A Surprise from Master

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The day was long and I was tired. Can’t wait to leave for the day. The only thing that’s keeping me going is knowing that I’ll be coming home to my Master. He always knows how to make me feel better. Just thinking about Him makes my pussy flood with juices, soaking my panties. Just 5 more minutes and I will be done for the day.

It’s finally 5 pm and I leave. Walking to my car in my black high heel boots, short skirt and button down white blouse. I get to my car and see a note on the windshield. My legs get weak knowing that this is from Master. This is exactly what I needed to make my day better. I take the note and read it. It says: Hello my Pet, I have been informed that your day has not been going well. I do not want you coming home upset so I am sending you to do a few tasks before you get here. There are further instructions in the car. Enjoy yourself my beautiful Pet. I will be eagerly awaiting your return. Love always, Master.

I’m so surprised that Master has set up this surprise in such a short period of time. But im so happy to have something to take my mind off the bad day I had. I get in the car and find the first set of instructions. It says to drive to the restaurant where we first had dinner together, there is a reservation. And don’t forget the toys I left in the glove box. Once I got there I give my name and am seated immediately. The waiter came over with an envelope and a bottle of wine. I open the letter and it says: I want you to insert the vibrator that I left for you in your pussy right at the table and turn it on low while ordering then switch it to high once your food arrives. You may not cum until you are finished with your meal.

My pussy has been throbbing since I got to the restaurant now I have to hold off til after I eat. This is going to be pure torture but I want to make Master proud so I obey like a good pet should. I pull out the vibe and spread my legs wide and slide down a bit so I can insert my toy. I slide it in my already dripping pussy and let out a soft moan. It feels so good inside me. I sit back up and get situated just in time for the waiter to come back and take my order. I order the filet mignon, roasted red potatoes and crisp green beans. He walks away and I squeeze my thighs together…the sensations of the vibrator and the fact that I’m in public was turning me on so much. My nipples are so hard rubbing against my blouse every time I move. The waiter returns with my meal and he smiles at me, seeing how flushed I am…I wonder if he knows what’s going on.

I turn the vibe on high and try to eat. It’s extremely difficult but I have to or else I won’t be allowed to cum and I so desperately need to. Moaning with every bite I take…my clit is so engorged and throbbing. As soon as I take my last bite I cum so hard…moaning louder then I should have but I didn’t care it felt incredible. Cum was all over the chair and I know as soon as I stand it will be dripping down my legs. I take a sip of wine and try to calm myself before I call the waiter to get the check. I pay and get up to leave. Just as I thought, cum is leaking from my pussy and down my thighs. I quickly make my way out of the restaurant and to my car.

Again, I find another note on my windshield. Is Master following me? That would be so hot if Master was in the restaurant watching me cum. Shaking the thought from my head, I grab the note and read: you followed my instructions very well my pet…u looked so sexy sitting there with your flushed cheeks. I have one more task for you before you come home. You will go to the lingerie shop in the mall and pick out a sexy bra and panty set to buy and bring home with you. While you are in the dressing room you will make yourself cum no matter who is around. I want the vibe you had in your pussy to be put in your ass and leave it there after you cum as well. You will tuzla escort drive home with it in. See you soon my pet.

I pull into the parking lot of the mall and park close to the entrance. I check my make-up in the mirror and fix my clothes, adjusting my skirt. It was still hiked up from placing the vibe in my ass. I get out of the car and walk in the mall, heading straight to the lingerie shop. I had to walk a bit slow because it was a little awkward with the vibrator inside me.

I get to the store and start browsing. I want to pick the perfect panties set for Master. I chose a few different styles to try on. The first was a black lace bra and matching bikini cut panties. The second was a baby blue bra set that had a plunging V center which shows a lot of cleavage and a matching thong. The last set I chose was a burgundy corset that pushes my breasts up and it had a matching thong as well. I liked them all but my favorite had to be the burgundy corset.

Now that I chose what I hope will be worn for Master later, I continue the next part of my task. Cumming for Master. Sitting on the chair in the dressing room, completely naked, legs spread wide with a vibe shoved in my ass. I start pinching and pulling my nipples. The little bit of pain sends jolts of pleasure straight to my pussy. I start dripping all over the chair. Moaning a bit, not caring who hears me. All im focused on is making my explode for Master.

Sliding my fingers up and down my pussy…just rubbing and spreading my wetness. Taking my middle finger and rub my clit in slow circles…feeling my pussy pulse, trying to grab onto Masters cock that so desperately needs to be inside of me. I slide 2 fingers deep in my pussy, thinking about my sexy Master and his big, thick cock fucking me hard. I can’t stifle my moans, they’re getting louder so I don’t hear one of the workers walk in.

All of a sudden the door opens to the dressing room I am in. The woman stood there a bit shocked and stuttered her words out. “I’m so sorry, I heard you breathing hard and I thought you were having trouble. I’m so embarrassed.” she said. I sat there naked and thought this woman standing in front of me was very attractive. Maybe she would like to work on her customer service skills, I thought with a smirk on my face. Plus, Master did say to cum no matter who was around so I might as well take advantage of the fact there is a beautiful woman in front of me. So I got up, walked toward her and pulled the door closed again making her body almost press against mine. I could tell she was nervous.

I ran my fingers through her soft black hair. I leaned in and kissed her cherry red lips. She tasted minty, like she just ate a peppermint. Pulling away, I look into her eyes and they were wide with shock. Telling her that she caught me in a very aroused state and me finding her so sexy, I just couldn’t help myself. She didn’t try to leave so I believe that she wasn’t turned off so I tried again, going a little further this time.

As I leaned in to kiss her, I brought my hand up to her breast and played with her already hard nipple through her shirt. Pinching and pulling it through the thin fabric. To my delight, that caused her to moan into my mouth as I pushed my tongue inside, deepening our kiss. My tongue massaging hers.I start to unbutton her shirt, our mouths still locked in a frantic kiss. After slipping her shirt off, I pull her perky breasts from her bra and attack each nipple. Licking and sucking them both. Trailing kisses down her stomach. Sliding her pants off to reveal a pink thong. I have her bend over leaning on the chair in the dressing room. Pulling her panties over her ass and down her thighs. I can see her pussy glistening with her juices before I even part her lips. With both hands on her cheeks, spreading them, I run my tongue up her pussy to göztepe escort her ass. She pushed back against my tongue trying to get as much contact as possible.

She tells me she wants to cum and it has to be quick since she’s supposed to be working. I say, “lay down on the floor, we can 69 and both cum together. I need to get to my Master and am not allowed to see him til I complete his task.” She lays down and I climb on top, it’s a bit cramped but it will have to do. I start licking and sucking her clit. Both of my hands grabbing her ass pulling her into my face. Her tongue is deep inside my pussy. It feels so good, I tell her im close to cumming. Shoving two fingers inside her, I begin fucking her tight little pussy. Hard and fast. I can tell she’s going to cum and I want to taste her. My tongue dives deep inside her pussy…fucking her with my tongue. Moaning and breathing heavy. So close. Just a little more. Ohhhhhh fuck yes we both explode all over each other’s face. Screaming out our orgasms.

We both lay there for a second, catching our breath. Putting our clothes back on. We exit the dressing room and I pay for the outfit I chose for Master. Before I leave, I thank the young woman for her wonderful customer service. Smiling and giggling she says, “come back soon. We value loyal customers.” I leave the mall and drive home with a smile on my face. Looking forward to seeing my Master.

Finally arriving at home, I park the car and get out. There’s a note on the door. It says to get in position when I walk in…nothing more. Opening the door, I look around seeing where Master was as I took off my clothes and folded them neatly, putting them in a pile on the table. I take out my training collar, and put it on. As i buckle it around my neck, i think about when i may get my permanent collar. Then I walk over to his chair and get in position…on my knees, head down and hands on my thighs. I can’t wait to see Master and thank him for the wonderful evening he sent me on.

Waiting patiently, I hear Masters footsteps. Even though I want to look up at him, I don’t. Not wanting to ruin the night by needing to be punished, I wait for his orders. Feeling him behind me, he says,”Hello my pet. I am pleased with how well you listened this evening. As you figured out, I have been keeping an eye on you and although the lingerie you bought is sexy I’m sure, we will save that for a special occasion.”

I respond, “Yes Master and thank you for everything. Your grateful pet would like the chance to thank Master properly.”

“You will have your chance my pet but right now I want u to stand up and look straight ahead.”

“Yes Master,” I answer.

Still behind me, Master secures a blindfold over my eyes. Everything is now pitch black. Master must have something good planned if I’m not allowed to see. After it’s tied, I feel his hands slide down my arms, around to my stomach, bringing his hands to my breasts. He starts to play with my nipples, sending shivers through my body. He gives them a twist and pull…making me moan. My nipples are now extremely hard. Master knows how much I love my nipples played with.

He then takes my hands and ties them behind my back at the wrists and elbows. This makes my shoulders go back and my breasts push out, letting them be on perfect display for Master. After he’s done, i am turned around to face him. Even though I can’t see, I can feel his eyes on me. He pushes me to my knees and I get excited, my pussy starts to drip at the sound of Master unbuckling his belt and pulling it from his pants. Thinking he was going to let me suck his cock like a good slut, I lick my lips in anticipation. But the sound of a zipper going down never came. Instead I feel the sting of his belt on my tits. Sucking in a breath…the air hissing through my teeth.

Then it came üsküdar escort again…3, 4, 5 times. Alternating hitting the top of my tits and directly across my nipples. Master kept going til he reached 10. Then he switched to my ass. Hitting both cheeks and my thighs 10 times. By now my ass is burning so good, pussy is soaked. Masters hands start to rub my ass…soothing the burn. He whispers in my ear, “your ass looks beautiful this shade of red.” He pulls my earlobe in his mouth…sucking and biting. I’m so turned on. All I want is Masters cock in all my holes.

Not wanting to wait any longer…I ask Master, “May I please suck your cock Master. Your pet want to show you how much she appreciated today.”

“Okay my pet, you may suck my cock but you will not get my cum yet,” he says.

With a smile on my face I thank my Master. He is now in front of me and I hear him taking off his pants. Still bound and blindfolded, I can’t see or touch so I kneel with my mouth open waiting for Master to feed me his big cock. He inches closer. He runs his cock along my bottom lip. I stick my tongue out to taste. “Suck it my pet,” he says. I wrap my lips around the head sucking and wiggling my tongue under it. I slide my head down, taking it in all the way, gagging a bit. Sucking it slow, running my tongue along the length as I slide his cock out. I continue for a few minutes before he stops me.

Master pulls me up and turns me around. He sits in his chair and pulls me by my arms back on him. I sit down on his cock…moaning as he fills me completely. “Fuck me my pet” is whispered in my ear. I start bouncing up and down on Masters cock. His hands reach around and pinch my nipples hard. I feel his breath on my neck . He wraps his hand in my hair and pulls me back against him. He sucks and bites on my neck. I can’t stop moaning. He tells me to stand up and bend over. I do as im told and he positions himself behind me, grabbing the rope binding my arms behind my back and with all his might thrusts his cock back inside my pussy. Fucking me hard and fast. Im screaming so loud unable to stop. Masters cock feels so good. He’s pounding me so hard…bringing me closer to cumming with each thrust. I beg Master to let me cum. “Cum for me my pet. I want to feel your cum explode all over my cock.”

As soon as Master said cum I exploded all over him. He fucked me through my orgasm. When I was done he pulled out and told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. Knowing I was about to get what I wanted, I quickly dropped to my knees. My mouth opened and Master grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. Fucking it til he came. I swallowed every drop, loving how Master tastes I made sure not to waste any. I stay on my knees and back in position since Master has not said to get up. He says, “you have been such a good pet. I’ve been very pleased with you lately.” I hear him walk away and open his desk drawer. Soon enough he’s back. He is now behind me taking the rope off my arms. He then removes my blindfold. I blink a few times, my eyes adjusting to the light. Master then takes off my collar. I’m a lil confused as to why Master would remove my collar since he just said he’s been pleased.

Master sees the confused look on my face when he gets back in front of me. Kissing the top of my head and giving me a reassuring smile he says, “don’t look so worried my pet. I have a gift for you.” He pulls out a black box and opens it so I can see. It’s a pink collar with silver designs all around it, a silver buckle in back and a silver ring with a tag on it that says “Property of my Master” on it with his initials engraved in it. I look up at him with tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face. Master goes behind me and collars me. As i hear the collar being locked in place the tears escape and run down my cheeks.

Master tells me to stand and face him. He wipes the tears off my face and pulls me into a passionate kiss. Holding me tight against him. When we finally break our kiss he looks me in the eyes and says, “you are mine now my pet. I will love you and take care of you always and forever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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