Roomies Pt. 03

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Female Ejaculation

It took one night for things to get weird.

The next day after our drunken gaming/fucking session I saw Ray for maybe ten minutes. He smiled, said good morning and went about his day. I didn’t see him at all that night and the next morning started my workweek.

He worked the opposite shift and was gone by the time I’d get home. I’d be gone when he got back.

Four days went down this way. My last night working, I came home and noticed his truck was missing. He texted me, “Hey dude, going to the lake for the weekend. Hold down the fort!”

Ray came back the night before we went back to work, opened up a beer and handed me one, “Hey, How’s things?”

I shrugged, “Doing ok, you?” If he wasn’t going to bring it up, I wasn’t.

Another week went by, three days this time. I went to bed after work and woke up just before Ray got home. I went to the gym, did some weights and decided to go on a run through the park.

I came to the clearing where I’d seen Ray and the two other guys a few weekends ago. The table was there, the bench was there, and a guy was there.

My memory kicked in. He was the very first guy I’d seen Ray with. A somewhat dumpy, pudgy fellow maybe 5’5″, balding head, a pair of ill-fitting glasses. I nodded to him as I put a leg up and started to stretch on the table.

“Good morning.” I offered.

He nodded, “Morning.” I noticed he was rubbing his crotch as he sat there. I wondered what he was going to get up to.

Ray’s truck was in front of the open garage when I got back. I walked in that direction to see him checking oil on his Harley, “How’s it going, Ray? Going on a ride?”

“Thinking about it.” He replied, “What’re you up to?”

I chuckled, “Just got back from a run. Saw that first guy…the one I first saw you with a few weeks back. He was at the picnic table.” He glanced at me, “looked like he was waiting for something.”

He nodded, “Yeah, our buddy Gregory…he’s the younger guy from the second time you checked things out. They were working it out on group chat yesterday.”

“Group chat?” This was new, “What’s up with that?”

He chuckled at the side of the V-Twin, “Just a thing.”

As he grabbed a bit driver to look at his air filter I decided to put it out, “Hey, man. You seem to be a little preoccupied. What’s up?”

He pulled the two bolts off the cleaner and looked down, then at me, “I’ve just been…” He sighed and looked at the floor, “…Well, I’ve been feeling pretty bad lately. I mean..I guess…I just want to say I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for what happened to happen. You were drunk, I was drunk and that’s not the way you get into an encounter or anything. You’d never done anything with guys before, and here I was basically using you. I’m sorry about that, I shouldn’t have done it and I feel like a complete asshole.”

I was kind of shocked. I mean, I’d figured what we did was consensual from the get-go. I had no idea he’d feel guilty about something we both enjoyed like that. His reasoning was sound, I got it, but it was unnecessary.

“Dude, if I hadn’t wanted to go through with things I could have stopped it at any time. You didn’t pressure me into anything. If you’re feeling guilty, please, don’t. I enjoyed almost every part of what we were up to.” I sat down on a bag chair we had in the garage, “Hell, I was nervous that I was so bad at things you didn’t even want to talk about.”

He swiveled to look at me, “You say that now, but hindsight is twenty-twenty. It doesn’t help my mentality that I feel like I took advantage of a drunk guy, much less my roommate and one of my best friends. It’s a me thing, I screwed up.” He shrugged, “I might get over it, but not too soon.”

His phone was in his hand a second later with a screen up, “On another note, this is that group chat thing. We’re on a gay hookup site and we just have an open thing for whenever we’re in the mood. Dave…he’s the guy at the park this morning…was asking two days ago if anyone was up for some fun. Gregory answered.” He pointed to the bottom of the screen where there was a countdown timer currently at 20 hours, 14 minutes, “Yeah, that’s the next time I’m supposed to get involved in some fun times. Looks like tomorrow afternoon at Paul’s place.” He looked at me, “Paul…from work…the guy who used to work out on the floor but moved to sales.”

I thought around and when I realized who it was said, “Huh, I didn’t know he was bisexual. I mean, how do you know, right? He just seemed very kind of..alpha, you know?”

Ray actually laughed this time, “Dude, he’s not bi. He’s completely 100% gay. He does the alpha thing at work to assert his dominance…you have to do that in sales. Seriously, he’s completely homosexual and completely bottom. I’ve never seen him apply his penis to another person. Pretty much just him taking it. Taking it very well too.” He turned back towards the bike, “Are you interested?”

I took a step back. He sort of winced at it as I answered, “Uh…not…no…not really just…just…well, yeah interested, but in a…casual kind fikirtepe escort of way.” I stammered.

He snickered at my indecisiveness. “Just ‘Casual’, huh?”

“You know what I mean…purely for educational purpose.” I winced at my terminology, “I mean…shit…purely academic.”

He was full-on laughing now, “Oh, You’d definitely learn some things.”

I went in the house after our little bit of dialogue and jumped in the shower. Ten minutes into my routine the door opened, “Hey dude, can I start cleaning up?”

“Sure” I answered. The shower took me a couple more minutes, then I stuck my head out, “Want me to leave the water on?”

“Go ahead, yeah.” He was standing at the sink just finishing shaving, naked. I noticed his ass in a way I hadn’t before, the fact that it wasn’t as hairy as I was, smooth and muscular.

I stepped out of the shower and began towelling off. He turned while brushing his teeth to look at me.

The bathroom isn’t that big. It’s not tiny, mind you, but if you’re next to the sink you’re only a few feet from the tub. Him turning around as I was towelling off my legs put my face about a foot away from his thick, flaccid cock. I looked straight at it.

I was as close as I’d ever been and in better lighting. His head was a tan color compared to the pale of his bikini area. It was more angular, more pointed than mine…the only real comparison I had. His shaft was relatively smooth with some excess skin wrinkled just behind the glans, his circumcision scar a pinkish band surrounding it.

As I looked it began to lengthen lightly and swell just a bit, “Remember what I said about taking a picture?” It bounced just a bit as he spoke.

If you asked me an hour later what was going through my head, I might have had an answer. At that moment I had nothing, but I watched my hand reach up and place itself under his shaft maybe two inches back.

“What’re you up to there, Joe?” He asked, not moving away from me.

I opened my mouth and moved forward, taking the head between my lips and licking. He smelled like bed and the laundry detergent we used and a bit of just ‘him’. He tasted salty and clean.

The texture was exactly as it looked. It was soft with a bit of tension running just below the surface. The opening of his slit was slightly elevated, like the tiniest of lips. It continued down from there to a tight ridge where it began to meet up with the wrinkled area below.

My knees hit the bath rug as I realized the angle was changing. The wrinkles where I spent a bit of my few seconds were vanishing. He was getting hard. ‘I’ was getting him hard.

Down at his base, a small dimple was forming as he continued to swell. His head had gone from an area where I could press my tongue and feel some give was now hard as the surface of a racquetball.

There was no blowing him, or at least that’s not what it felt like. It felt like I was discovering him with my mouth, using my sensitive tongue to probe the ridge below, the veins on either side…not symmetrical and shaped like small rivers, with deep and shallow areas, wider and thinner.

He tapped my shoulder and I backed off of him and looked up, “Guess a picture won’t live up to that, huh?” I sat back for a second, my hand still on his base, “What exactly are you doing?”

I just glanced at him, “I can tell you what I’m not doing.”

“What’s that?” He said, bobbing himself a little in front of me.

My grip moved on him, feeling how erect he actually was, “I’m not drinking. I’m as sober as you can get.”

His expression changed through a few emotions. I saw regret, I saw interest, I saw a bit of erotic passion…and I saw something I didn’t recognize. It wasn’t bad, so I let it just be one of the views.

He let me continue my learning experience for a few more minutes, even letting me hit my gag reflex once somewhere around his third inch before saying, “You know I appreciate this, I do. I rarely cum from oral, even the folks who are…uh…practiced.”

I sat back away from him as he continued, “Don’t get me wrong here, I’ll be delighted to let you practice on me until you get lockjaw..”

“Wait…can that happen?” I interjected, pulling my hand off of him somewhat shocked.

“…not that I know of,” He laughed, “If you go at it a while you will get sore in the jaw, but not actual lockjaw.” He leaned backwards on the sink, “But yeah, I’ll let you practice anytime you like, I just definitely do need to get some stuff done today.”

I felt a little bad about that, “Well, I would like you to get off.” I stood up with my almost painful hardon, “We could…well, we could fuck like a few weeks ago…except sober and in a much more intense mood.”

He laughed and backed up even further, “Oh no! I’m so, so not ready for that right now.” He grabbed a towel, “Yeah, you need to have some preparation before you do that. That night I’d originally supposed to hang out with this dude who bailed, so I was ready.”

“So…how does that work?” I asked, standing gebze escort up.

He cleared his throat, “It’s…uh…complicated. I’ll explain it to you another time, OK?”

I nodded, “Maybe..maybe I could take you sometime?” I wasn’t sure what I just said, but my brain caught up as I stood up.

“That…that’s kind of sweet actually. I’ll tell you what, let’s talk about it after I come back from the store.” He pulled the shower curtain back.

I walked to the sink but felt him take hold of my hand and turn me towards him. Before I knew what happened, he pulled me towards him, holding me tight and pulling my face towards his, our lips meeting and parting, our tongues darting in and at each other.

He let me go a few seconds later with a kind of odd look, “Better stop that now. I might lose my head.” I laughed with him, “Tell you what, we’ll talk after I get back…and we WILL talk.”

I finished with getting ready…and my erection. I went and got a bite to eat, found myself a few items of workout gear and made my way back to the apartment several hours later.

About two hours later Ray showed back up at the house. He brought out a few beers and we sat down to play some MarioKart, with the strict condition we NOT bet on it.

For the next four hours, he went through the ins and outs of the technical aspects of how to have sex with other men. He told me about the less ‘fun’ aspects of the whole situation, but necessary to make sure the entertainment doesn’t get unsavory.

“OK, so tomorrow afternoon..” He started, “..I’m going to Paul’s. If you want, you can come along. There’s a few guys who’ll let you practice your oral if you like, and I’m dead-ass positive you can get your dick sucked or fuck ass if you want. It’ll give you some exposure to things, if you want.”

His repetition about ‘if I wanted’ resonated. “We’ll see, tomorrow at 2..”

“One thing.” he smiled, “borrow my trimmers, do something about that crotch patch. Some guys are into a furry dude. Not these, and not me.”

As we got up to head to bed, he pulled me to him again, “I might get used to this though, we’ll have to see.” He pressed his mouth to mine again, “Good night.”

The next afternoon we were in his pickup outside of a much, much nicer condo. Five cars already occupied the driveway so we were against the curb.

“OK, So when we get in there people are gonna be nude. Like, there’s gonna be nobody dressed. There will probably be fucking and sucking. There may be some…kinky…stuff going on. They’re perfectly fine with you watching and even taking matters in hand if you like. Rules are: Don’t stick your dick anywhere it’s not welcome. If you come up on someone and are into it, you’ll usually know.” He got out of the truck, “Also, it’s just fine to NOT do anything, too.”

A moment after we rang the doorbell it was opened, as Ray said, by a very naked man. He was the guy I’d first seen him with in the park and the one from the previous day’s run. “Hey Dave, this is Joe. He’s with me.” Ray greeted him.

“Nice to meet you.” He put out his hand and I took it. Now that I could see him up close, he was decently endowed, probably somewhere between six and a half and seven inches. He was hard, and he was lubricated.

We walked inside to see Dave walk to a nearby ottoman, where the younger man who’d been fucking Ray the day I saw him in his threeway was leaning on his hands. Len casually aimed himself at the younger man’s ass and slid in completely in one motion.

Ray walked to the bent-over individual, “Joe, this is Gregory. Gregory, Joe.” He smiled and said hello in the midst of a few grunts, clearly enjoying the other man.

“You…uhn…you’re…uh…the guy from…mmm…the park a few…few weeks ago, hey?” He asked between Dave’s thrusts into him. I answered in the affirmative, “Cool…cool…have fun.” His head went to look back at the floor.

“Who’s that out there?” a booming voice came from a room off to the left of where we walked in. A second or so later Paul walked into the living room.

Paul was a touch over six feet tall, a bit on the heavy side but more stocky than chubby. He was also completely hairless from the neck down. He had pierced nipples and a tattoo on his belly, just above his dick that said, “Lucky You!”. His equipment was also pierced, a series of bars going perpendicular to the length of him with balls on them with rainbow coloring. It was also, as I was recalling everything in my life, the largest penis I’d seen to that point. Every bit of nine inches, at least, and thick.

“HOLY SHIT!” he exclaimed seeing me, “Fuckin’ Joe! How the hell are ya?” He approached me and wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug, his erection poking me low in the stomach, “How have you been? Shit! Glad you’re here!”

We caught up for a few minutes before I noticed Ray had gone and come back naked. He looked at Paul quickly, “You into it?”

“Oh hell, sure, yeah.” He’d been leaning sideways on one of the chairs at a breakfast bar. After Ray’d asked, he moved içerenköy escort himself to the other side of the chair and bent over. “Go ahead brother!”

Ray looked at me as he lined himself up, “Why don’t you go into the bedroom and strip. See if you want to get involved with what’s up in there.”

“No! Shit! Come back over here, I want to properly welcome you to the party!” He didn’t even flinch as Ray started to work himself inside.

I went to the room I assumed Ray’d come out of, seeing a king-sized bed on one side of the room and a daybed across from it. Both were occupied.

On the bed, a tall, well built black man who looked 35ish was kneeling behind a slight man who looked like a child in front of him on his hands and knees. The kneeling man was working a reasonably average dick in and out of the ass in front of him at a very calm pace, muttering under his breath the entire time, “Oh yeah.” and “Good ass, good ass.” and “Sweet. Tight. Fuck.”

The daybed was occupied by a heavyset older man with his legs splayed, a man around my age was kneeling on the floor in front of him, mouthing a fat, white prick while fondling a huge set of balls.

I saw one of those ikea square shelf things with clothes and shoes in each of the blocks. I noticed all 8 of them were filled and did quick mental math. Two guys in the living room, four here, Ray, Paul…but Paul wouldn’t use one of these, right?

The accompanying bathroom door opened as I undressed and another new man came out. He was much shorter than me, maybe five three or five four. He was well built, athletic but not bulky. He was clean-shaven everywhere, including his head. He saw me as I finished pulling off my socks, “Oh Hello! I’ve never met you before!” He produced his hand in a…somewhat effeminate way, like his speech.

I gave him my name, “I’m Patrick.” he said, “But call me Trish, ok?” He glanced down towards my groin, which had been full engorged since I saw the action on the ottoman. “Well isn’t that a sight! Do you use it?”

“Uh…I…I try?” I answered somewhat inquisitively.

He laughed, a lower octave from his speaking voice, “Well, you should try with me a bit later if you’re up to it.” He walked by me, reaching up and kissing my cheek.

I turned to look back at the bedroom, still in the same state, with the same action. My equipment was bouncing in front of me, almost uncomfortably hard. The large man on the daybed to my left said, “Oh, you should play around with Trish, you’ll like it.” He moved his hand to the back of the man’s head on at his crotch.

I walked back into the living room area and saw Ray screwing Paul’s ass in slow, easy strokes. They were just chatting, mundane things, like they were sharing coffee. Trish was sitting on the chair Paul was leaning on. Trish’s prick was relaxed, laying against his left leg. It looked like an uncut version of my own with more veins and textures.

When Paul was not actually speaking to Trish or Ray he was mouthing Trish’ meat, sucking it completely into his mouth. It just seemed so…casual.

Paul saw me walk back into the room in the midst of a discussion about the upcoming Packers schedule, “Oh yeah! Joe!” He motioned with his hand, “Come on over here, sit down so I can mouth that…wow! That gorgeous dick of yours! Who knew you were hiding that?” He looked over his shoulder at Ray, “Did you know?”

Ray kept his relaxed pace, “Yeah, I knew.”

I looked around, “Where do you want me to…uh…sit?” I asked Paul.

He motioned to where Trish was sitting, “Right there, sit on Trish’s lap. Give me a better angle anyhow.”

Trish looked at me and pressed his legs together. It had the effect of sticking his cock between his legs at a slight angle, “Well, get over here.” I had to lift my butt up a little and slid onto him, feeling his cock poke at my rectum just a bit before it slid to hit my balls from underneath.

Paul took me into his hand and brought his face down to it. His mouth opened and in I went.

So far, Ray had been one of the best oral experiences of my life. Paul was better. He was doing the same as he’d been doing before, coming off me and talking to Ray and Trish. I couldn’t really concentrate due to his damned skills. Driving me batshit.

I let him know about it a minute later, “Uh…you’re about ready to push me over the edge here.”

Paul pulled off, “Oh no, we’re stopping then.” He pulled back and leaned on the chair. “How you doing back there Trish?”

I was just now noticing that Trish’s hands had been rubbing my legs and hips, “Oh, I’m very, very good.” as he spoke, his now very erect prick was actually pushing my balls up.

“So what’s your situation, Joe?” Paul asked, leaning just over my erection, “Didn’t you used to be married?”

“Yeah,” I answered, Trish’s hands moving around now and then to rub my balls and shaft, “Divorced a few months now.”

Trish asked the next question, “…OK…is this why she left you? Or you left her? Because you like men on your dick?”

Ray chuckled as I replied, “I didn’t know I liked dick…sorry, men on my dick until very recently.” As I said that, the man who’d been sucking off the large man on the daybed walked out, his face painted with semen. “Kind of took me by surprise.” I wondered what it tasted like.

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