A Satisfying Last Day of Work

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I hated my job. Hated everything about it. Except one thing…Brent. He wasn’t my boss, but he was higher ranking than I was. We worked together sometimes, but not often enough. He had a great sense of humor and a great smile, and I sometimes found myself getting lost in fantasy while staring at his blue eyes. We flirted a lot, but I never really knew if it was just playful banter or if he was really interested. In the #metoo era men are much more careful about their flirting, especially in the workplace. In this case it was terribly disappointing. Brent was the main reason I was leaving. Being around him was difficult at times. I wished there could be more, but I knew as long as I worked there, there never would be and the only chance for anything would be if I left. He was too much of a rule-follower to break the “no dating” rule. Although what I was interested in with Brent didn’t count as dating, but a wicked fucking. I worried I was just imagining the chemistry between us. He was incredibly hot and could get any girl he wanted, while I was very average.

At 4:30 on my last day he came into my office. The air seemed to thicken. I felt my pulse rise and the butterflies in my stomach go crazy.

“I’m still sad that you’re leaving me.” He said with that crooked little smile. “You know I’m going to miss our chats. You’re the coolest chick I’ve ever met.”

I groaned internally. Coolest chick? People say that about their sisters.

“Well, you know we can still hang out even if I don’t work here.” I purred suggestively, hoping he’d get the hint.

“Oh, yea, of course! We can get lunch sometime or coffee.” This was not going according to plan at all. Either he doesn’t pick up on my clues or he just really doesn’t like me.

“How about a drink tonight after work?” I suggested, praying that he’d say yes.

“That’s a great idea!” He said enthusiastically. “We can celebrate you finally getting the hell out of here. I’ll send out an e-mail to see who else wants to go!” He stood up to leave the room. Panic flared up inside me. The last thing I wanted was to go out to get drinks with everyone here. I just wanted Brent, alone.

“Brent, wait!” I jumped up from my chair and went around the desk and shut the door. “Look, I was kind of hoping you and I could go alone. You’re the only person here I like anyway.” I put my hand on his arm and squeezed gently. He couldn’t possibly miss that cue.

“Sounds perfect.” He grinned. “I’ll go clock out and meet you in the parking lot.”

I gathered my things and freshened up in the bathroom. I unbuttoned one more button from my shirt. My large breasts making the fabric on the shirt stretch. I’d caught Brent staring at them more than once. Not that it’s unusual. When you have Double D’s naturally, men stare. I took my panty hose off and at the last second took the panties off too. With any luck within a few hours I wouldn’t be needing them anyway, may as well make it easier for him to slide in there. I dabbed a little perfume on and ran a brush through my hair. I wondered as the brush slid through my hair what his hands would casino oyna feel like grasping my hair as he pounds me from behind. I wondered if he would spank me, call me his bad girl. I was getting horny just thinking about it. I imagined him bending me over the counter while he fucked me from behind staring at me in the mirror. I slid my hand up my skirt and touched my wet pussy. I groaned. If I didn’t get fucked by Brent tonight I was going to be in a bad way. I had just began rubbing my clit when I heard a knock on the door. “Hey Josie, are you coming or what?” It was Brent! I laughed at his word choice. I was so caught up in my Brent fantasy that I nearly forgot I was meeting real Brent in the parking lot.

I opened the door and smiled at him. “I’m just finishing up.” I opened the door wide and pulled him in. “Come in while I finish.”

He hesitated inside the ladies room. “I…uh…really shouldn’t be in here.” He stammered.

“Relax!” I laughed. “The work day is over and everyone’s gone but us anyway and no one is coming in here. Not yet anyway.” I said the last part quietly, hoping he wouldn’t hear it, but also hoping he would.

I leaned suggestively over the counter while applying some makeup. I hadn’t planned on putting any on, but it seemed like a good way to show off my ass to Brent. I watched him in the mirror as his eyes drifted down. I could tell he liked what he saw. His gaze drifted back up and met mine in the mirror. There was a fire in his eyes I hadn’t seen before.

I walked over to where he leaned against the wall. “Do you like what you see, Brent?” He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer.

“Are you flirting with me Josie?” His thumb moved in circles underneath my shirt.

I grabbed his tie and pulled him closer. “I’ve been flirting with you for months, is this the first you’ve noticed?”

His face lowered and his lips touched mine. His tongue parted my lips and his hands moved lower, gripping my ass pulling me into him. I could feel his cock through his pants, straining to come out. At last, the moment I’ve been waiting for. I reached down and unzipped his pants and released the most beautiful dick I’ve ever seen. Long and girthy, well trimmed.

“I want you to fuck me right here, right now.” I whispered in his ear and nibbled his lobe.

He flipped me around and pressed my back up against the wall and wrapped my legs around his waist. He thrust himself deep inside me. I gasped as he cried out. With every thrust I felt he was going deeper and deeper. His mouth met mine and I could feel my orgasm building. His eyes were ablaze with passion. I cried out as my pussy contracted against his cock, my orgasm rocking both of us. He kept his hands under my ass, supporting me as he unloaded his cum inside me with a final grunt.

My legs were barely able to hold me up anymore. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

“Did you really not notice my flirting all this time?” I asked him coyly while cleaning up.

He laughed. “Of course I did, and I flirted back, I just needed you to make the first move.

I didn’t want slot oyna any sexual harassment charges. Also, there’s another issue…I’m married.”

It’s cute that he thinks I didn’t know that. Months of chatting in my office, flirting, emails, text messages, and he thinks I didn’t stalk him on social media. I knew he was married and I knew he didn’t tell me for a reason.

“I know you’re married, Brent. It’s why I waited until I was leaving to make any moves. I figured if you turned me down I’d never have to see you again and I would feel slightly less foolish.”

I grabbed my purse and headed for the door “You still owe me a drink, let’s go.”

We rode together to the bar. I couldn’t keep my hands off him. He was hard as a rock and having a hard time staying on the road “Maybe we should just go to your place.” He said as my hand stroked his cock while he drove.

“I want that drink you promised me, then we can go to my place if you’re a good boy.” I loved suddenly being in control. All these months of fantasies about Brent and I get to be in the driver’s seat.

The bar ended up being full of coworkers. Turns out word got out of my last day drink and everyone joined us. I groaned as I walked up to the table preparing to be completely fake and count the minutes until I’m on top of Brent again.

In the middle of an exhaustingly boring conversation with Paula from Accounting who was telling me about her cats I feel a hand move up my thigh under the table. I look at Brent next to me. He’s talking to Dave from IT, telling him about the football game last week. His hand parts my legs and I feel his fingers find my middle and start stroking gently. I’m nodding and not at all listening to Paula while Brent’s fingers slowly bring me to orgasm. I try to control my breathing as I’m cumming on the bar bench. I look around and nobody seems to notice the orgasm tearing through me. I lock eyes with Brent next to me who whispers “my truck, now.”

I politely say my goodbyes and thanked everyone for coming and lied about wanting to get together for lunch soon. I could not get out of there soon enough.

I leave first and wait by Brent’s truck. I’m checking my makeup in his mirror when he comes up behind me. He kisses my neck and slips my skirt up.

“Brent, we’re in public, let’s just go to my place.” I tried to push the skirt back down so no one sees my exposed ass.

“Ha, now you want to go home. I’ve been hard for an hour and a half and I need to cum in you right now.” I hear his zipper and feel the head of his cock push up against my ass. He opens the truck door and bends me over, my face buried in the passenger seat. I feel him enter me rather quickly. He keeps me down on the seat by placing his hand over the back of my neck. I feel him slamming into me harder than I expected. I feel his finger pressing up against my asshole. I push back as much as I can while he’s holding me down, begging for him to enter me. “You like that, don’t you?” I grunt an affirmative while he brings his finger in and out of my ass at the same pace as his cock penetrating my pussy. “I’m canlı casino siteleri going to have every part of you, just wait.” With a final grunt he cums deep inside me. He slaps me on the ass, my bare ass still out in the open of the bar parking lot. “Get in, we’re going to your place.”

Still completely wrecked by how Brent took control and fucked me senseless in the bar parking lot, I nearly forgot to tell him how to get to my place until he was turning into the parking lot of my condo. “Wait…how did you know…”

“You’re not the only one who’s been fantasizing.” He laughed. “I’ve jerked off in your parking lot staring at your bedroom window so many times.”

After he was parked I crawled over to the driver’s seat and straddled him. “I was probably masturbating thinking about you while you were down here cumming about me.”

His hands gripped my ass as I was grinding against him, his cock straining to get out again. “You ready to do this?” He whispered.

I laughed “You mean, again?”

“You have no idea what I’m about to do to you.” He growled into my neck as his hands massaged my ass. I tingled in anticipation. “We need to get up there right now before I fuck you in the truck again.”

As soon as my condo door was shut he had me in his arms, my legs wrapped around his waist as he pressed me against the door, his mouth on mine, his hands under my ass.

He carried me over to the kitchen counter where he set me down. He dropped down on his knees and kissed his way down my thigh. His tongue flicked my clit. His fingers teased my hole. I had never cum so many times in a day. His mouth ravished me taking in all he could. I pushed his face as deep as it would go. He walked towards the bedroom, my hand in his. He slowly took off all my clothes, taking in every part of me with his mouth.

“Get on your knees.” He said as he took his pants off. I happily dropped down to my knees waiting to worship his beautiful cock. As soon as I was eye to eye with the prize I brought it into my mouth. I could feel his breath quicken and he moaned. “God Josie you’re so amazing.” I worked my mouth up and down his shaft bringing him as deep as I could. His hands grabbed my head and he thrust his pelvis and pushed his dick into my throat. His primal groans were making me weak, making me crave him deep inside me. I wanted to taste his cum, feel him empty inside me. With a few final thrusts and a cry out louder than I expected, I felt his warm salty fluids fill my mouth. I milked his cock for everything I could, getting every piece of him.

I took him to my bed where we lay together, touching, kissing, playing. I knew hours had passed and I knew he needed to get home, but I didn’t want him to. “I don’t want you to leave my bed tonight.”

He grinned. “I don’t have to.”

He laughed at the surprised look on my face “…but your wife…”

“Remember the Summit meeting in St. Louis this weekend? She thinks I left tonight, but the flight doesn’t leave til tomorrow.” Suddenly I put the pieces together.

“So you expected to come here, didn’t you?” I gave him a playful shove. He buried his face in my hair.

“I wanted to make sure your last day of work was very satisfying.” I giggled as he slowly worked his way down my body.

It was very satisfying last day indeed.

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