Terri’s Time Alone Ch. 01

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She had just come from buying a new video camera with a tripod. Now that she was divorced, not dating anyone, and only had the kids at home every other weekend, she had a lot of spare time. She had only recently begun to be comfortable with being a sexually healthy being. Her past perceptions of masturbation and sex in general had been slowly eroded away as she recognized that she loved sex. Now, she would have enjoyed getting fucked on a regular basis, but she was picky about who she would go to bed with. She found that she was masturbating almost every time she got horny, which presently was almost all the time.

Terri set up her tripod, mounted her video camera, and got her new toy out. She went to the windows and closed the curtains, checked the doors again to make sure they were locked, got herself a soda, and began moving things slightly in the living room. For the most part her masturbation had been in secret, in the hopes that no one would ever find out about her “dirty habit.” Today however was different. She was going to make a video just to see what it was that drove men crazy about watching female masturbation videos. The camera was arranged so that when she reclined in the recliner, so her entire body could be seen

She went upstairs, and began picking out what she was going to wear for the video. She chose a pair of black lace crotchless panties, her black lace garter belt, and her half-cup black lace bra. As she dressed up in her erotic outfit, it was with extremely great effort that she didn’t start to play with herself on the spot. She went downstairs and turned the television on, put in her favorite porn video, started it, turned her camera on, and began to get to the project at hand. Her favorite porn video was of women having orgasms, which was why she had decided to make her own home made video, maybe she would like to see herself cum. Terri knew how wonderful it felt to cum even a little, but she had no idea what she looked like when she came.

She languidly sat in the recliner reclined it, and began to fondle her breasts through the thin lace of her half bra. Immediately her partially erect nipples began becoming stiffer under the ministrations of her fingers, straining against the thin lace bra. She looked down at her breasts and she could see pink tips of her nipples through the pattern of lace that attempted to conceal her breasts. Her hands caressed her breasts, cupped them in her palms, and gently squeezed them. Temptingly she traced her finger tips over her trapped nipples, which were by this time sticking out like little pink erasers. She began having more and more “dirty” thoughts. This was going to be a nice evening, she was all alone, she had her new little clit vibrator, the kind that are sort of softly rounded on the end and covered bahis firmaları with soft rubber, and her new vibrator, which was a ten inch long. She wanted to make an event of her evening of self-pleasure. Terri wasn’t sure if she was going to cum multiple times or work on one huge orgasm. All she knew right now was that she was going to cum.

She reached her had down to play with the pubic hair that was straying out the opening at the top of the slit of her crotchless panties. Her fingers slowly began to slip into the uppermost area of her slit as she slowly worked on fully arousing her little clit. She parted her legs slightly so her fingers could access her awakening cunt. She licked her finger, to lubricate it as she began making small circles around her clitoral hood with it. She could feel her clit begin to stiffen in anticipation. As she continued rubbing around her clit hood her legs automatically spread to allow her easier access to her pussy which was now beginning to feel extremely warm. Her hand slid down to encase her pussy with her palm as she reveled in the heat of her sex. She took the small vibrator in her hand turned it on a low setting and began pushing it gently against the sides of her clitoral hood. She found that the most exquisite pleasure came when she just rested the vibrator against the top of her slit, and pushed down on her clit with the vibrator. She held her snatch open to gain better access to her stiffening clit with her vibrator.

Her hand slid down from her breast, over her stomach and the garter belt, to sneak in under her panties. Her fingers pressed down on her clit and began rubbing gently. The only thoughts that she was encountering now were of self release. Her panties, even though they were crotchless, were just starting to get in the way, and be a nuisance. She stood up from the recliner, leaned over and removed the panties as her breasts swayed free from the lace bra. She was now ready to begin playing with her pussy in earnest. She sat back down in the recliner, reclined, and this time took each of her legs and hung them over the arms of the recliner, making her pussy entirely exposed and vulnerable to the camera. Her pussy now began to become more excited as Terri closed her eyes and just began to diddle her clit with her fingers.

Her imagination wandered to how she must look in the recliner with her pussy exposed to the world, fingering her clit, and making a video of it. She imagined what she looked like with her fingers frigging her clit, and how her pussy must look. As hot as her splayed cunt was getting, she wondered if the wetness was visible to the camera, as she spread her cunt lips with one hand to gain better access to her clit. Tiring of not getting the satisfaction from her finger the way she wanted, she reached over kaçak iddaa to get her vibrator again. Still fantasizing about what she must look like masturbating the sounds of fucking coming from her television renewed her interest in her cunt. she really wanted to show someone, anyone her cunt, and get fucked like what was going on in her porn video.

Her cunt felt like it was on fire with desire. The only thought on her mind now was to cum…and she was on her way. The ecstatic feelings of pleasure enveloped her body as she continued to pleasure herself. She slid the vibrator down and rested it on the front of her cunt, sending the vibrations through her entire pussy. She could feel the outer lips of her cunt swelling in excitement, as her cunt began seeping moisture from its slit. Her cunt was simply quivering with excitement, as the vibrator reached the top of her slit and began its exquisite torture of her clit. Just to prolong the pleasure she forced herself to remove the vibrator from her clit, leaned forward, unhooked her bra, removed it and stroked her slightly saggy tits to allow her pussy time to relax.

She shivered with excitement as she realized that the moans escaping her lips were becoming increasingly low and almost groans. She vowed to herself the she would prolong this as long as she could. She reluctantly pried her vibrator from her slick slit and began massaging her nipples with it. Unconsciously h r other hand started flicking her clit again, bringing her close to orgasm again, as she could feel the tightening of her cunt as it began contracting. Now both her hand and the vibrator were soaked in her juices, she could smell the aroma of her pussy juice as she continued rubbing her tits with the vibrator.

As her fingers moved faster her hips lifted off the recliner and she began quivering. She could feel the moisture between her legs slowly leaking out of her splayed cunt. Suddenly she stopped fingering her clit, forcing her finger to stop the altogether too pleasurable activity. Her moans of self-imposed frustration filled the room, as she began just caressing her body and enjoying the feeling of her impending orgasm subside ever so slightly. She knew that if she even touched her now rock hard clit, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from cumming, and she had waited all week for this time alone, and there was no way she was going to rush this. Her cunt deserved to be tortured, because it had been torturing her all week with its demand for attention at inappropriate times.

It didn’t seem to matter where she touched herself, quivers of excitement and expectation ran through her body. She gently cupped her wanton cunt in the palm of her hand and pressed gently on her mound. Her fingers were coated with the dampness seeping from her cunt. She pulled kaçak bahis her hand from her throbbing cunt and brought it up to her face so she could see how much juice was on her hand and so she could smell the wetness from her pussy. She lapped all the wetness from her hand and replaced it on her pussy. The heat from her steamy snatch rose to meet her hand as she began to finger her slit again, taking care not to make too much contact with her clit, although she knew that release was just moments away should she decide to just rub her clit a little.

Her body began to relax, and her imminent orgasm had subsided. It was time to work her clit a little with the vibrator again. She glanced down at her cunt, took her fingers and spread the wet hairy folds to expose her clit. It looked like a small pink balloon it was so hard, pink and shiny. It was just begging for attention. Her mind was filled with thoughts of how much she needed to cum, as she began to gently place the humming mini machine back on her clit. It sent jolts of electricity through her body. She could feel her pulse in her swollen labia as her hand pressed the vibrator harder into the fold above her clit. Her other hand snuck below the vibrator to rub her clit from the bottom. The dual stimulation was incredible. Her breath became ragged as moans of exquisite pleasure escaped her mouth. Her legs were pulled up off the arms of the recliner to open her cunt up more. As she began to quiver she tried as hard as she could to stop frigging herself, but couldn’t. Her hips rose and dropped as wave after delicious wave of her orgasm ripped through her body. She quivered as her scream subsided.

The aftermath of her orgasm had left her spent, but unable to stop her body from shuddering and stop the convulsions of her cunt, as it alternately squeezed and released, forcing her juices to run down to her asshole. As the spasms began to subside Terri wiped her soggy cunt with a towel and got dressed again, putting her discarded bra and panties.

After that amazing cum she needed to pee. That was another thing that she found erotic now that her pee came from the same hole that gave her so much pleasure. She went into the bathroom walked over to the bath tub, didn’t bother to pull her panties down, sat on the side of the tub and began releasing her stream of hot piss. It splashed on the wall the stream was so strong. She could feel urine splattering on her feet as she continued to piss. She played with the stream of urine as she got her fingers wet and flicked her tired little clit. Using the same towel she wiped the cum from her crotch, she wiped the dampness of urine from her cunt.

Now she could get the disc from the camera and see how her video turned out…Who knows, she might even upload it to the internet. But, right now she was going upstairs to see the results of her first attempt at making a “dirty” video.

To be continued…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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