The Lasting Impression Ch. 01

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True I’ve had a few good experiences lately, but none of them hold a candle to my new Master. He comes from the same small town as the Jerk, and is an acquaintance of Candy-Girl, who introduced us. We’d been talking off and on for about six weeks when he finally plucked up the courage, I suppose one could say, to ask me out. Our “outside” world is completely different from our existence behind closed doors. We’d had sex twice before he asked me out, but it wasn’t as mind blowingly hot as the weekend after we started dating. Yes, I’m spoken for now, but that only means I’ll have that much more to write about. This man is well worth my time.

We’d had a fight, he’d been neglecting to call me, only texting me, and I’d begun to think that agreeing to be with just him was a serious miscalculation. He texted me an apology, and then requested that I allow him to take me out to dinner, by way of making up. I texted him back and agreed, and asked that he plan to spend the night with me. That evening he picked me up rather late and, informed me over dinner, that he was late due to preparations for a two-week business trip cross-country. All the more reason, I thought, for him to spend this night with me.

When we got back to my place, I went into my room, requesting that Candy-Gurl (who was in the living room with the Jerk) keep him occupied long enough for me to dress up. She called him out of the room and I opened the much discussed trunk in the corner of my bedroom. I selected, not my usual black attire, but rather a stunning bright red silk gown and bursa escort my favorite glass bottomed platform stripper heels. I dressed quickly so as not to keep him waiting and when Candy came back to see if I was ready she said, “Oh…WOW!” and called him back.

He came in and at first was talking to her, she got him to turn at the door and winked back at me as she closed it. I said, “So, I guess this is a different look for me?”

He turned and froze a minute, then smiled slightly and said, “You look damn hot, but that’s nothing unusual.”

I pointed to my shoes and said, “Want me to stand up so you can see how tall they make me?”

He seemed momentarily incapable of speech, giving me only a nod, and I stood and he looked me up and down, smiling. After waiting a moment I crawled back onto the bed and lay down, pulling the heels off and dropping them on the floor on my side of the bed, out of the way. “Gown on or off?”

He lay down beside me and didn’t give me an answer as he caught me in a deep kiss, cradling my head gently, his fingers closing spasmodically in my long hair. He sat me up gently and removed the gown himself, then turned me to face away from him and pulled my blanket over us after removing his own clothing. He pressed up against me and kissed my neck for a moment, then fell away, pulling me over as he went, indicating by gesture that I should go down on him. I did as he wished, seeing it as a challenge since I’d never been with anyone as big as him before (not even the unexpected dominant has this man bursa türbanlı escort beat) and slipped his enormous organ into my mouth. I took all of him I could and still had a good three inches to spare. I only did this twice when he stopped me and rolled me onto my back and mounted me.

At first he was gentle, but it didn’t last long, soon he had my right leg over his shoulder…then my left. When I didn’t make enough noise to please him he slid his arm up under my back, between my shoulder blades, grabbed my hair and pulled me into a backbend, causing me to scream out in a mixture of delicious pain and hot pleasure. After a moment he whispered, “That’s enough. Not another fucking sound, and don’t even THINK about opening that mouth.”

I nearly fainted holding in the cries begging to be released, soon enough he let me go from this position and withdrew, falling onto his back. “Ride my dick.” he ordered.

I rolled over and caught him with a hand around his throat, smiling down at him viciously, his hand catching my arm so that I squeezed harder, threateningly, but not speaking or opening my mouth. I mounted him in one movement, sliding down onto him, breathing in deeply through my nose and falling forward so that he had to catch me. He gave my ass a rough smack for my impudence, but soon forgot my ‘slip’ as I began to ride him roughly to a finish he would soon swear nearly killed him.

As we lay silently in the dim light of my stereo afterwards he finally spoke. “You didn’t cum, why?”

“I kestel escort have a hard time cumming for someone until they own me body and soul,” I explained, “I have to be theirs, if only in bed, completely.”

“And I bet you masturbate a lot, too?” he asked, wickedly. “Show me your toys.”

I brought out my little silver bullet, blushing slightly, and he looked at it incredulously. “I admit I do have another, but I rarely use it. Penetration isn’t what does it for me, friction and vibration get me off.”

“Show me.” he said, crushing out his cigarette.

I turned on the little bullet and placed it firmly against my clit, hoping that I’d be able to do his bidding. He mounted me slowly and slid into me without moving but just a slight amount, watching me with rapt attention. “Who am I?” he asked me softly.

“W-what?” I stammered, caught off guard.

He pushed his cock into me roughly and grabbed my hair simultaneously with his right hand, “Who the FUCK am I?” he asked more forcefully.

“M-master.” I cried out softly.

“Damn right I am, do you give yourself to me?” he asked, still staring down at me intently.

“Yes. Yes Master.” I said to him, now looking up at him just as intently. “Who am I?” I asked him.

He paused a minute and released my hair and lay his right hand gently against my cheek and whispered, “You’re my girl.”

After nearly thirty minutes I hadn’t cum and he stopped and stopped me, as well. “You will not masturbate by toy or hand for the next two weeks. Not until I return. You did not cum for me and this is to be your punishment, am I understood, Girl?”

“Yes, Master.” I replied, hanging my head.

He covered me with the blanket and pulled me close to him. “Sleep now, girl, and don’t let me be late for work tomorrow.”

And I didn’t.

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