The Winged Woman

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Swaying idly in the bright, golden ballroom, someone catches your eye. You don’t know how you didn’t notice her the moment you walked in- she stands out severely. It’s a tall, slender woman in a sleek, black suit and tie. Giant, obsidian wings stretch from her back, silky feathers gleaming in the bright room.

Her pale skin contrasts deeply with her dark clothes- her almost ghostly face given life through her gleaming black lipstick, and vibrant purple eyes. It all almost distracts you enough to miss the subtle black veins emerging from underneath her collar.

She catches you staring through the crowd, and your eyes lock. You almost miss it, but for a second you see her eyes flit up and down your body. Her black lips slowly form a smirk before she subtly beckons you over.

Slowly, you shoulder your way through the crowd toward her. You told yourself you’d be cool, calm, and collected at this party, but now the butterflies in your stomach flutter frantically as you draw closer to the intimidating figure.

“Ah, here she is,” the woman greets, bowing as she extends a soft, pale hand without breaking eye contact. Her huge wings rise and fall ever-so-slightly with every breath. Mesmerized, you hesitate for a second too long. Her eyes piercing, you give her your hand. She gently kisses the back before returning it to you and straightening up.

It’s only now as she stands in front of you at full height that you notice just how tall she really is- a head and a half above you at least. You’re pretty sure you were gaping for a moment there, but she mercifully skips right over that little detail. Instead, she asks, “And how are we enjoying the festivities tonight, my dear?”

You reply with something painfully generic, cringing at yourself almost instantly. Evidently, though, she either doesn’t agree, or doesn’t care, because her attention doesn’t waver for a second. She clasps her hands behind her back and maintains constant eye contact.

“What pleasures do you have in mind tonight, hmm?” She asks. “Expensive batıkent escort food and a pleasant atmosphere, or perhaps something a little more… Personal. And, intimate…?”

“A bit of both, I guess!” You say with a nervous chuckle that actually comes out pretty well.

“Ah, I see. Well, it would seem you’ve already gotten a fair dose of the former. Come with me, and I can more than supply the latter.” Raising an eyebrow, she adds, “Your choice, darling.”

With that, she simply walks away, the crowd parting for her and her giant wingspan. As she strolls through the massive, ornate exit, you go after her, cheeks red. But, of course, the crowd had already fallen back into place.

Finally pushing out of the crowd, you find yourself in a large, stone brick corridor. You’re standing on a red carpet flanked by bright, warm little torches. Before you, the grand courtyard- perfectly manicured and decorated for the ball. To your left and right, however, past the torches and down the corridor, is cool, uncarpeted darkness. You get a feeling, and it’s almost instantly confirmed.

At the end of the hall on the left, the winged woman stands by the staircase in the rounded corner. You might have missed her entirely if her staring eyes weren’t glowing. Almost as soon as you spot her, though, she seems to vanish. With a glance back at the warm crowd behind you, your hands ball into fists of determination, and you press on.

For a while there’s nothing but you and your clacking footsteps echoing in the stone chamber as you climb the towering, spiral staircase. It would be easy to get bored, but thoughts of what awaits up there, and the moonlight streaming in through the small, arched windows keep you entertained just fine.

At the top, you’re greeted with a rugged, yet polished trap door. Pushing upward, you find that it swings open with unexpected ease. Taking the last few steps, you find yourself on one of the castle’s towers- the ones with the jagged, kinda beşevler escort gear-like edges.

“It’s called a battlement, you know,” she says, replying to your thoughts. Soaked in starlight, she’s sitting cross legged on the edge of the tower, atop one of the massive, higher bricks with her back to you.

“…Can you…?” You start to ask.

A soft chuckle that’s mostly air. “No, I can’t.”

A moment’s silence.

“Come on over, the view’s incredible,” she says in her usual confident tone, but this time colored with an unmistakable hue of hushed awe. For the first time seeing the actual humanity in her, your nerves and fear melt away as you settle into the dip beside her high point. It’s way bigger up here than it looks from the ground- though you’re at the low point of the “railing,” it still rises just above your hips.

The view before you can only be described as breathtaking. The snowy, towering peaks in the distance rise above even you as they curve down into the moon-soaked valley below. A pristine, gleaming creek winds through the open field, disappearing into the lush forest below. And then, rising from the center of the vast wood, the great mountain this very castle proudly rests on.

The sound of wind whistling through the valley filling your ears, you turn your gaze upward. Your eyes widen as you take in the majesty of the pure, unpolluted night sky. Clouds of pinks, purples, and blues intermingle while dancing with the stars, creating a stunning backdrop for the moon, which suddenly looks massive.

You’re half-brought back down to earth when you notice your winged partner now standing beside you, hand resting on your lower back. Slowly, it moves lower as your eyes meet. “Yes, please…” you whisper.

She begins to claw at your skirt, slowly collecting more and more fabric, lifting it higher and higher. To your knees… Your thighs… Then, you feel the unobstructed nighttime breeze on your entire lower-half, your thin panties büyükesat escort now the only thing between you and the touch of the woman’s delicate fingers that you’ve begun to crave so badly.

In pure anticipation, your body moves almost on its own. Lowering yourself onto the stone, you rest on your arms crossed underneath your breasts. Then, you raise your fully exposed rear the tiniest bit, fully inviting whatever comes next.

Teasingly slowly, she pulls your soaked panties off, finally revealing your pussy. Gently, she begins to massage you, her fingers becoming coated in your wetness near-instantly. A small moan escapes your parted lips.

Rubbing you in circles, she steadily begins to speed up, making your soft hums of pleasure grow more and more frequent. Then, at the point when she’s really working you, she suddenly stops.

Then, two fingers slip inside. The blissful moan of shock that escapes might have embarrassed you on any other day- but right here, right now, you simply let go, increasing your gratification tenfold.

Pulling the straps of your dress off your shoulders, you yank it down, freeing your breasts. Nipples hardening in the chilled air, you proudly display yourself to the world… but, at the same time, to not a soul.

Of course, all the while she’s penetrating you deeply with nothing but her two fingers. Every stroke she makes a clawing motion as she pulls out of you- her gliding, expert fingers caressing every inch left unloved by previous amateurs.

Quickly, it becomes too much to bear. Your loud, unashamed moans become constant as the oncoming orgasm grows inside you. For the final act, she pulls out of you completely… then four fingers thrust inside as deeply as possible.

Feeling yourself stretch as she penetrates you one last time, you cum near-instantly. It floods out of you, surging through her fingers, trickling down her hand, and dripping onto the cool stone below. Your screaming pleasure echoes through the nighttime air, no doubt reaching the ears of several party-goers. Finally, she slips out of you.

Breathing heavily, you take almost a full minute to regain your composure. When you do, however, you make no effort to cover yourself back up as you turn around to ask your mysterious lover’s name.

But, she’s gone. And all that’s left in her place is, of course, a single, black feather.

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