First Date

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The Humpers return at last!

Starring Hilda, Henry and Harriet Humper in: “First Date”

Written by Victor C. Nathan and first-time contributing writer and consultant Daywalkr


“That’s a crazy fucking bet!” Henry Humper exclaimed with a grin, looking down the front of his sister’s low cut blouse at the tops of her braless, huge hilltops of hooter.

“Well, I’ll bet you can’t hold out, little brother,” Harriet retorted with a wide beautiful grin, leaning forward to allow her horny sibling to look at even more of her creamy, gorgeous boobflesh. “In fact, I’ll bet you one hundred fucking dollars that you can’t keep your hands off of Mom’s big boobs for one night out. What do you say?”

“Oh, fuck!” Henry cursed, reaching towards the swelling flesh of Harriet’s horrifically huge honkers. “Oh, I don’t know! I’m horny as fuck right now!”

“Oh, you always are,” his stacked sister giggled, placing a hand atop her brother’s crotch and rubbing his penis through the thin material of his khaki slacks. “I mean, look at this thing. It wants me so much right now, doesn’t it?”

“When does it not?” Henry said sarcastically as he moved to pull down his pants, allowing his humongously-hootered sister better access to his foot-long wee wee. Harriet simply pulled her blouse up and then leaned flamboyantly forward to fellate on her favorite humpstick.

“You know how I know you’ll never last, dearest brother?” she asked between licks and sucks on the tumescent, golf-ball-sized head.

Henry just shook his head back and forth as he squeezed every bit of titflesh he could get his hands on.

“Because, o brother dear, you couldn’t wait to get my tits out of this big, tight top,” Harriet said with a completely triumphant leer as her bouncy bobblers bounced and bobbed in expectant fashion.

Henry didn’t say anything; he just shoved her head down onto his throbbing pecker. “Shut up and suck, sis! I can’t hardly stand it, I’m so fucking horny! Oh, suck it, little girl!”

Harriet’s naked young juggernauts juggled all around as her blonde head and thick lips slid up and down on the crudely naked erection residing inside her mouth.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm!” her cock-filled mouth grunted out as Henry mauled her heavy, fleshy boom booms with his rough and uncaring hands.

“Now, that feels like a dream, big sis!” Henry winced at the loving oral ministrations being inflicted on his phallic rod as he tugged upward on his sister’s hard nipples. “Do that teeth dragging thing on the underside of my horsecock! Ohhhhh! That’s it! Do it! Drag those teeth and suck my fucking fucktool! Oh, all right! I’ll take the bet! This suck job should give me a little bit of an advantage anyway, I mean, once you empty my sack out! Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!”

Harriet smiled inwardly as her titmeat jumped to and fro on her chest and she fellated happily, not willing to pass up his big Humper tube steak.


Henry came downstairs after his shower, dressed in a fine pair of slacks and a nice shirt. If this were any other date, he’d have just worn jeans and a t-shirt, but he was going out with his blimp-busted Humper of a mother. He wanted to look good. He reflected on what had taken place over the last 45 minutes. In a moment of weakness, his beanbag-breasted sister had tricked him into a bet that he was sure to lose. Of course, he wasn’t too chuffed about it at the time; he was just focused on getting the huge load that had been building in his balls for the last thirty minutes out into Harriet’s mouth and onto her massively over-endowed mams. They were so unbelievably squeezable; any time he had the chance, he would spend hours just sucking and rubbing and playing with her huge Humper fuckbags.

It was this weakness that worried him so much. Henry’s penis needed his mother. He needed her tank boobs and all they offered in the way of titillation and the joy they brought to his cock and balls. He could hear the shower running upstairs and could only imagine the sight of his perfectly sculpted mother’s physique, her little waist and her awesome tittage that bobbed upon her upper body, her large, round fanny that contrasted so much with her narrow waistline.

“Oh, shit, I wish I wasn’t so motherfucking horny,” Henry hissed through clenched teeth, looking down at the bulge that was already beginning to rise in his pants, wanting tittie and pussy and a plump ass to play with. “She is going to be all over my stick. Mom is going to be shoving her set right up in my fucking face. Shit, I need to squirt something awful! I guess it’s a good thing Harriet sucked me twice already.”

While Henry was downstairs wondering how he was going to get through the night without his favorite tittie and pussy play toys, Hilda was upstairs wondering what she could do to make Henry’s night even more enjoyable (or unbearable as the case might have been). She had heard about the wager her children had placed and was really looking forward to fucking with and just plain fucking bağdatcaddesi escort Henry’s balls dry that evening. Not that she and Harriet hadn’t been doing that as often as possible since Henry had gotten back from his trip to Grandma June’s. The thought of what happened that day and during the following weeks made Hilda’s already needy slit just drip with arousal. She held back her need to masturbate, though. When you had as much ground to cover as she did, it helped to have as much help as possible. And she was going to make sure she had all the help she could get from her baby boy tonight. Well, the motherly Humper did at least tweak her nipples for a minute, just to take the edge off her desire.

“No sense in ending the fun before it gets started,” Hilda quipped amusedly as she turned the water off and started to towel off her proudly bouncing Humper hooters.

“Ohhhhhhh, I want to fuck!” Henry cursed as he pulled out his wiener and began to stroke his manmeat, thinking of the acres of breast upstairs, both his mommy’s and his sister’s, whom he had already fondled as he jizzed down her throat.

The hung youngster grabbed a towel just as a stream of ejaculate gushed out of his pee pee hole, splashing onto the cloth, stream after stream jetting out of his urethra and massive dickhead. After squeezing the last droplets of sticky discharge out of his pecker, Henry dabbed his wee wee with the towel and yanked his organ back inside his pants and zipped promptly up.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes!” Hilda Humper yelled from upstairs, hooking up her knocker-holder inside her bedroom and then sliding a pair of panties over her bubble-like bottom.

“Gotcha, Mom!” Henry called back. Even with the orgasm he just had, the mere thought of what she must have been doing at that moment had him re-hardening almost immediately. He knew he’d get to see what underwear she on before the night was through, but that didn’t help his current problem. He was momentarily spared thinking about what his too-too-terribly sexy mommy was doing when he heard footfalls on the stairs. Harriet came out of the kitchen to watch her brother’s reaction.

Hilda Humper came down looking like a horny 15-year-old’s most lurid wet dream. She had on the smallest black minidress Harriet had ever seen. It just barely covered her black silk panties, not that that mattered much as she was sure to be flashing Henry peeks the entire night. As with anything that tried to contain her massive, chesty charms, the top looked like it might burst asunder with the pressure that must have been placed on it. The matching black bra fit well with the dress, but it fit about as well as any bra ever did on her. It was the curse of being a Humper; unnaturally huge breasts gave to humongous back aches if not properly supported. But she wouldn’t trade anything about her build for the world. Hilda loved her body, especially the upper, chestial part of it, and she loved the attention it garnered.

“Holy shit, Momma!” Henry burst out as he gazed at the honker-laden hottie that finally descended the staircase, the cleavage bulging from her blouse, the neckline so low that almost half her knockers were revealed, the top and bra just being large enough to keep her spacious giant areola from showing. “You look fucking hot as shit!”

“Yeah, I know,” Hilda shot back with a cackle, her bazooms jiggling as she gave his groin a curious look. “And hot for fucking too! Tee hee! My, my, I always seem to have an immediate effect on that big thingie of yours, don’t I? Your pee pee pole prong is already getting all full of blood and shit!”

“Tee hee,” Harriet laughed quietly, her own boobs still not constrained by any type of brassiere, the taste of her brother’s cum still in the back of her mouth. “Henry thought he’d get a leg up on the competition by getting me to suck him twice while you were getting ready, Mom, but I think he’s hornier than before.”

Harriet snickered as she eyed the almost inhuman angle of Henry’s waistband. She felt the tingle between her own legs, but held back, knowing she had a scale replica in her room that she could fuck herself silly with later on if Chuck didn’t stop by to fuck her first.

“Very funny, Hare. See if I let you have any when we get back tonight.”

Harriet just stuck her tongue out, wobbled her boobs at him and gave her favorite fucktoy a quick squeeze before retiring upstairs.

“Now, don’t stay out too late, children,” she said before she and her watermelon cans disappeared.

“Come on, baby, let’s get going before I decide to strip and fuck you where you stand,” Hilda stated, shaking her immense chest just a little, ensuring that it wouldn’t come to rest for several minutes and that Henry would remain at full mast for some time.

“Where the hell are we going tonight, Mom?” Henry finally inquired of his voluptuous and dangerously curvy mother, all of her swells in the exact right places.

“Well, since we ate earlier, I thought we beykoz escort would skip the dinner thing,” Hilda told him, looking at him with a wicked grin and then at the obscene lump in his trousers brought on by the even more obscene lumps in the front of her skimpy blouse. “They just opened up that new nostalgic, fucking drive-in movie theatre just outside of town. I thought we might go there. We can listen to a movie. Tee hee hee!”

“Ummmm, okay, but I might try to watch the whole thing for a change,” Henry said nervously, clearing his throat as he watched with excruciating frustration at his mother’s titan ta tas straining against her clothing and the round glory of her big caboose inflating the back of her tiny skirt. “I mean, Harriet said that that new V movie is pretty entertaining, but that it was a bunch of bullshit politically. But I heard that the fucking critics loved it.”

“I heard that too, sweetheart, but I don’t go by previews and critics,” Hilda replied as the endowed couple headed for the door. “I mean, that Roger Ebert is a complete mindless bloated douche bag. Tee hee.”

Minutes later, on the road with Henry at the wheel……

For once in his life, Henry was at an utter loss for words. It wasn’t that he didn’t have anything to talk about; it was more that anything he would talk about would lead to his having to look at his mother, which would invariably lead to his huge pecker rehardening, and that was something he just could not abide tonight. He just gave a noncommittal grunt and stared straight ahead as he maneuvered the vehicle.

“What’s the matter, baby? You’re usually all over me by now,” Hilda asked petulantly, glancing at him quickly as she sported cleavage so massive that it would be hellish for a man to attempt to resist it.

Henry fidgeted for a moment before replying. “Yeah, like I said, Mom, I’m excited about the movie, and I know if we get started, we’ll miss the whole thing. Plus, I’m fucking trying to get us there in one fucking piece.”

“Well, we could always go another night, my baby,” she said coquettishly, her teatsies wiggling cutely. Henry just sat there, fidgeting with sleeve buttons in between gripping the steering wheel.

“Yeah, well, I…really…just want to see this movie is all,” he said, obviously fighting the urge to slam on the brakes, pull open her blouse and gorge on the acres of titflesh he knew were there just begging to be sucked and groped.

They finally reached the drive-in without incident and got their tickets and snacks; both times the men behind the counter stared unabashedly at Hilda’s immense milk-jugs for the better part of a minute before snapping out of their trance. Finally, they got the car situated and waited for the movie to begin. Rather, Henry waited; Hilda was busy adjusting her undergarments.

“This is why I don’t like wearing thongs, horsey. They always ride up into the crack of my ass,” Hilda complained, trying in vain to unwedge her panties while seated.

Henry eventually looked at her, just as she had turned in her passenger seat to get on her knees. Her voluptuous, ghetto-booty of a posterior was up in the air and barely covered, out there for everyone in nearby cars and their grandmother to see. It shook slightly as she tried again to free the garment from the incredible cleavage of her cheeks. Henry was spared further torment as the movie started playing. He had missed all the previews, enthralled as he was by the big-bustied and big-bootied view much closer to home.

“Ah, got it finally. I see the fucking flick has started. Took them long enough,” Hilda Humper muttered as she slid her round ass back into her seat and leaned back, her twin half-covered set of headlights swinging forward and swishing the air in her vicinity.

“Remember, remember the fifth of November/the gunpowder treason and plot/I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.” Over the next hour, the movie continued with several interesting scenes to be had. Henry usually would’ve been banging away at whatever piece of ass he’d brought for the trip, but the movie actually interested him. It talked of the British government being turned into a fascist state like the Nazis of World War II. He thought that V was justified in his actions, and he, Henry, absolutely loved the explosion near the beginning and the speech preceding it. Of course, his mother didn’t seem as interested. She had watched up to the point where the girl had been about to be raped, then she apparently started trying the same thing with Henry, rubbing her beanbag breasts up against him, at one point almost engulfing his arm completely. She made all manner of noises too to entice him.

“Mom, please, I’m trying to watch.”

“Who cares about the fucking movie, Henry Humper? I’m horny as fuckity fuck fuck fuck over here and I want you to do your duty, you motherfucking Humper fucker!”

Henry just gave her a sour expression that belied his growing horniness. He had not caddebostan escort been oblivious to her ministrations during the last hour. When Hilda had engulfed his arm with her titan, saucy pair, he had just about lost it and ripped off her blouse right there; but he endured, using his interest in the movie to balance out his growing lust for the mountain-mammaried sexual creature that was practically coming right next to him.

“Henry, why don’t we take your wee wee out for some air?” Hilda suggested in a voice that sounded innocent, but belied the busty mommy’s tawdry intentions for his private parts. “You can still watch the movie, but maybe wee wee needs some fresh air. Don’t you think so?”

“Mom, I am trying to watch this fucking movie and I can’t do that when you unzip my pants,” Henry tried to protest in as convincing a voice as he could muster, his prick wanting his boobie mommy so much that he was painfully erect. “Don’t you find this movie interesting?”

“They are going off on Christianity, while a bunch of jihadists threaten to blow us up in this country and a bunch of Talmudic Israelites drag us into Mideast wars! What bullshit!” Hilda burst out, squashing her mammary set against Henry’s chest as he reclined in the driver’s seat, his eyes fixed to the screen, her hand straying to tap at his swollen crotch with her thin fingers. “I am more interested in other things, mainly having to do with your pocket rocket pee wee wee wee stick. Who cares about movies when we have so many other things we could be doing? Tee hee! And this is our first real date! Tee hee! Baby, do you fuck on a first date?”

“Mom, please stop this!” Henry growled, straining to keep his hands from grabbing her by the tits and ripping off her blouse and brassiere, so he could breastfeed.

“My teatsies are getting sweaty, poopsie, and it’s hot outside,” his mother told him seriously, patting the front of his pants lovingly and then pointing a finger at one of her sizeable boob bags. “I think they really need some cool air right now. I may have to take my blouse and brassiere off, sweetie. My honks are perspiring like motherfuckers. I may have to take my boobies out if they don’t stop sweating like they are. I mean, my cleavage is fucking wet!”

Henry chanced a glance at his mother’s obscene cleavage. She was right; as much as they bulged out of her clothes, they looked like semi-naked beachballs, and they were glistening with perspiration. He could clearly make out her nipples through the dress.

“I’ll pull down the windows to let some air in.”

“Or I could just pull down my top, my horsey-hung baby cakes,” Hilda offered in a husky Kathleen Turneresque voice, earning a glare from him. “Oh, come on, poopsie. You know what my bobbly boobie bags need more than anything. They need wee wee, and as much of it as they can get.”

She actually did undo her blouse at this point, allowing more surface area into view, which weakened Henry’s resolve more. He knew he couldn’t resist Hilda’s fully unveiled bosoms. Somehow, he managed to turn his attention back to the movie. V had just killed the third person from his past. It looked like there was going to be some resolution, so he plunged himself firmly into that, resolutely not looking at the twin zeppelins of titflesh in the seat next to him even as his mother jettisoned her blouse into the back seat.

Henry worked at keeping his gaze on the movie, his eyes hungry for all the boobie skin that was squeezing out of Hilda’s substantial black brassiere, which only covered her honkers around the halfway point. His penis was so hard that it was almost painful and he knew that if his mother took that giant hammock of a bra off, his wee wee would probably rip through the front of his khakis.

“Ohhhhhh, horseshit, it’s still so stuffy in here. Gee whiz, I was, tee hee, hoping that opening the window a bit would help, but, tee hee, I guess it didn’t. And even with no blousie, they are stiillll hot,” Hilda said in a little girl voice, putting a phony girlish pout on her lips, but smiling as she dabbed at the sweat adorning her two big honeycuppers as their mountaintops pushed up from the tops of her bra cups. “Gee, sweetie, it was worth a try and all, but ohhhhhhhh, I guess I’m going to have to take this heeeuuuge bra offfff.” She said it all in a swooning voice that made a drop of pre- cum creep from the urethra of Henry’s donkey-sized dick. Henry somehow still fought to keep his eyes on the movie as Hilda worked on taking off the massive undergarment.

“Oh, shit, I forgot I can’t reach the clasp with this little black garment on. I guess I need to take it off too,” the buxomy Humper spoke with apparent relish over Henry’s barely concealed state of arousal. Watching the obscene bulge in his pants throb, she worked the material down over her ginormous tittie pillows, even going so far as to fan her extreme boulders of breastflesh.

“Now then, about this sticky-wicky brasie,” her voice squeaked cutely in the little girl voice she adopted when trying to seduce a man. “It’s got to come offffff. Tee hee hee!” And it did, uncovering the delectable set of flesh globes that Henry feared most, the youngster feeling his resistance fade like a gambler’s lucky streak as he surveyed their massive areolas at last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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