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NOTE: This story is not about scat. However, there are references to human waste in it. If this is not your thing, stop reading now. Enjoy!


“HOLY SHIT!” I screamed out loud. I sat up fully in bed. The reality of what had happened had just set in. I had switched bodies with my sister Britney. My male brain, and all my male thoughts, were still there. However, I was now inside the body of my smoking hot, curvaceous, teenage sister. And at this moment, I was laying in bed next to her super hot friend, Allison, wearing nothing but a bra and a tiny little thong. But at that moment, I was freaking the fuck out.

“Haha, Oh my god Britney you are so annoying!” Allison said, in a voice of mock frustration. Then, Allison, rolled over, sat up, and proceeded to climb over me until she was straddling me in bed. I could feel her warm, panty covered crotch rubbing against my own thong-clad pussy.

“If you don’t go back to sleep I’m gonna make you go to sleep!” she said jokingly. She then playfully started to try and push me back down on the bed. As I felt myself falling backwards, I grabbed her soft tanned hips to brace myself. This apparently was very ticklish to Allison, who immediately started giggling and squirming around on top of me.

The next thing I knew, me and my sisters smoking hot friend were in the middle of a full-blown tickle fight. As she squirmed, Allison kept grinding her hot little pussy into mine (or my sister’s….however you want to look at it.) As the play fight continued, my panic started to drift away, and was replaced by another emotion….horniness.

The benefits of my situation were finally starting to dawn on me, and I was getting really turned on. Now obviously, my usual signs of horniness (an erection), were not there, but I did feel a tingling sensation in my crotch that I had never felt before. Probably because I had never had a clit before. But with Allison grinding her pussy on top of my clit, I was starting to get really excited. I could feel the little piece of cloth wedged up against my pussy starting to get wet as I felt juices flowing into it.

Allison looked so sexy wriggling around on top of me. Her blonde hair was flying around everywhere. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra under her thin, blue t-shirt. I could clearly see her breasts jiggle through the material and her nipples were poking out of the fabric prominently. Her breasts were C cups, smaller than my sister’s massive DD tits, but still amazing looking. During the tickling, I was rubbing my hands all over her sexy hips and stomach. Her skin felt so warm and smooth to my touch.

I also loved the smell. Normally when I’m around girls, they’ve showered recently and put on perfume. But now, I was smelling the scent of two girls who had probably been partying and sweating all night in the club, and then went to sleep without showering. I could smell the sweat clinging to our bodies, and also just the natural scent of a girl that can be so intoxicating.

I continued to tickle her and she thrashed around violently.

“Haha. I’m gonna pee my panties if you don’t stop!” she squealed. Then she leaned forward and layed her chest against mine, trying to protect herself from my tickling fingers. So there I was, laying on my back, with Allison straddling my crotch and laying her chest against mine. I finally stopped the tickling and we just laid there for a moment. Allison sighed, clearly happy that the attack was over.

My hands were just laying awkwardly at my sides, so I decided to bring them up and wrap them around Allison’s back, in a sort of embrace. I half expected she would react badly, and think it was weird that I was hugging her in such an intimate way. But I guess girls are just different like that. It’s not weird for them to touch each other like that and press their bodies so close to each other. There’s no way I would do anything like that with any of my guy friends.

After a moment of Allison resting on my chest, she brought her head up, so that her face was about an inch away from mine. And we looked into each other eyes. I was staring at her baby blue eyes. She looked so beautiful without any makeup. She had a big, happy smile on her face as she gazed at me. Her lips looked so luscious and beautiful. I so badly wanted to lean in and kiss her, and thought about doing so.

But just then, Allison said, “Ok bitch! Were on Spring Break! Lets go get our tan on!”

And with that, she pushed up off me, dismounted me, and hopped off the bed and ran into the bathroom to go get ready. I watched her amazing ass cheeks jiggle in that tiny black thong as she hopped away.

Man, this is intense. I can’t believe I really switched bodies with my sister. Its something I had always fantasized about, but I still was having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it was actually happening. The possibilities seemed endless, and I began to think of all the things I had always wished I could bahis firmaları do if I could be inside a girl’s body for a day.

However, my daydreaming was interrupted by the sound of a rush of liquid hitting water. It took me a moment to realize what was going on. I looked over at the bathroom door, and saw that it was slightly ajar. I recognized the sound after a couple of seconds.

Oh my god. Allison is pissing right now. I don’t know why, but I was always extremely aroused by the image of a sexy girl peeing. Something about someone so beautiful doing something so dirty was a huge turn on for me. I desperately wanted to see Allison doing it in person.

One time before, when Allison had been staying over at our house with my sister, I walked in on her taking a piss. She immediately screamed at me and told me to get out. The image of her pissing had stayed in my head for a long time, and helped me achieve many orgasms during my jerk off sessions. There was no way normal me could walk in on Allison and actually get to stay in the bathroom and watch.

But this wasn’t normal me. I was Britney. Allison’s best girlfriend. I remembered how Allison hadn’t even flinched when I wrapped my arms around her when she was laying on top of me. Things were just different for girls. Maybe I really could just walk in the bathroom while Allison was in there. Girls seemed to always be going to the bathroom together.

Why not? I slid to the edge of the bed and stood up. The first thing I noticed was the weight of my breasts. They felt very heavy and almost made me topple forward before I was able to balance myself. Man, is this what its like for Britney all the time? I’m impressed she doesn’t slouch forward all the time.

In just my bra and panties, I walked slowly to the bathroom door. I could feel the tiny string of my pink thong wedged up my ass, pressing against my (my sister’s) tight little asshole. I had felt the feeling before on the few occasions that I had actually tried on my sister’s panties. Now, like then, the feeling was very erotic. How could Britney not be turned on all the time while she was wearing these flimsy little thongs?

When I got to the bathroom door, I could hear the stream of Allison’s pee much louder. She was peeing for a long time. She must have drank a lot the night before. I took a deep breath, pushed open the door, and walked in. I was expecting to hear Allison’s scream or yell, but it never happened. I took a step into the bathroom and saw Allison sitting on the toilet. She didn’t even look up. She had her phone in her hands and was busy texting or playing a game or whatever.

I just stared at her for a second. She looked so unbelievably sexy. Her beautiful, juicy, tan ass was sitting on the toilet seat. Her thick, smooth thighs looked amazing. Her tiny little black panties were bunched up around her ankles.

Then, I looked directly at her pussy. It was fully exposed to me. I could see the hot yellow piss shooting out of it into the toilet bowl. I could see that Allison was completely shaved except for a small tuft of blonde pubic hair right above the hood covering her clit. I was so turned on.

If it had been normal me, I would have had a rock hard boner at this point. But again, I wasn’t me. I was Britney. And instead of an erection, I felt my tiny little thong flood with pussy juices. I wanted to masturbate so badly. I had obviously never masturbated as a female before, and I couldn’t do it right this moment, but I knew that I would be doing it soon enough, and often.

I walked over to the shower and was about to turn the faucet on when Allison said:

“Why bother taking a shower now? We’re just gonna be laying on the beach getting sweaty all day anyway and going in and out of the ocean. Let’s just wait till tonight to shower before we go out to the clubs.”

Mmmm. After a long night of clubbing and several hours of sleeping, I’m sure both of us could use a shower. We were probably covered with sweat. It turned me on even more knowing wed be out in public all day with dirty, unwashed bodies.

I decided to go to the sink and brush my teeth. When I got to the sink, I froze. There was a mirror above the sink and I could see myself for the first time. I was staring directly at my beautiful, sexy sister Britney. Of course, I was really staring at myself. I had never had an opportunity like this before.

Clearly, I had never been able to just stare at my sister for as long as I wanted as she stood in just a bra and panties. But even when she was fully clothed, I could never just stare. It would have creped her out. But today, I could stare as long as I wanted. And that’s what I did.

I looked directly at my (Britney’s) heaving chest. Her tits looked amazing. They were so big, they were almost overflowing from the pink bra. Man, I wish I could see those nipples. Wait. These are my nipples. Of course I can see them. By this point, I had figured out that appropriate kaçak iddaa behavior amongst girls is vastly different then it is amongst boys. Knowing wed be changing into our bikinis anyway, I reached behind and unhooked the pink bra I was wearing (after a bit of difficulty….I had never unhooked a bra while wearing it before.).

When it was unhooked, I slid the straps off the shoulders and removed the bra. I just stared. Britney’s nipples were incredible. They were a dark brown color, and about the size of a silver dollar. I was incredibly horny, so my nipples were standing at full attention. They looked delicious. I wanted to rub them so badly. But standing naked in front of a girlfriend is one thing. Rubbing your own breasts in front of her is another. So I restrained myself.

At that point, I realized the pissing sound coming from Allison had stopped. But she was still on the toilet. Just then, I heard a tiny little fart sound come from Allison. She didn’t even look up. Her eyes were glued to the phone.

Oh my god, was Allison about to take a morning shit? My question was answered soon enough. After a few more tiny farts and a soft grunt, I heard the sound of what must have been Allison’s shit hitting the toilet water. The smell began to immediately invade my nostrils.

This was so incredibly hot to me. Again, something about such a beautiful girl doing such a filthy, disgusting act was such a turn on. An ugly woman or a guy shitting would be repulsive to me. But seeing Allison do it made my already soaked panties get even wetter. I just stood there, topless, breathing in the scent of Allison’s ass. Then, after a moment, Allison started to grab some toilet paper and begin wiping herself clean. After each wipe, she would inspect the paper to see her progress. I could see the brown stains on the white paper and she wiped. Finally, she was finished.

However, instead of pulling up her panties, she stepped out of them and walked over to the shower where her bikini was hanging on the bar that holds up the shower curtain. She was completely naked from the waist down. Then, she grabbed her tiny blue t-shirt at the sides, and lifted it up over her head. I was standing at the sink, where I had gotten my (Britney’s) toothbrush out and had started putting toothpaste on it.

Through the reflection in the mirror, I could see Allison’s completely naked body. She was taller me, probably abut 5’7 inches. Her hair was very blonde, in contrast to my (Britney’s) brown hair. As I mentioned before, her boobs were smaller than mine, but still a delightful C cup. Her thighs and ass were also slimmer than mine, but still curvaceous.

I had dreamed of seeing Allison naked from the moment I met her. And now my dream was coming true. Id be jerking my dick off so hard….if I was in my real body that is. My pussy was on fire, just begging to be touched. I saw Allison grab her bright yellow bikini top, pull it over her head, and start tying it in the back. She then adjusted the cups so her boobs were fully covered. Next, she grabbed her yellow bikini bottoms, and bent forward as she stepped into them. When she leaned forward, I had a perfect view of her delicious teenage ass.

Her cheeks parted a bit, and I could just barely make out Allison’s cute, freshly wiped asshole. All I wanted to do was get down on my knees behind her, and sniff and lick her tiny little butthole. Allison finished pulling up her bikini bottoms. They were tight on her, and hugged her ass perfectly. There was plenty of butt cheek showing from the sides.

Then, Allison started crossing the bathroom towards the door. “Hurry up and change Britney! I want to get a good spot at the beach.” And with that, she walked out into the main room of our hotel suite. She really thought I was Britney. And why wouldn’t she? I mean, I was in Britney’s body. Even if she thought I was acting a little strange, no one would ever guess in their wildest dreams that their friend had switched bodies with their brother over night. That would be insane!

I finished brushing my teeth and took a second to process what I had just seen. Allison, my sisters smoking hot best friend, had just pissed, shit, stripped naked, and changed into a bikini in front of me. It was the single most amazing thing I had ever seen. And yet, it could not have appeared more normal to Allison. She must have done that exact same thing hundreds of times before in front of Britney. I was realizing that this body-switch was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Not wanting to keep Allison waiting, I decided to change into my bikini. I hooked my fingers into the sides of my little thong, and began pulling it down my thighs. The part that was touching my pussy didn’t come down right away, but instead was a little bit stuck inside my wet pussy. I finally managed to get the panties all the way down and step out of them. Now, I’ve had opportunities to sniff Britney’s panties pretty soon after she took kaçak bahis them off. But I’ve never had an opportunity to smell them when they were this fresh!

I slowly brought the tiny pink thong to eye level. They wreaked of sweat and piss. There was a dark yellow stain in the gusset. Britney must have peed in them a little while she was dancing at the club last night. Or maybe let a little loose last night. I brought the flimsy thong to my lips and stuck out my tongue. I tasted the hot piss stain. It tasted sooo good.

I looked at the little string that had been up my (Britney’s) ass for several hours, and saw that it was strained brown, just like the thong I had been sniffing right before I hit my head on the floor. All the sweating and grinding last night must have caused a little of Britney’s ass juice to leak into her thong. I smelled the thong string and inhaled deeply. Britney’s dirty little asshole smelled amazing.

Normally, I wouldn’t have parted with this prize for anything in the world. But today, I wasn’t just fantasizing about my sister. I was my sister. And there were too many opportunities available for me to waste my day sniffing her panties in a hotel bathroom.

I grabbed the bright green bikini top that was hanging in the shower. I had never put on a bikini top before. The cups looked huge. After a little trial and error, I managed to tie on the top and looked at myself in the mirror. I had spied on Britney wearing this top as she laid out by her pool before. But I was getting an up-close and personal look at it today, and it looked amazing.

The tits were barely contained in the skimpy little bikini top. One jump in the air and they’d definitely fall out. She must get the stares of every guy on the beach when she wears this thing. Then, I grabbed the matching green bikini bottoms. I stepped into them, and pulled them up just past my ankles, when I felt something inside me.

Oh man. I need to pee. I assume Britney had drunk about the same as Allison last night, but I hadn’t peed yet today (except for a little bit in my dirty thong). I had often fantasized about Britney peeing. But now I was gonna get the chance to pee as Britney myself! With the bikini bottom still around my ankles, I shuffled over to the toilet and sat down. I spread my legs a bit, and then let loose.

Hot, smelly pee began shooting out of my pussy. The feeling was amazing. Obviously, when I’m a guy, I don’t get turned on while I pee. But I was Britney today. And I was staring down at my smooth, neatly shaven pussy as hot yellow pee shot out of it. The pee was shooting out so hard that it was spraying against my slit, and the feeling drove me crazy.

I had to get some relief. I slid my hand down my tummy until it reached my hot little clit, just centimeters above the torrent of pee. As soon as my finger made contact with my clit, I nearly had an orgasm right then and there. The feeling was amazing. I had masturbated countless times. But nothing felt as good as when I touched my clit for the first time. It was an incredible feeling. I began to rub my fingers in small circles around my clit. It felt so good.

As I did, my hand accidentally got in the way of my pee stream. It surprised me at first. I brought my piss-covered hand up to my face. I could see the little droplets of pee dripping off it. I brought it to my nose. The smell was intoxicating. I had smelled the pee from Britney’s panties before. But never her free pee right out of her pussy. I then brought my finger to my mouth and tasted it.

The pee tasted so good. As I continued to piss, I brought hand back down to my clit, and began to rub it in little circles, faster and faster. After only a couple of seconds, I felt the orgasm coming. My first female orgasm. Piss was still dripping out of my pussy and spraying onto my thighs and ass cheeks as I came. I can barely describe the feeling it. It felt like 10 of the best cock orgasms I had ever had, all rolled into one.

Jesus! How do girls get anything done! How are they not just constantly fucking or fingering themselves? Maybe they can’t appreciate it because that’s what they’re used to. But I certainly could.

I sat there with my bikini bottom around my ankles, pee droplets still falling off my skin, and piss and girl cum covering my hand. I couldn’t move for a minute. I was just breathing and letting the afterglow of the orgasm wash over me.

“Britney seriously lets go! All the good spots are gonna be taken!” I heard Allison yell from the bedroom.

I then reached over to the toilet paper to begin wiping my piss-covered pussy. But then I stopped. Every time I listened in on Britney or one of her friends peeing, I always hoped that they’d not wipe afterward. The idea of these beautiful little sluts walking around all day, very put together, with pee in their panties was so fucking hot to me.

So instead of wiping, I just stood up, and pulled up the bikini bottoms. I could feel the pee droplets seeping into the material. Because of the material they’re made of, the outside of my bikini bottom wouldn’t show any stains. I felt so dirty and naughty wearing the pissed stained bikini bottoms.

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