Tutoring Mia

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Mia Stevens was you basic high school senior. She had just turned eighteen a month ago and was getting ready for graduation in just three short weeks. All was going great in Mia’s world, she was amazing looking, had a college all planned out, and she had been partying it up to celebrate it all. Only there was one small glitch in her perfect little world, and that was POD. POD was her hardest class, and Mia needed it to keep her scholarship to Pratt Academy of Art. POD stands for Principals of Design, and with out a doubt, it was very important she gets a good grade in it. Granted Mia loved the class, but the final was coming up, and she knew she needed help to pass it. Therefore she had to turn to one of the teachers that taught POD, Mr. Adams.

Mr. Adams, only 26, started teaching right out of college, leaving him only seven or eight years older than most of his students. Mr. Josh Adams was your typical good looking guy that had every high school girl crushing on him, and he knew it too. Mr. Adams taught POD, although he didn’t have Mia in class, he often helped kids he didn’t teach. So it wasn’t so surprising when she showed up at his room asking for help to pass the final.

“Mr. Adams?” Mia hoped he wasn’t to busy to help her.

“Oh, Hello Mia. What can I do for you today?”

“Umm, uh, I was wondering if you had the time to help me get ready for my POD final, I am having some trouble.” She was rambling again, damn him! He always got to her enough to make her trip over he words and make a fool of herself.

“Sure I have time for you. How about we meet in the library after school today?” He had all the time in the world for her if she would just ask for it. Josh had the worst case of lust for this girl, but he would never admit that as long as he lived.

“That would be wonderful! Thank you so much Mr. Adams!” Mia would owe him for the rest of her life, she though to herself, as she ran to her next class.

Mr. Adams sat alone in his room contemplating what he had just gotten himself into. He knew every time they met it would have to be in a public place to assure that he wouldn’t cross any lines he shouldn’t. Dear God, this was going to be one hell of a challenge for him. Looking down, he realized that just thinking about what he and Mia could do if left alone gave him a hard on. “Shit!” He said to himself, he had a class to teach in ten minutes.

It seemed as though the rest of the day had drug on and on and on. Both of them were waiting for the last bell to ring so they could meet in the library. Finally 2:30 in the afternoon rolled around and the bell sounded, signifying that it was the end of the day. Mia rushed to her locker so she could get every thing she needed for tutoring and her mountain of homework, then went straight to the bathroom to freshen up for Mr. Adams. Meanwhile, Mr. Adams packed his briefcase and gathered his things for the night, getting ready to go to the library. They arrived at the same time, both glad to see each other.

“Mr. Adams, I cant that you enough for meeting me here to help me pass POD.” Mia was so grateful, and she couldn’t think of a way to repay him for this. Well at least not a way that would be appropriate for a student and teacher relationship.

As Mia sat across the table from Mr. Adams she prayed he couldn’t tell how much she was turned on by him. Good God nerds got her hot! She sat nervously as he went on and on about things she should be listening to, but all she could think of was sex. Sex with Mr. Adams to be exact.

Josh could tell that she wasn’t paying a damn bit of attention to what he was saying about POD, and he didn’t give a damn. Even though he was wasting his breath going on about POD, he kept it up because it was the only thing keeping him from having the same dirty thoughts as Mia was. Right now he could throw her on the table and fuck her brains out; it’s just too bad that he can’t if he wants to keep his job. Damn.

Five o’clock was getting closer and they both seemed pretty tired. Deciding it was time to call it a night, Mr. Adams suggested that they meet again tomorrow same time and place to continue their tutoring. “Not that she listens to a word I say.” He thought to himself as Mia agreed that it would be a good idea to be done for the night. They both packed up their things and left the library.

Racing home, Josh knew if he didn’t get in the house soon he was going to blow his load in his pants. Jesus, just thinking about Mia made him cum, and that is not good. Not good at all, if he planned to keep tutoring her. As he leaned against the bathroom door he realized that there were going to be many more days of rushing home to jack off to thoughts of the student he was tutoring. Lord he was a goner.

The minute Mia set foot in the door she began stripping off her clothes en route to her bedroom. She was thankful her mother was at her Aunts in New Jersey, leaving the house all to Mia. As she flopped onto her bed, she dug around in a box under her bed, and finally she found it. She hid her naughty little toy in a box of photos, ümraniye escort not a hard place for her to find, but her mother would never think of it. Plunging her vibrator deep into her waiting pussy, she thrust it in and out, screaming “MR. ADAMS!” the whole time. Mia came with such force that she momentarily blacked out.

The next day Mia left the house looking and feeling extra sexy, just hoping Mr. Adams will notice her. Dear Lord she wanted to seduce him so bad. Now only if she could get her mind out of the gutter long enough to absorb some of the information that he was telling her. Damnit, why couldn’t she have picked the frumpy POD teacher instead of the super sexy Mr. Adams? Damn she can be stupid! Oh well, to late to change now.

As the day went on Mia realized she didn’t learn a blessed thing all day. Although how could she learn anything when all she thought about all day was Mr. Adams and what she wore to impress him. She decided this morning that, in honor of her tutor, she would wear a mesh black thong and matching bra under her short denim skirt and tight white button down. She looked like she came right out of school girl porn, all the way down to her ribbon tied pig-tails. Mia looked and felt like a slut and was hoping Mr. Adams would like it.

Oh he noticed all right! Hell that was the only thought in Josh’s mind since he saw her at lunch. Lunch was three classes ago, and he still had to get through two more before he had Mia all to himself. He could curse her for wearing that sexy outfit, and yet at the same time he praised her for it. The end of the day arrived once again and Mia was in the bathroom fixing her hair and make-up, also making sure she had just enough cleavage showing. Today she planned to tempt the hell out of Mr. Josh Adams, even though she really would like to seduce him.

Josh Adams sat in the empty library waiting on Mia to arrive. He could kick himself for not thinking about the fact that today was Thursday, and all the sports had practice, so no one would be in the library. Great, now he is stuck being alone with the tempting sex goddess, and the only thing standing between having sex with Mia is his ethics and morals. Shit.

As Mia rounded the corner Josh’s breath caught in his throat as he saw the most sexually arousing sight in his life. She was still fifteen feet away and he was already sporting one hell of a hard on. FUCK! This was really going to be a test for him.

“Hello Mr. Adams, ready to study?” Mia practically purred out the words. She was coming on to him and she wanted him to like it. Now she just hoped that this would turn him on and make him take her right there on the library table.

“Oh, uh, yes of course, lets get started shall we?” He was toast and he knew it. Josh was mentally preparing himself for sex with Mia, even though he shouldn’t be. He had a good feeling that sex is what would be happening today, or at least it would be if he had his way.

Leaning across the table, really showing off her fabulous 34 DD chest, Mia asked the unbelievable. “Mr. Adams, do you find me sexy?”

Completely taken aback “Uhwha?” was about all he could get out. He knew she was a very out-spoken girl, but he had no idea she was so bold as to ask him that. He wasn’t even sure if he could legally answer that question when she started talking again.

“You heard me. Do you find me sexy and sexually appealing?” Mia had him, she was about to force him across that imaginary line that he had made for himself. She didn’t care how much trouble she would get in for this, she was willing to take the heat for it.

Josh could feel himself heating up and his cock getting harder. “Um, well, yes Mia, I do find you sexy and extremely sexually appealing.” He was going to let her seduce him, and he will not be complaining, now or later. Perfect. After hearing that Mia stood up and unbuttoned her top, letting it fall to the floor. Standing in front of Mr. Adams topless, she asked her next question. “Mr. Adams, do you think my ass is nice?” As she asked, she dropped her skirt and kicked it away. Standing there in only her thong and bra she waited for his answer.

Josh was shocked at this point and stammered out his response. “Dear God Mia, you have an amazing body.” His hard on was now clearly visible through his pants as he stared at this beautiful, almost naked, student. This was going right where Mia wanted it to. Feeling confident, Mia walked over to Mr. Adams and straddled his legs, beginning to unbutton his dress shirt. Taking off his shirt and tie, she threw them aside and went for his belt. Running her hands down Mr. Adams’s bare chest she whispered in his ear “Mr. Adams, I want you. I want your cock deep in my hot wet pussy.”

That was it; he grabbed Mia and threw her onto the table in front of them. Josh stood there taking in the sight of Mia on her back waiting for him to rip off the rest of her clothes and fuck her mindless. Breathing out hard he said “You dressed like a slut today for me, hoping I would fuck you during out tutoring, am I right?” pendik escort Nodding her head she squeaked out a yes. Mia wanted him so bad she was ready to beg for it. In fact, that is exactly what she was about to do. “Oh Mr. Adams please, please, please fuck me!”

Listening to her beg for his cock turned him on even more. Leaning down he took off her bra and then slid her thong down her legs. Mia was shocked when he didn’t toss her thong on the floor, but put it in his pocket. Standing back and looking at Mia’s naked body, he decided that was a sight to commit to memory. He took in everything from her dark drown pigtails to her perfect tits, and all the way down to her neatly shaved crotch. Once Josh was content with what he had taken in, he took off his pants and boxers. It made him smile to watch Mia’s eyes bug out when she saw his nine inch cock bobbing in front of her.

“I take it you like what you see by the expression on your face.” He could see that the size of his prick scared her, and that was a turn on oddly enough. “Oh Mr. Adams! Your cock is huge; I need you to fuck me now!” Mia was begging and pleading for him to fuck her, and she didn’t care if she looked like a whore either. She was just fine with being his whore.

“You dirty little slut, begging for me to ram my cock into your tight little cunt! Is that what you want? Well I’ll give you what you want you dirty little whore.” Towering over Mia, Josh lined his prick up with her dripping pussy and thrust his hips forward, slamming his cock home. He pulled out and thrust in over and over, fucking her hard. As Josh fucked her he laced a hand in her hair, and filled the other with her prefect breast. Rolling her nipple between his fingers, he leaned in and kissed her.

Mia had her legs wrapped around his waist and her nails in his arms. She screamed his name as he pumped in and out of her, close to her first orgasm. “Oh God, ahh ahhh ahhhhh! YES THAT’S IT FUCK ME HARDER!” Mia started to rock back into Josh, slamming her hips to meet every thrust of his. Panting she tried to tell Mr. Adams she was about to cum, but didn’t get the words out”Mmmm, Oh God Yes, Fuck Me Baby! Pound My Pussy With Your Cock!” Mia was cumming, drenching her and Mr. Adams with her sweet juices. Her body wanted to wind down from that powerful orgasm but Mr. Adams was not about to let that happen as he kept driving into her hot pussy. Slamming deep into her he kept driving at her tight twat, determined to make her cum again and again. Mr. Adams was getting close, and was beginning to fear that he was going to loose it before he wanted too, and he would die of he came before he had his fill of Mia. Pulling away, Josh thought it was time for Mia to do a little solo work for his enjoyment, and so he could get himself together again.

“Where are you going?” Mia said as if he was going to leave her there spread eagle on the table. Good God if he left her there like that now, she was going to cry, no doubt about that one.

“Shut up you whore! Now do what you’re told and play with your pussy for me.” He was getting aggressive now and he just hoped he wasn’t coming off as over-powering. Something about being dominating and in control turned him on, and he was hoping she would slowly understand that and play the submissive part.

Doing as she was told, Mia snaked her hand down her body slowly getting to her pussy, where she slipped in two fingers and began to masturbate. As she pleased him she thought to herself “Why all the sudden is he yelling at me and giving me commands, why is he being mean?” She could feel her muscles start to tighten knowing she was going to cum soon, but she wasn’t all that sure that she wanted to. The closer she got the more she hoped that he was only being mean because he likes to dominate, and not because she wasn’t doing a good job. The tightening in her cunt was becoming too much and it was starting to show on her face, and she was sure that Mr. Adams saw it.

“Stop. Take your hand away now!” Josh was in full swing now and he planned to fuck this poor girl till she couldn’t walk out of there. As he sat and watched her fingers slid in and out of her, it dawned on him, he was going to have to make it more obvious that he likes to dominate. Just so he doesn’t scare her, and that was what he was telling himself. “Sweet little Mia, would you like to be my slave, my dirty fuck slave?” He was going to press his luck and see if he could get her to commit her body to him.

Stuttering and slightly shocked she squeaked out “Y-y-yes I would love to be your fuck slave. Oh please Mr. Adams, let me be your fuck toy!” This was perfect, now she could fuck him when ever she pleased. Correction, she would fuck him when ever she was told to, seeing as she was now his slave and would do everything she was told. Good God this was going to be interesting, Mia couldn’t wait to see if he would ever make any kind of move during the day at school. She prayed he would.

“Perfect my little slave. Now let me fuck your ass some and then you may go.” This was his chance to bostancı escort use and abuse that perfect little body she had. He had her under his control and that was the most powerful aphrodisiac out there for him. As he worked his cock into her ass he thought of what he could do to her during the day at school, if he would even dare too.

Thrusting forward he pushed in his whole cock, filling her ass. Good god she was tight, he had it figured that he was the first to take her ass, and he liked that. He watched Mia grab at the table edge and shake as he fucked her. What a beautiful sight, he thought, as he slammed into her harder and harder. The longer he fucked her, the closer he came to filling her perfect ass with his hot cum, and that was exactly what he was going to do. “Oh Jesus Mia! Oh Good God I Am Going to Cuuum!” Slamming deep one more time he began to fill her ass with his cum, and letting her know it too. “Christ Mia, uhhhhhh, you’re such a good fuck!” That was his final words as he finished cumming.

Pulling on his pants he said “Mia, you may go now. Although I am having your POD teacher switched so that you have me instead.” He intended to use that to his advantage and make some way for her to be his little slut all the time, not just during their ‘tutoring’. Although he was going to do that, he figured that he would give her a day reprieve to get the class caught up, before taking on her own special assignments from him.

“Yes Sir” That was all she said as she got dressed, gathered her things, and walked out of the library. Thinking to herself as she left the building, “Why is he switching my teacher for POD, that just makes no sense, wouldn’t he want to hide the fact that we are fucking, not display it?” Confused she went home to sleep on the thought.

The next day her homeroom teacher gave her a new class schedule, and of course it stated that Mr. Adams would be her POD teacher hence forth. Figuring that it was all going to work out she just went with it. As the day went on she finally went to POD, which just so happened to be the last class of the day for her now that her schedule was changed, and waited for the class to end so she could go to tutoring. Sitting in his room listening to the days lecture, her mind began to wonder, thinking of different reasons why he would have her switched to his class, and naturally they were all dirty reasons. Final bell sounded and the class room emptied out, as Mia was leaving she heard Mr. Adams say “Mia, will you please stay after class a moment, I want to discuss with you everything you need to catch up on.”

“Oh, yeah sure, Mr. Adams.” Walking over to his desk, she secretly hoped this discussion would pertain to the activities of the day before. Actually it was more like she was praying for it.

“Mia, since we have been studying after school it seems as though you are all caught up on in-class assignments and homework, although it is apparent to me that you still need some one on one tutoring to get you moving in the right direction. ” He was going to propose an idea to her in the matter of minutes, and he was hoping it would shock the living hell out of her. “But school aside, I wanted to talk about yesterday in the library.”

“Oh God Mr. Adams! I am so sorry I shouldn’t have been acting like a whore I don’t want to get you in any trouble, please don’t be mad at me!” She was stammering and rambling on and on, hoping that she could get enough out to make good on her apology.

“Mia, shut it. I am far from mad, if anything I am in a better mood than I have been in for weeks. I wanted to propose the idea of you being my little slut outside of our tutoring. Perhaps coming to my class without any panties on and sitting in the front row in a skirt for me.” He was bold, and he knew it. Standing there with that Cheshire cat grin on his face, he enjoyed the look Mia was giving him as she absorbed the information he had just given her. Now he was the one praying, praying that she would in fact do as he asked.

“Mr. Adams, of course I will take my duties of being your whore outside of our tutoring. It looks like tomorrow I will be wearing a skirt, with no panties underneath.” The mere thought of coming to school without underwear on made her hot, adding to that, the idea of doing it just for Mr. Adams to see, well that was out of this world in her mind.

“Good girl, Mia. I will see you soon.” Josh was crossing those lines he had put down, and he just couldn’t seem to make himself care. He had just a short amount of time before he had to meet her in the library, and he was going to spend that time thinking of what to make of this little situation he has created.

Mr. Adams knew what he had started was wrong, it was wrong on so many levels, but once again he didn’t give a flying fuck. He was certain that sleeping with a girl that age and having no relationship beyond sex was immoral, and he was pretty sure that since she was one of his students that it was also illegal. That didn’t seem to get to him either; he figured that if those two things weren’t stopping him then there was no way that a boyfriend would do it either. Luckily she didn’t have one. This all just seemed too easy for him, like everything that had just transpired had fallen into his lap from a higher power. Interesting way to look at it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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