Tequila Gaby

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There’s this girl I’ve been dating for a while, I’m pretty much in love with her. It’s a little scary because it’s made me realize I haven’t really loved any of the other women I’ve been with. Either way, sex with her is unbelievably amazing. She’s the first woman with whom I can get hard again after I’ve blown my shot. I’m a maybe slightly above average guy with a bald head that I sometimes keep shiny and smooth and sometimes let a little fuzz hang on. I’m not ‘fucking jacked’ but I’ve got a nice solid frame and square shoulders with a small belly. So I thank my lucky stars that I’m with a women as intelligent, independent, and sexy as her. She takes no shit from me and makes me earn it. And I love that too.

I’m a short guy so she is probably average for her height, 5’5 to my 5’6. Long hair that she was always putting into different colors, nothing wild like neon green but dark reds or purple. I love to nuzzle her neck, just breathing her in intoxicates me. She’s plump and curvy as fuck in the right places and just unbelievably hot to me. She’s pushes herself hard as a case worker for a non-profit and has high standards for professionalism and work ethic. She’s very much the stern librarian in a lot of ways. The sexy stern librarian to me. You should assume I love her for more than her body, because I do, but this is not that kind of story is it?

I’ve known for a while that Gaby had wanted to experiment with some of the many toys she had impulse bought back in the day. One of those was the blindfold. This gorgeous women had made me so happy in the bedroom that I wanted to find a way to help her have fun with this, and until now I had no idea how. So of course I started off by taking Gaby to the local bar slash restaurant to warm her up with some good humor and tequila. When Tequila Gaby comes out, that’s my favorite Gaby. For sure.

As I drove her home to her apartment she kept giggling at me and occasionally groping my inner thighs. Good sign. We teased each other walking up to and into her place. It took a good 5 minutes to get to her bed as we couldn’t stop pausing along the way to smell each other and make out, hands casino siteleri roaming all over in a frenzy.

When we got in the bedroom, I pushed her roughly onto the bed. She rolled to her back giggling but her eyes said, “How dare you? “. I grabbed the blindfold that I had previously left laying nearby and wagged it at her. She rolled her head to the side and took on a strange smile as she looked from the blindfold to me. She nodded gently.

Kneeling on the bed and sliding up to her to place the blindfold over her eyes, I was careful to adjust the strap in her hair properly. From here on I was her guide. I positioned her in the center of the bed with her back resting against the wall (headboard side). All the while as I guided her into position with my hands, lingering if they passed over her hips or butt, I could feel my lust for her pounding in my chest and let out a few growls. It only got worse as I pulled her leggings and panties off, the smell of her pussy driving me absolutely nuts. I held my composure and helped her out of her shirt and bra making sure she was comfortable.

As she lay back, I pulled away and reached over to the shelf to grab a favorite buzzer toy of hers and placed it in her hands. Although her eyes were covered, the rest of her face made me think she had a puzzled expression. So I explained, “Play with yourself.” She smiled but hesitated before turning the toy on. With one hand she held the toy to her clit while squeezing gently and roughly at her massive tits.

My hard on was throbbing and caused me to react by flexing my pelvic floor muscles. (Yes, the one kegel exercises strengthen, I googled it.) Backing off the bed to stand again, I roughly pulled my shirt off and unbuttoned my pants to shove them down and kick them off, leaving my boxer briefs and black ankle socks on. Need to slow down and enjoy this. Grabbing a bottle of lube from the shelf and sitting down legs splayed across from Gaby, the bottle oozed into my right hand. Closing the bottle with my left hand and tossing it on the bed to place my left hand behind me and lean, I stroked my cock with the right.

As I let slot oyna out little growls, she started to moan and tremble slightly, the noises were pushing me too far over the top. Letting go of my tool to snake forward, I lay on my stomach in front of her open legs, adjusting my cock to point downward and to the right side. She gasped slightly when she sensed me come near her vulnerable place, but didn’t prevent me from nuzzling my nose into her. Eyes closed, I ran my tongue along her labia and up to her clit, zeroing in on it. She let out a deep moan, motivating me to keep going, I alternated through the bag of techniques in my mind to drive her more and more wild. It wasn’t long until she gasped and cried out in a spasming manner. Rubbing my now wet face deeper into her and cleaning her up with my tongue before pulling back to sit across from her again, my right hand slowly began playing with my softened cock.

She was heaving, slightly out of breath, her skin a little flushed. I became slightly hypnotized by the rise and fall of her huge tits and the random shudders that passed through her. I clambered to my feet and carefully walked over the mattress to place my cock in front of her face. She hesitated a moment but then swallowed my cock, using her tongue and saliva to make my eyes roll back as I leaned against the wall with the left hand and using the other to grip her hair, following her motions.

I pulled her head back so I could lower to my knees and make out with her, deeply twisting our tongues around each other. I squeezed her tits and nipples making her moan into me. I roved my hands down to her mound and rubbed her gently, occasionally slapping her there. I gently pushed her head back and moved down to her feet and pulled and twisted her ankles. She got the idea and rolled over to stick her plump and round butt into the air. I let out a growl as I moved aggressively up between her legs, rubbing my hard cock along her taint. It was too much, needed to slow down again.

Reluctantly I pulled back and lowered my face down into her crack, licking her pussy and her tantalizing backdoor. She writhed and moaned and canlı casino siteleri encouraged me to do more, so I pressed my left thumb into her to feel for her little g spot and rub it as vigorously as I could. Using my right hand to rub her asshole after passing by with my wet tongue. She felt like a ticking time bomb. She writhed and moaned and trembled and finally erupted with a load groan that turned into a cry as she fell forward. She held her doggy style position but her legs shook and she almost tipped over, but this was my moment now. I grabbed her legs roughly and steadied her, pressing my cock up against her pussy and using my right hand to guide myself into her.

A ferocious noise escaped me as I thrust in hard to the hilt, feeling my balls slap against her. She grunted in surprise but writhed back into me and groaned lustfully as I began pounding into her roughly. She giggled and pushed back, knowing I wasn’t going to last long. I stood up and adjusted my position to directly to the side of her legs so I could squat and fuck her standing up, she looked back at me raising an eyebrow and a smile, wondering what I was doing.

Resting on her back and steadying myself on her shoulder with my left hand, I used my right hand to reintroduce my cock to her pussy. She squealed and closed her eyes as I pressed back into her. I roved my right hand over to feel for her tits and squeezed and groped hard as I began to thrust into her. She loved a little rough treatment for her big boobs, I was only a little sorry that I hadn’t given them enough attention. I roved my left hand on her shoulder up to her head and firmly gripped her hair by the roots and began to hammer her with reckless abandon. I knew this wasn’t going to last long either. She was grunting and groaning in the most sexual animalmistic way. I felt the end to our fun rising up and started groaning loudly as I shoved in one or two more hard pumps before stopping at the hilt on the final thrust. My noise sparked her off and I felt her pussy spasm around me as I pumped her full of my seed.

Our loud groans subsided into heavy panting and we rolled into comfortable positions for cuddling as she pulled the blindfold off, eyes still closed.

“Oh my god. What the fuck.” She panted out. I simply laughed and kissed her on the lips. She smiled and giggled as she cuddled into my welcome arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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