.

* * * * *

Katie sat in her cramped apartment, wearing her worn out bathrobe and sifting through the oversized file drawer.

“Hmmm.” She said to herself “Most of this is just normal business stuff, the part I understand anyway.” That said, the next file in the drawer caught Katie’s eyes. “Project Hellfire?” She read the tittle aloud.

Eagerly, she picked up the document and began to read. “These are the plans for some kind of missile!” She said to herself again, picking up another piece of paper. “And these are launch plans!” “It says Live Industries is planning to launch this missile at New York City!” canlı casino siteleri “But that would do nothing but kill tons of people, no threat, no money demand, why would anyone do that?” “For their souls.” The voice answered.” “What” Katie inquired. “If all those people die.” The voice elaborated “Our enemies will be able to use their souls to power their magic, such a massive loss of life would give them enough energy to open a portal to this world… Permanently!”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Katie replied “This looks like another job for SuperSlut.” She added grinning. “This is no laughing matter!” The voice chastised. “Right.” Katie returned, dropping back into a serious mood “It says they have a secret launch site under the office building. I guess I’m headed back there.”

In the background Katie vaguely overheard a story on the news about how one hundred people in the downtown district had reported seeing a naked woman fly out of an office building. “I had a skirt on!” she thought to herself.

* * * * *

Later that night a cab pulled up next to the huge statue in front of the Live Industries building and Katie stepped out.

She looked around to make sure no one was watching, then slipped into an alleyway and pulled a large pink dildo out of her purse. “Here goes nothing.” She said to herself, pushing the silver button. In an instant her normal clothes vanished, replaced by her SuperSlut outfit.

“Now then” she said to herself, “time to go down!” She smiled at her own joke and began looking around for a manhole cover or any other way to get under ground.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, inside the building, a man dressed in strangely military garb rushed to Frank Storms office. “Sir!” He yelled “Our security cameras picked up the woman you told us to watch for!” “Damn!” Frank yelled “I didn’t expect her to return so soon! Launch the missile!” “But sir…” The soldier tried to protest “JUST DO IT!” Frank yelled.

* * * * *

Katie had already been looking for some entrance to this secret launch site for quite a while when she heard a horrible, grating sound from the front of the building. Running at inhuman speed she saw that the statue her cab had pulled up near had now flipped up on its side, revealing a long dark tube. A missile silo.

As Katie ran to fly down the tube, she heard a noise even louder than the last and a red, ten foot long, six inch wide missile shot from the tube trailing flame behind it. “There’s nothing easy.” Katie sighed and leapt into the air after it.

The missile was fast, very fast, and Katie was still not used to flight, after only a few minutes she felt her energy beginning to dwindle. Pushing herself, she managed one last burst of speed and caught hold of one of the missiles tail fins. She gritted her teeth and pulled herself up until she was able to grab the missile proper and hold it in a bear hug. Finally, she managed to straddle the weapon.

No sooner had she done so, than she felt the awesome vibrations the powerful weapon produced. She melted with ecstasy almost immediately and an intense climax hit her only seconds later. Her strength returned and she pressed herself closer to the missile. “I’ve never had something this powerful between my legs!” She said, though she could not hear herself over the roar of the missile.

Her pussy clenched and unclenched faster than she thought possible, searching for whatever phantom lover brought so much pleasure and her clit throbbed so that she could feel each heartbeat send a flood of blood into the little nub. She came again and then again and again, she was aware of about a half dozen times before she lost count. Her thighs began to slip as her wetness flooded out of her, soaking the missile.

Katie felt heights of power swell within herself she’d never imagined before. Easily she crawled up the missile to the pointy tip and tore her panties away. She flew quickly in front of the weapon, then spread her thighs and slowed down ever so slightly, bracing herself.

As she had expected, the very tip of the device pushed its way about seven inches into her hot sex. She called out wildly as the weapon sent unimaginably intense waves of bliss through her body.

After quite a while of this intense stimulation (and more unbelievable orgasms than she could count) Katie realized what she would have to do and, reluctantly, pulled the missile out of her and pointed it straight up, giving it a little extra push.

The missile flew fast and furious up out of the atmosphere, exploding harmlessly with a bright flash.

Katie reached down to rub her (now quite empty feeling) cunt, and found that her panties had ‘regrown’ from out of nowhere. She shrugged and sped off towards her apartment.

That night the local news reported mostly about the mysterious flash in the night sky. There was no more mention of some ‘flying woman.’

No one ever saw Frank Storm ever again. The police never found a body.

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